Effect of nitrite and nitrate on butyric acid fermentation in cheese

Thurell, K.E.; Sjostrom, G.

Svenska Mejeritidningen 44(47-48): 511-514, 523-526


Accession: 024553344

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The butyric acid fermentation of Clostridium tyrobutyricum in yeast autolysate-Na lactate at pH 5.5 was inhibited by 0.02% NaNO2 and slightly activated by 0.02% NaNO3. Addition of 0.01-0.02% NaNO2 in laboratory scale to pasteurized milk that contained either C. tyrobutyricum or coliform bacteria or both, inhibited butyric acid fermentation more than did addition of 0.01-0.02% NaNO3. In half-technical expts., where one of these kinds of bacteria or both were present, no butyric acid was formed when NaNO2 had been added (16-17 days at 19°) and usually not after the addition of NaNO3. A few churnings on a technical scale did not show any color defects and only slight or no taste defects when NaNO2 had been added. No nitrite could be detected in nitrite-treated cheese after 1.5-2 months. The butyric acid bacteria and their spores were not killed either by nitrite or by nitrate.