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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 24558

Chapter 24558 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jackson, H.; Clegg, L.F.L., 1965:
Effect of preliminary incubation on microflora of raw bulk tank milk, with some observations on microflora of milking equipment

Bannikova, V.P., 1964:
Effect of preliminary intravarietal crossing on the combining ability of durum wheat and soft wheat

Vlasenko, S.P.; Shakhnazaryan, E.L., 1964:
Effect of preliminary irradiation on the radioresistivity of laboratory rats

Luzikov, V.N.; Troshkina, T.V., 1966:
Effect of preliminary processing with a substrate on thermal aftereffects in trypsin exposed to ultraviolet irradiation

Schussler, G.C.; Plager, J.E., 1967:
Effect of preliminary purification of 131-I-thyroxine on the determination of free thyroxine in serum

Maksudova, N.F., 1967:
Effect of preliminary roentgen irradiation on the course of lymphocytic choriomeningitis in BALB/C mice

Zhuk, L.N., 1964:
Effect of preliminary toxoid administration on the resistance of mice to botulin

Garina, K.P., 1967:
Effect of preliminary treatment of Actinomyces spores by ultrasonics on the mutagenic effect oTultraviolet lights

Godnev, T.N.; Kakhnovich, L.V., 1966:
Effect of preliminary ultraviolet irradiation of seeds

Marmorston, J.; Moore, F.J.; Kuzma, O.T.; Magidson, O.; Weiner, J., 1960:
Effect of premarin on survival in men with myocardial infarction

Gettes L.S.; Surawicz B., 1968:
Effect of premature de polarization on action potential duration abstract pig

Staib, I.; Oehmig, H., 1962:
Effect of premedication and different anesthetic forms on the cardiac minute volume Abstract only

Gardiner, A.J.S.; Palmer, K.N.V., 1964:
Effect of premedication and general anesthesia on arterial blood gases

Ghosh, M.N.; Banerjee, U., 1965:
Effect of premedication on the safety index of ether, chloroform and halothane in mice. I. Atropine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, reserpine and hydergine

Oehmig, H.; Staib, I., 1962:
Effect of premedication substances on the electrolyte economy Abstract only

Medrado, V.; Stephen, C.R., 1966:
Effect of premedication with atropine sulphate on arterial blood-gases and pH

Sikov, Melvin R., 1964:
Effect of prenatal X-irradiation on the postnatal endocrine development of the rat

Gerall, Arnold A., 1961:
Effect of prenatal and postnatal administration of testosterone propionate on the maturation of male guinea pig sexual behavior

Corey, E.L., 1928:
Effect of prenatal and postnatal injections of the pituitary gland in the white rat

Chaudhury, S.; Nag, T.Chandra.; Wadhwa, S., 2009:
Effect of prenatal auditory stimulation on numerical synaptic density and mean synaptic height in the posthatch Day 1 chick hippocampus

Young, R.D., 1964:
Effect Of Prenatal Drugs And Neonatal Stimulation On Later Behavior

Altschul, R.; Macfadyen, D.J.; Whitehead, W.F., 1957:
Effect of prenatal hypoxia on spontaneous leukemia in mice

Larson, R.H., 1964:
Effect Of Prenatal Nutrition On Oral Structures

Ahtee, L.; Kärki, N., 1968:
Effect of prenylamine on locomotor activity and brain monoamine levels in mice

Ades, H.W.; Raab, D.H., 1949:
Effect of preoccipital and temporal decortication on learned visual discrimination in monkeys

Mrozek, T.K., 1966:
Effect of preoperative preparation and operative treatment of thyrotoxic goiter on hepatic function in older people

Ionin, M.L., 1967:
Effect of preoperative preparation on the thyroid gland on the level of blood hormonal iodine in patients with toxic and euthyroidal goiter

Morozov, Z.F., 1966:
Effect of preoperative preparation with Neomycin on the function of the gastro-enteritic tract

Mrozek, T.K., 1966:
Effect of preoperative preparations and operative treat-ment on carbohydrate metabolism in aged and senile persons having goiter

Billings, Carl E., 1953:
Effect of preoperative treatment with penicillin on bacterial content of excised tonsils and on posttonsillectomy bacteremia

Dymarskii, L.Y.; Neishtadt, E.L., 1967:
Effect of preopreative roentgenotherapy on frequency of distant metastases of the mammary gland cancer

Anonymous, 1963:
Effect of preoptic lesions on oxygen consumption of the cat In 47th Annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1963

Lott, D.F., 1966:
Effect of preoptic lesions on the sexual behavior of male rats

Gaziev, M.N., 1967:
Effect of preparation IEM-366 on the reverse development of experimentally-induced atherosclerosis

Kunwadee Kaewka; Chockchai Therakulkait; Keith R.C.dwallader, 2009:
Effect of preparation conditions on composition and sensory aroma characteristics of acid hydrolyzed rice bran protein concentrate

Bessey, W.C.; Woods, E., 1952:
Effect of preparation method on thiamine availability in split-pea soup

Takahashi, Shiro, 1927:
Effect of preparation of the posterior lobe of the hypophysis on milk secretion

Maestrelli, F.; Capasso, G.; González-Rodríguez, M.L.; Rabasco, A.M.; Ghelardini, C.; Mura, P., 2010:
Effect of preparation technique on the properties and in vivo efficacy of benzocaine-loaded ethosomes

Anonymous, 1964:
Effect of preparation with tissue preparations on the organisms reaction to injection of epinephrin solutions

Lavchyan, E.K., 1963:
Effect of preparations belonging to the furan series on the rooting of tree cuttings

Pulatov R.P.; Khudinova G.I., 1967:
Effect of preparations cobalt 8 and cobalt 9 on the growth and development of neopl sarcoma 180 mouse

Filimonova, L.A., 1965:
Effect of preparations extracted from azure monkshood on the electro-encephalogram of animals

Bel'tyukova, K.H.; Korol'ova, I.B.; Samiilenko, V.I., 1966:
Effect of preparations from Bidens cernuus on phytopathogenic bacteria

Abartene D.Y.; Ginetite R.G.; Malakhovskis A.I., 1968:
Effect of preparations md 2 md 3 and mechlorethamine hydro chloride on some indices of liver function in an experiment

Bogovskii P.; Loogna G.; Vinkmann F., 1965:
Effect of preparations obtained from the sterile form of the fungus inonotus obliquus on some experimentally induced neopl tumors benzpyrene carcino rat mouse

Ishaque, M., 1967:
Effect of preplanting fungicidal treatment of setts upon emergence and yield of sugarcane

Chiodi, Hugo, 1938:
Effect of prepuberal castration on the weight of endocrine glands in albino rats

Perkins, E.H.; Marcus, S., 1957:
Effect of preradiation immunization on resistance to aerosol-induced infection in x-irradiated mice

Caldeyro, B.Rcia, R.; Alvarez, H., 1954:
Effect of presacral nerve stimulation on the contractility of the nonpregnant human uterus

Schultz, A.M.; Biswell, H.H., 1959:
Effect of prescribed burning and other seedbed treatments on ponderosa pine seedling emergence

Hamilton, J.E., 1948:
Effect of present-day whaling on the stock of whales

Anonymous, 1967:
Effect of preservation time on the stability of the preserved bone homotransplants by refrigeration REF ZH BIOL, 1968, No 2M216

Rushing, N.B.; Senn, V.J., 1962:
Effect of preservatives and storage temperatures on shelf life of chilled citrus salads

Noble, Arlyle, 1930:
Effect of preservatives on agglutinating serum

Bowen, J.F.; Strachan, C.C.; Davis, C.W., 1953:
Effect of preservatives on fermentation spoilage in pickled cherries

Kramer, M.; Tarjan, R., 1962:
Effect of preservatives on the utilisation of carotene

Krijeger, A.P.; Nichols, V.C., 1936:
Effect of preservatives on undenatured bacterial antigens

Smith, Hobart M., 1955:
Effect of preservatives upon pattern in a Mexican garter snake

Marcela P.C.stro; Ana M.R.jas; Carmen A.C.mpos; Lía N.G.rschenson, 2009:
Effect of preservatives, tween 20, oil content and emulsion structure on the survival of lactobacillus fructivorans in model salad dressings

Lewis, P.K.; Brown, C.J.; Heck, M.C., 1963:
Effect of preslaughter treatments on the chemical composition of various beef tissues

Narayanan, T.R.; Menon, K.V.sudeva, 1960:
Effect of presoaking seeds in phytohormonal solution on the growth and yield of crops

Ivanoff, S.S., 1947:
Effect of presoaking unshelled peanuts on fungus control, germination, and emergence

Ozol, A.M.; Peterson, E.K., 1966:
Effect of presowing exposure of seeds to ionizing radiation on the growth and productivity of corn

Vlasyuk, P.A.; Sil'chenko, V.V., 1964:
Effect of presowing gamma-irradiation of the seeds on the anatomical structure of the plants

Uglov, R.D., 1963:
Effect of presowing hardening of summer wheat seeds on plant resistance under conditions of the Tselinny Krai

Stanko S.A.; Zenchenko V.A., 1967:
Effect of presowing irradiation of barley m seeds with impulsed concentrated sunlight on the speed of growth of sprouts and some processes of the metabolism of substances

Buduryan, N.N., 1962:
Effect of presowing treatment of the seed with copper on the physiological processes in melons

Anonymous, 1964:
Effect of presowing treatment with growth substances on the chemical composition of important vegetable crops I Ascorbic acid content in tomato, pea, and Capsicum

Das, N.; Srivastava, R.S.L., 1965:
Effect of presowing treatment with micro-elements on the growth, yield and leaf composition of Hordeum vulgare L

Genkel', P.A.; Balina, N.V.; Barskaya, E.I.; Kashlan, A., 1966:
Effect of presowlng drought conditioning of seeds on plant reproductive processes

Rodionov, V.; Petrov, K.; Dimitrova, V., 1966:
Effect of presowlng heating of seeds on the crop yield and some physiological processes in cucumber plants

Nickel, J.F.; Mcc Smythe, C.; Bradley, S.E., 1952:
Effect of pressor agents on renal water and electrolyte excretion in man

Ohler, E.A.; Sevy, R.W., 1953:
Effect of pressor amines and adrenergic blockade on adrenal ascorbic acid concentration in rats

Sambhi, M.P.; Weil, M.H.; Udhoji, V.N.; Rosoff, L., 1964:
Effect Of Pressor Amines On Cardiac Output In Patients With Acute Hypotension

Tanenbaum, H.L.; Pfaff, W., 1961:
Effect of pressor amines on indicator-dilution curves in dogs with experimental intracardiac shunts or valvular regurgitation

Boyd, E.M.; Garand, N.D., 1942:
Effect of pressor and oxy-tocic fractions of posterior pituitary extract on the loss of water administered to albino rats

Armstrong, George G., 1952:
Effect of pressoreceptor reflex and Cushing reflex on urinary output

Fenn, W.O.; Chadwick, L.E., 1947:
Effect of pressure breathing on blood flow through the finger

Goetz, Kenneth L., 1964:
Effect of pressure changes within the right heart upon the heart rate in dogs

Neely, J.R.; Liebermeister, H.; Morgan, H.E., 1967:
Effect of pressure development on membrane transport of glucose in lopm ER J isolated rat heart

Neely, J.R.; Liebermeister, H.; Battersby, E.J.; Morgan, H.E., 1967:
Effect of pressure development on oxygen consumption by isolated rat heart

Kompanets V.S., 1968:
Effect of pressure factors on statokinetic resistance of flight crews

Blodgett, F.M., 1930:
Effect of pressure in spraying potatoes with Bordeaux for the control of leaf hoppers and aphis

Gehl, A.; Foldes, I.; Modis, L.; Csedreky, L.; Tasnady, L., 1967:
Effect of pressure on callus formation

