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Eastern Pacific expeditions of the New York Zoological Society. XLII. Mollusks from the west coast of Mexico and Central America. IX

Hertlein, L.George; Strong, A.M.

Zoologica new York 35(19): 217-252


Accession: 024522660

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This paper is the ninth of a series dealing with tropical west American marine mollusks collected in 1936, 1937-1938, and includes studies of the bivalve mollusks of the families Sanguinolariidae, Solenidae, Mactridae, Aloididae, Hiatellidae, Gastrochaenidae and Pholadidae. Reference to the original descr., type locality, range, collecting stations and descr. notes of 48 spp. and subspp. are included. 22 spp. are illustrated on 2 plates. The following are descr.: Solen corckeri, Mactra fonsecana, M. (Micromactra) macescens haasi (M. (Micromactra) macescens var. elongata Haas, not M. e. Quoy and Gaimard).

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