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Effect of ionizing radiation on diurnal rhythm of mitotic activity in mouse corneal epithelium

Mastryukova, V.M.; Strzhizhovskii, A.D.

Byul Eksp Biol Med 58(7): 106-109


Accession: 024549501

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The effect produced by local and total X-irradiation of 200 and 700 r is studied on the 24-hour mitotic activity rhythm in the mouse corneal epithelium. As demonstrated, 24-hour variations in mitotic activity were eliminated soon after the local irradiation, and then reappeared with the restoration of mitotic activity. The effect of total irradiation in a dose of 200 r was similar to that of local irradiation of the same dose. However, no complete elimination of mitotic activity variations was observed in this case. Following total irradiation in a dose of 700 r there was a progressive (in time) decline of the 24-hour variations. A hypothesis is suggested to interpret the experimental data obtained and those known from the literature.

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