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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24549

Chapter 24549 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ward, J.R.; Cloud, S.; Krawitt, E.; Jones, R.S., 1963:
Effect of immunosuppressive agents on adjuvant-induced polyarthritis of rats

Movshev, B.E., 1964:
Effect of immunotherapy on the state of calcified tissues of rats with burns

Blum, J.; Gallet, M.; Tourniaire, A., 1968:
Effect of imolamine cardio vasc in anginal syndrome abstract from lyon med 218 50 1537 1558 december 10 1967 human

Vastesaeger, M.; Gillot, P.H.; Basson, G., 1968:
Effect of imolamine cardio vasc in obliterative arterio sclerosis in the leg abstract from gaz med france 74 28 5370 5373 nov 15 1967 human

Ninomiya, H.; Michaelis, M., 1968:
Effect of impaired acetylcholine tolerance on traumatic shock in the rat

Demetskii, A.M., 1968:
Effect of impaired arterial blood flow on the acid muco poly saccharide level in the walls of the major veins of a limb dog

Miettinen, T.A.; Kekki, M., 1967:
Effect of impaired hepatic and renal function on Bence Jones protein catabolism in human subjects

Svec, M.H.; Freeman, S., 1949:
Effect of impaired hepatic circulation on plasma free amino acids of dogs

Vinogradova, V.D.; Mandrik, E.V., 1967:
Effect of impaired thyroid function on the mestastization of the Brown- Pearce tumor

Zotova, N.I., 1965:
Effect of impairment of the optic thalamus on collateral arterial blood circulation in the stomach

Chervinskil, A.A.; Malyshev, Y.I.; Kondranin, G.V.; Teplova, L.P.; Egorov, T.L., 1966:
Effect of impairments of the water-salt metabolism on the course and outcome of post-abortion acute renal insufficiency

Roy, A.; Bhattacharya, S.; Luktuke, S.N.; Bhattacharya, P., 1950:
Effect of implantation and subsequent withdrawal of stilbestrol tablets combined with iodoprotein protamone feeding on induced lactation in goats

Yamamoto, Yoshihiro, 1960:
Effect of implantation of central nervous tissues on involution of the midgut gland following removal of eyestalks in the crayfish, Procambarus clarkii

Yohn, D.S.; Mcd Hammon, W.; Atchison, R.W., 1962:
Effect of implantation site on the immunologic response of hamsters to a human tumor serially transplantable in normal hamsters

Doane, W.W., 1961:
Effect of Implanted Adult Corpora Allata on That of Host in Two Species of Drosophila

Gardner, B.; Sterling, A.; Brown, J., 1967:
Effect of implanted inst electrodes on neopl tumor metastases in the rat liver

Fish, Frederic, F., 1959:
Effect of impoundment on downstream water quality, Roanoke River, North Carolina

Shetter, D.S.; Whalls, M.J., 1955 :
Effect of impoundment on water temperatures of Fuller Creek Montmorency County, Michigan

Kittrell, F.W., 1959:
Effect of impoundments on dissolved oxygen resources

Aroua, M.Kheireddine.; Yin, C.Yang.; Lim, F.N.; Kan, W.L.; Daud, W.Mohd.Ashri.Wan., 2009:
Effect of impregnation of activated carbon with chelating polymer on adsorption kinetics of Pb2+

Miller, D.; Holmberg, A.; Carroll, J.; Exford, J.; Boyd, M., 1967:
Effect of impression taking on the shape of the cornea in scleral lens fitting

U.Yanina, N.N., 1968:
Effect of impulsation from an inflammatory focus on return inhibition cat

Bogutskii, B.V.; Konko, A.I.; Baronenko, V.A.; Belov, V.P., 1968:
Effect of impulse electro magnetic fields of atmospheric origin on arterial blood pressure in experimental animals rabbit

Shkarinov, L.N.; Denisov, E.I.; Lashina, R.A., 1968:
Effect of impulse noises and vibrations on the body in straightening and knocking out work factory workers

Cobb, J.P., 1956:
Effect of in vitro X irradiation on pigmented and pale slices of Cloudman S91 mouse melanoma as measured by subsequent proliferation in vivo

Arutyunyan, R.A., 1965:
Effect of in vitro X-irradiation on erythropoietic activity of the blood of anematized animals

Kelley, Barbara, 1951:
Effect of in vitro citrovorum factor and aminopterin on metabolism of glycine by chick liver homogenates

Levin, R.H.; Pert, J.J.; Freireich, E.J., 1964:
Effect of in vitro manipulations on response to platelet transfusions

Capra, J.D.nald; Peterkofsky, A., 1968:
Effect on in vitro methylation on the chromatographic and coding properties of methyl-deficient leucine transfer RNA

Furuya, Masaki And Arthur, W.Galston, 1961:
Effect of in vitro prelncubation with cofactors on the activity of the indoleacetic acid oxidase of peas

Furman, R.H.; Lakshmi, K.; Norcia, L.N.; Howard, R.P.lmer, 1960:
Effect of in vitro sonic oscillation on distribution of serum lipoproteins in idiopathic essential hyperlipemia and other hyperlipidemic states

Bauer, R.D.; Dreher, K., 1963:
Effect Of In Vivo X-Irradiation On Nucleoprotein Stability

Dreizen, S.; Greene, H.I.; Spies, T.D., 1949:
Effect of in vivo addition of selected nitrofurans on acid production in human saliva

DeChatelet, L.R.; McDonald, H.J., 1968:
Effect of in vivo administration of various oral hypoglycemic agents on hepatic protein synthesis

Miller, D.A.; Bondurant, S.; Bratton, J.; Mcilroy, T., 1960:
Effect of in vivo cigarette smoke on the surface tension of extracts of rat lungs

Tomisek, A.J.; Bruce, M.A.; Allan, P.W., 1964:
Effect of in vivo cyclophosphamide treatment on the in vitro activity of the DNA-synthetase of sensitive and resistant plasmacytomas

Bruzzone, S.; Brancatelli, A., 1965 :
Effect of in vivo gonadotropic stimulation on phosphorylase levels in rat and mouse ovaries

Carolla, R.L.; Mengel, C.E.; Husney, R.M., 1968:
Effect of in vivo hyperoxia on erythrocyte fatty acid composition

Goodman, J.R.; Marrone, L.H.; Squire, M.C., 1955:
Effect of in vivo inhibition of cholinesterase on potassium diffusion from human red cell

Hart, M.M.; Straw, J.A., 1968:
Effect of in vivo o p ddd metab 1 1 di chloro 2 o chlorophenyl 2 p chlorophenyl ethane metab on the in vitro steroid production by adrenal slices from liver bypassed and eviscerated dogs abstract

Webster, P.D.; Gunn, L.D.; Tyor, M.P., 1966:
Effect of in vivo pancreozymin and methacholine on pancreatic lipid metabolism

Wenzel, D.G.; Igianna, J., 1964:
Effect Of In Vivo Pretreatments Upon Response Of Rat Ventricle Strip To Nicotine

Caen, J.; Michel, H.; Bourdon, R.; Vainer, H.; Bernard, J., 1964:
Effect of in-vitro radiations on blood platelets Meeting of the French Society of Hematology

Truax, H.; Barnett, R.N.; Hukill, P.B.; Campbell, P.C.; Eisenberg, H., 1966:
Effect of inaccurate pathological diagnosis on survival statistics for melanoma

Onti, Takeyuki, 1941:
Effect of inactivating the suprarenal medulla upon shiverings after application of cold

Zotta, T.; Asterinou, K.; Rossano, R.; Ricciardi, A.; Varcamonti, M.; Parente, E., 2009:
Effect of inactivation of stress response regulators on the growth and survival of Streptococcus thermophilus Sfi39

Tambiev, A.K.; Bulgakova, V.G., 1963:
Effect of inactivation on the protective properties of some antibiotics

Yaoi, H., 1968:
Effect of inactivation temperatures of anti tumor properties of vaccinia virus

Gatz, A.J., 1960:
Effect of inactivity of muscle on electromyographic signs in experimental muscular dystrophy

Hirsjarvi, E., 1962:
Effect of inadequate ventilation on respiratory metabolism

Pellegrino, C.; Torcigliani, A., 1956:
Effect of inanition and adrenalectomy on the electrophoretic patterns of soluble lymphatic tissue proteins

Morpurgo, B., 1927:
Effect of inanition on homoplastic transplantation

Bynum, H.H., 1965:
Effect of incense-cedar heartwood ex-tract on growth of Polyporus amarus

Focan, A.; Kuczarow, W.; Laudelout, H., 1950:
Effect of incineration on the incidence of root diseases

Riggins, R.S.; Ketcham, A.S., 1965:
Effect Of Incisional Biopsy On The Development Of Experimental Tumor Metastases

Kugenev, P.V.; Medvedeva, M.N., 1963:
Effect of including carbamide in the ration of cows on the protein amino acid compositionof preserved milk

Akopyan, S.A.; Gonyan, S.A., 1965:
Effect of incomplete anemia in the brain on the parameters of the excitability of muscle-antagonists in exposure to irradiation From REF ZH BIOL, 1966, No. 10P747.

