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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 24514

Chapter 24514 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Krishnamurti, A., 1964:
Double left Innominate vein in a Chinese cadaver

Massell, T.B.; Greenstone, S.M., 1963:
Double lesions in arterial insufficiency of the lower extremities

Cournand, A.; Bloomfield, R.A.; Lauson, H.D., 1945:
Double lumen catheter for intravenous and intracardiac blood sampling and pressure recording

Ionita M.; Matei I.; Anastasescu I., 1967:
Double maize m hybrids for silage cultivated on an alluvial soil in the banat and crisana regions

Muldal, S.; Ockey, C.H.; Thompson, M.; White, L.L.R., 1962:
Double male A new chromosome constitution in the Klinefelter syndrome

Mark J., 1967:
Double minutes a chromosomal aberration in neopl rous sarcomas in mice human measles virus

Stahl, H.A., 1958:
Double monochromation in ultraviolet microspectrophotometry

Purdy, D.M., 1934:
Double monocular diplopia

Himonides, C.J., 1944:
Double monster

Charnalia V.M.; Jadon B.S., 1967:
Double monster conjoined twin in calf

Charnalia V.M., 1967:
Double monster conjoint siamese twins

Politzer, G., 1926:
Double monsters in Urodeles

Riis, B., 1961:
Double needle handle for suturing othermatomas in dogs

Gutzu E.; Lausch L., 1967:
Double neopl carcinoma perforation of the colon human

Pizzetti, F.; Bernelli Zazzera, A., 1953:
Double neoplasm produced by co-cancerogenetic action on the skin of a mouse

Wolter, J.R., 1964:
Double Nerve Supply Of Krause Corpuscles At The Human Corneal Limbus

Jonas, S.; Richman, S.M., 1960:
Double nodal rhythm with A-V dissociation

Morace G., 1968:
Double nodal rhythm with total atrio ventricular block

Anonymous, 1959:
Double occupation of the woman A danger for the family, people and culture

Pfeiffer, K., 1959:
Double os centrale carpi or double os naviculare?

Benjamin A., 1967:
Double osteotomy of the knee abstract human osteo arthritis rheumatoid arthritis

Dayem, M.K.; Preger, L.; Goodwin, J.F.; Steiner, R.E., 1967:
Double outlet right ventricle with pulmonary stenosis

Nishimura M.; Fukuda A.; Amako H.; Matsuda H.; Kodama H.; Kono Y., 1968:
Double outlet right ventricle with pulmonary stenosis and anteriorly arising aorta

Lintermans, J.; Baum, D.; Guntheroth, W.G., 1964:
Double Outlet Right Ventricle With Pulmonic Stenosis

Rorem, E.S.; Schwimmer, S., 1963:
Double pH optima of potato invertase

Brindley, G.S., 1962:
Double pain from an electrical stimulus

Likhtenshtein G.I.; Bobodzhanov P.K., 1968:
Double paramagnetic label study of the structure and local conformational transitions of proteins and enzymes electron spin resonance cattle hemo globin lysine tyrosine histidine guanidine

Jelski, E.; Badurski, J., 1967:
Double paraproteinaemia

Anonymous, 1967:
Double peak formation in the gas-liquid chromatographic analysis of aqueous solutions

Hasselmann, Gustavo, 1926:
Double penis in man

Prieto Garcia F.; Forteza Bover G.; Baguena Candela R.; Marco Orts F., 1968:
Double philadelphia ph 1 chromosome and hyper di ploidy in the acute outbreak of a chronic myeloid leukemia

Ippen, H.; Hofmann, N., 1966:
Double photoallergization to chlorpromazin and triflupromazin

Anonymous, 1940:
Double pipette for N PN and sugar determinations

Salmon, C.; Dreyfus, B.; Andre, R., 1958:
Double population of red cells of ABO groups in a leukaemic patient

Mercier, L.; Poisson, R., 1927:
Double potentiality of the genital glands of the hen

Abrams, R.H., 1957:
Double pregnancy; report of a case with thirty-five days between deliveries

Szarski, Henryk, 1965:
Double protection of biological reactions

Lauffer, M.A.; Bendet, I.J.; Goldstein, D.A., 1961:
Double re-fraction of oriented T2 bacteriophage

Levings, C.S.; Alexander, D.E., 1966:
Double reduction in autotetraploid maize

Pfeipfer, H.H., 1938:
Double refraction measurements and structural changes in mitotic spindles disturbed by centrifugal force

Varga, L.; Gergely, J., 1957:
Double refraction of flow studies on hyaluronic acid prepared from the vitreous body

Gerendas, M.; Matoltsy, A.G., 1948:
Double refraction of the N-protein

Jaeger, H., 1944:
Double refraction of the connective tissue of the human organism

Schmidt, W.J., 1928:
Double refractivity of sperm heads

Adrian, E.D., 1940:
Double representation of the feet in the sensory cortex of the cat

Durham, L.J.; Bhacca, N.; Budzikiewicz, H., 1965:
Double resonance experiment on 100 nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of Picralin, an alkaloid from Picralima nitida Stapf

Salleras, Juan, 1926:
Double right ureter, without crossing of the ducts

Barbieri, Delfino, 1934:
Double simultaneous granulopexy

Humphrey, T.; Hooker, D., 1959:
Double simultaneous stimulation of human fetuses and the anatomical patterns underlying the reflexes elicited

Shapiro, M.F.; Feldman, D.S., 1952:
Double simultaneous stimulation phenomena in spinal cord disease