Culberson C.; Pytkowicz R.M., 1968:
Effect of pressure on carbonic acid boric acid and the ph in sea water

Kei Yoshida; Hisashi Miyafuji; Shiro Saka, 2009:
Effect of pressure on organic acid production from Japanese beech treated in supercritical water

Anonymous, 1962:
Effect of pressure on storage of gur

Griskey, R.G.; Richter, T., 1964:
Effect of pressure on the -amylase catalyzed hydrolysis of starch

Ross, J.C.; Maddock, G.E.; Ley, G.D., 1961:
Effect of pressure suit inflation on pulmonary capillary blood volume

Ross, J.C.; Ley, G.D.; Lord, T.J., 1960:
Effect of pressure suit inflation over the lower half of the body on breath holding pulmonary diffusing capacity for CO

Folsom, T.R.; Jennings, F.D.; Schwartzlose, R.A., 1959:
Effect of pressure upon the protected oceanographic reversing thermometer

Lundbeck, H.; Skoldberg, O., 1963:
Effect of pressure waves on bacteria suspended in water

Ross, J.C.; Lord, T.H.; Ley, G.D., 1960:
Effect of pressure-suit inflation on pulmonary-diffusing capacity

Guangping Han; Wanli Cheng; James Deng; Chunping Dai; Shuyin Zhang; Qinglin Wu, 2009:
Effect of pressurized steam treatment on selected properties of wheat straws

Lasky, Julian J., 1962:
Effect of prestige suggestion and peer standards on California F Scale scores

Murata, T.; Nakayama, N.; Akazawa, T., 1967:
Effect of pretreat-ment with adenine nucleotides on iodoacetate inhibition of rice starch synthetase

Meahl, R.P., 1940:
Effect of pretreating evergreen cuttings with alcohol before using root-promoting substance in powder form

Carlin, A.F.ances; Pangborn, R.M.rie V.; Cotterill, O.J.; Homeyer, P.G., 1959:
Effect of pretreatment and type of packaging material on quality of frozen fried chicken

Welch, R.M.; Coon, J.M., 1962:
Effect of pretreatment by chlorcyclizine and pheno-barbital on the toxicity of certain organophosphate insecticides

Muskus, A., 1962:
Effect of pretreatment by reserpine and reserpine-type alkaloids on the rate-increasing response of isolated guinea-pig atria to tyramine

Wallace, Arthur, 1963:
Effect of pretreatment of bush bean roots with sodium on the transfer of Na22 to the shoots

Anonymous, 1967:
Effect of pretreatment of leaf discs of Nicotiana tabacum by sodium fluoride Absorption of 32p, respiratory rate, phosphatase activity

R Candela, J.L.; Martin Hernandez, D.; Castilla Cortazar, T., 1963:
Effect of pretreatment of pancreas slices with n-ethylmaleimide insulin secretion in vitro

Gram, T.E.; Rogers, L.A.; Fouts, J.R., 1967:
Effect of pretreatment of rabbits with phenobarbital or 3-methylcholanthrene on the distribution of drug-metabolizing enzyme activity in subtractions of hepatic microsomes

Runnstrom, J., 1961:
Effect of pretreatment of the sea urchin egg with trypsin of different doses with respect to cortical changes, cleavage and further development

Rastogi, M.K.; Murti, C.R.K.ishna, 1964:
Effect of pretreatment on the extraction of proteins from plant sources fas food concentrates

Hershey, S.G.; Altura, B.M., 1966:
Effect of pretreatment with aggregate albumin on reticuloendothelial system activity and survival after experimental shock

Smith, W.W.; Alderman, I.M.; Schneider, C.A.; Cornfield, J., 1963:
Effect of pretreatment with colchicine or colchicine derivative on hemopoiesis in irradiated mice

Goldie, H.; Tarleton, G.J.; Hahn, P.F., 1951:
Effect of pretreatment with cysteine on survival of mice exposed to external and internal irradiation

Harcourt, K.F.; Robertson, R.D.; Fletcher, W.S., 1968:
Effect of pretreatment with endotoxin on the response of skin to INST irradiation in the rabbit

Oyasu, Ryoichi, 1963:
Effect of pretreatment with hepatotoxic substances of 2-acetamidofluorene and indole tumorigenesis in rat Effect of carbon tetrachloride and dl-ethionine

Jellinck, P.H.; Goudy, B., 1967:
Effect of pretreatment with polycyclic hydrocarbons on the metabolism of dimethylbenzanthracene-12-14 C by rat liver and other tissues

Anonymous, 1963:
Effect of pretreatment with pregnant mares serum on changes in the mouse ovary subsequent to irradiation

Muskus, A.J., 1962:
Effect of pretreatment with reserpine and reserpine analogs on the response of isolated guinea-pig atria to tyramine

Chessick, R.D.; Kronholm, J.; Beck, M.; Maier, G., 1964:
Effect Of Pretreatment With Tryptamine, Tryptophan And Dopa On Lsd Reaction In Tropical Fish

Bedford, C.L.; Robertson, W.F., 1954:
Effect of pretreatments on the quality of frozen blueberries

Tripathi, R.D., 1953:
Effect of prevailing temperature during collection of papaya latex on the activity of its enzyme

Zollikofer, Clara, 1926:
Effect of preventing transmission of geotropic stimulus in coleoptiles of grass seedlings

Vanlerenberghe, J.; Robelet, A.; Milbled, G., 1957:
Effect of previous adrenaline injections on heart fibrillation due to subsequent adrenaline-chloroforme treatment

Kroc, Robert L., 1938:
Effect of previous castration on weight loss and survival of adrenalectomized rats

Doling, D.A.; Batts, C.C.V., 1960:
Effect of previous cropping on eyespot and take-all in four varieties of winter wheat

Glynne, M.D.; Moore, F.J., 1949:
Effect of previous crops on the incidence of eyespot on winter wheat

Hammon, W.M.; Sather, G.E.; Bond, J.O.; Lewis, F.Y., 1966:
Effect of previous dengue infection and yellow fever vaccination on St. Louis encephalitis virus serological surveys in Tampa Bay area of Florida

Sampson, J., 1951:
Effect of previous diet on fasting hypoglycemia

Filer, L.J.; Vaughan, O.W.; Rezabek, H., 1961:
Effect of previous dietary protein level on the body composition of pigs fed a nonprotein diet

Davis, C.E.; Salisbury, H.M., 1928:
Effect of previous history upon the viscosity of gelatin solutions

Warwick, W.J.; Archer, O.K.; Good, R.A., 1962:
Effect of previous homograft on passive transfer of delayed allergy

Anonymous, 1962:
Effect of previous homograft on passive transfer of delayed allergy In Fifth International Tissue Transplantation Conference New York City February 1962

Sperling, Louis, 1933:
Effect of previous ileosig-moidostomy on survival period of dogs with low ileal obstruction

Passos, H.C.; Boerner, A.; Biozzi, G.; Bier, O.G., 1963:
Effect of previous infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis on the resistance of mice injected with Escherichia coli

Buttle, G.A.; Frayn, A., 1967:
Effect of previous injection of homologous embryonic tissue on the growth of certain transplantable mouse tumours

Millard, R.E., 1965:
Effect of previous irradiation on the transformation of blood lymphocytes

Fischer, J.E.; Sutton, T.S., 1953:
Effect of previous lactose feeding upon intestinal absorbtion of lactose in the rat

Guz S.Y.; Kobozev G.V., 1968:
Effect of previous uv irradiation on stabilizing properties of the blood and their relationship to protein complexes in experimental athero sclerosis

Kaliss, N.; Molomut, N.; Harriss, J.L.; Gault, S.D., 1953:
Effect of previously injected immune serum and tissue on the survival of tumor grafts in mice

Steinman, R.R.; Haley, M.I., 1957:
Effect of preweanling administration of sucrose on the subsequent caries

Chinn, H.I.; Redmond, R.F., 1954:
Effect of primaquine on hypoxia tolerance

Anonymous, 1954:
Effect of primaquine pentaquine and pentaquine-quinine mixture on the virulent blood stages of T cruzi

Voshel, D.; Sak, J.G., 1968:
Effect of primary effluent suspended solids and BOD on activated sludge productions

Turner M.X.; Speirs R.S.; Mclaughlin J.A., 1968:
Effect of primary injection site upon cellular and anti toxin responses to sub cutaneous challenging injection

Pollard, E.; Dimond, A.E., 1951:
Effect of primary ionization on tobacco mosaic virus

O'Meara, W.F., 1966:
Effect of primary molar extraction on gingival emergence of succedaneous tooth

Armus, H.L.; Voy, De; Eisenberg, T.; Schroeder, S.R., 1962:
Effect of primary reinforcement schedule on secondary reinforcement strength with continuous secondary reinforcement during training

Nohlen, Arno, 1930 :
Effect of primary vaccination with BCG on the course of superinfections with tuberculosis

Kraml, M.; Marton, A.V.; Dvornk, D., 1965:
Effect of primidone on tissular levels of griseofulvin in the rat

Sussman, L.; Librik, L.; Clayton, G.W., 1965:
Effect Of Prior Acth Administration On Acth Release In Man

Manjarin, R.; Dominguez, J.C.; Castro, M.J.; Vallado, B.; Rodriguez, S.; Sprecher, D.J.; Cassar, G.; Friendship, R.M.; Kirkwood, R.N., 2008:
Effect of prior FSH treatment on the estrus and ovulation responses to eCG in prepubertal gilts

Lospalluto, J.; Fink, C.W., 1964:
Effect of prior administration of 7S and 19S antibody on antibody formation

Correa, P.R.; Magalhaes, E., 1961:
Effect of prior epinephrine upon adipose tissue sensitivity to insulin in vitro

Goodnow, J.J.; Pettigrew, T.F., 1955:
Effect of prior experience on strategies and learning sets

Edwards, David C., 1966:
Effect of prior experience with discriminanda on differential conditioning

Maurer P.H.; Pinchuck P., 1968:
Effect of prior exposure to synthetic polymers of alpha d amino acids on the subsequent immune response to the enantiomorphic polymers of alpha l amino acids rabbit mycobacterial antigens

Sinnamon H.L., 1968:
Effect of prior freezing on dehydration and re hydration of apple d half segments

Eagle, H.; Fleischmann, R.; Levy, M., 1953:
Effect of prior immunization on bactericidal action of penicillin in vivo

Kleinman, K.M.; Schmidt, H.; Stewart, A., 1966:
Effect of prior injection upon the subsequent drinking of phenobarbital in the rat

Surtshin, A.; Audia, M.; White, H.L., 1958:
Effect of prior injections of HgCl2 on renal pickup of mercury from subsequent injections

Breyere, E.J., 1959:
Effect of prior inoculation of packed erythrocytes on survival of skin homografts in rats

Gleitman, H.; Steinman, F.; Bernheim, J.W., 1965:
Effect of prior interference upon retention of fixed-interval perfomance in rats

Killen, D.A.; Rhea, W.G.; Foster, J.H., 1966:
Effect of prior intravenous fluid administration on the nephrotoxicity of angio-CONRAY

Stettner, L.J., 1965:
Effect of prior reversal and elimination of inhibition on the persistence of a discrimination despite subsequent equal reinforcement of the discriminanda

Dorle, A.K.; Kasture, A.V.; Shingwekar, D.S., 1966:
Effect of priscoline on bile secretion of anaesthetized dogs

Kharkevich, N.G., 1967:
Effect of pro-caine on excretion of corticosteroids and the electrolytic metabolism during occult cranio-spinal traumas

Wilcox, W.C.; Ginsberg, H.S., 1962:
Effect of proflavine on the synthesis of adenovirus, type 5, and associated soluble antigens

Deatherage, F.E.; Mcconnell, K.P.; Mattill, H.A., 1941:
Effect of pro-oxidants upon reproduction in rats