Taquini, A.C.; Fasciolo, J.C., 1949:
Effect of incomplete ischemia on the content of renin in the kidney

Sel'tser, V.K., 1967:
Effect of incorporated radioisotopes of strontium, cesium, and cerium on cardiac activity in rats

Bonnet, J.A.; Lugo Lopez, M.A.; Rico Ballester, M., 1957:
Effect of incorporating organic materials into a clay soil of the Lajas Valley on the yields of food crops

Ueno, Y.; Yoshikawa, K.; Kitamura, Y.; Kitade, Y., 2010:
Effect of incorporation of alkyl linkers into siRNAs on RNA interference

Rahn, O.; Conn, J.E., 1944:
Effect of increase in acidity on antiseptic efficiency

Ephrussi, B.; Parat, M., 1927:
Effect of increase of temp, on the vacuome of the sea-urchin egg

Schaefer, K.E.; Cornish, E.R.; Stuntz, S.E., 1952:
Effect of increased alveolar carbon dioxide tensions on various physiological functions

S.A.S.avnin; I.A.Y.supov; A.A.M.ntile; D.Y. Golikov; A.I.M.ntile, 2009:
Effect of increased ambient temperature on the growth rate of young pine forests in the impact zone of a petroleum gas flare

Gorbov, F.D.; Kosmolinskii, F.P.; Myasnikov, V.I., 1966:
Effect of increased and reduced afferentation upon man from the viewpoint of space psychophysiology

Glickman, I.; Dines, M.M., 1963:
Effect of increased ascorbic acid blood levels of the ascorbic acid level in treated and non-treated gingiva

Whelpton, P.K., 1945:
Effect of Increased Birth Rate on Future Population

Channin, E.; Tyler, J., 1962:
Effect of increased breathing frequency on inspiratory resistance in emphysema

Remy, Th, 1926:
Effect of increased cal-cium content on activities of soil microorganisms

Kovalenko, E.A.; Popkov, V.L.; Chernyakov, I.N., 1964:
Effect of increased carbon dioxide concentration on hypoxia in brain tissues

Katzman, R.; Villee, C.A.; Beecher, H.K., 1953:
Effect of increased carbon dioxide concentrations on fixed acid production in vitro

Holmes, E.L.; Barnhart, M.I., 1958:
Effect of increased carbon dioxide retention on liver function in the dog

Patnak, S.; Bhadrachalam, A., 1965:
Effect of increased concentrations of iron and manganese in the growth medium on grain yield and composition of indicarice

Pavlenkd, V.V.; Soidla, T.R., 1967:
Effect of increased concentrations of potassium and magnesium ions on the interallelic complementation in yeast

Borgstrom, P.; Hafkesbring, R.; Bost, W., 1926 :
Effect of increased diet on basal metabolism in New Orleans

Smith, M.E.; Newman, E.J.; Newman, H.W., 1957:
Effect of increased diphosphopyridine nucleotide levels on rate of ethanol metabolism in the mouse

Binhammer, R.T., 1967:
Effect of increased endogenous gonadotrophin on testes of irradiated immature and mature rats

Frayser, R.; Ross, J.C.; Levin, H.S.; Messer, J.V.; Pines, J., 1966:
Effect of increased environmental temperature on pulmonary diffusing capacity

Ponomarenko, V.V.; Smirnova, C . P., 1964:
Effect of increased excitation of the unconditional food center during early ontogenesis on the properties of the nervous processes in adult animals

Grant, K.Ya, 1964:
Effect of increased external temperature on phagocytosis and complement blood serum properties in staphylococci-infected guinea pigs Abstract only

Bang, N.U.; Freiman, A.H.; Cliffton, E.E., 1960:
Effect of increased fibrinogen concentration on the lysis of in vitro thrombi

Marinelli, L.; Giunti, V., 1947:
Effect of increased glucose content of the spinal fluid on blood glucose curve from epinephrine

Jach, E.T.; Marotta, S.F.; Marbarger, J.P., 1959:
Effect of increased intra-abdominal pressure on various circulatory parameters of the anesthetized dog

Hutchens, J. 0.; Krahl, M.E., 1939:
Effect of increased intracellular pH on the physiological action of substituted phenols

Campbell, G.S.; Haddy, F.J.; Visscher, M.B., 1949:
Effect of increased intracranial pressure on the circulation in relation to pulmonary lesions

Severi, Antonio, 1933:
Effect of increased intracranial pressure on the skull cap

Kazić, T.; Varagić, V.M., 1968:
Effect of increased intraluminal pressure on the release of acetylcholine from the isolated guinea-pig ileum

Rodbard, S.; Sagan, A., 1951:
Effect of increased intratracheal tension on pulmonary and systemic arterial pressures in absence of a ventricular septum

Moyer, J.H.; Miller, S.I.; Snyder, H., 1954:
Effect of increased jugular pressure on cerebral hemodynamics

Dorman, H.L.; Bishop, J.G., 1965:
Effect Of Increased Metabolism On Oxygen Tension Of Gingival Tissue

Gutmann, E.; Jakoubek, B., 1963:
Effect Of Increased Motor Activity On Regeneration Of The Peripheral Nerve In Young Rats

Chun, Chzhan, 1959:
Effect of increased nitrogen pressure on spinal reflex activity

Szoke, K.; Zempleni, T.; Kallai, L., 1963:
Effect of increased oral copper intake on vitamin C metabolism in guinea pigs receiving parenteral ascorbic acid

Mukherjee, D.P.; Singh, S.P., 1968:
Effect of increased oxygen in the inspired air on morphology of spermatozoa and epithelial cells of thyroid lobules of mice

Lennox, W.G.; Behnke, A.R., 1936:
Effect of increased oxygen pressure on the seizures of epilepsy

Semerdzhyan, S.P.; Nor Arevyan, N.G.; Megroyan, S.G., 1964:
Effect of increased oxygen pressures on the radiation injury of silkworm eggs

Finney, J.W.; Jay, B.E.; Race, G.J.; Urschel, H.C.; Balla, G.A.; Mallams, J.T., 1966:
Effect of increased oxygen resulting from hydrogen peroxide degradation on plasma and tissue lipids

Shields, R.; Code, C.F., 1961:
Effect of increased portal pressure on sorptlon of water and sodium from the ileum of dogs

Goetz, K.L., 1965:
Effect of increased pressure within a right heart cul-de-sac on heart rate in dogs

Varco, Richard, L., 1945:
Effect of increased protein intake on nitrogen retention in hypoproteinemic state

Warner, H.F.; Lewis, D.H., 1961:
Effect of increased pulse rate on circulatory dynamics in normal resting man

Semple, S.J.; D.W.Rdener, H.E., 1959:
Effect of increased renal venous pressure on circulatory autoregulation of isolated dog kidneys

Blake, W.D.; Wesgria, R.; Keating, R.P.; Ward, H.P., 1949:
Effect of increased renal venous pressure on renal function

Jordan, G.L.; Hallenbeck, G.A., 1952:
Effect of increased secretory pressure on canine pancreatic secretion

Szabó, G.; Magyar, Z., 1967:
Effect of increased systemic venous pressure on lymph pressure and flow

Piatkowska, B., 1961:
Effect of increased temperature and nutritive factors on the facet-number in the mutant-bar of Drosophila melanogaster Meig

Stanisawski, J.Jerzy, 1963:
Effect of increased temperature on some biochemical processes during germination and early growth of wheat. Part I. Effect of increased temperature on catalase activity

Rakhimov, G.T., 1967:
Effect of increased temperature on suppression and reduction of hill reaction activity pea d horse bean d

Nesterova, G.N., 1965:
Effect of increased temperature on the reproduction of some strains of enteropathogenic coliform bacteria Abstract only

