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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24521

Chapter 24521 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Popov, S.; Vasilev, I., 1966:
Dystopy of renal tissue in the lungs

Zhang, L.; Seo-Mayer, P.; Caplan, M.J., 2009:
Dystroglycan and AMP kinase: polarity's protectors when the power goes out

Mirouse, V.; Christoforou, C.P.; Fritsch, C.; S.J.hnston, D.; Ray, R.P., 2009:
Dystroglycan and perlecan provide a basal cue required for epithelial polarity during energetic stress

Nordstrom, F., 1929:
Dystroma HB. infuscata Tgstr. och latefasciata Stgr. i Sverige

Pachomov, N.; Caughey, J.E., 1958:
Dystrophia myotonica; death under pentothal anaesthesia

Lempp, Reinhart, 1957:
Dystrophia adiposo-genitalis and puberty obesity

Staats, J., 1965:
Dystrophia muscularis in the house mouse : A bibliography

Wyss, F., 1956:
Dystrophia myotonica and the Klinefelter syndrome

Caughey, J.E.; Gwynne, J.F.; Jefferson, N.R., 1957:
Dystrophia myotonica associated with familial Paget's disease with sarcomata

Gardy, H.H., 1963:
Dystrophia myotonica in pregnancy. Report of a case

Parker, N., 1963:
Dystrophia Myotonica Presenting As Congenital Facial Diplegia

Lynas, M., 1957:
Dystrophia myotonica with special reference to Northern Ireland

Bioerck, G.; Stigell, P., 1964:
Dystrophia Myotonica. a Follow-Up Study of a Family with Associated Heart Disease

Caughey, J.E.; Brown, J., 1950:
Dystrophia myotonica. An endocrine study

Refsum, S.; Lonnum, A.; Sjaastad, O.; Engeset, A., 1967:
Dystrophia myotonica. Repeated pneumoencephalographic studies in ten patients

Lhotsky, Oldrich, 1965:
Dystrophic Valley Reservoirs in Jizera mountains in Czechoslovakia

Anonymous, 1954:
Dystrophic adiposis of the myocardium on disturbance of the activity of the central nervous system Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 7002

Franceschetti, A.; Klein, D.; Jenny, R., 1953:
Dystrophic adiposo-genitale avec consanguinite des parents, et sa relation avec le syndrome de Bardet-Biedl

Calas, E.; Teysonneyre, J., 1968:
Dystrophic bullous epidermolysis in brother and sister more than 10 years old

Buschke, W., 1943:
Dystrophic cataracts and their relation to other metabolic cataracts

Salmon, M.A.; Webb, J.N., 1963:
Dystrophic Changes Associated With Leprechaunism In A Male Infant

Iskhakbaev, A.I.; Grigalinovich, G.A.; Press, B.O., 1966:
Dystrophic changes in cancerous cells resulting from the action of the stroma

Colomb, D.; Colombani, R.; Requin, C., 1968:
Dystrophic congenital bullous epidermolysis

Duma, D.; Papilian, V.V.; Cimpeanu, E.; Vuia, O.; Nagy, I., 1960:
Dystrophic encephalo-myelo-polyneuronitis

Stefko, W., 1929:
Dystrophic infantilism

Trincavelli, C.M.; Lopez, S.Z.; Patane, S.B.; Russo, M.E.; Szefner, M.; Games, R.A.; Raffo, L.A.; Mieres, A.; Cedrato, A.E., 1968:
Dystrophic lactating study

Rukavishnikova, V.G., 1959:
Dystrophic lesions of the liver with cancer of various localization

Franceschetti, A.D.K.ein; Jenny, R., 1953:
Dystrophie adiposo enitale avec consangui-nite des parents, et sa relation avec le syndrome de Bardet-Biedl

Suzue, K.; Imagawa, G.; Akiba, T.; Kanamori, H., 1953:
Dystrophy and adrenal gland. I. Dystrophy in the rat and adrenal gland. Appendix. The adrenal gland of the rat suffering from leprosy

Suzuki, S., 1953:
Dystrophy and adrenal gland II About the adrenal gland in the rabbit suffering from beriberi, especially about the influence of tubercular infection upon it

Eckstein, Albert, 1941:
Dystrophy from malaria in infancy

Kapustema, T.M., 1965:
Dystrophy in the rear extremity bones of rabbits after lumbar sympathectomy.

