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Eastern Pacific expeditions of the New York Zoological Society. XXXVIII. Intertidal brachygnathous crabs from the west coast of tropical America with special reference to ecology

Crane, J.

Zoologica new York 32(2): 69-95


Accession: 024522680

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An annotated list of 51 spp. of intertidal crabs of the families Majidae, Parthenopi-dae, Xanthidae and Grapsidae collected between Mexico and Ecuador. Together with a discussion of their distr., as well as that of previously recorded Ocypodidae, throughout 9 littoral habitats: surf rocks, stones near mid-tide levels, stones near low-tide levels, tidepools, Pocillopora coral, mangroves, mudflats, sheltered beaches and exposed beaches. Data are given on taxonomy, color in life, habitat, food and months of occurrence of ovigerous [female][female] . There is also an evaluation of richness of various geogr. collecting stations, and general notes on relative abundance, color and behavior. Includes Metapocarcinus concavatus*, El Salvador; Thoe sulcata panamensis (T. panamensis); Mithrax denticulatus (= M. areolatus) and Xanthodius sternberghii (= X. hebes).

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