Zakharov, I.A., 1961:
Effect of increased temperature on vegetative division of an interspecific hybrid in yeast

Ryzhov, N.I., 1958:
Effect of increased temperatures on the course of acute radiation sickness of dogs

Sussman, Michael, D., 1966:
Effect of increased tissue tension upon tensile strength of cutaneous incisions in rats

Share, L., 1952:
Effect of increased ureteral pressure on renal function

Hinshaw, L.B.; Brake, C.M.; Iampietro, P.F.; Emerson, T.E., 1963:
Effect of increased venous pressure on renal hemodynamics

Pegel', V.A.; Zainullina, G.M., 1965:
Effect of increased water pressure on the concentration of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium in the blood of Siberian dace

Jessen, W., 1949:
Effect of increasing N-and P2O5 doses on growth, protein and fat yields of Eruca sativa

Mitchell, J.H.; Gilmore, J.P.; Linden, R.J.; Sarnoff, S.J., 1960:
Effect of increasing aorta pressure on the performance characteristics of the left ventricle

Swingle, W.W.; Barlow, G.; Fedor, E.J.; Ben, M.; Maxwell, R.; Collins, E.; Baker, C., 1953:
Effect of increasing cortisone dosage on serum electrolytes, plasma volume and arterial pressure of adrenalectomized dogs

Rai, M.M., 1959:
Effect of increasing doses of ammonium sulphate and organic matter on nitrogen loss

Conard, V.; Kowalewski, K.; Van Geertruy Den, J., 1949:
Effect of increasing doses of histamine on gastric secretion of patients receiving antistine

Goralski, J.; Mercik, S., 1967:
Effect of increasing doses of urea as top dressing to cereals 5 year field experiments rye m barley m wheat m oats m

Biehler, Wilhelm, 1950:
Effect of increasing doses of veritol in animal experiments

Kuşçu, O.Selçuk.; Sponza, D.Teresa., 2009:
Effect of increasing nitrobenzene loading rates on the performance of anaerobic migrating blanket reactor and sequential anaerobic migrating blanket reactor/completely stirred tank reactor system

Burczyk, H., 1968:
Effect of increasing nitrogen doses on the yield phosphorus pent oxide potassium oxide and protein content in winter wheat m grain in dependence on the way and level of phosphorus and potassium fertilizing

Petrescu, O.; Picu, I.; Isfan, D., 1967:
Effect of increasing nitrogen rates on nitrate and free amino acid content of corn m and sugar beet d leaves in irrigated crops

Peckham, C.H., 1933:
Effect of increasing parity on some obstetric conditions

Little, R.C.; Fitzmorris, A.O.; Blankenship, J.F., 1952:
Effect of increasing right ventricular load on the isolated left ventricle

Weidmann, S., 1959:
Effect of increasing the calcium concentration during a single heart-beat

Grollman, A., 1953:
Effect of increasing the extracellular fluid volume on the arterial blood pressure of the normal, hypertensive and nephrectomized dog

Blake, G.M.; Griffith, J.F.; Yeung, D.K.W.; Leung, P.C.; Fogelman, I., 2009:
Effect of increasing vertebral marrow fat content on BMD measurement, T-Score status and fracture risk prediction by DXA

Breitenbach, R.P.; Meyer, R.K., 1959:
Effect of incubation and brooding on fat, visceral weights, and body weight of the hen pheasant

Mathe, G.; Amiel, J.L.; Schwarzenberg, L.; Dore, J.F.; Sekiguchi, M.; Bechet, J.M., 1966:
Effect of incubation at 37C during 2 hours on the capacity of reactivity in immunologically competent cells

Munro, D.C.; Mackay, D.C., 1964:
Effect of incubation method and storage conditions on nitrate production of incubated soil samples

Pommerenke, W.T.; Lipphardt, E.M., 1950:
Effect of incubation on sugar concentration in cervical mucus

Adams, W.P.; Rice, L.I.; Schotz, M.C.; Jacobson, G.F.; Marx, W., 1950:
Effect of incubation on the cholesterol content of rat liver homogenate

Turner, K.B.; Pratt, V., 1949:
Effect of incubation on the cholesterol partition in human serum

Alford, J.A., 1960:
Effect of incubation temperature on biochemical tests in the genera Pseudomonas and Achromobacter

Johnson, R.M.; Skelton, A., 1967:
Effect of incubation temperature on enzyme production for lysine decarboxylase and cytochrome oxidase tests

Moore, L.W.; Guthrie, J.W., 1965:
Effect of incubation temperature on length and infectivity of potato virus X particles in four host species

Carey, G.R.; Kraft, P.G.; Cramp, R.L.; Franklin, C.E., 2010:
Effect of incubation temperature on muscle growth of barramundi Lates calcarifer at hatch and post-exogenous feeding

Kosano, Y.; Yamada, K., 1963:
Effect of incubation temperature on the glutamic acid fermentation

Pringle, E.M.; Barott, H.G., 1937:
Effect of incubation temperature on time of death of chick embryo and relationship of energy metabolism to mortality

Ford, H.F.; Babel, F.J., 1950:
Effect of incubation temperatures on the retention of bac-teriophage by a culture of Streptococcus lactis

O'dell, W.T.; Almquist, J.O.; Flipse, R.J., 1958:
Effect of incubation vessel on the recovery of C14O2 during incubation of bull spermatozoa with glycerol-1-C14

Kelly, M.G.; Smith, N.H.; Rall, D.P., 1957:
Effect of incubation with rabbit serum on toxicity and tumor-necrotizing action of polysaccharide from S. marcescens

Papkoff, H., 1962:
Effect of incubation with rat tissues on bovine pituitary growth hormone

Solov'eva, N.Y.; Rautenshtein, Y.I., 1963:
Effect of indicator culture and composition of the nutrient medium on me results of actinophage titration

Cession Fossion, A., 1967:
Effect of indirectly acting sympathicomimetic amines on the perfused adrenal medulla of rats in vitro

Muhlbachova, E.; Lincova, D.; Misekova, D., 1967:
Effect of indirectly acting sympathicotropic substances on andrenergic lipid mobilization

D.Landsheere, B.C., 1951:
Effect of indirubin on white blood cell count of the guinea pig

Bose, S., 1967:
Effect of individual and combined treatments of di ethyl sulfate and gibberellic acid on the growth of rice m oryza sativa m seedlings

Silliker, J.H.; Greenberg, R.A.; Schack, W.R., 1958:
Effect of individual curing ingredients on the shelf stability of canned comminuted meats

Maltzman, I.; Raskin, D.C., 1965:
Effect of individual differences in the orienting reflex on conditioning and complex processes

Ashmore, Lear Lee, 1959:
Effect of indoctrination on audience ratings of the personality characteristics of individuals with articulatory defects

Beckwith, T.D.; Geary, E.M., 1940:
Effect of indol 3 acetic acid on multiplication of Esch coli and E typhosa

Garcia, B.J.; Del Castillo, J.; Rodeles, F.J., 1941:
Effect of indol on intestinal motility

Satyanarayana, G.; Rangaswami, G., 1959:
Effect of indole acetic acid and a-naphthalene acetic acid on the growth, flowering and fruit set in sweet potato

Adhikari, S., 1966:
Effect of indole acetic acid on the chick blastoderm

Sen Gupta, A.; Sen, S.P., 1961:
Effect of indole-3-acetic acid on phosphorus metabolism in the Avena coleoptile

M.L.L.pez; J.R.P.ralta-videa; J.G.P.rsons; J.L.G.rdea-torresdey; M.D.arte-gardea, 2009:
Effect of indole-3-acetic acid, kinetin, and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid on plant growth and uptake and translocation of lead, micronutrients, and macronutrients in alfalfa plants

Thakurta, A.G.ha; Dutt, B.K., 1940:
Effect of indole-acetic acid on rooting in gootes of Mango

Kydrev, T.G.; Tyankova, L.A., 1966:
Effect of indoleacetic acid and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on free and bound amino acids in wheat after a brief drought treatment

Datta, A.; Biswas, B.B., 1965:
Effect of indoleacetic acid on protein and ribonucleic acid syntheses

Mitchell, John, W., 1939:
Effect of indoleacetic acid on the growth of some crop plants

Kovalenko, A.P., 1967:
Effect of indoleacetic acid on the growth of the protonema of Funaria hygrometrica

Austin, A., 1961:
Effect of indoleacetic acid on the nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism of excised wheat leaves.