Grayson, M.; Willebrandt, H., 1966:
Dystrophy of the anterior limiting membrane of the cornea

Milovidov, V.E., 1941:
Dystrophy of the kidney

Zimmermann, A., 1927:

Guignot, F., 1958:
Dytiscidae and Gyrinidae of Moheli Island

Guignot, F., 1958:
Dytiscidae and Gyrinidae of the Comoro Islands

Guignot, F., 1954:
Dytiscidae collected by the Yale North Indian Expedition in Kashmir and the Punjab

Omer Cooper, Joyce, 1963:
Dytiscidae from Nyasaland and Southern Rhodesia

Omer, C.oper, J., 1958:
Dytiscidae from Nyasaland and Southern Rhodesia. III. Laccophilinae

Omer, C.pper, J., 1958:
Dytiscidae from Nyasaland and Southern Rhodesia. IV. Vatellinae, Methlinae and Hydroporinae, Hyphydrini

Omer, C.pper, J., 1964:
Dytiscidae of Nyasaland and Southern Rhodesia. VII. Hydroporinae, Hydroporini

Omer, C.oper, J., 1964:
Dytiscidae of Nyasaland and Southern Rhodesia. VIII. Colymbetinae: Agabini, Copelatini and Colymbetini

Omer, C.oper, J., 1967:
Dytiscidae of Nyasaland and Southern Rhodesia: X. Cybisterini and Addenda

Omer Cooper, Joyce, 1965:
Dytiscidae of Nyasaland and southern Rhodesia

Petrushevs'kii, G.K.; Anonymous, 1928:
Dytiscidae of the Kiev region

Guignot, F., 1958:
Dytiscidae of the Swiss Zoological Mission to Cashmere

Guignot, F., 1959:
Dytiscidae of western Pakistan

Lindberg, Hakan, 1962:
Dytiscidae, Hydrophilidae, Silphidae, Liodidae, Clambidae, Scydmaenidae, Orthoperida

Legros, C., 1948:
Dytiscides nouveaux de la Guadeloupe

Darlington, P.J., 1938 :
Dytiscus habilis Say in Texas

Sinyukhin, A.M., 1958:
Dzhagadish Chandra Bos and Kliment Arkadevich Timiryazev.

Efendiev, F.A.; Eivazov, B.A.; Abdulaev, D.M., 1958:
Dzhalil Yusufovich Guseinov.

Sludskii, A.A., 1963:
Dzhuty in Eurasian steppes and deserts

Anonymous, 2009:
E  a’  µ  a’ a ¸ 2aª turbulence closure model for an atmospheric boundary layer including the urban canopy

Mosse, B.; Garner, R.J., 1954:

Barbazza, Marco, 1957:
E 39 and experimental tumors from carcinogenic hydrocarbons

Schmidt, W., 1953:
E 605 im Zierpflanzenbau

Jenkins, A.E., 1944:
E A. A. Bitancourt . Myriangiales selecti exsiccati

Eggleton, M.Grace, 1951:
E Extraction of chloride from mammalian skin

Ferreira Lima, A.D., 1945:
E Hermenegildo Marques da Cruz O anel vermelho do coqueiro

Amaral, J.P.; Biocca, E.; Bier, O., 1946 :
E M. B. Esteves. Estudos sobre as salmonelosis em Sao Paulo. III. Ocorrencia de um bacilo paracoli com antigenos de salmonela em casos de diarreia infantil

Markley, K.; Smallman, E.; Evans, G.; Mcdaniel, E., 1964:
E coli as a cause of acute shock mortality in severely scalded mice

Martinez, Guillermo, A., 1963:
E ducation of the family nucleus in cases of childhood temporal epilepsy

Sakamoto, Y., 1968:
E eriksons theory and schizophrenia human

Ghirardi, E., 1926:
E l'acqua di mare un mezzo fisiologico per i mammiferi? Ricerche sull'azione reciproca ed antagonista di alcuni ioni sovra la funzione del cuore, dell'intestino e dell'utero sopra-viventi Is sea water a physiological medium for mammals? The reciprocal and antagonistic action of some ions on the function of the surviving heart, intestine, and uterus

Megrabyan, A.A.; M.U.P.shayan, M.A., 1966:
E lectroencephalographic criteria for changes in consciousness during hypnosis