Shreve, Anne, 1963:
Double song of the Parula warbler

Kraus, W.; Weil, A., 1926:
Double spinal cord

Hivet M.; Rognel J C., 1966:
Double splenic and mesenteric reimplantation in mesenteric arterial insufficiency

Hug, D.H.; Wyborny, L.; Roth, D., 1966:
Double spot formation in chromatography of imidazolepropionic acid

Savage, J.R., 1967:
Double staining for comparative measurements in squash preparations

Dufrenoy, J., 1929:
Double staining of mitochondria and bacteria in plant tissues

Mayo M.A.; Cocking E.C., 1968:
Double staining of tobacco mosaic virus infected material using phospho tungstic acid and uranyl acetate during dehydration inst electron microscope

Ruhl, L., 1927:
Double structure and other anomalies in Stenostomum

Crawford, J.P.; Willis, J.H., 1966:
Double suicide in psychiatric hospital patients

Singh, B.; Ahuja, U.K., 1963:
Double superior vena cava with double vena azygos

Nandy, K.; Blair, C.B., 1965:
Double superior venae cavae with completely paried azygos veins

Yakovelev, P.I.; Wadsworth, R.C., 1941 :
Double symmetrical porencephalies

Patser, G.V.; Swann, P.R., 1962:
Double tilting specimen holder for the Siemens Elmiskop I

D.Jonge, T.E., 1965:
Double tooth formation of mandibular premolars in the human dentition

Lubran, M., 1962:
Double tracer tests in the study of intestinal fat absorption in steatorrhoea

Commerford, S.L.; Krueger, R.C.; Hughes, W.L., 1961:
Double tracers for in vivo measurement of DNA metabolism

Hedayetallah, S.; Sen, S., 1943:
Double transplantation of paddy and its effects on the yield of grain and straw

Ceccamea A.; D.T.ndo U., 1966:
Double tricuspid orfice morphological pathogenetic and patho physiologic features woman

Zellweger, H.; Abbo, G., 1967:
Double trisomy and double trisomic mosaicism

Haas, L.; Lewis, F.J., 1966:
Double trisomy: trisomy 17-18 with triple X in a female infant

Sylwester, E.P.; Wolf, D., 1951:
Double trouble for weeds

Michael D.Y.ung; Jim C.M.Coll, 2009:
Double trouble the importance of accounting for and defining water entitlements consistent with hydrological realities

Monie, I.W., 1949:
Double ureter in two human embryos

Wharton, L.R., 1949:
Double ureters and associated renal anomalies in early human embryos

Anonymous, 1931:
Double uterus and vagina with gestation and labor on both sides Report of a case encountered in Porto Rico

Trites, A.E., 1947:
Double uterus with massive haematometra

Hanzlik, H., 1966:
Double uterus with vaginal delivery of term pregnancy. Review of the literature and report of a case

Pereira, J., 1948:
Double vagotomy high in the neck of the guinea- pig I Role of the irritability of the central nervous system in the time of survival

Anrep, G.V.; Samaan, A., 1932:
Double vagotomy in relation to respiration

Politowski, M., 1959:
Double vasography as an essential auxiliary method of examination in diseases of the lower limbs

Gaspary F.V., 1967:
Double ventricular command transitory ventricular fibrillation supernormal phase and reciprocal rhythm in a parasystole of an electronically implanted pacemaker

Roberts, E.; Card, L.E.; Boyden, E.A., 1929:
Double vents, associated with congenital absence of the left kidney and persistence of the embryonic genital papilla, in the domestic fowl

Riganti, M.; Bhamarapravati, N., 1961:
Double viral infection in an adult. Report of a case of disseminated herpes simplex infection and cytomegalic inclusion disease

Donnelly, W.J., 1965:
Double vision and ataxia

Ellis P.N., 1968:
Double waxflowers d eriostemon d ornamental horticulture description distribution

Marques,; Lermo, A.; Campoy, S.; Yamanaka, H.; Barbé, J.; Alegret, S.; Pividori, M.Isabel., 2009:
Double-tagging polymerase chain reaction with a thiolated primer and electrochemical genosensing based on gold nanocomposite sensor for food safety

Mignot, E.Manuel, B.Rthelemy, E.; Hurther, D., 2009:
Double-averaging analysis and local flow characterization of near-bed turbulence in gravel-bed channel flows

Wheeler, J.R., 1961:
Double-banded dotterel fCharadrius bicinctusAves in breeding plumage , in Victoria

Anonymous, 1961:
Double-banded dotterels unusual behaviour

Pettersson, G., 1962:
Double-barrelled cutaneous ureterostomy

Shapovalov, A.I., 1960:
Double-barrelled microelectrodes for intracellular measurement of biopotentials

Khvedelidze, M.A., 1961:
Double-beam electronic oscilloscope 2EO-7

Cohen, A.; Corgill, D.A.; Abruzzi, W.; Ligon, C.W.; DeFelice, E.A., 1966:
Double-blind comparison of namoxyrate and d-propoxyphene: a cooperative clinical trial

Leahy, M.R.; Martin, I.C., 1967:
Double-blind comparison of nortriptyline and amitriptyline in depressive illness

Chilton, N.W.; Lewandowski, A.; Cameron, J.R., 1961:
Doubleblind evaluation of a new analgesic agent in postextraction pain

Calatayud, J.B.; Orvis, H.H.; Prandoni, A.G., 1961:
Double-blind evaluation of an iproniazid analog in the treatment of angina pectoris

Unger, D.L.; Unger, L.; Temple, D.E., 1967:
Double-blind evaluation of anti-asthmatic agent

