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Drought and cold resistance of plants. I. Cold resistance and bound water in some varieties of winter wheat

Bobko, E.V.; Popova, R.A.; Bobko, E.B.; P.A.

image image image image image image Transactions Siber Inst Agric and Forestry 12(1): 65-75


Accession: 024514906

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Winter wheat, of cold-resistant vars. of Triticum vulgare, and 2 vars. of spring-wheat, were tested dilatometrically; resistant vars. had a greater reserve of bound-water. In another exp., after the seeds germinated for 6 days, saccharose or Ca(N02)2 solutions were added, and the water content in the vessel brought to 80% of the full water capacity. After 2 days' growth on saccharose and 3 days' on Ca(NO3)2, the sprouts were tested by dilatometer. The total water amount in the plants remained practically unchanged, but the ratio between the free and bound water varied, the amt. of the latter increasing on the addition of the above solutions, at the expense of the free water.

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