Miller, A.K.; Verwey, W.F., 1954:
Effect of probenecid on combined penicillin and triple sulfonamides therapy of experimental streptococcal infections

Blondheim, S.H., 1955:
Effect of probenecid on excretion of bromosulphthalein

Vogin, E.E.; Scott, W.; Boyd, J.; Bear, W.T.; Mattis, P.A., 1966:
Effect of probenecid on indocyanine green clearance

Jusko, W.J.; Levy, G., 1967:
Effect of probenecid on riboflavin absorption and excretion in man

Werdinius, B., 1936:
Effect of probenecid on the level of homovanillic acid in the corpus striatum

Werdinius, Bengt, 1967:
Effect of probenecid on the levels of monoamine metabolites in the rat brain

Zettler, F.W.; Wilkinson, R.E., 1966:
Effect of probing behavior and starvation of Myzus persicae on transmission of bean common mosaic virus

Solti, F.; Iskum, M.; Mathe, Z.; Mark, G.; Acs, G., 1962:
Effect of procain on coronary thrombosis circulation

Wing, J.M., 1958:
Effect of procain penicillin, potassium para amino salicylate, and isoniazid on young calves

Hoffman, I.; Abernathy, R.S.; Haedicke, T.A., 1952:
Effect of procaine amide on anomalous conduction and paroxysmal tachycardia in a case resembling the Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

Borodkin, Y.S.; Tomilina, I.V., 1966:
Effect of procaine and its decomposition products on some structures of the limbic system and on the nucleus caudatus

Rusin I.G., 1968:
Effect of procaine anesthetic anesthesia of the extracranial nerves of the skull and the areas bordering it on pain sensitivity of the dura mater novocaine anesthetic dog

Wada M.; Sato S.; Koyama W.; Hayashi H.; Hanawoka J., 1968:
Effect of procaine autonomic calcium magnesium and potassium on the acetyl choline release from the sweat nerve endings in human skin eserine autonomic physostigmine autonomic

V.F.Lysov, 1956:
Effect of procaine block of the sympathetic trunks and splanchnic nerves on the secretory activity of the glands of the stomach

Smith, C.; Ferguson, J.K.W., 1949:
Effect of procaine hydrochloride on response of the heart to epinephrine during cyclopropane anaesthesia

Louckes, H.S.; Quigley, J.P., 1960:
Effect of procaine hydrochloride on the pyloric sphincter

Haranath, P.S.R.K.; Begum, N.A.esha; Sitaramayya, G.V., 1962:
Effect of procaine injected into cerebral ventricles

Smolayr B.S., 1968:
Effect of procaine metab on the iso enzyme activity of enz lactate dehydrogenase novocaine metab rabbit

Taylor, R.E., 1959:
Effect of procaine on electrical properties of squid axon membrane

Jurkovi, V.; Vokrouhlicky, L., 1963:
Effect of procaine on experimental ventricular tachycardia during radiation disease

Jacoby, J.J.; Coon, J.M.; Woolf, M.P.; Salerno, P.R.; Livingston, H.M., 1948:
Effect of procaine on liver function on experimental and clinical study

Konikova, A.S.; Korotkina, R.N., 1965:
Effect of procaine on metabolic processes in the body A review with 96 references

Pronina, N.N., 1966:
Effect of procaine on the hormone secretion of the hypothalamo-hypophyseal system and redistribution of the fluid in the organism

Nikitina, O.P.; Pogosova, A.V., 1966:
Effect of procaine on the redistribution of potassium and sodium in dogs having burn shock

O'morchoe, C.C., 1962:
Effect of procaine on the renal circulation after induced renal vaso-constriction

Truant, A.P., 1951:
Effect of procaine on the squid axon

Ushin'skii, M., 1966:
Effect of procaine on the uterine contractility

Anonymous, 1958:
Effect of procaine on tolerance of white rats to high altitudes Part II Effect of p-aminobenzoic acid

Rekib, A.; Sadhu, D.P., 1963:
Effect of procaine penicillin supplementation on growth and metabolism of chickens

Opichal, M., 1955:
Effect of procaine penicillin, APF and stilbestrol on growth of chickens fed on animal protein deficient ration

Gruhzit, Carl C., 1951:
Effect of procaine, Pronestyl and -diethyl-aminoethanol on epinephrine-cyclopropane induced ventricular arrhythmias

Frank, C.; Misrahy, G.; Wang, H.H.; Miller, R.; Wegria, R., 1951:
Effect of procaine, epinephrine, cardiac massage and electrical countershock on ventricular fibrillation

Dashkovskaya, V.S.; Berkman, R.A., 1965:
Effect of procaine, injected intra-arterially, on the course of experimentally-induced acute radiation sickness

Anonymous, 1967:
Effect of procaine, procaine amide and their low ionized analogues on the refractory period of an isolated rabbits atrium

Ting, K.S.; Coon, J.M., 1951:
Effect of procainesterase inhibitors on the toxicity and rate of hydrolysis of procaine

Daniell, H.B.; Wade, A.E.; Ford Millikan, F., 1964:
Effect of procainesterase levels on duration of procaine local anesthesia

Merrill, C.M., 1941:
Effect of process and filling temperature on quality of tomato juice

Mohan Raj, S.; Rathnasingh, C.; Jung, W-Chel.; Park, S., 2009:
Effect of process parameters on 3-hydroxypropionic acid production from glycerol using a recombinant Escherichia coli

Rattan, A.A.; Ogle, W.L.; Kramer, A., 1956:
Effect of process variables on quality of canned tomato juice

Ford, D.L.; Eckenfelder, W.W.sley, 1967:
Effect of process variables on sludge floe formation and settling characteristics

Sewer Lewandowska B., 1967:
Effect of processes of freezing and thawing on qualitative changes in fruits and vegetables ii effect of thawing processes on the quality of strawberries d

Narayanan, K.M.; E.A., 1960:
Effect of processing and cooking on the nutritive value of Nutro macaroni

Fitzpatrick, M.M.; Sullivan, R.A., 1957:
Effect of processing and storage on electrophoretic patterns of skjmmilk proteins

Moore, E.L.; Rouse, A.H.; Atkins, C.D., 1962:
Effect of processing and storage on stability of concentrated orange juice

Pederson, C.S.; Beattie, H.G., 1946:
Effect of processing and storage on the quality and ascorbic acid content of sauerkraut

Macdougall, D., 1948:
Effect of processing and storage on the quality of gelose from Irish moss

Ferrel, R.E.; Pence, J.W., 1963:
Effect of processing conditions on dry-heat expansion of bulgur wheat

Hand, D.B.; Moyer, J.C.; Ransford, J.R.; Hening, J.C.; Whittenberger, R.T., 1955:
Effect of processing conditions on the viscosity of tomato juice

Wilkens, W.F.; Mattick, L.R.; Hand, D.B., 1967:
Effect of processing method on oxidative off-flavors of soybean milk

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Effect of processing milk and milk products on their nutritive value

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Effect of processing on bacteriological quality and nutritive value of milk

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Effect of processing on folic acid fortified Baladi bread and its possible effect on the prevention of colon cancer

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Effect of processing on public health bacteria in frozen sea foods

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Effect of processing on the absorption spectra of carotenoid pigments of Badami mango

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Effect of processing on the biological value of wheat proteins

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Effect of processing on the microflora of Norwegian seaweed meal, with observations on Sporendonema minutum Frank and Hess

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Effect of processing on the nutritive value of groundnut

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Effect of processing on the vitamin A content of foods

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Effect of processing on the vitamin B1 content of foods

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Effect of processing preparatory to spinning on the fiber properties of cotton

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Effect of processing procedure on quality of frozen whole-kernel sweet corn

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Effect of processing temperature on pigments and color of spinach

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Effect of processing temperatures and cooking methods on the quality of cooked, freeze dried pork

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Effect of processing variables on UV absorption of grapefruit juice

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Effect of processing variations on the alcohol, carbonyl, and organic acid contents of pre-ferments for bread-baking

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Effect of prochlorperazine and of prochlorperazine-isopropamide on basal gastric secretion

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Effect of prodigiosin and cyclophosphan on the discharging of tumor~cells into the blood

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Effect of prodigiosin and its combinations with antibiotics on experimentally-induced acute purulent inflammation process

Anonymous, 1959:
Effect of prodigiosin on respiration of the cultured form of S cruzi

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Effect of prodigiosin on therapeutic effect and toxicity of some antitumor preparations

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Effect of prodlgiosin on respiration of Serratia marcescens

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Effect of produced anxiety on human figure drawings

Goel, K.N., 1959:
Effect of product of organic matter decomposition on phosphorus availability

Taraszaka, Mildred Jane, 1962:
Effect of product on the kinetics of the fumarase reaction

Line Weaver, Hans, 1959:
Effect of production factors on poultry flavor

Goryachev Y.V., 1967:
Effect of products from the infusoria metabolism which was irradiated with inst uv rays on the mobility of intact species

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Effect of products of alkaline hydrolysis of ribonucleic acid on proteolysis of some normal rats and those with tumor tissue

Malofiejew M.; Buluk K., 1968:
Effect of products of enz plasmin degradation of fibrinogen on the permeability of capillaries guinea pig

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Effect of products of incomplete hydrolysis of protein on the growth of Lactobacillus casei cultures

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Effect of products of intermediary metabolism on the nature of afferent impulsation in the aortal nerve of the cat

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Effect of proflavin on the transfer of iso leucine onto soluble rna

Werenne, J.; Grosjean, H.; Chantrenne, H., 1966:
Effect of proflavine on the binding of isoleucine to transfer RNA

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Effect Of Profound Hypothermia With Circulatory Arrest In Dogs: Special Reference To Changes In Cerebrovascular Permeability

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Effect of progestational agents on carcinoma of the prostate

Geller, J.; Fruchtman, B.; Meyer, C.; Newman, H., 1967:
Effect of progestational agents on gonadal and adrenal cortical function in patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy and carcinoma of the prostate

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Effect of progestational agents on the post-ovulatory endometrium

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Effect of progestational hormones on the endocrine system

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Effect of progestational stage of the endometrium on implantation, fetal survival and fetal size in the rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus

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Effect of progestational steroids on thyroid function in rhesus monkeys

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Effect of progestative hormones on the endocrine system

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Effect of progesterone administration on old men

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Effect of progesterone administration on the distribution of oviductal carbohydrates in Rana tigrina

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Effect of progesterone and desoxycorticosterone on renal excretion of vitamin C, creatinine and water

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Effect of progesterone and diethylstilbestrol on hepatic carcinogenesis and cirrhosis in A X C rats fed N-2-fluorenyldiacetamide

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Effect Of Progesterone And Oestrone On The Motility And Reactivity Of The Pregnant Human Myometrium In Vitro

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Effect of progesterone and other hormones on liver glycogen

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Effect of progesterone anesthesia on systemic blood pressure

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Effect of progesterone concentration on the enzymatic activity of enz hydroxylases of the adrenal cortex of the rat in vitro

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Effect of progesterone derivatives on the nucleic acids in thymus and spleen

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Effect of progesterone hormone on fertilization in the golden hamster

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Effect of progesterone hormone on the heat and fertility of sows abstract estrus inhibition

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Effect of progesterone in functional infertility in cows

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Effect of progesterone metab and ovarian steroids on egg segmentation in the ewe

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Effect of progesterone metab on glucose tolerance in women estrogen metab intra venous oral

Desclin J.Jr, 1967:
Effect of progesterone metab on the submaxillary gland structure in the mouse

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Effect Of Progesterone On Adrenocortical Hormone Secretion In Normal And Hypophysectomized Rats

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Effect of progesterone on fallopian tube contractibility

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Effect of progesterone on mitochondrial adenosinetriphosphatase