Lawrence, W.D., 1964:
Double-Blind Evaluation Of Ethchlorvynol During Labor

Cohen, A.; DeFelice, E.A., 1965:
Double-blind evaluation of namoxyrate, codeine, aspirin, and placebo

Rosenberg, Benjamin A., 1964:
Double-blind studies of two new agents in angina pectoris

Duckman, S.; Spina, T.; Attardi, M.; Meyer, A., 1964:
Double-Blind Study Of Chlordiazepoxide In Obstetrics

Karn, W.N.; Mead, B.T.; Fishman, J.J., 1961:
Double-blind study of chlorprothixene a panpsychotropic agent

Shearman, R.P.; Garrett, W.J., 1963:
Double-blind study of effect of 17-hydroxyprogesterone caproate on abortion rate

Diamond, S., 1966:
Double-blind study of metaxalone; use as skeletal-muscle relaxant

Conrad, L.L.; Honick, G.L.; Wiggins, C.W.; Kyriacopoulos, J.D., 1961:
Double-blind study of the effectiveness of long-term anticoagulant therapy in myocardial infarction

Huntsinger, L.A.; Lebherz, T.B., 1966:
Double-blind study of the use of oral chymotrypsin in episiotomy

Glick, B.S., 1964:
Double-Blind Study Of Tranylcypromine And Phenelzine In Depression

Haltalin, K.C.; Nelson, J.D.; Ring, R.; Sladoje, M.; Hinton, L.V., 1967:
Double-blind treatment study of shigellosis comparing ampicillin, sulfadiazine, and placebo

Rifkind, B.; Begg, T.; Bronte Stewart, B., 1967:
Double-blind trial of Atromid-S in patients with peripheral vascular disease

Goldzieher, J.W., 1964:
Double-Blind Trial Of A Progestin In Habitual Abortion

Davies, P.; Oram, S.; Curwen, M.P., 1963:
Double-blind trial of benziodarone in angina pectoris

Matts, S.G.; Swan, C.H.; Kelleher, J., 1965:
Double-Blind Trial Of Bismuth Aluminate And Magnesium Trisilicate In Peptic Ulceration With Simultaneous Gastric Analysis

Keelan, Patrick, 1965:
Double-blind trial of propranolol in angina pectoris

Weber, G.F., 1926:
Double-blossom of blackberry

Nicholls, C.A., 1964:
Double-broodedness in the silver gull, Larus novae-hollandiae

Ottaway, C.W.; Black, D.J.G., 1944:
Double-cloaca in a chicken

Andren, L.; Wehlin, L., 1960:
Double-contrast arthrography of knee with horizontal roentgen ray beam

Brooks, Allan, 1926:
Double-crested cormorant

Perkins, S.E.IIi, 1935:
Double-crested cormorants breeding in Posey County, Indiana

Bagg, Aaron C., 1926:
Double-crested cormorants in the Connecticut Valley in fall

Burnett, Frances L., 1945:
Double-crested cormorants nest off Manchester, Massachusetts; K.R.S.stani; J.L.O.dham;, 2009:
Double-cropping annual ryegrass and bermudagrass to reduce phosphorus levels in soil with history of poultry litter application

Stehlik, V., 1947:
Double-culture of poppy and sugar beet

Cook, 0. F., 1934:
Double-deck papaya leaves an example of leaf evolution

Mohos, C., 1966:
Double-diffusion precipitates in Carrageenan gel and the elution of specific nephrotoxic antibodies

Shaver, Jesse M., 1957:
Double-flowered Trillium stamineum Harbison in Tennessee

Bosworth, Walter, 1950:
Double-flowering purple lilac plant

Weinberg, Eugene D., 1956:
Double-gradient agar plates

Dardill, Jean, 1949:
Double-headed monster

Anonymous, 1968:
Double-inlet left ventricle Two patho-logical specimens with comments on the embryology and on its relation to single ventricle

Rodler, M., 1965:
Double-layer nutrient media for the biochemical differentiation of bacteria

Rodler, M., 1964:
Double-layered plate culture media for the biochemical differentiation on special culture-requiring bacteria Congress of the Hungarian Microbiological Society, 28-30 October, 1963 Abstract only

Reus, W.F.; Heetderks, D.R., 1964:
Double-Lumen Catheter In Extracorporeal Hemodialysis

Macmahon, H.E.; Lipa, M., 1964:
Double-Outlet Right Ventricle With Intact Interventricular Septum

Rogoff, J.H.; Anthony, W., 1966:
Double-outlet right ventricle with pulmonary valve atresia. Report on a patient surviving to age 25

Sen, D., 1961:
Double-passed Fizeau interferometer II Fringe systems formed by the reflected beams

Pistsov, A.P., 1958:
Double-position bimetallic temperature regulator with interlocking gear for the primary contacts

Jobbágyi, P., 1966:
Double-pronged iris hook for the cryoextraction of cataract

Anonymous, 1931:
Double-seed vs single-seed planting

JingB.W.; DongChao Yi; ZhengHao Gu; Lin Kang; WeiWei Xu; Jian Chen; PeiHeng Wu, 2009:
Double-side fabrication process and millimeter wave response of intrinsic Josephson junctions

Jonas, S.; Jonas, A.M., 1964:
Double-Sleeved Jonas Splint For Lengthening The Femur Of A Cat

Sapre, A.B., 1968:
Double-staining of plant materials in bulk

Tiwary, N.K.; Shrivastava, S., 1950:
Double-staining with aceto-carmine and other rapid techniques

Weismann, C.; Billeter, M.A.; Vinuela, E.; Libonati, M., 1966:
Double-stranded RNA and the replication of viral RNA