Beal, J.M., 1940:
Effect of indoleacetic acid on thin sections and detached segments of the second internode of the bean

Yamaki, Toshio, 1954:
Effect of indoleacetic acid upon oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide fixation and elongation of Avena coleptile cylinders in the darkness

Howlett, Freeman, S., 1941:
Effect of indolebutyric acid upon tomato fruit set and development

Baco Dapena, R.; Wheby, M.S.; Crosby, W.H., 1962:
Effect of indolic compounds on vitamin B12 uptake

Zherebchenko, P.G., 1965:
Effect of indolylalkylamines and some other drugs on the tolerance of mice to reduced barometric pressure

E.Lábos, 1982:
Effect of indolylalkylamines Bol-148 and other compounds on the photosensitized contraction by xanthene-dyes in glochidia of Anodonta

Erdös, E.G.; Hinshaw, L.B.; Gill, C.C., 1967:
Effect of indomethacin in endotoxin shock in the dog

Fantini, F.; Cattaneo, R.; Invernizzi, F., 1965:
Effect of indomethacine on adjuvant arthritis of rat

Eades, C.H.; Solberg, V.B.; Hsu, I.C.; Phillips, G.E., 1963:
Effect Of Indoor Housing Conditions On Serum Cholesterol Levels Of White Carneau Pigeons

Mashkovskii, M.D.; Lanskii, V.P., 1968:
Effect of indopan on the cerebral circulation

Yakovleva, A.I.; Sorokina, M.N., 1966:
Effect of indopan on white ats and their progeny

Muramatsu, Minoru, 1960:
Effect of induced abortion on the reduction of births in Japan

Penneys, Raymond, 1961:
Effect of induced anoxemia on the ballistocardiogram

Forster, R.P.; Nyboer, J., 1955:
Effect of induced apnea on cardiovascular renal functions in the rabbit

Oleinik, I.I.; Katsalukha, V.V.; Korol'kov, V.F., 1967:
Effect of induced bacterial nuclease on the Ehrlich ascitic tumor cells Abstract only

Sejian, V.; Maurya, V.P.; Naqvi, S.M.K.; Kumar, D.; Joshi, A., 2010:
Effect of induced body condition score differences on physiological response, productive and reproductive performance of Malpura ewes kept in a hot, semi-arid environment

Jacques, Felix Anthony, 1961:
Effect of induced cold torpor on blood coagulation and other blood properties of Pseudemys scripta elegans

Meyer, R.K.; Cochrane, R.L., 1962:
Effect of induced deciduomata on ovonidation in progesterone-treated ovariectomized rats

Thurlow, W.R.; Runge, P.S., 1967:
Effect of induced head movements on localization of direction of sounds

Bair, G.O.; Tu, W.H.; Schloerb, P.R., 1961:
Effect of induced hyper- and hypo-thyroidism upon acute uremic syndrome in nephrectomized dogs

Member, S.; Bruger, M., 1942:
Effect of induced hyper-cholesterolemia on antibody-nitrogen production in rabbits

Bonnet, D., 1960:
Effect of induced hypothermia on the reflex activity of the medulla Abstract

Duner, H.; Granberg, P.O.a, 1963:
Effect of induced hypoxia on renal function in man

Kelly, F.B.; Taylor, C.B.uce; Hass, G.M.; Craig, J.M., 1951:
Effect of induced intimal proliferation on local deposition of lipids in arteries of rabbits with hypercholesterolemia

Levine, S.; Wenk, E.J., 1960:
Effect of induced localization on incidence and distribution of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis

Parsons, C.M.; Goetzl, F.R., 1945:
Effect of induced pain on pain threshold

Berglund, E.; Simonsson, B.; Birath, G., 1961:
Effect of induced pneumothorax on the pulmonary shunt and the ventilation in a patient with atelectasls of the lung

Blakeslee, Albert, F., 1941:
Effect of induced poly-ploidy in plants

Robinson, R.R.; Glenn, W.G., 1963:
Effect of induced renal hemodynamic alterations on urine protein excretion in fixed and reproducible orthostatic proteinuria

Dagher, F.J.; Panossian, A.; Fuleihan, F.J., 1968:
Effect of induced respiratory acidosis on the circulating blood volume in normal dogs

Towers, Barry, 1966:
Effect of induced soil moisture stress on the growth of Fomes annosus in inoculated loblolly pine stumps

Deksbakh, N.K., 1963:
Effect of industrial contamination on vegetation and the use of vegetation in the control of the aftereffects of industrial contamination

Deroyan, G.V., 1968:
Effect of industrial discharges on the immunobiologic reactivity of children allergy

Volkov, V.S., 1966:
Effect of industrial factors on the development of hypertension

Andrukovich, A.I., 1965:
Effect of industrial noise in winding and weaving factories on the arterial pressure in the operators of the machines

Laudanski, A.; Chotecki, B.; Sulkowski, W., 1968:
Effect of industrial noise on the equilibrium system

Kovaleva, L.L., 1967:
Effect of industrial noise on the functional condition of the auditory analysor in adolescents

Pokrovskii, N.N., 1966:
Effect of industrial noises on the blood pressure level in machine-building factories

Gusev, A.G., 1961:
Effect of industrial sewage water on reservoir fisheries

Seth, G.K.; Bhaskaran, T.R., 1950:
Effect of industrial wastes disposal on the sanitary condition of Hooghly River in and around Calcutta

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Effect of infantile stimulation on gonadal maturation of rats

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Effect Of Infecting Carrot Plants With Certain Viruses On Seedstalk Development

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Effect of infection and chemotherapy on the absorptive function of the reticuloendothelial system

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Effect of infection and diet on child growth: Experience in a Guatemalan village

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Effect of infection by Nosema bombycis Nageli on the pupal development of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

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Effect of infection by Oscinella frit L. on the growth and development of barley

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Effect of infection by Xanthomonas malvacearum Dowson on respiration rate of cotton leaves

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Effect of infection by potato virus Y on the concentration of potato virus X in tobacco plants

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Effect of infection of Escherichia coli with bacteriophage T4 on the synthesis of ribosomes

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Effect of infection of Sphacelotheca schweinfurthiana, Thumen. on spikelet structure in Erianthus munja

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Effect of infection of pine seedlings by fungi of the genera Rhizoctonia and Fusarium on the water flow. ,

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Effect of infection of the deciduous molar on the permanent tooth germ

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Effect of infection of wheat by O. graminis Sacc. after partial sterilisation of soil and organic manuring

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Effect of infection on the germination of sugar beet seeds

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Effect of infection syphilis on the spread of arsenic in the rabbit brain

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Effect of infection with M. tuberculosis and of tuberculin shock on the succinic dehydrogenase activity of guinea pig tissues

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Effect of infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis and BCG on the lactic dehydrogenase and succinic dehydrogenase activity of guinea pig liver

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Effect of infection with T-even phage on the constitutive synthesis of -galactosidase in Escherichia coli

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Effect of infection with T-even phage on the inducible synthesis of -galactosidase in Escherichia coli

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Effect of infection with human, bovine and avian tubercle bacilli on the results of comparative tuberculin test in cattle

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Effect of infection with influenza viruses on hemagglutination-inhibitors of tissues

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Effect Of Infection With Phage Lambda On The Synthesis Of Protein, Rna And Dna In Escherichia Coli

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Effect of infection with plasmodiophora brassicae on content and character of indole derivatives in cabbage d roots

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Effect of infectious diseases of the mother on the fetus, with special reference to Rubeola and Toxoplasmosis

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Effect of infectious diseases on immunity to diphtheria. II. Immunity to diptheria in the first days of recovery following infectious diseases Abstract only

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Effect of infectious hepatitis of pregnant women on intra uterine fetus and further development of infants

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Effect of infectious hepatitis on estrogen excretion in men

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Effect of infectious hepatitis on the immunoglobulins in mentally retarded children

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Effect of infectious mvxoma virus on glvcolvsis of chorioallantoic membrane of chick embryo

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Effect of infestation by the sugar cane borer on the composition of the individual canes of a row

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Effect of infestation of the Angoumois grain moth on the germination and vigor of corn

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Effect of infestation of thrips tabaci on growth of cotton d plants thysanoptera

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Effect of inflammation and topical hydrocortisone on alkaline phosphatase activity in the rat subcutaneous tissue

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Effect of inflammation on iron from transfused non-viable erythrocytes

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Effect of inflammation on phagocytic reaction of reticuloendothelial system on polonium-induced injury to animals

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Effect of inflation of the lung on different parts of pulmonary vascular bed

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Effect of influent nutrient ratios and hydraulic retention time (HRT) on simultaneous phosphorus and nitrogen removal in a two-sludge sequencing batch reactor process

Anonymous, 2009:
Effect of influent pH and alkalinity on the removal of chlorophenols in sequential anaerobica“aerobic reactors

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Effect of influenza on the liver in childhood

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Effect of influenza vaccine on metha choline immunol mecholyl immunol sensitivity in patients with asthma of known and unknown origin mouse influenza vaccine

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Effect of influenza vaccine upon susceptibility to the induction of broncho spasm by exercise children metha choline immunol

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Effect of infrared intensity on the drying of Rexoro rough rice

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Effect of infrared irradiation on the biological value of sausage?