Niaussat, M.; Laget, P., 1963:
E lectroencephalographic study of the audiogenic seizure in the mouse Psychophysiology, neuropharmacology and biochemistry of the audiogenic crisis, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, 1961

M.U.Pashayan, M.A., 1966:
E lectrographic correlation of consciousness

Clare, B.G.; Flentje, N.T.; Atkinson, M.R., 1968:
E lectrophoretic patterns of oxidoreductases and other proteins as criteria in fungal taxonomy

Breizhe, M.A.B., 1967:
E lectrophysiological study of the visual thal-amus and hippocampus in man

Miledi, R.; Slater, C.R., 1968:
E lectrophysiology and electron-microscopy of rat neuromuscular junctions after nerve degeneration

D.Sousa, J.S.I., 1946:
E possivel a cultura de uvas finas pera mesa em Sao Paulo?

Semenov, T.S.anski , A.P.; Medvedev, S.I.; Anonymous; Anonymous, 1927:
E tesquis Rossiae meridionalis.

Sanford, F.B.uce; Vaughan, E., 1949:
E value ratios for grayfish, soupfin shark, sablefish, and halibut liver oils produced in the Pacific Northwest

Sanford, F.B.; Miyaucki, D.I., 1949:
E value ratios for some commercial vitamin A oils

Asratian, Ezras, 1934:
E voprosu o vydelenii mochviny pochkami

Hinton, H., 1948:
E, , London. Sound production in lepidopterous pupae

Rao, K.V., 1962:
E-73, an antitumor substance: 111. Some derivatives

Marsh, W.S.; Garretson, A.L.; Farrell, A., 1960:
E-73-An anti-tumor agent

Pak, W.K.; Kim, S., 1967:
E-N-Dimethyllysine in histones

Chaplygina, Z.A.; Beznosikova, V.K., 1965 :
E-aminocaproic acid, an inhibitor of fibrinolysis

Mateus, A.Rita.; Simões-Correia, J.; Figueiredo, J.; Heindl, S.; Alves, C.Castro.; Suriano, G.; Luber, B.; Seruca, R., 2009:
E-cadherin mutations and cell motility: a genotype-phenotype correlation

Laustsen, S.; Bibby, B.Martin.; Kristensen, B.; Møller, J.Kjølseth.; Thulstrup, A.Marie., 2009:
E-learning may improve adherence to alcohol-based hand rubbing: a cohort study

Von, B.guslawski, E., 1949:
E. A. Mitscherlich to his 75th birthday

Aubreville, A., 1964:
E Bernards astronomical theory on the balancing of the heat-bearing equator and its effect on the displacements of equatorial African forests

GOODRICH, H.B.; Schneider, E.C., 1955:
E. C. Schneider, pioneer in aviation medicine

Kurtz, D., 1958:
E E G data in secondary hyperthyroidism

Dahl, Carl, G., 1930:
E H Wilson 1877-1930

Anthony, 1956:
E. J. The significance of Jean Piaget for child psychiatry

Roubaud, E., 1944:
E. L. Bouvier

Berg, F., 1966:
E. Louis Backman

Bacon, S.D.; Jellinek, E.M., 1963:
E. M. Jellinek, 1890-1963

Policard, A.; Collet, A.; Pregermain, S., 1959:
E. M. Study of basophil and eosinophil cells of blood and tissues of rat

Bessis, M.; Alagille, D.; Bretongorius, J., 1958:
E. M. study of erythroblasts and erythrocytes in Cooley's anaemia

Jacobi, A., 1928:
E. Poppig as ornithologist

Shmidt, V.M., 1962:
E. S. Smirnov's method of taxonomic analysis and possibilities of its botanical application

Girard, G., 1954:
E. V. vaccine protects against experimental plague infection caused by all three varieties of P. pestis

Magnusson, A.H., 1929:
E. Vainio, 1853-1929

Garth, J.S., 1967:
E. Yale Dawson, 1918-1966 /biologist, phycologist

Piispala, E., 1964:
E. adenocaulnm and E. rubescens in eastern Fennoscandia

Fagerstrom, L., 1945:
E. adenocaulon and E. rubescens found in new localities on the south coast of Finland