Shipp, W.; Haselkorn, R., 1964:
Double-Stranded Rna From Tobacco Leaves Infected With Tmv

Sanders, F.K.; Montagnier, L., 1964:
Double-stranded RNA from virus-infected ceUs

Weissmann, C.; Borst, P., 1963:
Double-stranded ribonucleic acid formation in vitro by fphage MS 2 phage-induced RNA synthetaie

Miura, K.I.; Kimura, I.; Suzuki, N., 1966:
Double-stranded ribonucleic acid from rice dwarf virus

Artyshevskii, V.V., 1966:
Double-sugar bile-glycerine agar with Mohr salt and Lugol solution for differentiating Salmonella species

Bluemel, C.S., 1959:
Double-syllable words

Harnly, H.J., 1932:
Double-tailed earthworm

Sengupta, D.M., 1933:
Double-transplanting as a possible means of substantially increasing the out-turn in rice

Berry, S.Stillman, 1957:
Double-trouble in violet snails

Anonymous, 1959:
Double-walled facepieces MA-1A altitude helmet USAF

Resnekov, L.; Norman, J.; Lord, P.; SowtonE., 1967:
Double-wave low energy ventricular defibrillation

Cai, Y.; Xiong, K.; Chu, Y.; Luo, D-Wu.; Luo, X-Gang.; Yuan, X-Yui.; Struble, R.G.; Clough, R.W.; Spencer, D.D.; Williamson, A.; Kordower, J.H.; Patrylo, P.R.; Yan, X-Xin., 2009:
Doublecortin expression in adult cat and primate cerebral cortex relates to immature neurons that develop into GABAergic subgroups

Liu, Y.W.J.; Curtis, M.A.; Gibbons, H.M.; Mee, E.W.; Bergin, P.S.; Teoh, H.H.; Connor, B.; Dragunow, M.; Faull, R.L.M., 2008:
Doublecortin expression in the normal and epileptic adult human brain

Santra, M.; Santra, S.; Roberts, C.; Zhang, R.Lan.; Chopp, M., 2009:
Doublecortin induces mitotic microtubule catastrophe and inhibits glioma cell invasion

Obert, B.; Zácková, Z.; Samaj, J.; Pretová, A., 2009:
Doubled haploid production in Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Wolf, H.; Dubrauszky, V., 1949:
Doubled jaws in a case of anencephaly with epignathus

Hildreth, Philip E., 1965:
Doublesex, a recessive gene that transforms both males and females of Drosophila into intersexes

Yamada, Yukio; Kitagawa, Osamu, 1961:
Doubling dose for polygenic mutations in Drosophila melanogaster

Rosenberg, Otto, 1926:
Doubling of chromosome number after hybridization

Kolmer, W., 1926:
Doubling of cord in young cat embryo

Anonymous, 1964:
Doubling of dosage in phase I studies Safe

D.Jonge, T.E., 1948:
Doubling of front teeth

Rostand, J., 1944:
Doubling of genes and molecules

Hoffman, Sergius, 1926:
Doubling of limbs in R esculenta following transplantation of the primary buds of the hind feet Preliminary report

Anonymous, 1929:
Doubling of the chorda dorsalis in a human embryo 13 mm long

Ross, R.W.; Dionne, L.A.; Hougas, R.W., 1967:
Doubling the chromosome number of selected Solanum genotypes

Glezer, V.D.; Tsukkerman, I.I., 1959:
Doubling the communication channels in the visual analyser

Capalbo, E.E.; Makinodan, T., 1964:
Doubling Time Of Mouse Spleen Cells During The Latent And Log Phases Of Primary Antibody Response

Van Harreveld, A., 1939:
Doubly-, triply-, quadruply-and quintuply-innervated crustacean muscles

Anonymous, 1960:
Doubt and certainty in science A biologists reflections on the brain

Marrubini, Gilberto, 1949 :
Doubtful malignant changes in the endometrial epithelium

Rozsypal, Jan, 1926:
Doubtful parasitism of Cephalobus

Farge E.J.; O.Donnell S., 1968:
Doubts about extra sensory perception

Kato, Seiici, 1959:
Doubts and considerations about the me-chanismof accommodation

Kinugasa, Shigeru, 1930:
Doubts as regards the interrelationship between the suprarenal and genital glands

Anonymous, 1932:
Doubts on the cause of Zondek-Aschheims reaction of pregnancy

Swortfiguer M.J., 1968:
Dough absorption and moisture retention in bread

Cunningham, J., 1953:
Dough as an industrial colloid

Bennett, R.; Coppock, J.B.M., 1953:
Dough consistency and measurement of water absorption on the Brabender Farinograph and Simon Research water absorption meter

Trautman, Elmer, 1951:
Dough development and its relation to divider, rounder and intermediate proofing

Swanson, C. 0.; Andrews, A.C., 1945:
Dough development and mechanical gluten dispersion in relation to amount of mixing and to the flour-water ratio

Anonymous, 1951:
Dough divider U S Patent 2,536,846; Appln Feb 19, 1949; Issd Jan 2, 1951

Maes, E., 1952:
Dough expansion test

Hahn, H.E., 1948:
Dough forming machine

Eisenberg, Sylvan, 1961:
Dough maturity affected by fermentation and dough conditioners

Hlynka, I., 1959:
Dough mobility and absorption

Anonymous, 1943:
Dough oxidation and mixing studies V Correlation between protease activity, reducing matter, and oxidizing effects in dough

Anonymous, 1944:
Dough oxidation and mixing studies VI Effects of oxidizing agents in the presence of reducing matter

