Section 25
Chapter 24,536

Effect of calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate on growth of Petunia, Chrysanthemum and Begonia, n. Mineral content

Pawlowski, H.E.

Gartenbauwissenschaft 32(4): 359-373


Accession: 024535963

Calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate differ in their effect on N-content of Petunia, Chrysanthemum and Begonia. Content of organic bound N was increased considerably more by ammonium-nitrate than by calcium nitrate with increasing N-concentrations in nutrient solution. In Petunia and Chrysanthemum the level of organic bound non protein N was higher with ammonium nitrate than with calcium nitrate. The flower yield optimum of Petunia and Chrysanthemum in relation to increasing N-levels in the plants was reached much earlier compared with shoot growth optimum. The delay of flowering of Petunia by ammonium nitrate compared with calcium nitrate in the range of high N and low K concentrations in the nutrient solution was accompanied with a high content of organic bound non protein N in the plant. Flower development of Chrysanthemum was delayed by ammonium nitrate concentrations above 200 ppm independently from the level of K concentration compared with the normal development period of 9 weeks. The effect of increasing K concentrations on the N content of plants was shown by decreasing total N and organic bound non protein N content and increasing nitrate and relative protein N content. K stimulation caused a decrease of organic bound non protein N was combined with an increase of yield.

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