Klaveness, K., 1963:
E. adnatum in Norway

Domin, K., 1926:
E. alpinum new to the Tatra Mts., Slovakia

D.L.renzo, Giuseppe; D'erasmo, Geremia, 1927:
E. antiquus in southern Italy

Chevalier, A., 1927:
E. arborea and the use of its stumps in manufacture of pipes

Becherer, A., 1966:
E. arborea as a boundary plant of the Swiss flora

Voorthuysen, J.H., 1949:
E. arctica as a climatic indicator for the Quaternary

Morner, C.Th, 1928:
E. arenarius near a glass factory in Smaland, Sweden

Stach, J., 1926:
E. armatum n. sp., from Poland

Kreitmair, H., 1956:
E. arvense - The field horsetail

Dupond, C., 1930:
E. aureola, observed for the first time in Belgium

Iakimov, V.L.; Sokolov, B.D., 1934:
E. beckeri n. sp., a new coccid from Citellus pygmaeus

Kern, F., 1955:
E. bidentata Burm. A new pest on sugar cane plantations in Venezuela

Gerasimov, A.M.; A.M., 1930:
E. bigelia, a new pest on the apple in Central Asia

Steuer, A., 1928:
E. chattoni, an ectoparasitic flagellate of marine copepods

Breyer, A., 1942:
E. chilensis, a new genus and species of Pieridae for the Argentine fauna

Ortiz, I.A., 1940:
E coccoides in grey rats of Venezuela

Schilling, V., 1928:
E. coccoides, a new cause of infection in mice, activated by splenectomy

Ulbrich, F., 1954:
E coli 055B5 as incitant of calf dysentery

Jain, N.; Dhimole, N.; Khan, A.Rafay.; De, D.; Tomar, S.Kumar.; Sajish, M.; Dutta, D.; Parrack, P.; Prakash, B., 2009:
E. coli HflX interacts with 50S ribosomal subunits in presence of nucleotides

Fink, S.; Mais, R.F.; Locke, R.F.; Hall, A.G., 1967:
E. coli agglutinating activity of ulcerative colitis sera

Anonymous, 2009:
E coli expression and refolding of E/K-coil-tagged EGF generates fully bioactive EGF for diverse applications

Anonymous, 2009:
E coli expression of a soluble, active single-chain antibody fragment containing a nuclear localization signal

Fey, H.; Stunzi, H., 1958:
E. coli mastitis and the coli necrotoxin

Bourn, R.L.; Rindler, P.M.; Pollard, L.M.; Bidichandani, S.I., 2008:
E. coli mismatch repair acts downstream of replication fork stalling to stabilize the expanded (GAA.TTC)(n) sequence

Giuntini, J.; Edlinger, E., 1954:
E. coli sections

Neter, E.; Shumway, C.N., 1950:
E. coli serotype D433: occurrence in intestinal and respiratory tracts, cultural characteristics, pathogenicity, sensitivity to antibiotics

Dabrowski, Ludwik, 1957:
E coli strain having identical antigens with S flexneri 5

Starkoff, O., 1942:
E. criceti, parasitic on C. cricetus

Castex, L., 1927:
E. delbosi in the Auversian of Biarritz, France Abstract

Ris, F., 1928:
E. deserti, a forgotten libellulid

Ovcharenko, D.A., 1955:
E dogieli gen nov sp nov a new trematode of herons Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 54842

Carloni, M., 1950:
E. elutella. the tobacco moth-worm

Grenquist, Pekka; Taviokuurnan, P., 1947:
E. enucleator L., biologista

Mane, G.rzon, F., 1944:
E. fluminense, n. sp., new isopod crustacean from the environs of Rio de Janeiro

Vogel, R., 1927:
E. gallinavea parasitic on M. alexandrinus

Agostinucci, G.; Bronzini, E., 1953:
E. genettae n. sp., parasite of G. dongolana An abstract

Van Dinther, J.B.M., 1951:
E gracilis and yellow leaf spots on raspberry

Patte, E., 1926:
E. gravieri, a new polychaete. A correction

Leuthardt, F., 1926:
E. greppina from the upper Dogger of the Basel Jura Abstract

D.A.ato, H.J., 1927:
E. histolytica in duodenal content

Penzes, A., 1929:
E. indica, a new adventitious plant in the flora of Budapest

Pogge, 1927:
E. intricatus as an oak beetle

Balazuc, J., 1954:
E. jenkinsoni Edwards new to France

; Payhep, 1926:
E. khomenkoi n. sp. from the peat of Troitskoye village on the South Bug River

