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Eastern Pacific expeditions of the New York Zoological Society. XLV. Non-intertidal brachygnathous crabs from the west coast of tropical America. 2. Brachygnatha Brachyrhyncha

Garth, J.S.

Zoologica new York 46(3): 133-159


Accession: 024522663

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Report on 45 spp. of Portunidae, Xanthidae, Goneplacidae, and Cymopoliidae dredged by the "Zaca" in 1937, with collection data including color and habitat and taxonomic notes including descriptions and illustrations of Hexapanopeus beebei, type locality Corinto, Nicaragua, and megalops of Quadrella nitida. First specimens since types of Pseudorhombila xanthiformis, Speocarcinus ostrearicola, and Hexapus williamsi, with descriptions of opposite sex. Panopeus convexus Bott (not A. Milne Edwards) is a synonym of Eurytium tristani; ssp. minori Bott a ssp. of E. tristani also. Range extensions southward along mainland of Euryplax polita from Gulf of California to Oaxaca, Mexico; of Micropanope (?) maculatus, Speocarcinus granulimanus and S. californiensis from Gulf to Costa Rica; of Portunus (Achelous) iridescens and Micropanope polita from Gulf to Panama; of Hexapanopeus orcutti and Pilumnus stimpsonii from west Mexico to Costa Rica; of Hexapanopeus nicaraguensis from Costa Rica to El Salvador; and of H. costaricensis from Costa Rica to Panama. Range extensions northward of Speocarcinus ostrearicola from Peru to Nicaragua; of Pseudorhombila xanthiformis from Colombia to Costa Rica; of Pilumnus limosus and Chasmophora macrophthalma from Panama to west Mexico; of Menippe obtusa from Nicaragua and of Pilumnus pygmaeus from Costa Rica to south Mexico. Range extensions westward of Medaeus spinulifer, Micropanope polita, and Cymopolia lucasii from mainland to Clarion Island, Mexico.

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