Anonymous, 1958:
Effect of progesterone on ovarian morphology and on embryonal mortality in pregnant rats, pigs, and sheep In New steroid compounds with progestational activity

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Effect of progesterone on oxidative phosphorylation

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Effect of progesterone on pituitary and ovarian responsiveness to placental gonadotrophins

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Effect of progesterone on plasma luteinizing hormone activity

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Effect of progesterone on the activity of alkaline phosphatase in the oviduct of the newt, Triturus pyrrhogaster

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Effect of progesterone on the mitotic activity of the epithelium of the reproductive organs

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Effect of progesterone on the motility and reactivity of the pregnant human myometrium in vitro

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Effect of progesterone on uterine contractions

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Effect of progesterone supplementation in the first week post conception on embryo survival in beef heifers

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Effect of progesterone, folliculin and castration on the electroencephalogram of female rabbits

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Effect of progestin and estro-genic substance on human uterine contractions Value of progestin in the treatment of habitual and threatened abortion

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Effect of progestogen fluorogestone acetate administered vaginally on estrus and fertility in the sow at the end of lactation

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Effect of programmed exercise on nonspecific t wave abnormalities human inst electro cardiogram

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Effect of progress in tin plate manufacture on the use of tin plate for cans for foods

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Effect of progressive hypoxia on oxygen uptake of contracting muscle

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Effect of progressive muscular dystrophy on occlusion

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Effect of progressive sympathectomy on hypertension produced by increased intracranial pressure

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Effect of progressive urea doses on wheat m yield and quality

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Effect of progressively buffered solution of ephedrine on nasal mucosa

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Effect of progressively low pressures on the heart-beat of the chloralosed dog

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Effect of proguanil on sporogony cycle of P. Knowlesi. Part I

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Effect of prolactin hormone on hypophysectomized tilapia mossambica abstract

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Effect of prolactin on breast cancer in rats and mice

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Effect of prolactin on citric acid of lateral lobe of prostate of Sprague -Dawley rat

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Effect Of Prolactin On Erythropoiesis In The Mouse

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Effect of prolactin on freshwater survival and on plasma osmotic pressure of hypophysectomized Tilapia mossambica

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Effect of prolactin on phosphorus metabolism of pigeon crop-sac; P31 and P32 analyses

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Effect Of Prolactin On Plasma Sodium In The Teleost, Poecilia Latipinna

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Effect of prolactin on progestin release and cholesterol storage by rabbit ovarian interstitium

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Effect of prolactin on rodent ovaries

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Effect of prolactin on the growth of spontaneous mammary tumor in mice

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Effect of prolactin on the normal human menstrual cycle

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Effect of prolactin on the oviduct of batrachians

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Effect of prolactin on the phosphatase activity of pig crop-sac

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Effect of prolactin on the principal components of goat milk

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Effect of prolan on transplantable mouse sarcoma

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Effect of prolapsed inter-vertebral disc on impairment of blood flow in lower limbs

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Effect of proline and its antimetabolites on pollen germination and pollen tube growth 1 Antirrhinum majus, Salix caprea, Petunia hybrida, Tradescantia virginica

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Effect of proline on thermal inactivation, denaturation and aggregation of glycogen phosphorylase b from rabbit skeletal muscle

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Effect of prolonged 62 day hypodynamia on the human organism

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Effect of prolonged Coumadin treatment on toe production of pulmonary metastases in the rat

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Effect of prolonged ACTH administration on the gonads of sexually mature chickens

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Effect of prolonged acth hormone treatment on adrenal circulation in rats

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Effect of prolonged administration of ACTH on reactions of adrenal glands in rats

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Effect of prolonged administration of Dibazol on stature and resistence of white mice and their offspring

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Effect of prolonged administration of Novocaine on thyroid function in rabbits with experimental atherosclerosis

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Effect of prolonged administration of pitressin on the blood pressure in psychotic patients

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Effect of prolonged administration of adrenergic blocking drug on blood pressure of hypertensive dogs

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Effect of prolonged administration of aldo sterone metab hormone on potassium and magnesium metabolism in the rabbit

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Effect of prolonged administration of an anti cholinergic drug propantheline bromide autonomic on gastric histology and acid secretion rat

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Effect Of Prolonged Administration Of An Anticholinergic Drug On Gastric Secretion Of Rats, Mice And Hamsters

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Effect of prolonged administration of estriol dihemisuccinate on rat

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Effect of prolonged administration of estrogen on pituitary gland of adult female rat prolactin

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Effect of prolonged administration of high dose of testosterone propionate on the adrenal cortex of young male rats

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Effect of prolonged administration of inhibitors of ovulation on epithelium of uterus and vagina abstract from med klin 62 47 1835 1839 nov 24 1967 woman

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Effect of prolonged administration of large doses of vitamin D on conditioned reflex activity

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Effect of prolonged administration of large quantities of sodium bicarbonate on the kidney of the dog

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Effect of prolonged administration of melanophore hormone on the adrenal of normal rats

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Effect of prolonged administration of nicotine on the medullary volume and the distribution of noradrenaline in the adrenals of the rat, the mouse and the guinea pig

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Effect of prolonged administration of noradrenalin norepinephrine hormone with or without heparinization in irreversible hemorrhagic shock in dogs

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Effect of prolonged administration of progesterone

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Effect of prolonged administration of radioactive zinc 65 on the pancreas

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Effect of prolonged administration of streptomycin and phthivaside on the thiamine content in rabbit tissues and their excretion with urine

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Effect of prolonged administration of testosterone hormone on the epidermis of the female rats intra muscular

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Effect of prolonged administration of testosterone propionate on the morphological composition of the blood of adrenalectomized rats

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Effect of prolonged and intermittent sulfonamide feeding on the basal metabolic rate, thyroid and pituitary

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Effect of prolonged anti-coagulant therapy on coronary circulation

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Effect of prolonged bed rest on cardiodynamics

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Effect of prolonged bed rest on the dynamics of cardiac contractions in man inst poly cardiographic

Cherepakhin M.A., 1968:
Effect of prolonged bed rest on the muscle tone and proprioceptive reflexes of a healthy man

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Effect of prolonged bodily hydration on the renal concentrating operation

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Effect of prolonged carbohydrate and fat diet on the higher nervous activity in dogs

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Effect of prolonged cardiac lymphatic ligation and endogenous histamine on the cardiac mito-chondrial and myosin enzymes in dogs

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Effect of prolonged cold exposure on components of the electron transport system

Hannon, J.P., 1959:
Effect of prolonged cold exposure on oxidative phosphorylation and adenosinetriphosphatase activity of rat liver tissue

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Effect of prolonged cold exposure on the glycolytic enzymes of liver and muscle

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Effect of prolonged contact with antibiotics on the development of dysbacteriosis

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Effect of prolonged convulsions on the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier

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Effect of prolonged cortisone treatment on subcutaneous connective tissue in mice

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Effect of prolonged cultivation of baro tolerant bacteria under high pressure on their ability to multiply under these conditions

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Effect of prolonged cultures on monkey kidney cells on virulence and antigenic properties of poliovirus type I

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Effect of prolonged daily photoperiods on the hypothalamic neurosecretory system of the tree sparrow

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Effect of prolonged darkness on acid metabolism in the leaves of Aloe vera Linn

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Effect of prolonged darkness on the pigment apparatus of neutral, long-day, and short-day species

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Effect of prolonged darkness on the pigments and plastid apparatus of some sun and shade plants

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Effect of prolonged diets on the higher nervous activity in dogs

Schaefer, Karl E., 1963:
Effect of prolonged diving training

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Effect of prolonged exercise on the polynuclear count in man

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Effect of prolonged exertion of vision on the development of certain pathological changes of the eyes

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Effect of prolonged exposure in a hyperoxic environment on the gaseous metabolism of white mice

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Effect of prolonged exposure of plants to gamma-irradiation on the physiological-biochemical processes and productivity of potatoes

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Effect of prolonged exposure to fluoride on the ash, fluoride, citrate and the crystallinity of bovine bone apatite

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Effect of prolonged exposure to low con-cencentrations of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides on the level of vitamin PP in the animal organism

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Effect of prolonged exposure to small doses of x-rays on the hypo-thalamic-pituitary system

Yanson, Z.A., 1963:
Effect of prolonged external irradiation on the connecting function of the cerebral cortex

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Effect of prolonged fasting glucose and insulin metabolism in exogenous obesity

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Effect of prolonged fasting on chemical characteristics of bream abramis brama blood

D.Robertis, Eduardo, 1938:
Effect of prolonged fasting on the cytology of the liver of Bufo arenarum

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Effect of prolonged fasting on the expired C14-O2 from palmitate and glucose in obese subjects

Velichko, A.A., 1966:
Effect of prolonged feeding of butter and corn oil on the total cholesterol level in the blood serum of rats

Kopylova, E.N., 1958:
Effect of prolonged gamma-irradiation of ovaries in mice

Renaud S.; Latour J G., 1968:
Effect of prolonged gluco corticoid administration on lipemia coagulation and thrombosis in rat triamcinolone metab intra venous salmonella typhosa

Stavitskaya, L.I., 1966:
Effect of prolonged growth retardation on age-dependent changes in adrenocorticotrophic pituitary function and on the response of adrenals to ACTH

Castenfors, J.; Mossfeldt, F.; Piscator, M., 1967:
Effect of prolonged heavy exercise on renal function and urinary protein excretion

Yakovleva I.Y.; Baranova V.P.; Matsnev E.I., 1967:
Effect of prolonged hypokinesis on some functions of oto rhino laryngological organs human

Lending, M.; Slobody, L.B.; Mestern, J., 1961:
Effect of prolonged hypoxia on cerebrospinal fluid and plasma activity of GOT and LDH

Lending, Miriam, 1960:
Effect of prolonged hypoxia on cerebrospinal fluid and plasma glutamic oxal-acetic transaminase and lactic dehydrogenase activity

Anonymous, 1961:
Effect of prolonged immunization on in vitro and in vivo properties of rabbit anti-tnouse erythrocyte serum II

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Effect Of Prolonged Immunization On The In Vitro And In Vivo Immunologic Activity Of Rabbit Anti-Mouse Erythrocyte Serum

Hill, R.F., 1956:
Effect of prolonged incubation of Escherichia coli on the production of phage T1

Chang, S.C.en; Reagan, R.L.; Brueckner, A.L., 1960:
Effect of prolonged incubation of Newcastle disease virus infected chicken embryos on the stability of the virus in the allantoic fluid

Cincibuchova, D., 1967:
Effect of prolonged incubation on the electrophoretic pattern of amylase

Turk D.E.; Stephens J.F., 1968:
Effect of prolonged infection by intestinal coccidia upon zinc 65 and oleic acid absorption in broilers abstract eimeria necatrix eimeria acervulia iodine 131 label

Scott, H.M.; Peretz, D.I.; Duff, J.H.; MacLean, L.D.; McGregor, M., 1966:
Effect of prolonged infusion of isoproterenol on plasma volume and blood lactate and pyruvate in the dog

Lederer, J.; D.M.yer, R., 1957:
Effect of prolonged ingestion of low doses of BZ-55 in the rat

Van Nostrand D.M.; Nicoloff D.M., 1968:
Effect of prolonged inhibition of enz 11 beta hydroxylase on gastric secretion ulcer provocation and parietal cell population of the dog metopirone gastro intest histamine gastro intest

Pakhmurnyi, B.A., 1967:
Effect of prolonged injection of cardiac glycosides on the functional state of the kidneys

Yaichnikova, A.S., 1966 :
Effect of prolonged injection of small doses of insulin on the morphology and function of the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas of healthy dogs

Coulson, R.A.; Temple, H.G., 1942:
Effect of prolonged injections of pregnant mare serum and testosterone propionate in rats

Baskakova, V.P., 1965:
Effect of prolonged instillation of drugs on the pupillary reflexes of the eyes in castrated dogs

