Section 25
Chapter 24,557

Effect of potassium on ion transport and bioelectric potentials of frog gastric mucosa

Harris, J.B.; Frank, H.; Edelman, I.S.

American Journal of Physiology 195(2): 499-504


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9513
PMID: 13583204
Accession: 024556713

Ion transport of the isolated frog gastric muscosa was studied in vitro by the chamber method. The effects of modifications in the concentrations of potassium in nutrient (K+) and in secretory (K+) solutions on net potassium flux from nutrient to secretory phases (Jkns) on the rate [degree]f H+ production and on the trans-mucosal potential difference (PD) was studied in this system. Both the rate of H+ secretion and Jkns increased when K+ was raised and decreased when K+n was lowered. Reduction of K+n to zero produced a striking depression of H+ secretion, which was reversed by adding K+ to the nutrient phase. Serial differences in H+ production (AH+) were approximately proportionate to the serial changes in K+n. Transmucosal PD varied inversely with K+ n. Modification in K+s failed to alter H+ production or PD, although JK+ns was decreased by raising K+s.

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