Anonymous, 1947:
Dough oxidation and mixing studies VII The role of oxygen in dough mixing

Anonymous, 1951:
Dough refrigeration The process of arrested fermentation

Hlynka, I., 1962:
Dough structure, its basis and implication

Butterworth, S.W.lter; Cornford, S.J., 1953:
Dough-divider performance

Anonymous, 1964:
Dough-improv-ing effect of some aliphatic hydrocarbons I Baking and physical dough studies

Anonymous, 1964:
Dough-improving effect of some aliphatic hydrocarbons II Studies of dough lipids fin baking technology

Mecham, D.K.; Cole, E.G.; Pence, J.W., 1965:
Dough-mixing properties of crude and purified glutens fin baking technology

Dough King, Inc, 1949:
Doughnut machine

Chapman, J.A.; Farris; Kinghorn, J.M., 1963:
Douglas -fir sapwood starch in relation to log attack by the ambrosia beetle, Try-podendron

Felt, E.P., 1926:
Douglas Barzillae Young

Powers, E.L.; Smith, D.E., 1967:
Douglas Edwin Smith 1917-1966

Savage, O.; Collins, D.Hen, Y., 1964:
Douglas Henry Collins 1907-1964

Steere, William C., 1953:
Douglas Houghton Campbell

Wiggins, Ira L., 1953:
Douglas Houghton Campbell in the classroom and on the campus

Anonymous, 1953:
Douglas Houghton Campbells garden at Stanford University

Iredale, Tom J., 1926:
Douglas Ogilby

Anonymous, 1927:
Douglas bag method for measuring metabolism Simplified calculation by means of a nomographic table

Anonymous, 1963:
Douglas fir A valuable species

Fabricius, O., 1926:
Douglas fir and Sitka spruce

Anonymous, 1940:
Douglas fir as a pulpwood A modified sodium sulphite process for the pulping of Douglas fir

Kay, J.; Anderson, M.L., 1928:
Douglas fir at home and abroad

Grondal, Bror L., 1942:
Douglas fir cork

Chansler J.F., 1968:
Douglas fir g beetle brood densities and infestation trends on a new mexico usa study area dendroctonus pseudotsugae pseudotsuga menziesii g

Rogers J.D., 1968:
Douglas fir g christmas trees

Hahn P.F., 1968:
Douglas fir g graftability and wood specific gravity pseudotsuga menziesii g

Poncelet J., 1968:
Douglas fir g plants in bowls and with bare roots pre selection of douglas fir g

Staszkiewicz S., 1968:
Douglas fir g pseudotsuga menziesii g forests in northwestern states of the usa

Darrah, G.V.; Dodds, J.W.; Penistan, M.J., 1965:
Douglas fir in Wessex

Stefano, Minucci Del Rosso, 1940:
Douglas fir in the Idria State Forest

Anonymous, 1930:
Douglas fir in the forest of the Society of S C L A B S A at Postumia, Italy

Mackenzie, A.M., 1950:
Douglas fir sample plots at Beaufort, Inverness-shire

Allen, George S., 1942:
Douglas fir seed from young trees

Stanton, Frank W., 1944:
Douglas ground squirrel as a predator on nests of upland game birds in Oregon

Anon, 1968:
Douglas mckie 1896 1967 obituary founder editor annal of science

Anonymous, 1947:
Douglas of the fi A biography of David Douglas, botanist

Anonymous, 1944:
Douglas, and Doris B Gates The mosquitoes of Nebraska

Francke, F., 1933:

Anonymous, 1967:
Douglas-fir beetle Dendroctonus pseudotsugae Hopk

Johnson, N.E.; Hedlin, A.F., 1967:
Douglas-fir cone insects and their control

Belluschl, P.G.; Johnson, N.E.; Heikkenen, H.J., 1965:
Douglas-fir defects caused by the Douglas-fir beetle

Todd, Gary, 1964:
Douglas-fir seedlings have roots?

Tarrant, Robert F., 1949:
Douglas-fir site quality and soil fertility

Buch, Jacob, 1927:
Douglasfichten im Saat-beete Douglas fir in the seedbed

Thomsen, Mathias, 1940:
Douglasgranlusen i Danmark Chermes cooleyi in Denmark

Anonymous, 1938:
Douleurs centrales dorigine bulbo-protuberantielle

Laws, V.; Jarman, C.G., 1962:
Doum Palm leaflet fiber

D.Souza, Amaro Henrique, 1949:
Douradinha do campo

Carr, A.K., 1943:
Dourine appears for the first time in California

Gratzl, E.; Kress, F., 1948:
Dourine in Austria

Niznansky, F., 1950:
Dourine in Czechoslovakia

Anonymous, 1946:
Dourine Its actual existence in France

Shen, Tseng, 1931:
Douve trouvee dans un oeuf de poule a Nankin et considerations sur les especes du genre Prosthogonimus

Koppelberger, Vic, 1957:
Dove banding at Medina, Ohio, from April through August, 1956

Allen D.L., 1968:
Dove of no peace passenger pigeon ecology behavior history extinction

Graff, George S., 1952:
Dove recoveries reported

Carpenter J.W., 1968:
Dove research provides facts for the future game conservation ecology

Pearson, A.M.; Moore, G.C., 1941:
Dove sex ratio found almost evenly divided

Anonymous, 1946:
Doves delightful pets

Winborn, W.B., 1965:
Dow epoxy resin with triallyl cyanurate, and similarly modified araldite and maraglas mixtures, as embedding media for electron microscopy

Anonymous, 1964:
Dowco 184 A new antimicrobial agent for plant, animal and general agricultural use

Stearns, E.I., 1962:
Dowitcher Limnodromus griseus attacks willet Catoptrophorus semipalmatus

Tuck L.M., 1968:
Dowitcher breeding in ontario

Wallace D.I.M., 1968:
Dowitcher identification a brief review limnodromus sp limnodromus scolupaceus

Nisbet, I.C.T., 1961:
Dowitchers in Great Britian and Ireland

Bruemmer, Fred, 1966:
Down collecting Boon or menace?

