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Eastern Pacific Expeditions of the New York Zoological Society. XXXIV. Mol-lusks from the west coast of Mexico and Central America. III

Hertlein, L.George; Strong, A.M.

Zoologica new York 31(2): 53-76


Accession: 024522655

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This paper contains the results of a study of the bivalve mol-lusks of the families Ostreidae, Pectinidae, Spondylidae, Dimyidae, Anomiidae, Limidae and Mytilidae collected on the Eastern Pacific Expeditions of the New York Zoological Society, under the direction of Dr. William Beebe, 1936, 1937-1938. Reference to the original description, type locality, range, collecting stations and descriptive notes of 48 spp. and subspp. are included. 11 spp. and subspp. are illustrated. The following are new: Pecten (Leptopecten) velero biolleyi, Costa Rica; Lima (Limaria) hemphilli, Calif. to Mexico; Septifer zeteki, Panama, Mexico; Volsella (Volsella) salvadorica, of C. Amer.; Lithophaga (Diberus) plumula kelseyi, Calif.

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