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Distribution of O antigen groups among Escherichia coli strains isolated from urinary tract infections, and their drug resistance

Tanami, Y.; Matsumoto, H.; Tazaki, T.; Nakamura, S.

Jap J Bacteriol 22(1): 10-17


Accession: 024504227

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One hundred and twenty three strains of E. coli were isolated from the urine of 123 patients (mostly cystitis) in the Shinshu University Hospital, Matsumoto City, during a period between Dec. 1964 and March 1966. The serological typing was carried out with 01 to 0146, and H1 to H48 antisera. Eighty-six strains (70%) were serologically typable. Among 20 different serogroups which were identified, serogroups 02, 04, 06, 023 and 075 were encountered more frequently than others. Approximately 60% of the isolated strains were resistant to a number of common antibiotics such as chloram-phenicol, tetracyclines, streptomycin, and sulfonamides. The drug resistance was due mainly to the possession of the so called multiple drug-resistant transfer factor" which is transmissible from cell to cell by conjugation.

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