Brill, Charles J., 1941:
Down comes the cost of quail production

Lombard, Lucina Haynes, 1926:
Down deep

Skead, C.J., 1959:
Down in the forest

Navneet K.D.illon; William J.M.rphy; Michael B.F.lla; Ana J.C.espo; Heath A.L.tham; Amy O'Brien-Ladner, 2009:
Down modulation of IFN- Signaling in Alveolar Macrophages Isolated from Smokers

Staaf, S.; Maxvall, I.; Lind, U.; Husmark, J.; Mattsson, J.P.; Ernfors, P.; Pierrou, S., 2009:
Down regulation of TRPC1 by shRNA reduces mechanosensitivity in mouse dorsal root ganglion neurons in vitro

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Dr Courts on the influence of muscular tension on the lid reflex

Haffkine Institute, 1955:
Dr D W Soman, Director Obtainable from the High Commissioner for India, India House, Aldwych, London WC 2 General reports of this institute which functions as a center for the manufacture of plague, cholera, typhoid and antirabic vaccines; a center for the manufacture of sulphathiazole, casein hydrolysate, and vitamins for the use of Government hospitals and institutions; an analytical laboratory for the enforcement of Drugs Act, 1940; and, as the provincial Bacteriological Laborato

Given, B.B., 1965:
Dr David Miller

Zondag, R., 1965:
Dr David Millers contribution to forest entomolgy

Anonymous, 1960:
Dr Deep reveals mildew study on roses at Northwest meeting Preliminary field tests show Actidione PM spray most effective Phaltan as dust is least effective

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr E A Schwarz

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr E Mjobergs Zool collections from Sumatra 8

Anonymous, 1932:
Dr E Mjobergs zoological collections from Sumatra 13 Cetoniinae und Melolonthinae

Anonymous, 1947:
Dr E Mjobergs zoological collections from Sumatra 15 Mallophaga

Anonymous, 1927:
Dr E Mjobergs zoological collections from Sumatra 6

Anonymous, 1927:
Dr E W Ferguson

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr E Wasmann S J 1859-1929

Danforth, C.H., 1943:
Dr Edgar Allen An appreciation

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr Edouard Long

Anonymous, 1944:
Dr Eduardo F Belaustegui Su obra medica y quirurgica

Anonymous, 1959:
Dr Eduardo Liceaga, member of the National Academy of Medicine

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Edvin Bayer

Darling, F.F.aser; Coolidge, H.J.; F.F.D.;, 1966:
Dr Edward H Graham, 1902-1966

Anonymous, 1926:
Dr Edward J Bles 1864-1926?

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr Edward Palmers collecting localities in Southern Utah and Northwestern Arizona

Anonymous, 1962:
Dr Elmer Myers dies

Anonymous, 1967 :
Dr Elwood Wendell Molseed

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Emanuel Lokay

Senn, G., 1927:
Dr Emil Steiger-Finck

Snethlage, Heinrich, 1930:
Dr Emilie Snethlage zum Gedachtnis

Anonymous, 1926:
Dr Emilio Ribas

Hernandez Corzo, R., 1961:
Dr Enrique Beltran and the second epoch of the Mexican Society of Natural History

Anonymous, 1963:
Dr Enrique Lluria Despau

Anonymous, 1953:
Dr Ephraim Hareubeni

Anonymous, 1963:
Dr Ernest Gaumann

Anonymous, 1946:
Dr Eugen Hirschfeld An appreciation

Anonymous, 1942:
Dr F Guignots synonymy of Agabus dipositus Guignot

Anonymous, 1945:
Dr Fortunato L Herrera

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr Francis J Shepherd

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr Francis S Finlay

Anonymous, 1956:
Dr Francisco Hernandez and the first scientific travel in the New World

Anonymous, 1926:
Dr Frank Evers Beddard

Anonymous, 1947:
Dr Frank M X Chapman gestorben am 5November 1945

Durant, T.M.; Wilson, F.N., 1958:
Dr. Frank N. Wilson: a biographical sketch

Councilman, W.T., 1927:
Dr. Franklin P. Mall

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr Franz Petrak, 80 years old

Anonymous, 1930:
Dr Frederick Montizam-bert

I.A.D., 1931:
Dr Frederick Muir

A.S.F., 1959:
Dr Frederico Carlos Hoehne

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr Fried-rich Wilhelm Serturner, der Entdecker des Morphiums

Anonymous, 1931:
Dr Friedrich Ris

Anonymous, 1927:
Dr Friedrich Vaupel

Anonymous, 1961:
Dr Friedrich Witte , a pharmacist and politician of Rostock

Anonymous, 1959:
Dr G K Petroushevsky

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr G Reynaud

Anonymous, 1966:
Dr Georg August Pritzel, 1815-1874 In memory of his 150th birthday

Anonymous, 1954:
Dr Georg Dahmer

Anonymous, 1959:
Dr George Alexander Black

Anonymous, 1926:
Dr George Dieck

Anonymous, 1930:
Dr George Dimmock

Sprague, H.B., 1962:
Dr George E Fahr and his era

Anonymous, 1941:
Dr George Engelmann and the Missouri Botanical Garden in relation to our knowledge of Cacti

