Section 25
Chapter 24,473

Development of the perithecium in Lulworthia medusa Cribb and Cribb, a saprophyte on Spartina townsendii

Lloyd, L.S.; Wilson, I.M.

Trans Brit Mycol Soc 45(3): 359-372


Accession: 024472659

At an early stage of the perithecial initial a wall and an ascogonial coil can be differentiated.] The latter gives rise to the sterile centrum tissue and to the fertile cells which form croziers and asci. The wall forms the neck and superficial hairs. The ostiolar cavity is partly schizogenous and partly lysigenous. The haploid chromosome number is 5. The development conforms to the Diaporthe type of Luttrell. The existence of a long-necked growth form of L. medusa supports the already proposed inclusion of L. longispora Cribb, Cribb in L. medusa.

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