Karling, T.G., 1954:
E. levanderi, n. sp. from the Baltic Sea

Killian, Charles; Werner, R.Guy, 1928:
E. liriodendri Fr. , a reputed cryptogamic parasite of L. tulipifera, L

D.V.llalta Cornelia, J.F.; Pairo, Y.Miguel, C.usafont, 1945:
E. lluecai, n. sp., the first lutrid from the Spanish Pontian

Ferdinandsen, C.; Winge, O., 1928:
E. m. Lk. parasitic on Geum urbanum

Yakimoff, V.L.; Matchulski, S.N., 1938:
E. macieli, a parasite of the water antelope

Dangeard, P., 1934:
E. maculans, sp. nov

Lindquist, B., 1928:
E. maximum on the mainland of Sweden

Ramazzotti, G., 1958:
E. merokensis with spines on the shoulder plate; the variability of this species and its relations with E. quadrispinosus f. cribrosa

Javorka, S., 1929:
E. mexicana in Hungary

Palgren, P., 1935:
E. minutilla in Finland

D.R.etz, G.E.nar, 1926:
E. mollissimum in Portugal, a lichen genus new to Europe

Manouelian, Y.; Viala, J., 1927:
E. negrii, parasite of the encephalo-myelitis of young dogs

D.B.aux, O., 1929:
E. nilssoni in Italy

Wolff, N.L., 1957:
E. olivana new to Denmark.1

Stoutjesdijk, J.A.J.H., 1935:
E. pallescens on Sumatra's west coast

Rantaniemi, P.A., 1952:
E. palustris found at an isolated locality in the commune of Tervola. N. Finland

Hennig, W., 1959:
E. pennipes, a nominal psilid, synonym for A. pennatus Loew.

D.C.nha, A.P.nido, J.C.N., 1926:
E. pimelodi, parasite of a freshwater fish

Carini, A., 1932:
E. pintoi n. sp. parasitic in an alligator

Nipkow, F., 1956:
E. rotans in the plankton of Lake Zurich

Palmgren, A., 1927:
E. rubescens found in the archipelago of Aland, Finland

D.C.stro, A.Martins, 1927:
E. rubrum. Experimental, parasitological and clinical study

Ragonese, A.; Y.Covas, G., 1939:
E. sativa, a new weed in the alfalfa fields of Santa Fe

Thor, S., 1926:
E. semipons sp. n. from the brackish water of the Ryck streams near Greifswald, with remarks on variability and deformity among Acarina

Palau, P., 1949:
E. taurinensis in the island of Cabrera, Balearic Islands

Faggioli, R., 1927:
E. tenax as an intestinal parasite

Bitancourt, A.A.; Jenkins, A.E., 1939:
E. theae causing scab of tea

Mattei, G.E., 1925:
E. tomentosa, a plant from Eritrea with extra-floral nectaries

Lassen, H.B.andt, 1950:
E. vernana in Jutland

Burgers, T.F., 1955:
E. viminalis, a frost-resistant Eucalyptus

Pave, Salomon; Rossi, F.A., 1931:
E. visceralis, symptoms and lesions in the dog

Deblock, S.; Capron, A., 1960:
E. wurtzi n. sp. . parasite of I. minutus. L

Miller, F.; Eza, M., 1953:
E. zinckenella , a new pest of our soy-beans

Panteli?, D.; Vajs, E.; Debijadji, R., 1960:
ECG changes during posthae-morrhagic hypotension in precooled dogs

Pantelic, D.; Vajs, E.; Magazinovic, V.; Debijadji, R., 1960:
E.C.G. changes in dogs cooled after haemorrhage

Sarma, R.N., 1967:
E.C.G. changes in scurvy

Hastings, A.B.; Barron, E.S., 1957:
E.S.G. Barron, medical biochemist

Tatake, V.G., 1965:
E.S.R study of radiation damage to some nucleic acid constituents

Suarez, R.M., 1947:
E1 efecto de los conjugodos de Acido F61ico en el espru

Wang, G.; Li, G.; Liu, H.; Yang, C.; Yang, X.; Jin, J.; Liu, X.; Qian, Q.; Qian, W., 2009:
E1B 55-kDa deleted, Ad5/F35 fiber chimeric adenovirus, a potential oncolytic agent for B-lymphocytic malignancies