A.T.Beals, 1927:
Dr George N Best, 1846-1926

Anonymous, 1961:
Dr George O Hendrickson, 1890-1961 44 years a biologist-conservationist

Anonymous, 1946:
Dr George R Gage, 1890-1945

Knight, Henry G., 1926:
Dr George R Lyman 1871-1926

Anonymous, 1926:
Dr George Richard Lyman

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr Giovanni Martinaglia

Anonymous, 1951:
Dr Gleason retires

Anonymous, 1961:
Dr Graybiel earns Liljencrantz Award for studies in space medicine

Anonymous, 1930:
Dr Gysbert Romijn

Anonymous, 1941:
Dr H C Philipp Flury

Anonymous, 1928 :
Dr H F Gadow, F R S

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr H H Green

Lowbeer, Leo, 1958:
Dr Hamperl comments on pathology in the United States

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr Hans Georg Schlumberger

Anonymous, 1966:
Dr Harold J Coolidge

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr Harold Wager F R S ? -1929

Hanson, Mary Louise, 1952:
Dr Harry Hapeman, 1858-1950

S , G.F., 1955:
Dr Henrique de Bivar Cumano 19/VIH/1907-30/XII/1955

Anonymous, 1940:
Dr Henry Clinton Fall

Anonymous, 1927:
Dr Henry Skinner

H.C., 1967:
Dr Herbert F Mooney An appreciation

Anonymous, 1964:
Dr Hermann Knuchel

Anonymous, 1926:
Dr Hornadays retirement as director of the N Y Zoological Park

Anonymous, 1927:
Dr Ignaz v Daranyi, 1849-1927

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr Ivar Jbrstad- 80 let

Anonymous, 1961:
Dr J B Hill

Anonymous, 1926:
Dr J Bolle and his work

Wilson, Robert, 1931:
Dr J C Nott and the transmission of yellow fever

Anonymous, 1930:
Dr J Cosmo Melvill

Anonymous, 1966:
Dr J Grant Cunningham An appreciation

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr J H Wakker

Anonymous, 1926:
Dr J J Kieffer

Anonymous, 1926:
Dr J R Henderson 11863-1925

Anonymous, 1927:
Dr Jacob L Wortman

Anonymous, 1930:
Dr James Waterston

Anonymous, 1930:
Dr Jamieson B Hurry

Anonymous, 1963:
Dr Jan Galuszka

Wolman, Benjamin B., 1966:
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde A new theory of the manic-depressive disorder

Anonymous, 1961:
Dr Jesus Gonzalez Uruena Biographical synthesis

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Johann Biittikofer, 1850-1927

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Johannes Biitti-kofer

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr Johannes Guide

Anonymous, 1956:
Dr John Carl Flugel

D McDonald, 1955:
Dr John Fryer an early traveller in the East

Anonymous, 1966:
Dr John Hacskaylo

Anonymous, 1964 :
Dr John Lewis Anderton Grout

Erwin F.Lange, 1958:
Dr John McLoughlin and the botany of the Pacific Northwest

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr John Smith Dexter

Anonymous, 1966:
Dr John Torrey

Christie, R.V.; Meakins, J.Campbe, L., 1960:
Dr. Jonathan C. Meakins

Anonymous, 1941:
Dr Jose Augusto Trindade

Anonymous, 1965:
Dr Jose Ramirez de Arellano

Anonymous, 1960:
Dr Jose-Castro Villagrana, honored teacher in public health

Anonymous, 1965:
Dr Josef Froehlich

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Juan Brethes

Anonymous, 1947:
Dr Jules Comby Su fallecimiento

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Julius Derenberg

Anonymous, 1936:
Dr Justus Watson Folsom

D.C.D., 1931:
Dr Karl Belar

Anonymous, 1936:
Dr Karl Jordans Expedition to South-West Africa and Angola New Ly-mantriidae from Angola

Bayne-Jones, S., 1931:
Dr. Karl Landsteiner Nobel Prize Laureate In Medicine, 1930

A.S.Wiener, 1943:
Dr Karl Landsteiner

Hattori, Shizuo, 1949:
Dr Keita Shibata 1876-1949

Anonymous, 1952:
Dr Kenjiro Fujii

Anonymous, 1930:
Dr Kishinoue dies in China

King, L.S.; Koch, R., 1952:
Dr. Koch's postulates

Brzek, Gabriel, 1958:
Dr Konstanty Strawinski, 40 years in the service of Polish science?

Anonymous, 1963:
Dr Kurt Frenzen

Anonymous, 1963 :
Dr Kyuichi Sakurai

Marston, A.T., 1946:
Dr L S B Leakeys discovery of fossil anthropoid mandibles from the lower Miocene of Kenya

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr L Ziirchers collection from Paraguay

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Lauri Ilvessalo

Ernest Alexander McGregor, 1965:
Dr Le Roy Abrams collecting trip of 1908

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr Leigh Hunt Pen-nington

Anonymous, 1942:
Dr Leo Pariseau, pionnier scientifique

Anonymous, 1934:
Dr Leonard Cockayne

Anonymous, 1927:
Dr Louis Dubreuil-Cham-bardel

Bazelon, David L., 1967:
Dr Manfred S, Guttmacher - 1893-1966

Anonymous, 1931:
Dr Manoiloffs Reaktion zur Fest-stellung der Schwangerschaft

Anonymous, 1959:
Dr Manuel Septien y Llata, illustrious precursor of preventive medicine in Mexico