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Effect of infrared on tissue temperature gradient as influenced by pigment

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Effect of infrared ray on the quality of dried skipper

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Effect of infused epinephrine after ganglionic block on histamine depressor response

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Effect Of Infused Ketone Bodies On Glucose Utilization In The Dog

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Effect of infusion of a protein hydrolysate on blood cell amino acid distributions

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Effect of infusion of histamine in normal saline and in glucose on gastric secretion in rats with permanent gastric fistulas

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Effect of infusion of hypertonic fluids into the upper intestines on pancreatic secretion

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Effect of infusion of metaraminol on the response of reserpine-pretreated spinal cats to tyramine and to noradrenaline

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Effect of infusion of rubidium chloride on plasma electrolytes and the electrocardiogram of the dog

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Effect of infusions of polyvinylpyrrolidone on the immune response in rabbits

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Effect of infusions of citrated plasma on the plasma citrate level of infants

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Effect of infusions of olive leaves on isolated organs containing muscle, on bronchial muscle, on blood circulation, and on renal secretion

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Effect of infusions of phosphatides upon the atherosclerotic aorta in situ and as an ocular aortic implant

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Effect of infusions of plasma and of saline on water diuresis in salt-depleted dogs

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Effect Of Infusions Of Sympathomimetic Amines On The Response Of Spinal Cats To Tyramine And To Sympathetic Stimulation

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Effect of ingested nutrients on glucose and amino nitrogen in human systemic blood

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Effect of ingested sodium chloride on concentration of hemoglobin

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Effect of ingested sugars and other carbohydrates on the resistance of teeth to caries

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Effect Of Ingested Supplementary Phosphate On The Tooth Surface

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Effect of ingestion of acid and alkali upon amount of Vitamin C found in urine

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Effect of ingestion of distilled spirits on automobile driving skill

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Effect of ingestion of heated soybean oil on excretion of thiamine in urine by growing rats

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Effect of ingestion of hyperosmotic glucose solutions on the systemic and splanchnic circulation in partially gastrectomized patients with histories of dumping syndrome

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Effect of ingestion of saline glucose ethanol on mobilization hepatic incorporation of epididymal pad palmitate-1-14C in rats

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Effect of ingestion of strain C3H milk in the production of mammary tumors in strain C3H mice of different ages

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Effect of ingestion of sulfites on excretion of calcium by rats

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Effect of ingredients on oxidative stability of fish oil-enriched drinking yoghurt

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Effect of inhalation anesthetics on monosynaptic and polysynaptic transmission in the spinal cord

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Effect of inhalation of high oxygen concentrations, with and without carbon dioxide, on the electrocardiogram

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Effect of inhalation of hypercapnic gas mixtures on the systemic blood pressure oscillation in rabbits

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Effect of inhalation of oxygen at high partial pressure upon cerebral circulation and cerebral oxygen consumption in man

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Effect of inhalation of radon enriched air on the microstructure of some organs of the white rat

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Effect of inhalation of salt water

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Effect of inhaled carbon dioxide in rheumatoid arthritis

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Effect of inhaled cigarette smoke on production of peptic ulcer in the dog

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Effect of inhaled marble dust as observed in Vermont marble finishers

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Effect of inhaled methane on the testes of guinea pigs

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Effect of inhibited ACHT secretion on reserpine-induced hyperchlorhydria

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Effect of inhibited absorbing function of reticulo-endothelial system on the sensitivity of white mice to plague-infected toxin

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Effect of inhibiting both catechol-0-methyl transferase and monoamine oxidase on cardiovascular responses to norepinephrine

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Effect of inhibiting carnitine biosynthesis on male rat sexual performance

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Effect of inhibition of DNA synthesis by 5-fluorodeoxy-uridine on the ribonucleoproteins of HeLa cells

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Effect of inhibition of DNA synthesis on mating in Escherichia coli K12

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Effect of inhibition of antibody production on influenza virus infection of mice

Joo, F., 1968:
Effect of inhibition of enz atpase activity on the fine structural organization of the brain capillaries letter rat inst electron microscopy basement membrane thickening

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Effect of inhibition of glycolysis on nitritase activity in halophiles

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Effect of inhibition of lactodehydrog-enase on growth of Ehrlich' s ascites carcinoma and Yoshida' s ascites hepatoma

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Effect of inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation on incorporation of inorganic phosphate into liver mitochondria ATP and phospholipids

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Effect of inhibition of the central nervous system, induced by narcotics, on the reactions of the emetic center Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 8386

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Effect of inhibitor I on trypsin stability and on the relationship of its activity to pH

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Effect of inhibitors and activators on the kinetics of hydrolysis of phenyl sodium phosphate catalyzed by alkaline phosphatase

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Effect of inhibitors and antibiotics on glutamic acid accumulation and on protein synthesis in Staphylococcus aureus

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Effect of inhibitors and inducers of microsomal enzymes on toxicity of carbamate insecticides to mice and insects

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Effect of inhibitors and respiratory factors on the growth of respiratory syncytial virus in HEP-2 cell cultures

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Effect of Inhibitors and Uncouplers on the Separate Light and Dark Reactions in Photophosphorylation

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Effect Of Inhibitors From Adult Connective Tissue On Growth Of A Series Of Human Tumors In Vitro

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Effect of inhibitors of DNA synthesis on allylisopropylacetamide-induced increases of -aminolevulinic acid synthetase and other enzymes in rat liver

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Effect of inhibitors of DNA synthesis on chlorophyll formation

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Effect of inhibitors of DNA-, RNA-, and protein synthesis on growth and antheridium formation in Anemia phyllitidis

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Effect of inhibitors of adrenergic receptors on the calorigenic effect of catecholamines in the rat adapted to cold

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Effect of inhibitors of cholesterol biosynthesis on the growth of Tetrahymena

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Effect of inhibitors of free-radical reactions on the activity of enzymes of the succinoxidase system

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Effect of inhibitors of mono-amines

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Effect of inhibitors of monoaminoxidase with different chemical nature on some indices of carbohydrate metabolism in the rabbit brain

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Effect of inhibitors of nucleic acid and protein syntheses on the induced syntheses of bacteriochlorophyll and g-aminolevulinic acid synthetase by Rhodopseudomonas spheroides

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Effect of inhibitors of nucleic acid synthesis on steroid-mediated induction of Fyrosine aminotransferase in hepatoma cell cultures

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Effect of inhibitors of nucleic acid synthesis on the cell culture system: Chick embryo cell-Rous sarcoma virus

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Effect of inhibitors of oxidative phosphorylation on biosynthesis of cholesterol and precursors by liver homogenates

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Effect of inhibitors of oxidative phosphorylation on calcium transport through duodenal wall

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Effect of inhibitors of photophosphorylation on the photosynthesis and metabolism in assimilatory cells of Chlorella pyrenoidosa

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Effect of inhibitors of plasmin, kallikrein and kinin on mortality from scalding in mice

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Effect of inhibitors of protein synthesis on acth action

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Effect of inhibitors of protein synthesis on the FSH -releasing action of hypothalamic extracts in vitro

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Effect of inhibitors of protein synthesis on the development of preimplantation mouse embryos

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Effect of inhibitors of protein synthesis on the plasma seromucoid and haptoglobin levels of rats during inflammation

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Effect of inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes on coagulation and fibrinolysis

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Effect of inhibitors of the cytochrome chain of electron transport on nitrogen fixation in photosynthesizing Chromatium minutissimum bacteria

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Effect of inhibitors of the oxidative phosphorylation on the sugar transport by intestinal mucose

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Effect of inhibitors on D-xylose permeability in rat diaphragm muscle