Huang, D.T.; Ayrault, O.; Hunt, H.W.; Taherbhoy, A.M.; Duda, D.M.; Scott, D.C.; Borg, L.A.; Neale, G.; Murray, P.J.; Roussel, M.F.; Schulman, B.A., 2009:
E2-RING expansion of the NEDD8 cascade confers specificity to cullin modification

Toyonaga, K.; Kikuchi, H.; Yamashita, K.; Nakayama, M.; Chijiiwa, K.; Nakayama, T., 2009:
E2A participates in a fine control of pre-mature B-cell apoptosis mediated by B-cell receptor signaling via transcriptional regulation of survivin, IAP2 and caspase-8 genes

Ozono, E.; Komori, H.; Iwanaga, R.; Ikeda, M-Aki.; Iseki, S.; Ohtani, K., 2009:
E2F-like elements in p27(Kip1) promoter specifically sense deregulated E2F activity

Craig, A.; Ewan, R.; Mesmar, J.; Gudipati, V.; Sadanandom, A., 2009:
E3 ubiquitin ligases and plant innate immunity

Contreras-Paredes, A.; De la Cruz-Hernández, E.; Martínez-Ramírez, I.; Dueñas-González, A.; Lizano, M., 2008:
E6 variants of human papillomavirus 18 differentially modulate the protein kinase B/phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (akt/PI3K) signaling pathway

D. Müller; B. Heinold; M. Tesche; I. Tegen; D. Althausen; L. Alados Arboledas; V. Amiridis; A. Amodeo; A. Ansmann; D. Balis; A. Comeron; G. D'amico; E. Gerasopoulos; J. L. Guerrero-Rascado; V. Freudenthaler; E. Giannakaki; B. Heese; M. Iarlori; P. Knippertz; R. E. Mamouri; L. Mona; A. Papayannis; G. Pappalardo; R.-M. Perrone; G. Pisani; V. Rizi; M. Sicard; N. Spinelli; A. Tafuro; M. Wiegner, 2009:
EARLINET observations of the 14 22-May long-range dust transport event during SAMUM 2006 validation of results from dust transport modelling

Boehm-Courjault, E.; Gonzales, F.; Jacot, A.; Kohler, F.; Mariaux, A.; Niederberger, C.; Salgado-Ordorica, M.A.; Rappaz, M., 2009:
EBSD: a powerful microstructure analysis technique in the field of solidification

Lee, J-Woei.; Liu, P-Fan.; Hsu, L-Ping.; Chen, P-Rong.; Chang, C-Hsing.; Shih, W-Ling., 2009:
EBV LMP-1 negatively regulates expression and pro-apoptotic activity of Par-4 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells

Hsiao, F.C.; Tai, A.K.; Deglon, A.; Sutkowski, N.; Longnecker, R.; Huber, B.T., 2009:
EBV LMP-2A employs a novel mechanism to transactivate the HERV-K18 superantigen through its ITAM

Skachilova, N.N., 1966:

Young, T.Y.; Huggins, W.H., 1965:
ECG analysis

Solti, F.Z.M.gyar; Marton, I.; Iskum, M.; Her Mann, R., 1961:
ECG and circulatory changes associated with alterations of the tonus of the small intestine and the gallbladder

Rasmussen, E.B.je; Kristjansen, P., 1963:
ECG changes during amitriptyline treatment

Labrousse, J.; Gentilini, M.; Berthier, Y.; Morin, J.; Domart, A., 1967:
ECG changes during anti-Schistosoma treatments: nitrothiazoles and antimonium compounds

Toor, M.; Yahini, J.; Zahavi, I.; Massry, S., 1963:
ECG changes following exercise in hot climate

Gahrton, G., 1961:
ECG changes in pectus excavatum . A pre-and postoperative study

Kosheleva, G.G.; Yur'ev, V.V.; Yur'eva, Z.I., 1965:
ECG changes in the constriction of the abdominal aorta

Hockman, C.H.; Mauck, H.P.; Chu, N.S., 1967:
ECG changes resulting from cerebral stimulation. III. Action of diphenylhydantoin on arrhythmias