Looney, J.M.; Cameron, D.E., 1937:
Effect of prolonged insulin therapy on glucose tolerance in schizophrenic patients

Popkov, V.V., 1964:
Effect of prolonged insulin treatment of animals on the lipid content of various organs and the blood flowing in and out of the brain

Share, I.; Martyniuk, E.; Grossman, M.I., 1952:
Effect of prolonged intragastric feeding on oral food intake in dogs

Elisova, K.; Hynie, S.; Wenke, M.; Muhlbachova, E., 1963:
Effect of prolonged isoprenaline administration on carbohydrate metabolism in rats

Low, J.A., 1963:
Effect Of Prolonged Labor Upon The Mechanism Of Fetal Oxygenation

Klimova K.N., 1966:
Effect of prolonged lipo poly saccharide administration on the hemopoiesis in healthy rabbits

Anonymous, 1928:
Effect of prolonged meat and carbohydrate diet upon the higher nervous activity in dogs I

Grechehkina, A.P., 1965:
Effect of prolonged metered nociceptive stimulations on the secretor and motor functions of the stomach Data from the scientific conference on the physiology and pathology of the cortico-visceral interrelations and functional systems of the organism

Eddleman, E.E.; Willis, K.; Heyer, H.E., 1951:
Effect of prolonged motionless standing on phases of cardiac cycle, stroke volumes, and posterior-anterior diameters of the heart as studied by the electrokymograph

Lytovchenko, N.H., 1967:
Effect of prolonged muscle activity on the nucleic acid content in the animal tissues

Hrechyshkina, A.P., 1966:
Effect of prolonged nociceptive stimulation on gastric secretion

Kravtsov, V.V., 1964:
Effect of prolonged nociceptive stimuli on the healing of experimentally induced skin wounds

Storoshchuk K.V.; Veselovskaya L.I., 1967:
Effect of prolonged noise on the immunobiological reactivity of experimental animals guinea pig typhoid vaccine

Rider, J.Alfred, 1955:
Effect of prolonged oral administration of reserpine on gastric secretion

Dolezal, V.; Vorel, F.; Andel, J., 1962:
Effect of prolonged oxygen inhalation at normal barometric pressure on carbohydrate metabolism in rats

Smith, M.G., 1939:
Effect of prolonged passage in the chick egg on the St Louis encephalitis virus

Coffman, J.D.; Lewis, F.B.; Gregg, D.E., 1960:
Effect of prolonged periods of anoxia on atrioventricular conduction and cardiac muscle

Stepanova P.A., 1968:
Effect of prolonged pregnancy on the intra uterine fetal development human

Symeonidis, A.; Mulay, A.S.; Trams, E.G., 1955:
Effect of prolonged pretreatment with desoxycorticosterone on the liver of hepatectomized rats

Kladnitskaya E.Y., 1965:
Effect of prolonged procainization procaine immunol on the blood protein pattern during immunization

David, H.; Lunzenauer, K.; Bartok, I., 1962:
Effect of prolonged protein deficient diet and chronic carbon tetrachloride on the sub-microscopic picture of rat liver

Mandel, P., 1956:
Effect of prolonged protein fasting on distribution of nucleic ribonucleotides in various cytoplasmic fractions of rat liver

Koreshkov, A.A., 1957:
Effect of prolonged respiration under high pressure on the animal body

Donaldson, H.H.rbert; With The Assistance E.M.eser, 1935:
Effect of prolonged rest following exercise on the weights of the organs of the albino rat

Wilson, M.G.; Armstrong, D.H.; Nelson, R.C.; Boak, R.A., 1961:
Effect of prolonged rupture of fetal membranes on the newborn infant

Reichlin, S.; Koussa, M.G.; Witt, F.W., 1959:
Effect of prolonged sleep therapy and of chlorpromazine on plasma protein-bound iodine concentration and plasma thyroxine turnover

Nasledova, I.D.; Rafal'skii, Y.D., 1964:
Effect of prolonged sound and light stimuli on the development of experimental atherosclerosis in female rabbits

Aikawa, J.K., 1957:
Effect of prolonged steroid therapy for rheumatic fever on the exchangeable potassium content and body weight

Darinskii Y.A., 1968:
Effect of prolonged stimulation of afferent fibers on changes in efferent bio potentials in frogs

Abraham, W.; Dougherty, T.F., 1945:
Effect of prolonged stimulation of the adrenal cortex and of adrenalectomy on the numbers of circulating erythrocytes and lymphocytes

Darinskii Y.A., 1968:
Effect of prolonged stimulation of the afferent fibers on the changes of the efferent bio potentials of the frog

Karaev A.I.; Kadymova I.I., 1967:
Effect of prolonged stimulation of the gastric receptors on the glycemic reaction of the organism dog

Belyavskaya, E.A.; Kovaleva, T.N., 1966:
Effect of prolonged stimulation of the peripheral section of the vagus nerve on blood coagulation

Darinskii Y.A., 1967:
Effect of prolonged stimulation of the posterior roots of the spinal cord on the potentials of the anterior roots of frogs immobilized by succinyl choline chloride relaxant

Gerelyuk I.P., 1968:
Effect of prolonged stimulation of the vagus nerve on the electrolyte metabolism in the myo cardium

Kaplan, M.T., 1967:
Effect of prolonged storage at -15 C on the activity of crude preparations of staphylococcal hemolysins

Olitsky, P.K.; Murphy, L.C., 1950:
Effect of prolonged storage at 4-5 C on the neutralizing antibody of antiserum against poliomyelitis virus

Leach, C.N.; Johnson, H.N., 1942:
Effect of Prolonged Storage on the Antigenicity of Chloroform-Inactivated Canine Rabies Vaccine

Nakhimson, L.I.; Kozhevnikova, T.P.; Yablokova, T.B., 1965:
Effect of prolonged storage under lyophilic conditions on the main properties of the BCG vaccinal strain

Diehl, A.M.; Dale, A.L.; Hamilton, T.R., 1961:
Effect of prolonged streptococcal prophylaxis on quiescent rheumatic heart disease

Mallov, S.; Witt, P., 1960:
Effect of prolonged stress on plasma unesterified fatty acids

Murphy, K.M.; Schilling, W.; Emge, L.A., 1938:
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Effect of prolonged therapeutic sleep on disorder higher nervous activity of white rats in recurrent staphylo-coccal intoxication

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Effect of prolonged thyroxine hormone and methylthio uracil metab administration on the epiphyseal cartilage of the 3rd metacarpus of growing rats

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Effect of prolonged treatment with electroshock, metrazol, carnitine and anectine on the capillary permeability

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Effect of prolonged treatment with human chorionic gonadotropin on the endogenous steroid hormone metabolism of physically and mentally retarded boys

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Effect of prolonged treatment with tranquilizing drugs upon two enzymes of the central nervous system

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Effect of prolonged use of Tubacid on pantothenic acid metabolism in experimental tuberculosis

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Effect of prolonged use of estrogens on circulating lipids in patients with idiopathic hyperlipemia or idiopathic hypercholesteremia

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Effect of prolonged use of fertilizers on quantity and quality of corn m and potato d yields

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Effect of prolonged use of ganglioblocking agents on the morphological composition of the peripheral blood in patients with peptic ulcer

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Effect of prolonged, heavy exercise on urinary protein excretion and plasma renin activity

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Effect of prolonged, transversely directed radial accelerations on the secretion of intestinal juice and enzymes in dogs

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Effect of promazine hydrochloride and chlorpromazine hydrochloride on the motility and fertility of bovine semen

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Effect of promazine on the activity of some enzymes in the liver and blood during intoxication with carbon tetrachloride

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Effect of promedol given in conjunction with tranquillizers on the analgesic effect of local anesthetics

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Effect of promedol on the higher nervous activity of mice

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Effect of promedol on the level of conjugated phosphorylation in the mitochondria of the brain of rats

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Effect of promedol on water diuresis

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Effect of prometha-zine hydrochlorlde on hand-eye co-ordination

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Effect of promethazine hydrochloride on the release of gastrin in the dog

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Effect of prometrin herbic on the microbiological activity of soil on which sunflowers d are planted bacteria fungi actinomycete

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Effect of prometryne fungic on sporulation and fungistasis of fusarium oxysporum f sp vasinfectum in soil abstract

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Effect of pronethalol autonomic on the response of the rabbit aorta to norepinephrine and serotonin 5 hydroxy tryptamine abstract contraction competitive inhibition

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Effect Of Pronethalol In Angina Pectoris

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Effect Of Pronethalol On Some Inhibitory Actions Of Catecholamines

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Effect of pronethalol on the incorporation of palmitate 1 carbon 14 into rabbit myo cardial lipids

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Effect of pronethalol on the vasodilatory and lactic acid stimulating effects of adrenaline feplne-phrine in the human forearm

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Effect of prontosil and prontylin on metabolism of bacteria

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Effect of prontosil on blood cells

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Effect of propagation media and dip treatment on rooting of flowering dogwood, Formosa azalea and East Palatka holly

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Effect of propagation on the ageing and duration of life among insects

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Effect of propagation time and length of root system on growth of chrysanthemums

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Effect of propamine on the X-ray syndrome during experimentally-induced staphylodermia

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Effect of propamine radio protect on the course of acute radiation sickness under experimental conditions rat

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Effect of prophylactic digitalization on the development of heart failure and myocardial hypertrophy

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Effect of prophylactic inoculations on the clinical-immunological state of children in early childhood Abstract only

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Effect of prophylactic treatment on spontaneous leukemia in AKR mice and incidence of mammary tumors in C3H mice

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Effect of prophylactic vaccines on infectious hepatitis

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Effect of propioceptive impulsation on the light sensitivity of the eye

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Effect of propionate concentration on specific growth rate of Propionibacterium shermanii

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Effect of propionate on lipogenesis in adipose tissue

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Effect of propionate on pyruvate metabolism in adipose tissue

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Effect of propionic acid on the activity of dilute catalase solutions

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Effect of propionyl promazine cent depress promethazine cent depress and atropine on packed cell volume and circulating red cell mass in horses and cattle

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Effect of propolis gastro intest on experimental peptic ulcer of rats methyl uracil gastro intest ethanol gastro intest caffeine gastro intest arsenious acid gastro intest

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Effect of propranolol cardio vasc for arrythmia during fluothane cent depress anesthesia human

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Effect of propranolol cardio vasc on cardiac arrhythmias caused by experimental barium poisoning abstract from arzneimittel forschung 17 11 1456 1459 nov 1967 rat

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Effect of propranolol cardio vasc on hemodynamics in mitral stenosis abstract man inst catheter

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Effect of propranolol cardio vasc on regional myo cardial blood flow in acute ischemia abstract xenon 133 clearance

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Effect of propranolol in mild hypertension

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Effect of propranolol in myocardial infarction

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Effect of propranolol on alpha-adrenergic blockade in the dog and isolated rabbit aortic strip

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Effect of propranolol on arrhythmias

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Effect of propranolol on arrhythmias following coronary artery occlusion in dogs

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Effect of propranolol on cardiac arrhythmias induced by adrenaline under halothane anesthesia

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Effect of propranolol on elevated arterial blood pressure

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Effect of propranolol on exercise tolerance in angina pectoris

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Effect of propranolol on left atrial systole in ischaemic and hypertensive heart disease

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Effect of propranolol on left ventricular work in aortic stenosis

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Effect of propranolol on paroxysmal ventricular fibrillation

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Effect of propranolol on systemic and coronary hemodynamics at rest and during simulated exercise

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Effect of propranolol, a beta-adrenergic antagonist, on blood flow in the coronary and other vascular fields

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Effect of propriolactone on rat fibrocytes

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Effect of propyl thio uracil on thyroxine iodine 131 transport

