Section 25
Chapter 24,520

Dynamics of the mitotic activity in corneal epithelium of white mice during fasting

Movchan, O.T.

Biull Eksptl Biol I Medicine Transl 50(7): 728-730


DOI: 10.1007/bf00796049
Accession: 024519404

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The dynamics of mitotic activity of corneal epithelium was studied in fasting white mice. The animals were deprived of food for a period ol 1 to 6 days. A sharp decrease of mitotic activity, appearing from the second day of fasting, remained on the same level with more prolonged food deprivation as well. In mice which received only carbohydrates (sugar and glucose) the mitotic activity of the corneal epithelium remained normal up to 4 days inclusively; after the fifth day of experiment, however, the mitotic activity decreased. The loss of weight in mice given water only was four tiroes greater than in those fed on carbohydrates.

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