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Effect of inhibitors on a change of cytochrome oxidase activity during early development of the sea urchin

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Effect of inhibitors on activity of ox-kidney urate oxidase

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Effect of inhibitors on alanine transport in isolated rabbit ileum

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Effect of inhibitors on electron transport systems in purple bacteria in relation to molecular nitrogen fixation

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Effect of inhibitors on kinetics of indole-acetic acid oxidation

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Effect of inhibitors on lytic enzyme synthesis by Bacillus subtilis R

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Effect of inhibitors on oxidative phosphorylation in the mito-chondria of Endomyces magnnsii

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Effect of inhibitors on the activity of soluble succinite dehydrogenase and on the reconstitution of the succinic dehydrogenase-cytochrome system from its components

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Effect Of Inhibitors On The Activity Of Trypsin And Collagenmucoproteinase

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Effect of inhibitors on the histochemical reaction of alkaline -naphthyl- and naphthol-AS-phosphomonoesterase in the kidney of edible-frog

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Effect of inhibitors on the metabolism of cells in tissue culture and on foot-and-mouth disease virus synthesis

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Effect of inhibitors on the metabolism of specifically labelled glucose by brain

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Effect Of Inhibitors On The Respiration And Storage Of Cottonseed

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Effect of inhibitors related to nucleic acid purines on the cell culture system: Chick embryo cell Rous sarcoma virus

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Effect of inhibitors, streptokinase dosage, on successful thrombolysi

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Effect of initial clod size on characteristics of splash and wash erosion rainfall bromus inermis m zea mays m

Shirk, G.A.; Kesler, E.M.; Bratzler, J.W.; Washko, J.B., 1968:
Effect of initial cutting date on the yield and nutritive value of mixed hays and their aftermaths alfalfa d grass m cow sheep

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Effect of initial height on loblolly pine seedling growth and survival

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Effect of initial high dosages of DDT on the yield of peas and wheat

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Effect of initial length on the work of the cardiac atrium

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Effect of initial level and rate of increase of artificially dehydrated alfalfa in complete rations on growth and carotene intake of Holstein calves

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Effect of initial level of blood pressure upon the response of the human subject to blood pressure raising reflexes

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Effect of initial moisture content of different food materials on development and sex ratio in Corcyra cephalonica Stainton

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Effect of initial nonrewarded trials: factors responsible for increased resistance to extinction

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Effect of initial pH, phosphate, and silicate on the determination of aluminum with aluminon

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Effect of initial physical characteristics on sludge compost performance

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Effect of initial rearing at 28 C followed by 35 C on wing development in Gryllodes sigillatus

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Effect of initial size on daily growth and survival in freshwater Chondrostoma nasus larvae: a field survey

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Effect of initial size on growth of plant tissue cultures

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Effect of initial thermal inactivation of grain amylases on kinetics of the hydrolytic activity

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Effect of initial weight, range-feeding and fattening on gain and edible portion in barred Plymouth Rock cockerels

Rice, R.W.; Nelms, G.E., 1964:
Effect of injectable iron on blood constituents and weaning weight of range calves

Savitsky, J.Philip, 1964:
Effect of injected DNA on a milk hyper-cholesterolemia in rabbits

Miyagawa, Y.; Isii, S., 1926 :
Effect of injected brain and spinal cord cells

Kalman, S.M.; Daniels, J.R., 1961:
Effect of injected estradiol on the uptake of g-aminoisobutyric acid by tissues of the ovariectomized rat

Rafferty, Keen, A., 1963:
Effect of injected frog-kidney tumor extracts on development of tumors under promoting conditions

Davey, M.G.; Lander, H., 1968:
Effect of injected heparin on platelet levels in man

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Effect of injected lyophilized tumor and trypan blue on host resistance to tumor grafts

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Effect of injected methionine on the regeneration of erythrocytes in phenyl hydrazine-induced anaemia

Reynolds, H.H.; Back, K.C., 1966:
Effect of injected monomethylhydrazine on primate performance

Terada, Masatika, 1926:
Effect of injected ovary constituents on the ovaries and other organs

Wakabayashi, Yoshiaki, 1927:
Effect of injected proteins on leucocyte count and leucocyte picture

Wada, Kaoru, 1926:
Effect of injected thymus cells on the thymus and other organs

Thomas, R.G.; Scott, J.K.; Thomas, R.L., 1968:
Effect of injected zymosan upon inhalation of particulates including correlative pathological and physiological findings

Wartman, W.B.; Pillemer, L., 1949:
Effect of injecting crystalline tetanal toxin and tetanal antitoxin into mice

Olson, George, 1963:
Effect of injecting eggs with tocopherol, tocopherol-like substances and safflower oil on hatchability and incidence of encephalomalacia

Epstein, E.; Quick, A.J., 1953:
Effect of injecting platelet extract intravenously

Smith, P.E.; Leonard, S.L., 1933:
Effect of injecting pregnancy-urine extracts in hypophysectomized rats I The male

Middleton, E.; Middleton, E.B.; Seegal, B.C., 1953:
Effect of injecting rats with homologous renal tissue mixed with adjuvants or streptococci

Spencer, G.R.; Beach, B.A., 1943:
Effect of injection of Novoxil on the bovine udder infected with mastitis streptococci

Tumanyan, M.A.; Izvekova, A.V., 1959:
Effect of injection of a bone marrow suspension on the immunity of irradiated animals

Blanc, M.; Prost, M.T.erese; Marie Suzanne, S., 1953:
Effect of injection of a suspension of a Mycobacterium isolated from a case of leprosy on the Mitsuda reaction

Han C S.; Yuen, P., 1965:
Effect of injection of acetyl choline into hypothalamus and 3rd ventricle on the plasma concentration of free fatty acids in rabbit

Yabe, Y.; Ogawa, K.; Iwata, K.; Murakami, S., 1966:
Effect of injection of adenovirus type 12 in adult hamsters

Schnitzer, A., 1963:
Effect of injection of cell suspensions on rabbit experimental chemical carcinomas

Congdon, C.C., 1962:
Effect of injection of foreign bone marrow on the lymphatic tissues of normal mice

Jennings, W.H., 1964:
Effect Of Injection Of Hydrocortisone Into Nerves Thickened By Leprosy

Hultman, E.; Castenfors, H., 1961:
Effect of injection of hypertonic glucose on splanchnic blood flow and oxygen consumption

Kobayashi, Haruhei, 1926:
Effect of injection of lens substance on regeneration

Maayan, M.L., 1965:
Effect of injection of nicotinamide, nicotinic acid and L-tryptophan upon deiodination of diiodotyrosine by thyroid and liver homogenates of normal and hypophysectomized rats

Harris, T.N.; Harris, S.; Farber, M.B., 1959:
Effect of injection of rabbit leucocytes into neonatal rabbits on subsequent lymph node cell transfer

Oshima, Shiro, 1927:
Effect of injection of salvarsan on calcium content of blood serum

Maayan, M.L.; Rosenberg, I.N., 1963:
Effect of injection of thyrotropin upon deiodination of diiodotyrosine by rat thyroid and liver

Uihlein, Alfred, 1942 :
Effect of injection of tissue extracts on the number of blood platelets

Kxinck, Gustavus, H., 1931:
Effect of injection of trypan blue on rate of sedimentation of erythrocytes in inflammation

Kahler, Herbert, 1948:
Effect of injection of various substances upon the in vivo electrical resistance of rats

Frankenthal, L., 1928:
Effect of injection therapy in neuralgia. A histological study of nerve trunk injury due to needle punctures

Watanabe, A., 1960:
Effect of injection-speed of Biligrafin on cholecysto-cholanKiogram. Report 1. Observation in clinical cases

Watanabe, A., 1960:
Effect of injection-speed of Biligrafin on cholecysto-cholangiogram. Report 2. Experimental observation on rabbits

Thalhimer, William; Raine, Forrester; Perry, M.C.; Buttles, J., 1926:
Effect of injections of dextrose and of insulin and dextrose on blood sugar. Preliminary report

Hannevart, G., 1927:
Effect of injections of gelose, HC1, and serum on the permeability of tadpole epidermal cells to acetic acid

Grasso, Rosario, 1933:
Effect of injections of hemolyzed blood on urinary secretion

Gallagher, William, J., 1928:
Effect of injections of hydrochloric acid on the gastric and duodenal mucosae

Marshall, R.J.; Shepherd, J.T., 1959 :
Effect of injections of hypertonic solutions on blood flow through the femoral artery of the dog

