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Eastern Pacific expeditions of the New York Zoological Society. XXXII. Mollusks from the west coast of Mexico and Central America. II

Hertlein, L.George; Strong, A.M.

Zoologica new York 28(3): 149-168


Accession: 024522675

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This paper, the 2d of a series dealing with tropical West American mollusks, contains the results of a study of the bivalve mollusks of the. families Glycymeridae, Arcidae, Pteriidae, Pinnidae and Pedalion-idae collected on the Eastern Pacific Expeditions of the New York Zool. Soc., 1936, 1937-1938. References to the original description, type locality, range, and descriptive notes of 43 spp. and subspp. are included. 6 spp. are illustrated on one plate. The following are described as new: Arca (Arca) fernandezensis (Arca angulata King and Bro-derip, preoc); A. (Anadara) mazatlanica; and Atrina texta.

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