Antypchuk, Y.P., 1963:
ECG characteristics in dogs under various physical loads

Anonymous, 1963:
ECG in cerebral apoplexy

Datey, K.K., 1963:
Ecg in Children

Shevchuk, M.H.; Berezhnytskyi, M.M., 1963:
ECG indicators in dogs in the normal state and in experimental myocardial infarction

Kaszas, T., 1966:
ECG investigations in interstitial pneumonia in infantsT

Armijo, G.; Besoain, S.Manuel; Vicuna, J.P.blo; Lipchenka, J., 1962:
ECG studies in 55 autopsied cases of combined ventricular hypertrophy

Boernert, D.; Seidel, H.; Maiwald, D.; Boernert, G., 1964:
ECG transmission from unrestrained cattle by radio telemetry

Akazome, T.; Ohbayashi, K.; Kasai, G.; Kimura, E., 1967:
ECG wave measurement by a thyroid computer for automatic diagnosis of arrhythmias

Graser, F.; Kölle, G.; Berger, H.; Schenck, W.; Schultz-Rhonhof, J., 1966:
ECG changes in children with rheumatoid arthritis

Ahlborg, B.; Linroth, K.; Nordgren, B., 1966:
ECG- changes with subjective symptoms after smallpox vaccination of military personnel

Gatto, E.; Battaglia, A.; Ribaldone, D., 1966:
ECGraphic and VCGraphic data on healthy veteran frogmen

Elvin, L.Wis, M.; Melnick, J.L., 1959:
ECHO 11 virus associated with aseptic meningitis

Spudis, E.V.; Cramblett, H.G., 1965:
Echo 4 Meningoencephalitis

Rifkind, R.A.; Godman, G.C.; Howe, C.; Morgan, C.; Rose, H.M., 1960 :
ECHO 9 virus in tissue culture observed by light and electron microscopy

Monaci, V., 1957:
ECHO and adenovirus in tissue culture

Halonen, P.; Huebner, R.J., 1960:
ECHO and poliomyelitis virus antisera prepared in guinea pigs with fluorocarbon-treated cell culture antigens

Hammon, W.M.; Yohn, D.S.; Pavia, R.A., 1959:
ECHO virus type 12, isolation and characteristics

Monaci, V., 1957:
ECHO virus and APC adenovirus in tissue culture

Hammon, W.M.; Yohn, D.S.; Pavia, R.A.; Sather, G., 1959:
ECHO virus type 13. I. Isolation and characteristics

Kasel, J.A.; Rosen, L.; Loda, F.; Fleet, W., 1965:
Echo Virus Type 25, Infection In Adult Volunteers

Kapsenberg, J.G., 1968:
ECHO virus type 33 as a cause of meningitis

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ESAas Process for the Identification and Assessment of High-risk Conjunction Events

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Earliness of wheat

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Earlobe oximetry determination of oxygen tension as a test for oxygen system efficiency

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Early pre-8 Ma fault activity and temporal strain accumulation in the central Indian Ocean

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Early experience and sexual object-choice in the brown Leghorn

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Early 2nd operation in abdominal surgery study of the causes and results in 35 cases

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Early Australian bird-banding

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Early Breeding in 1957 Brit

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Early Carboniferous strata of St. Georges Bay Area, Newfoundland

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Early Cheyenne pie pumpkin

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Early Cretaceous flora of the West-Siberian depression

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Early Cretaceous protist flagellates Parabasalia Hypermastigia Oxymonada of cockroaches Insecta Blattaria in Burmese amber

Anonymous, 2009:
Early Cretaceous syn-rotational extension in the Organy  basin a“ new constraints on the palinspastic position of Iberia during its rotation

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Early Devonian Fasciphyllum from southern Fergana

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Early Devonian Vertebrates from the Knoydart Formation of Nova Scotia

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Early Devonian fishes from Utah III

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Early Devonian plants from the Brecon district

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Early History Of The Western Pacific Warm Pool During The Middle To Late Miocene a¼132-58 Ma Role Of Sea-Level Change And Implications For Equatorial Circulation

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Early intraplatelet signaling enhances the release of human platelet PAR-1 and -4 amino-terminal peptides in response to thrombin

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Early Maternal Deprivation in Rats

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Early Medieval Byzantium and the End of the Ancient World

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Early Miocene salamander and lizards from Florida

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Early Mississip-pian formations in Missouri

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