Section 25
Chapter 24,545

Effect of gibberellic acid and para-chlorophenoxy-acetic acid on growth and fruitfulness in the strawberry

Singh, J.P.; Randhawa, G.S.

Indian Jour Hort 16(1): 14-17


Accession: 024544964

The strawberry var. "Pusa Dwarf Early" was sprayed with gibberellic acid (GA) and p-chlorophenoxyacetic acid (CIPA) at 5 and 10 ppm twice. GA was found to significantly increase the height of plants, length of peduncle and fruit-bud formation over the other treatments including the control. GA 5 and 10 ppm also increased the total yield per plant by 48% and 62% respectively over the control. CIPA (10 ppm) resulted in earlier fruit maturity by 5 days while GA (10 ppm) extended the fruiting period by 8 to 10 days. None of the treatments affected the fruit quality.

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