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Effect of propylagallate on the kinetic reaction constants of the enzymatic sodium pyruvate reduction

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Effect of propylamine and irradiation on the synthesis of purine compounds

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Effect of propylene glycol aerosol on air-borne virus of influenza A

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Effect of propylene glycol and progesterone on the motility of the isolated intestine of the rabbit

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Effect of propylene glycol on alloxan diabetes in dogs

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Effect of propylene glycol on bacterial spores

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Effect of propylene glycol on intravenous toxicity of dissolved compounds

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Effect of propylene glycol on methemoglobin-forming capacity of p-chloroacetanilide in rat and guinea pig

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Effect of propylthiouracil administered to pregnant rats on the parathyroids and in calcemia in the fetuses

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Effect of propylthiouracil alone or with thyroxine on the urinary 17-ketosteroid excretion and the blood eosinophil count in the rat

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Effect of propylthiouracil and thyroid-stimulating hormone on glucose oxidation in rat thyroid tissue

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Effect of propylthiouracil on adrenal-regeneration hypertension in the rat

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Effect of propylthiouracil on preference threshold of rats for NaCl solutions

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Effect of propylthiouracil on the androgenic activity of the rat adrenal

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Effect Of Propylthiouracil On The In Vivo Deiodination Of Thyroxine Labeled With I-131 In Different Positions

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Effect of propylthiouracil on the iodination and maturation of rat thyroglobulin

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Effect of propylthiouracil on the ratio of the radioiodide concentrations in thyroid gland and serum in normal and hypophysectomized rats

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Effect of propylthiouracil on the thyroid uptake of I131 and the plasma conversion ratio in hyperthyroidism

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Effect of propylthiouracil upon thyroidal I-131 release in the methimazole-thyroxine treated rat

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Effect of proserine on the bioelectric and anticholinesterase activity of the brain

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Effect of prosperity on the frequency of the endemic goiter abstract human public health mal nutrition thyroid

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Effect of prostaglandin E on blood pressure, heart rate and concen-tration of free fatty acids of plasma in man

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Effect of prostaglandin E1 on renal hemodynamics, sodium and water excretion

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Effect of prostaglandin Fi on plasma free fatty acids and blood glucose in the dog Prostaglandln and related factors 51

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Effect of prostaglandin and dietary fats on lipolysis and esterification in rat adipose tissue in vitro

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Effect of prostaglandin e 1 gastro intest on gastric secretion and ulcer formation in the rat

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Effect of prostaglandin e 1 hematol on platelet behavior in vitro and in vivo rabbit inst electrophoresis

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Effect of prostaglandin on the permeability response of toad bladder to vasopressin, theophylline and adenosine 3 ,5 -monophosphate

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Effect of prostaglandins on the pituitary adrenal axis in the intact and hypophysectomized rat abstract stress acth effects cortico steroidogenesis

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Effect of prostigmine on experimental atropine psychosis in animals

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Effect of prostigmine on the blood supply to the stomach

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Effect of protamine and inosinic acid on activity, dimerization and crystallization of phosphorylase in rabbit muscle

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Effect of protamine and strophantin on the ability of mitochondria to concentrate potassium

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Effect of protamine on activity of hog pancreatic amylase

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Effect of protamine sulfate and neutral red on the formation of RNA plaques of Cpxsackie B-6 virus

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Effect of protamine sulfate in neutralizing coagulation defect produced by paritol

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Effect of protamine sulfate on blood clotting when placental extract is injected intravenously

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Effect Of Protamine Sulphate On Experimental Tumours In Mice

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Effect of protease inhibitors and synthetic antifibrinolytics on bleeding time

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Effect of protease treatment on dyeing properties of wool fabrics for single bath

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Effect of protease treatment on the baking quality of brown rice bread from textural and rheological properties to biochemistry and microstructure

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Effect of protective coating and growth regulators on storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables

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Effect of protective compounds and other factors on the growth and survival of winter rye m shoots developing from seeds exposed to fast neutrons

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Effect of protective forest stands and irrigation on the physicochemical properties of dark chestnut soils in the trans volga area

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Effect of protective substances on inactivation of bacteriophage during x-ray irradiation

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Effect of protectors on the irreversible component of radiation damage mouse rat mexamine radio protect

Anonymous, 1962:
Effect of proteidic substances from hide parings on the oxidation of fatty acids and their derivatives I Introduction and methods of investigation

Anonymous, 1962:
Effect of proteidic substances from hide parings on the oxidation of fatty acids and their derivatives II Changes of fatty acid mixtures finely distributed in proteidic material

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Effect of protein -energy relationships on the performance and carcass quality of growing swine

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Effect of protein added in vitro upon insulin degradation and glucose uptake by muscle

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Effect of protein anabolic hormone especially on the influence upon lymph node and liver

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Effect of protein anabolic steroids on sulfate incorporation by cartilage of male rats

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Effect of protein and amino acid in diet on experimental carcinoma and cirrhosis of the liver induced by 4-dimethylaminoazobenzene

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Effect of protein and fatty acids on the oxidation of succinate and -oxo-glutarate by pea-root mitochondria

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Effect of protein binding of barbiturates on their rate of removal during peritoneal dialysis

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Effect of protein blood substitute BK - , 8 on the function of the liver and blood coagulability in some surgical disease in children Abstract only

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Effect of protein blood substitutes on the functional activity of the thyroid gland in thyrotoxicosis

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Effect of protein calories deficiency on the pre natal mortality rat

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Effect of protein concentration on K+ activation of enzymatic reactions

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Effect of protein content and grade on Farinogram, Ex-tensograms, and Alyeograms

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Effect of protein deficiency on the brain

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Effect of protein deficiency on the dynamics of the synthesis of tetanus antitoxin and globulins

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Effect of protein denaturant and inhibitors against protein denaturation on the biological activity of antibody sodium dodecyl sulfate anti sheep rabbit hemo lysin

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Effect of protein depletion on the synthesis of phospholipids nucleic acids and phosphoprotein in particulate matter of rat liver

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Effect of protein depletion upon susceptibility of rats to total body irradiation

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Effect of protein deprivation on the activity of rat liver ribonucleases and their inhibitor

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Effect of protein heat-denaturization of the precipitin graph

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Effect Of Protein In Tubular Fluid Upon Proximal Tubular Absorption

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Effect of protein intake on weight changes, blood constituents and reproduction in beef heifers

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Effect of protein intake upon the growth and efficiency of growing rabbits

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Effect of protein level and inanition on the glutamine content of rat tissues

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Effect of protein level in the ration on gossypol tolerance in growing-fattening pigs

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Effect of protein mal nutrition on the liver and pancreas of the young rat

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Effect of protein materials from hide parings on the autoxidation of fatty acids and their derivatives III Comparison of the course of aut-oxidation of fatty acids, ethyl esters and glycerides in mixture with protein material

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Effect of protein materials upon the growth promoting activity of vitamin B12 for Lactobacillus leichmannii

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Effect Of Protein On Glycerol Color Development During The Assay Of Lipoprotein Lipase

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Effect of protein on the radiosensitivity of deoxyribonucleic acid

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Effect of protein on the utilization of vitamin A in the chick

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Effect of protein products on the secretory gastric function in dogs egg meat fish

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Effect of protein source and levels and oral iron on reproductive performance in sows

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Effect of protein source, autoclaving and lysine supplementation on gossypol toxicity

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Effect of protein source, estrogen, or manganese on the response to copper in baby pigs

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Effect of protein starvation on enzyme activity of normal and regenerating rat liver

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Effect of protein supplementation by fish flour at weaning period

Anonymous, 2009 :
Effect of protein supplementation on expression and distribution of urea transporter-B in lambs fed low-quality forage

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Effect of protein supplementation on the rheological characteristics of milk permeates fermented with exopolysaccharide-producing Lactococcus lactis subsp cremoris

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Effect of protein synthesis inhibitors, auxin, and gibberellic acid on abscission

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Effect of protein, energy and phosphorus on follicular development and wool growth

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Effect of protein, vitamin, and mineral supplements on blood regeneration in women donors

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Effect of protein-energy and fat content of the ration on calcium utilization

Anonymous, 1960:
Effect of protein energy relationship and of zinc in poultry nutrition

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Effect of proteinase on the transmembrane potentials of the ventricle fiber of a chick

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Effect of proteinases of animal and microbial origin on some properties of Clostridium perfringens toxin

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Effect of proteins on respiration and oxidation phosphorylation of rat heart mitochondria

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Effect of proteins on ribonuclease activity in oleate micelle

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Effect of proteins, polysaccharides, and particle sizes on sludge dewaterability

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Effect of proteinuria on localization of radiomercury in rat kidney

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Effect of proteinuria on toxicity of mercurial diuretics in the rat

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Effect of proteolysis by papain on metastasibility of tumor cells from their primary growth into blood and organs of the mouse

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Effect of proteolytic activity of flours on rheology of continuously mixed doughs abstract wheat m

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Effect of proteolytic enzyme inhibitors on contractile responses of the aortic strip

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes and fixation on metachromasia of skin collagen

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes and protein denaturing agents on normal and dystrophic myosins

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes from the pancreas administered to surgical patients

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on absorbable suture material

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on granuloma formation

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on guinea pig brain encephalitogen

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Effect Of Proteolytic Enzymes On Sedimentation Properties Of Ribonucleoprotein Particles From Heart Muscle

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on the absorption of tetracycline metab rat enz trypsin enz chymotrypsin inst liquid scintillation spectrometer

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Effect of proteolytic enzymes on the mutual influence on growth of normal and tumor tissues

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Effect of proteolytic inhibitor on the nutritive value of leguminous proteins including Soya, Velvet and many beans

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Effect of prothedium anti parasit treated serum of rats on the morphology and viability of trypanosoma evansi abstract

Han Wang; Tian-Qing Liu; Yan-Xia Zhu; Shui Guan; Xue-H.M.; Zhan-Feng Cui, 2009:
Effect of protocatechuic acid from Alpinia oxyphylla on proliferation of human adipose tissue-derived stromal cells in vitro

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Effect of proton and gamma-emissions on the functional state of the vestibular analyzer

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Effect Of Proton Tunnelling In Dna On Genetic Information And Problems Of Mutations, Aging, And Tumors

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Effect of protonation on the Cotton effects of nucleic acids

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Effect of protoporphyrin on hemoglobin synthesis

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Effect of protracted administration of large doses of vitamin B1 to the rat

Simek, J.; Mĕlka, J.; Pospísil, M.; Neradilková, M., 1965:
Effect of protracted glucose infusion on the development of early biochemical changes and initiation of regeneration in rat liver after partial hepatectomy

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Effect of protriptyline metab and cocaine metab on noradrenaline norepinephrine uptake in the isolated artery abstract norepinephrine rabbit

Persson T.; Waldeck B., 1968:
Effect of protriptyline on the formation of tritiated noradrenaline from tritiated dopa

Osetrova, S.Ya, 1966:
Effect of providing the organism with vitamin B6 on the conservation of the viability of skin homotransplants

Lee, Y.H.; Thompson, J.H., 1967:
Effect of proximal duodenal acidification upon gastric secretion in the Shay rat

Aliev, A.A., 1958:
Effect of prozerine on gastrointestinal motility in sheep

Wiggans, S.C.; Kays, W.R., 1962:
Effect of pruning and nitrogen fertilizer on yield and growth of Lawton blackberries

Golinka, P.I., 1966:
Effect of pruning of grape bushes on development of the photosynthetic apparatus in the leaves

Mendes, Carlos T., 1929:
Effect of pruning on manioc

Anonymous, 1934:
Effect of pruning on plum trees Report on an experiment in the Transvaal

Roberts, E.G.; Clapp, R.T., 1956:
Effect of pruning on recovery of ice-bent slash pines

Anonymous, 1967:
Effect of pruning on silver-leaf disease Fr and yield of peach and nectarine trees

