Section 25
Chapter 24,478

Diagnostic techniques for determining sulfur deficiencies in crops and soils

Ensmenger, L.E.; Freney, J.R.

Soil Sci 101(4): 283-290


DOI: 10.1097/00010694-196604000-00007
Accession: 024477461

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Both soil and plant analysis appear to be useful for the diagnosis of sulfur deficiency. Plant analysis often does not reveal a deficiency until it is too late for a corrective application of S to influence yields. Several extractants for determining available S that have shown some degree of correlation with plant growth are: phosphates, bicarbonate solution at pH 8.5, acetates, neutral salt solutions, and water. Solutions containing phosphate extract most of the sulfate-S in soils and appear to offer promise as extractants for determining available S. For soils containing appreciable quantities of organic matter, the organic S fractions must be considered in assaying soils for available S.

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