Anonymous, 1954:
Dr Marijan Salopek

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Maurice Bedot 1859-1927

Anonymous, 1966:
Dr Maurice Bouly de Lesdain

Anonymous, 1940:
Dr Maynard M Metcalf

Anonymous, 1961:
Dr Med Valdemar Hertz 11 Februar 1869 29 Juni 1959

Anonymous, 1962:
Dr Miroslava Drachovska

Anonymous, 1955:
Dr Muller discusses the radiation hazard

Segal, H.N.; Korotkoff, N.C., 1965:
Dr. N. C. Korotkoff, Discoverer Of The Auscultatory Method For Measuring Arterial Pressure

Anonymous, 1945:
Dr N R Dhar and his endowment

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr Nobumasa Yagi memorial issue

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Noguchi

Anonymous, 1949 :
Dr O Posthumus as a pteridologist List of Dr Posthumus pale-ontological publications

Anonymous, 1944:
Dr Otto McCreary

Anonymous, 1951:
Dr Otto Watzl

Anonymous, 1954:
Dr P Arens overleden

Bader, G.M.; Day, E.; Papanicolaou, G.Nichol, S., 1962:
Dr. PAPANICOLAOU'S role in the development of screening, diagnostic and research cytology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Anonymous, 1961:
Dr Paul Klemperer

Anonymous, 1965:
Dr Peter P Cande

Tanner, Vasco M., 1940:
Dr Pfouts contributes butterflies

Anonymous, 1948:
Dr Pieter Buwalda In memoriam

Anonymous, 1962:
Dr Ponato Moreno

K., 1928:
Dr Prof Aimo Kaarlo Cajander

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr Purushottam Vishwanath Gharpure

Anonymous, 1955:
Dr R C L Perkins F R S

Anonymous, 1955:
Dr R N Salaman, F R S

W.W.Cort, 1926:
Dr Ransoms contributions to parasitology

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr Rene Caillot of Bauge, 1769-1835

Keith, Haddow M., 1966:
Dr Roger L J Kennedy

Anonymous, 1927:
Dr Roger Verity and nomenclature

Anonymous, 1968:
Dr Roland Arthur Cox

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Romualdo Gonzalez Fragoso

Anonymous, 1962:
Dr Rudolf ramek-Huek

Anonymous, 1962:
Dr S Karimullah

Anonymous, 1954:
Dr S Leefmans 1884-1954

Anonymous, 1962:
Dr Saburo Kojima In memorium

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr Samuel Isay Yamada

McHenry, L.C.; Johnson, S., 1967:
Dr. Samuel Johnson's emphysema

Rogers, F.B.; Lord, S., 1967:
Dr. Samuel Lord and the smallpox epidemic of 1765-66 at Chatham, Massachusetts

Anonymous, 1962:
Dr Saul S Samuels,

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr Seiji Matsumura, 1909-1967 f cytogeneticist, radiation botany

Carleton R.Ball, 1940:
Dr Setchell and Alaska willows

Poche, Franz, 1930:
Dr. Stiles' American referendum on three propositions in nomenclature

Sala, S.Della., 2009:
Dr. Strangelove syndrome

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr T B Osborne

Anonymous, 1946:
Dr T S Roberts, 1858-1946

Anonymous, 1960:
Dr Thomas Archibald Sprague, 1877-1958

Anonymous, 1963:
Dr Thomas Clarence Routley An appreciation

Anonymous, 1945:
Dr Thomas Muffett, a pioneer entomologist

Sewell, R.B.Seymour, 1950:
Dr Thomas Nelson Annandales work in India

Anonymous, 1962:
Dr Thomas Taylor and the delinting of cotton seed

Anonymous, 1965:
Dr V Balthasars Monographic der Scarabaeidae und Aphodidae der palaearktischen und orientalischen Region 1-3 A critical review

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr V F Brotherus

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Veritys nomen- clature A criticism upheld

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr Veritys nomenclature; a reply

Anonymous, 1929:
Dr Victor Rubow

Ripoll Primo, Vincente D., 1957:
Dr Vincente Alfonso Lorente, Director of the Botanical Garden of Valencia The conflict that raged between Dr Lorente, the municipal government and the university over the Botanical Gardens of Valencia

Anonymous, 1967:
Dr Vladimir Balthasar, 70th birthday,

Anonymous, 1965:
Dr W J Hall , C M G, M C

Johnson, L.P.V., 1948:
Dr. W. J. Spillman's discoveries in genetics; an evaluation of his pre-mendelian experiments with wheat

Anonymous, 1964:
Dr W P Kelley - California called

Anonymous, 1966:
Dr W S S van Benthem Jutting

Anonymous, 1939:
Dr Walther Horn zum Gedachtnis

Flexner, S., 1926:
Dr. Welch And The Johns Hopkins University

Anonymous, 1965:
Dr Wilhelm Ehgartner

Anonymous, 1935:
Dr Wilhelm Ruppricht

Anonymous, 1930:
Dr William Barnes

Watt, R.D., 1927:
Dr William Bateson

Anonymous, 1964:
Dr William Gershom Downs, Jr

Alpers, Bernard J., 1960 :
Dr William Malamud Eighty-sixth President 1959-1960 A biographical sketch

Calvert, Philip P., 1942:
Dr William Schaus

Tait, H.P.; Wallace, A.T.; Smellie, W., 1952:
Dr. William Smellie and his library at Lanark, Scotland

Anonymous, 1927:
Dr Youngs botanical expedition to Mount Katahdin

Anonymous, 1928:
Dr h c Johann Biittikofer 1850-1927

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