Kazaryan, V.O.; Karapetyan, K.A., 1964:
Effect of pruning on the photo synthetic activity in the leaves of fruit and decorative trees

Minessy, F.A.; Nasr, T.A.A.; E.A.ab, E.M., 1965:
Effect of pruning on vegetative growth and fruiting in guavas

Bulatovi, S.; Rahovi, D., 1966:
Effect of pruning on yield and vegetation growth of Early Lion and Germersdorf cherry trees

Galli, P. , 1930:
Effect of pruning on yield of peaches

Zahner, R.; Debyle, N.V., 1965:
Effect of pruning the parent root on growth of aspen suckers

Jennings, Robert F., 1948:
Effect of pruning upon fruit production

Collings, W.D., 1939:
Effect of pseudopregnancy on the life-span of adrenalectomized cats

Brady, R.O.; Formica, J.V., 1960:
Effect of pseudovitamin B12 on the enzymatic carboxylation of acetyl coenzyme A

Ruzickova R.; Konias V.; Bily D.; Vyhnankova M.; Dubansky B.; Soucek Z., 1967:
Effect of psilocybin cent stim on patients with chronic schizophrenia ii experimental results

Bermond F.; Bert J.; Ayats H., 1967:
Effect of psilocybin on eye movements and on the electro retinogram in a cercopithecinae papio papio

Granger, G.W., 1957:
Effect of psychiatric disorder on visual thresholds

Rashev, M.; Radeva, S.; Angarov, G.; Nikolova, N.; Stankusheva, G., 1967:
Effect of psychic factors on lipid and protein metabolism

Mel'nik, I.A.; Borodii, V.N., 1967:
Effect of psychic factors on the arterial blood pressure level in mechanics during the process of farming

Naatanen, E.K.; Hopsu, V.K., 1955:
Effect of psychic stress on the liver of rats

Anonymous, 1966:
Effect of psycho- drugs on gastric ulcers induced by immobilization Increased protective effect of amitriptyline caused by chlordiazepepo-xide

Wilhelmj, C.M.; Mcguire, T.; Waldmann, E.B., 1951:
Effect of psycho-motor stress on blood pressure of normal dogs

Foglia, V.G.; Montanelli, R.P.; Langer, S.Z.; Epstein, R., 1963:
Effect of psycho-tropic drugs on audiogenic seizures in mice

Plotnikoff, N.P., 1963:
Effect Of Psychoactive Drugs On Escape From Audiogenic Seizures

Pepeu G.; Bartolini A., 1968:
Effect of psychoactive drugs on the output of acetyl choline from the cerebral cortex of the cat chlorpromazine cent depress imipramine cent stim pento barbital cent depress amphetamine cent stim

Orgel, S.Z., 1958:
Effect of psychoanalysis on the course of peptic ulcer

Payne, R.B.; Hauty, G.T., 1955:
Effect of psychological feedback upon work decrement

Pearson, R.B.; Janzen, J.; Sturdevant, R., 1960:
Effect of psychological stress on heart rhythm

Pick, Francois, 1959:
Effect of psychopathy on the reduviid crystallization of the hemoglobin of patients

Sankar,; Gold, E.; Sankar, B.; Mcrorie, N., 1961:
Effect of psychophar-macological agents on DPN-dependent enzymes

Opitz, K., 1965:
Effect of psychopharmacological agents on non-esterified fatty acids in blood plasma

Kato, L.; Gozsy, B., 1961:
Effect of psychopharmacological agents on the capillary endothelium

Burn, J.H., 1965:
Effect of psychopharmacological drugs on the circulation

Sugaya, E.; Karahashi, Y.; Fujimori, A.; Izumi, C.; Haruki, F., 1967:
Effect of psychostimulant drugs upon the direct cortical response of cat

Wase, A.W., 1958:
Effect of psychotherapeutic agents on phospholipid metabolism

Kumadaki, N.; Hitomi, M.; Kumada, S., 1967:
Effect of psychotherapeutic drugs on hyperemotionality of rats in which the olfactory bulb was removed

Anonymous, 1962:
Effect of psychotomimetic drugs on stimulated brain cortex respiration and glycolysis In 46th Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, New Jersey, April 1962

Himwich W.A.; Agrawal H.C., 1968:
Effect of psychotropic agents on glucose and non nitrogenous compounds of rat blood and free amino acids of the brain abstract haloperidol properciazine chlorpromazine reserpine cent depress

Usdin, V.; Usdin, E., 1961:
Effect of psychotropic compounds on enzyme systems

Burkard, W.P.; Pavlin, R.; Gey, K.F., 1962:
Effect of psychotropic drugs on decarboxylase or aromatic amino acids in rat brain

Axelrod, J.; Whitby, L.G.; Hertting, G., 1961:
Effect of psychotropic drugs on the uptake of H3-norepinephrine by tissues

Molan, J.; Duffkova, A.; Janotka, M., 1963:
Effect of psychotropic drugs on thyroid function in psychiatric patients Abstract only

Dey, P.K.; Datta, C., 1966:
Effect of psychotropic phytochemicals on cerebral amino acid level in mice

Kawai H.; Matsunaga R., 1967:
Effect of psychotropics on the nad metabolism in the mouse

Anonymous, 1957:
Effect of pteridine and purine derivatives on the metal-catalysed oxidation of -34-dihydroxyphenylalanine

Totter, J.R.; Kelley, B.; Day, P.L.; Edwards, R.R., 1950:
Effect of pterovlglutamic acid on the incorporation of radioactive glycine in chick liver homogenates

Little, P.A.; Oleson, J.J.; Roesch, P.K., 1950:
Effect of pteroyl-glutamic acid on some immune responses

Oleson, J.J.; Little, P.A., 1949:
Effect of pteroylglutamic acid and vitamin B12 on growth of Rous tumor implants

Dennis, Wayne, 1942:
Effect of puberty praecox upon the onset of walking

S.F.M.usavi; S.Y.usefi-Moghadam; B.M.stafazadeh-Fard; A.H.mmat; M.R.Y.zdani, 2009:
Effect of puddling intensity on physical properties of a silty clay soil under laboratory and field conditions

Jones, R.T.; Holtman, D.F., 1962:
Effect of pullorum disease and endointoxication on the hematology of the chick

Asmundson, V.S.; Biely, J., 1930:
Effect of pullorum disease on distribution of first year egg production

Lindskog, G.E.; Gilman, A., 1948:
Effect of pulmonary artery ligation on the histamine content of lung, with observations on concomitant structural changes

Julian, D.G.; Travis, D.M.; Robin, E.D.; Crump, C.H., 1960:
Effect of pulmonary artery occlusion upon end-tidal CO2 tension

Costantin, L.L., 1959:
Effect of pulmonary congestion on vagal afferent activity

SHEPARD, R.H., 1958:
Effect of pulmonary diffusing capacity on exercise tolerance

Zussman, William V., 1966:
Effect of pulmonary edema on eatecholamlne stores in the rat lung

Daily, P.O.; Lancaster, J.R.; Moulder, P.V., 1963:
Effect of pulmonary embolism on the perfused lobular pulmonary artery pressure

Antonov O.S.; Fufin V.I.; Averko N.N.; Chernykh N.N., 1968:
Effect of pulmonary hypertension on the clinical picture of patent ductus arteriosus in children and adolescents

Krumholz, R.A.; King, L.H.; Ross, J.C., 1963:
Effect Of Pulmonary Vascular Engorgement On Dl During And Immediately After Exercise

Burgess, J.H.; Gillespie, J.; Graf, P.D.; Nadel, J.A., 1968:
Effect of pulmonary vascular pressures on single-breath CO diffusing capacity in dogs

Haas, F.; Bergofsky, E.H., 1968:
Effect of pulmonary vasoconstriction on balance between alveolar ventilation and perfusion

Miller, G.E.; Aberg, T.H.; Gerbode, F., 1968:
Effect of pulmonary vein ligation on pulmonary artery flow in dogs

Rodbard, Simon, 1962:
Effect of pulmonary venous pressure on nitrogen washout in the dog lung

Rouse, A.H.; Atkins, C.D.; Huggart, R.L., 1954:
Effect of pulp quantity on chemical and physical properties of citrus juices and concentrates

Maloney, J.E.; Bergel, D.H.; Glazier, J.B.; Hughes, J.M.; West, J.B., 1968:
Effect of pulsatile pulmonary artery pressure on distribution of blood flow in isolated lung

Arkad'evskh, A.A.; Maksimova, L.I., 1966:
Effect of pulsating noise on the human organism

Pulido Valente, J.L., 1962:
Effect of pulsating perfusion of the hepatic artery on the recurrent pressure in the portal vein, in an isolated liver

Velikson, I.M.; Chernilovskaia, F.M., 1960:
Effect of pulsation in the light from fluorescent tubes on the electroencephalogram of man

Kristapson M.Z., 1968:
Effect of pulsatory pressure on yeast cultivation saccharomyces cerevisiae

Grodsky, G.M.; Bennett, L.L.; Smith, D.F.; Schmid, F.G., 1967:
Effect of pulse administration of glucose or glucagon on insulin secretion in vitro

Anonymous, 1956:
Effect of pulse frequency and duration in guiding salmon fingerlings by electricity US

Pozolotin, A.A., 1965:
Effect of pulse magnetic field on the cytogenetic effect of irradiation

Selkurt, Ewald E., 1951:
Effect of pulse pressure and mean arterial pressure modification on renal function

Selkurt, E.E., 1951:
Effect of pulse pressure and mean arterial pressure modification on renal hemodynamics and electrolyte and water excretion

Rothlin M.; Rutishauser W.; Wirz P., 1968:
Effect of pulse rate on the hemodynamics in aortic insufficiency

Stanko S.A.; Gvozdikovskaya A.T., 1967:
Effect of pulsed concentrated sunlight on the biosynthesis of amino acids sugars on the entering and inclusion of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in organic combinations with ripening sprouts of wheat m

Sun, L-Yi.; Hsieh, D-Kuo.; Yu, T-Chiu.; Chiu, H-Tai.; Lu, S-Fen.; Luo, G-Hong.; Kuo, T.K.; Lee, O.K.; Chiou, T-Wen., 2009:
Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field on the proliferation and differentiation potential of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells

Weir, Walter W., 1927:
Effect of pumping from deep wells on the ground-water table

Anonymous, 1927 :
Effect of puncture on the protoplasm of living cells I Experiments on cultures of myo-blasts in vitro

Abdushelishvili G.V., 1967:
Effect of pungent food on the mucous lining of the stomach cat cayenne pepper d

Boe, E.E., 1966:
Effect of punishment duration and intensity on the extinction of an instrumental response

Prince, A.I., 1956:
Effect of punishment on visual discrimination learning

Anonymous, 1965:
Effect of pure Lupinus alkaloids on the animal organism The action of lnpanine on rats

Smirnova, K.M.; Sukhanova, N.P., 1964:
Effect of pure and mixed pine stands on the dynamics of lysimetric water composition

Kvapil, K., 1926:
Effect of pure and mixed stands of pine and beech on chemical and biochemical properties of forest soils

Love J.W.; Walder A.I.; Bingham C., 1968:
Effect of pure natural and synthetic secretin hormone gastro intest on brunners gland secretion in dogs letter increased duodenal secretion

Dolezal V., 1968:
Effect of pure oxygen applied by excess pressure on an organism

Berry, L.J.e; Smythe, D.S., 1962:
Effect of pure oxygen at reduced pressures on metabolic changes in mice

Putintseva, T.G.; Bobrova, L.M., 1964:
Effect of pure preparations of ATP, ADP, UTP, and UDP on the frog heart

Gaddis, A.M., 1952:
Effect of pure salt on the oxidation of bacon in freezer storage