Arvy, L., 1955:
Effect of injections of oestrogen on the mast cells of the white mouse

Takewaki, Kiyoshi, 1935:
Effect of injections of pregnancy urine and its gonadotropic extract on mouse adrenal

Norton, S.; Wolfe, H.R.; Crow, J.F., 1950:
Effect of injections of soluble antigen on the spleen size and antibody production in chickens

Friedman, Maurice, H., 1929:
Effect of injections of urine from pregnant women on ovary of the rabbit

Vodinska, K.I., 1927:
Effect of injuries of the cabbage root system by the larvae of the cabbage fly

Brodzikowski, Wiktor, 1957:
Effect of injuring acorns in germination stage upon their subsequent growth and seedling development

Braun, A.D.; Bulychev, A.G.; Ganelina, L.S.; Nemchinskaya, V.L.; Nesvetaeva, N.M., 1965:
Effect of injurious factors on intracellular structures

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Effect of injury at shoulder joint on the two types of fibers of the pigeon breast muscle

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Effect of injury of the posterior columns of the spinal cord on motor, food-conditional reflexes

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Effect of injury on the cell

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Effect of injury to seed heads of cereals on the number and weight of caryopsides

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Effect of injury to the dorsal hippocampus on the defensive response in rats

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Effect of injury to the posterior colliculi on previously developed conditional reflexes cat

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Effect of injury to, and electrical stimulation of, hypothalamic areas on anaphylactic and histamine shock of the guinea pig; a preliminary report

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Effect of inoculants on noh-leguminous plants

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Effect of inoculated sulphur, lime, and mercury compounds on the yield of potatoes

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Effect of inoculating the chicken and the turkey with a strain of Trichomonas gallinarum

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Effect of inoculation method and plant growth medium on endophytic colonization of sorghum by the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana

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Effect of inoculation of seeds with bacillus megatherium on the yields of certain crops

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Effect of inoculation of the viruses of influenza A and herpes simplex on the growth of transplantable tumors in mice

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Effect of inoculation on the amino acid composition of bleeding sap of soybeans

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Effect of inoculation on the exudation of amino acids and sugars by berseem d trifolium alexandrinum d and lucerne d medicago sativa d abstract rhizobium

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Effect of inoculation with rhizobia on some leguminous plants in united arab republic i phosphorus manuring

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Effect of inoculation with rhizobia on some leguminous plants in united arab republic ii nitrogen fertilization

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Effect of inoculum dilution on spore germination and sporeling growth in a mutant strain of Aspergillus amstelodami

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Effect of inoculum spore load and inoculation site on incubation period and symptom expression in the oak wilt disease

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Effect of inorganic and organic phosphates on formation of hemoglobin-phosphate complexes as determined by electrophoresis

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Effect Of Inorganic Cation On The Fecal-Hydrating Action Of Dioctylsulfosuccinate In Rats

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Effect of Inorganic Cations on Bactericidal Activity of Anionic Surfactants

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Effect of inorganic chemicals on the permeability characteristics of a black cotton soil sample

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Effect of inorganic constituents of artificial sea water to the growth of pathogenic halo-philes

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Effect of inorganic iodine on oxidative phosphorylation in the mitochondria of the brain and kidneys of normal rabbit and hyperthyroid rabbits

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Effect of Inorganic Ions and Their Conductances on Geotropic Curvature of the Avena Coleoptile

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Effect of inorganic ions of potassium, calcium and magnesium on the concen-tration-action curve of mecholyl with excised small intestine of rabbits

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Effect of inorganic ions of potassium, calcium, and magnesium on the concentration-action curves of mecholyl and acetylcholine with excised rats colon

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Effect of inorganic phosphate upon Salmonella typhimurium phosphatase activities Non-repressible alkaline phosphatase and non-inhibited acid phosphatase

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Effect of inorganic salts and organic solvents on the activity of the Hill reaction with pea chloroplasts

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Effect of inorganic salts on photic orientation in Allolobophora foetida

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Effect of inorganic salts on photic orientation in Allolobophora foetida . 3. Nitrates Mg 2, Ca 2, NaNO3, and KN08

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Effect of inorganic salts on photic orientation in Allolobophora foetida . 3. Nitrates: Mg 2, Ca 2, NaNO3, and KNO3

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Effect of inorganic salts on photic orientation in Allolobophora foetida 4. Iodides and Bromides Nal, KI, NaBr, and KBr

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Effect of inorganic salts on pyrolysis of wood, alpha-cellulose, and lignln determined by dynamic thermogravimetry

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Effect of inosine and adenine on adenosine triphosphate regeneration and shape transformation in long-stored erythrocytes

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Effect of inosine and its related compounds on artificial insemination in chicken: I. Effect of inosine and its related compounds on the storage of chicken semen

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Effect of inosine on myocardial metabolism

Effect of inosine on red cell preservation

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Effect of inosine on the posttransfusion survival of stored rabbit erythrocytes

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Effect of inositol and rapid rewarming on extent of tissue damage due to cold injury

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Effect of inositol feeding on the inositol phosphatides and other lipids of human blood plasma

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Effect of insanitary conditions on the thyroid gland and other organs of the body

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Effect of insect attack on the rotenone content of stored cube root

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Effect of insect infestation on stored field bean and black gram

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Effect of insect residues and other factors on removal of spray residues from apples

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Effect of insecticidal drift in small plots upon boll weevil and cotton aphid

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Effect of insecticide fenamiphos on soil microbial activities in Australian and Ecuadorean soils

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Effect of insecticide residues on growth and fermentation ability of lactic culture organisms dieldrin insectic heptachlor insectic streptococcus lactis lactobaccilus casei

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Effect of insecticide treatments of beets on transmission of yellows virus by Myzus persicae

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Effect of insecticide treatments to alfalfa on honeybees, including insecticidal residue and honey flavor analyses

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Effect of insecticides and insecticide treated cockroach blood on the heart beat of Periplaneta americana L

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Effect of insecticides and physical barriers on field spread of pepper veinbanding mosaic virus

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Effect of insecticides on Tetrastichus pyrillae Crawford an egg parasite of sugarcane leaf-hopper

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Effect of insecticides on corn earworm

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Effect of insecticides on corn root growth

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Effect of insecticides on cucurbit insects and plants

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Effect of insecticides on emergence of sugar-beet seedlings and on control of the sugar-beet root maggott

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Effect of insecticides on fleas as a factor of their sex and age

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Effect of insecticides on potato leaf hopper, Empoasca fabae

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Effect of insecticides on soil microbes

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Effect of insecticides on some enz esterases of insect pests occurring on cotton d enz cholin esterase enz ali esterase laphyma exigua boll worm

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Effect of insecticides on the Indian honey bee

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Effect of insecticides on the contamination of milling products grain m lindane insectic

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Effect of insecticides on the respiration of cotton pests

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Effect of insecticides used in boll weevil control upon aphids and mirids

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Effect Of Insecticides, Especially Diazinon, On The Amino Acids Of Adult Houseflies Musca Domestica

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Effect of insolation on bright tobacco

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Effect of insoluble protein on glycolysis and respiration

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Effect of insoluble solids and particle size of pulp on the pectinesterase activity in Valencia orange juice

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Effect of insonated water on some animal and plant organisms

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Effect of inspiration of cold air on electrocardiograms of normal dogs and normal humans with angina pectori

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Effect of inspiration of oxygen and an oxygen carbon dioxide mixture on the functional state of the central nervous system in diseases of the liver and bile ducts

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Effect of inspiratory gas velocity on lung-thorax compliance in cats

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Effect of inspired O2 on cardiopulmonary and metabolic responses to exercise in man

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Effect of inst angio cardiography on erythrocyte aggregation in the conjunctival vessels human

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Effect of inst beta rays on the dna synthesis and mitosis activity in the corneal epithelium rat

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Effect of inst centrifugation on the viability of neopl burkitt lymphoma cells human

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Effect of inst cholin esterase inhibitors on the metabolism of acetyl choline in brain eserine autonomic physostigmine autonomic di isopropylfluoro phosphate autonomic rat

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Effect of inst cobalt 60 gamma irradiation on the utilization of energy protein and phosphorus from wheat m bran by the chicken

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Effect of inst corneal lenses on the development of myopia abstract human

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Effect of inst diathermy of the peri renal region on heart beat and motor activity of the fetus in women having hypertension inst phono cardiography inst electro cardiography

