Cytogenetical studies of Oryza sativa L and its related species 8 Study on meiotic division of F1 hybrid of O sativa XO brachyantha, A Chev et Roehr

Li, H.W.

Bot Bull Acad Sinica : 32-38


Accession: 024431429

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The meiotic division of Oryza sativa X O. brachyantha was characterized with some seemingly normal divisions which were characteristic of the hybrid with unpaired chromosomes leading to the formation of tetrads. In most of the microsporocytes, the 1st cytokinesis was delayed and was not completed till the end of 2nd division. With longitudinally compressed spindle formed around a small and compact nucleus, a restitution nucleus would be formed that might lead to the formation of unre- duced sporads in a dyad. In a few instances, the phenomenon of non-synchronization of nuclear division and spindle formation in 1st division both in space and time was very evident. This led to the formation of unreduced sporads in the triad formed. Pollen fertility was found to be less than 0.01%.