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Chapter 24,523

Eastern Pacific expeditions of the New York Zoological Society. XLVI. Oxystomatous and allied crabs from the west coast of tropical America

Garth, J.S.

Zoologica new York 51(1): 1-16


Accession: 024522664

Report on 28 species of Dromiidae, Dynomenidae, Dorippidae, Leucosiidae, and Galappidae collected by the "Zaca" in 1936 and 1937, with collection data including color, habitat notes, and taxonomic notes including description and illustration of Clythrocerus edentatus, type locality Meanguera Island, Gulf of Fonseca, El Salvador. Type locality of Randallia minuta, given as "isles in bay", amended to "South Viradores Islands", Puerto Culebra, Costa Rica. Supplementary differential diagnosis given for Osachila sona. First specimens since types of Ethusa ciliatifrons, Randallia minuta, and Osachila sona. Range extensions northward of Ethusa ciliatifrons from Bay of Panama to Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica; of Iliacantha schmitti from Colombia to Judas Point, Costa Rica. Significant intermediate records for Uhlias ellipticus and Persephona edwardsii between Panama and Gulf of California. Atlantic analogues of Pacific species listed. Behavior of Randallia ornata and Cycloes bairdii recorded. Use of Calappa convexa as food by natives reported. Infestation of Hepatus kossmanni by a rhizocephalan noted. Pelecypod shells used as cover by Hypoconcha panamensis identified. Extensive sympatry among Randallia, Persephona, Iliacantha, Osachila, and Calappa remarked upon.

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