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Effect of inst electro magnetic fluctuations of the radiofrequent spectrum on the neuro secretion of the hypothalamus and endocrine glands rat

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Effect of inst electro sleep on the motor function of the large intestine atonic spastic human

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Effect of inst forceps compression and traction on the new born inst electro cardiogram human

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Effect of inst gamma irradiation of seeds on the survival rate growth development and fruiting of arabidopsis thaliana d

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Effect of inst gamma irradiation of wheat m seeds on thiamine biosynthesis

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Effect of inst gamma radiation on enz thi aminase activity in fresh water fish alosa pseudoharengus

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Effect of inst gamma radiation on the ultrastructure of adeno hypophysis rat

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Effect of inst gamma radiation on tomato d fruit picked at 4 stages of development

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Effect of inst hemo dialysis on blood erythrocytes leukocytes and platelets human

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Effect of inst hypophysectomy and inst spinal cord transection on carbon tetra chloride induced changes in the hemodynamics of the isolated perfused rat liver

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Effect of inst inflatable plastic splints on blood flow human

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Effect of inst ionizing x rays on the shoot apical organization of sesamum indicum d

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Effect of inst laser beams on the growth of neopl ehrlich ascites tumor preliminary communication mouse

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Effect of inst laser radiation on teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity human

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Effect of inst lasers on the skin of the neck and larynx tissue in white rats i

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Effect of inst low frequency pulsating current on the state of the limbs in patients with obliterating athero sclerosis

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Effect of inst oxygeno baro therapy on the permeability of some histo hematic barriers in experimental acute closed cranio cerebral injury cat rabbit

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Effect of inst pin milling on the baking quality of flour in various breadmaking methods wheat m

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Effect of inst pre meiotic uv irradiation in saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Effect of inst roentgen contrast substances on the dose field human

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Effect of inst ultrasonic waves and surface forces on release of native dna from bacterio phage t 2

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Effect of inst ultrasound on noninfectious purulent inflammation rabbit turpentine abscess

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Effect of inst ultrasound on the menstrual function in women

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Effect of inst uv irradiation on egg hatch subsequent larval development and adult longevity of the tobacco budworm and the bollworm heliothis virescens heliothis zea

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Effect of inst uv irradiation on invasion eggs of ascaridia galli

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Effect of inst uv irradiation on rna synthesis and cell division in the amphibian lens abstract bullfrog

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Effect of inst uv irradiation on some factors of natural nonsusceptability of the organism bacteria human

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Effect of inst uv irradiation on the anti bacterial properties of milk enz lysozyme

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Effect of inst uv light on rna and protein synthesis in differentiated epidermal cells human

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Effect of inst uv radiation on the stabilization of cholesterol ash in patients having coronary athero sclerosis

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Effect of inst uv rays on chloroplast ultrastructure radish d

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Effect of inst uv rays on some properties of the blood of chickens sick with salmonella pullorum disease

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Effect of inst uv rays on the course of psoriasis human

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Effect of inst x irradiation on a tissue culture cow

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Effect of inst x irradiation on post embryonic development of sarcophaga peregrina ii change of radio sensitivity during pre pupal and early pupal stages

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Effect of inst x ray irradiation on the reparative regeneration of the peripheral nerve rat

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Effect of inst x ray whole body and extracorporal irradiation on the lymphocytes in the peripheral blood

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Effect of inst x rays on enz aryl esterase activity of the blood and organs in rats

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Effect of inst x rays on marrow squash d

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Effect of inst x rays on the surface enz apyrase ecta apyrase of nucleated erythrocytes frog alligator tortoise pigeon

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Effect of instantaneous controlled pressure drop dic on physicochemical properties of wheat, waxy and standard maize starches

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Effect of instantaneous irradiation on grafts on the growth, development, and morphological variability of Vladimirovka cherry trees

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Effect of institutional cooking methods on vitamin content of foods. II. Ascorbic acid content of potatoes

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Effect Of Instructional Set On Responses To Complex Sounds

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Effect of instructions and UCS strength on extinction of the conditioned GSR

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Effect of insufficiency and hyperfunction of the adrenal cortex on the sensitivity of mice and rats to carbon monoxide poisoning

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Effect of insufficient moisture in the soil on the dynamics of alkaloid accumulation in the genus Datura

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Effect of insufficient water supply on some factors of nitrogen phosphorus metabolism and the productivity of fine fibered cotton d

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Effect of insulin administered intracisternally in dogs on the glucose level of the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid

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Effect of insulin administered intracisternally on the glucose level of the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid in vagotomized dogs

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Effect of insulin and 2-deoxy-D-glucose on HC1 secretion from the normal and vagally denervated stomach

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Effect of insulin and chloretone on cholesterol content of rat tissues

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Effect of insulin and diabetes on protein synthesis by ribosomes from heart muscle. Significance for theories of the hormone's mechanism of action

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Effect of insulin and epinephrine on glycemia and the content of glycogen in the organs of marine teleosts

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Effect of insulin and epinephrine on plasma constituents of the alligator

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Effect of insulin and epinephrine on the blood sugar level and concentration of glycogen in the liver and muscles of lamprey larvae

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Effect of insulin and excess glucose on the carbohydrates , water and fat contents of the tissues of Clarias lazera

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Effect of insulin and glucose upon survival time of eviscerated rats

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Effect of insulin and insulin antibody upon rat adipose tissue membrane resting electrical potential

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Effect Of Insulin And Lack Of Effect Of Testosterone On The Protein Of Ventral Prostates From Castrated Mice Maintained As Organ Cultures

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Effect of insulin and of muscular exercise on protein metabolism

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Effect of insulin and of thyroxine hormone on the incorporation of leucine 1 carbon 14 into protein of uteri cultured on medium that contained pyruvate abstract mouse

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Effect of insulin and phenzazine methosulphate on pathways of glucose catab-olism in the mammary gland of the rat

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Effect of insulin and poisons on glucose uptake of sheep and goat placenta

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Effect of insulin and rat weight upon rat adipose tissue membrane resting electrical potential

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Effect of insulin and some other factors on glycolysis of human leukocytes measured in vitro

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Effect of insulin and tolbutamide on blood citric acid in rabbits

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Effect of insulin antibodies on pancreatic islet insulin and beta cell granule content

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Effect of insulin, chlorpropamide and tolbutamide on the metabolism of branched chain amino acids

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Effect of insulin deficiency and cortisol on the mobilization of protein to gluconeogenesis

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Effect of insulin hormone and histamine on some gastric functions human enz pepsin

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Effect of insulin hormone infusion on sheep plasma free fatty acids abstract

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Effect of insulin hormone metab and tri iodo thyronine hormone metab on liver mitochondria in vivo rat enz aspartate trans aminase enz succinate nad iso citrate dehydrogenase enz malate dehydrogenase enz glutamate dehydrogenase enz hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase

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Effect of insulin hormone on blood sugar level and glycogen content in organs of some cyclostomes and fish intra peritoneal lampetra fluviatilis lampetra planeri dasyatis pastinaca scorpaena porcus spicara smaris trachurus mediterraneus ponticus gobiidae sp cyprinus carpis

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Effect of insulin hormone on carbon di oxide production in adipose tissue from immature rats

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Effect of insulin hormone on gastric acid secretion histamine formation and on the incidence of gastric lesions rat intra peritoneal

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Effect of insulin hormone on the enz hexo kinase activity of embryonal muscles chick cortisone hormone

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Effect of insulin hormone on the extraction of blood sugar by the dog brain given chlorpomazine metab and reserpine metab sodium amytal cent depress

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Effect of insulin hormone on the intensity of the conversion of glycine 2 carbon 14 to serine aspartic acid and glutamic acid in brain and liver of rats injection

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Effect of insulin hormone on the regeneration of cartilage cells abstract chick embryo annana coccus d enz annanase produced degradation

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Effect of insulin hormone on the restoration of plasma proteins after blood loss rabbit

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Effect of insulin hormone on the synthesis of sarcoplasmic and ribosomal proteins of muscle letter rat

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Effect of insulin hypoglycaemia on brain glutamate

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Effect Of Insulin Hypoglycemia And Glucose Administration On The Level Of The Glutamine-Like Substance In Blood Serum

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Effect of insulin hypoglycemia and glucose on various amino acids in the blood of mental patients

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Effect of insulin hypoglycemia on adrenal activity

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Effect of insulin hypoglycemia on gastric motility of spider monkeys

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