Merrill, M.H., 1936:
Effect Of Purified Enzymes On Viruses And Gram-Negative Bacteria

Burgos, M.H.; Pisano, A., 1958:
Effect of purified gonado-trophins on the gonad of Bufo arenarum after metamorphosis

Anonymous, 1951:
Effect of purified growth hormone on growth of islets of Langerhans in hypophysectomized intact, and glucose-injected rats

Russell, Jane A., 1950:
Effect of purified growth hormone on the glycogen content of tissues of the rat

Schulman, M.P.; Greenberg, D.M., 1949:
Effect of purified growth hormone on tumor growth

Seifter, J.; Warren, G.H., 1950:
Effect of purified hyaluronidase on the growth of sarcoma 37 in the mouse

Antunes Rodrigues, J.; Dhariwal, A.P.S.; Mccann, S.M., 1966:
Effect of purified luteinizing hormone-releasing factor on plasma LH activity at various stages of the estrous cycle of the rat

Schally, A.V.; Carter, W.H.; Arimura, A.; Bowers, C.Y., 1967:
Effect of purified luteinizing hormone-releasing factor on plasma and pituitary LH levels in castrated, testosterone pretreated male and female rats

Maner, F.D.bele; Saffan, B.D.; Preedy, J.R.K., 1962 :
Effect of purified ovine pituitary follicle-stimulating hormone on the urinary estrogen output of normal menstruating women

Fraenkel Conrat, H.L.; Simpson, M.E.; Evans, H.M., 1942:
Effect of purified pituitary preparations on liver weights of hypophysectomized rats

Marx, W.; Magy, D.B.; Simpson, M.E.; Evans, H.M., 1942:
Effect of purified pituitary preparations on urine nitrogen in the rat

Benoit, R.E.; Starkey, R.L.; Basaraba, J., 1968:
Effect of purified plant tannin on decomposition of some organic compounds and plant minerals

Gray, S.J.; Mitchell, E.B., 1942:
Effect of purified protein fractions on sedimentation rate of erythrocytes

Kimura, Y., 1955:
Effect of purified vaccine lymph upon fertility of X-ray injured mice 1

Croxatto, H.; Zamorano, B., 1957:
Effect of purified vasopressin and oxytocin on water and sodium excretion in hypophysectomized rats

Balduzzi, P.C.; Morgan, H.R., 1964:
Effect Of Purine Analogs On Encephalomyocarditis And Vaccinia Virus Growth In Analog Sensitive And Resistant Cells

Cook, M.H.; Greene, E.A.; Lorber, V., 1958:
Effect of purine and pyrimidine ribosides on an isolated frog ventricle preparation

Key, Joe L., 1966:
Effect of purine and pyrimidlne analogues on growth and RNA metabolism in the soybean hypocotyl-the selective action of 5-fluorouracil

Wolff, S.M.; Goodman, H.C., 1963:
Effect of purine antimetabolites on serum globulins in the rabbit

Sharada, K.; Bhat, J.V., 1955:
Effect of purine bases on the growth of Bacillus circulans

Bose, B.C.; Vijayvargiya, R.; Saifi, A.Q., 1960:
Effect of purine derivatives on cholin-esterinase activity in vitro

Rusanov, A.M.; Alekseeva, G.N., 1967:
Effect of purine oxyderivatives on diuresis

Zuckerman, L.; Gordon, P.; Dowben, R.M., 1963:
Effect of purines and pyrimidines on survival and composition of residual muscle of mice with hereditary muscular dystrophy

Malec, J.; Kornacka, L.; Wojnarowska, M.; Zakrzewski, K., 1964:
Effect Of Purines And Some Of Their Analogues On Protein And Rna Synthesis In Isolated Nuclei

Raben, M.S.; Matsuzaki, F., 1966:
Effect of purines on epinephrine-induced lipolysis in adipose tissue

Landy, M.; Streightoff, F., 1943:
Effect of purines on sensitivity of Acetobacter suboxydans assay for p-aminobenzoic acid

Bose, B.C.; Vijayvargiya, R.; Bhagwat, A.W., 1965:
Effect Of Purines On The Succinic Dehydrogenase Activity In Rat

Maung, M.; Baker, D.G.; Murray, R.K., 1964:
Effect Of Puromycin On The Plasma Haptoglobin Level Of Rats During Experimental Inflammation

Farnham, A.E.; Dubin, D.T., 1965:
Effect of puromycin aminonucleoside on RNA synthesis in L cells

Krylov, O.A., 1967:
Effect of puromycin and Levomycetin on conditioned reflexes of white mice during development

Jutisz M.; D.L.L.osa P., 1967:
Effect of puromycin and of actinomycin d on the follicle stimulating hormone releasing factor of the hypophysis in vitro rat

Sovik, O., 1966:
Effect of puromycin and puromycin analogues on glycogen synthesis in the isolated rat diaphragm

Bishop, John O., 1968:
Effect of puromycin and sodium fluoride on reticutocyte rifaosomal monomers and subribosomal particles

Darcy D.A., 1967:
Effect of puromycin antidote and actinomycin d antidote upon the response of an acute phase serum protein to turpentine injection in the rat

Gorski, J.; Aizawa, Y.; Mueller, G.C., 1961:
Effect of puromycin in vivo on the synthesis of protein, RNA and phospholipids in rat tissues

Orrego H.; Navia E.; Vial J., 1967:
Effect of puromycin metab on the membrane changes of the stimulated oxyntic cell abstract bufo spinulosus

Tamaoki, T.; Mueller, G.C., 1963:
Effect of puromycin on RNA synthesis in HeLa cells

Giudice, G.; Kenney, F.T.; Novelli, G.D., 1964:
Effect Of Puromycin On Deoxyribonucleic Acid Synthesis By Regenerating Rat Liver

Zotin A.I., 1968:
Effect of puromycin on different phases of egg division in the sea urchin

Arlinghaus, R.; Morris, A.; Favelukes, S.; Schweet, R., 1962:
Effect of puromycin on hemoglobin synthesis

Fain, J.N., 1964:
Effect Of Puromycin On Incubated Adipose Tissue And Its Response To Dexamethasone, Insulin, And Epinephrine

Elsas L.J.; Albrecht I.; Koehne W.; Rosenberg L.E., 1967:
Effect of puromycin on insulin hormone stimulated amino acid transport in muscle rat

Kulaeva, O.N.; Klyachko, N.L., 1967:
Effect of puromycin on protein synthesis in leaves of different age

Scrimshaw, G.F.; Bubela, B.; Oberhauser, D.F., 1966:
Effect of puromycin on ribosomal particles from Streptococcus pyogenes

Burrow, G.N.; Bondy, P.K., 1964:
Effect Of Puromycin On The Action Of Insulin On Sugar And Amino Acid Transport In Muscle

Kanfer, J.N.; Richards, R.L., 1967:
Effect of puromycin on the incorporation of radioactive sugars into gangliosides in vivo

Juva, K.; Prockop, D.J., 1966:
Effect of puromycin on the synthesis of collagen by embryonic cartilage in vitro

Ke, Y.H.; Singer, S.H.; Postic, B.; Ho, M., 1966:
Effect of puromycin on virus and endotoxin-induced interferonlike inhibitors in rabbits

Gottlieb, L.I.; Fausto, N.; Van Lancker, J.L., 1963:
Effect of puromycln on regenerating liver DNA synthesis

Ingram, R.H.; Schilder, D.P., 1967:
Effect of pursed lips expiration on the pulmonary pressure-flow relationship in obstructive lung disease

Gunnar, R.M.; Weeks, R.E., 1949:
Effect of pvribenzamine hvdro-chloride on burn shock

Fazekas, J.F.; Colyer, H.; Nesin, S.; Himwich, H.E., 1939:
Effect of pyocyanin on cerebral metabolism

Jabbur, S.J.; Towe, A.L., 1960:
Effect of pyramidal tract activity on dorsal column nuclei

Bertoni, L.; Brega, A., 1965:
Effect of pyrazinamide and of morpholine-methyl-pyrazina-mide on the intracellular multiplication of tubercle bacilli in monocytes

Yu.T.F.; Berger.L.; Stone.D.J.; Wolf.J.; Gutman.A.B., 1957:
Effect of pyrazinamide and pyrazinoic acid on urate clearance and other discrete renal functions

Nasirov, S.Kh, 1964:
Effect of pyrazol-dicarbonic acid derivatives on the cardiovascular system and respiration

Lester, D.; Keokosky, W.Z.; Felzenberg, F., 1968:
Effect of pyrazoles and other compounds on alcohol metabolism

Zemanek, J.; Mydlilova, E.; Bylinska, M., 1966:
Effect of pyrazone on catalase activity in the leaves of white mustard and of sugar beets

Zemanek, J.; Ambrozova, J., 1966:
Effect of pyrazone on the respiration of white mustard and of sugar beets

Baer, R.L.; Sulzberger, M.B., 1946:
Effect of pyribenzamine on dermographism

Ransweiler V., 1967:
Effect of pyribenzil methyl sulfate gastro intest on gastric acidity abstract from arzneimittelforschung 16 8a 927 928 aug 1966 human

Rutte B., 1967:
Effect of pyribenzil methyl sulfate renal acting on the irritable bladder abstract from arzneimittelforschung 16 8a 929 935 aug 1966 human

Kaplan, N.O.; Ciotti, M.M.; Va.E.S.J.; Burton, R.M., 1959:
Effect of pyridine derivatives on animal tissue diphosphopyridine nucleotidases

Shimamoto T.; Numano F.; Fujita T.; Atsumi T., 1968:
Effect of pyridinol carbamate cardio vasc in experimental and human athero sclerosis abstract from arch mal coew 9 2 294 306 1967 rabbit cholesterol diet

Matsumoto, K.; Sato, K., 1966:
Effect of pyridinol-carbamate on experimental cerebral hemorrhage. II

Petres J.; Schroder K.; Consbruch U.; Ladner H A., 1968:
Effect of pyridoxal 5 phosphate metab on serum iron and porphyrin excretion in porphyria cutanea tarda abstract from deutsch med wschr 92 34 1498 1502 august 25 1967 human

Heinz, N.; Traut, G., 1962:
Effect of pyridoxal hydrochloride on experimental atherosclerosis in the rabbit

Boone, I.U.; Strang, V.G.; Rogers, B.S., 1957:
Effect of pyridoxal on uptake of C14-activity from labeled isoniazid by Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Torchinskii, Y.M.; Abaturov, L.V.; Varshavskii, Y.M.; Nezlin, R.S., 1967:
Effect of pyridoxal phosphate on the conformation of aspartate-apotransaminase in the heart

Lindsay, R.H.; Barker, S.B., 1958:
Effect of pyridoxal phosphate on the maintenance of rat kidney cortex oxygen consumption

Fujimoto, Shigeru, 1966:
Effect of pyridoxal phosphate on toxicity and antitumor activity of mitomycin C and 4-deoxypyridoxine hydrochloride in rats

Smejkalova, E.; Smejkal, V., 1966:
Effect of pyridoxal-5-phosphate on aspartate oxoglutarate transaminase activity, inhibited by thyraxine in human leucocytes in vitro

Dostalova K.; Hrbek J.; Sklenovsky A.; Beran I., 1967:
Effect of pyridoxin metab and thiamine metab on the release of ammonia in tissue sections of the cerebral cortex of rats

Runova, M.F., 1965:
Effect of pyridoxine and prednisolone on the blood picture in experimentally-induced anemia and transplantable leukemia

Bukin, V.N.; Mantrova, G.V., 1961:
Effect of pyridoxine antagonists on the biosynthesis of vitamin B12 and porphyrins by propionic acid bacteria

Eberle E.D.; Eiduson S., 1968:
Effect of pyridoxine deficiency on aromatic enz l amino acid decarboxylase in the developing rat liver and brain

Delost, P.; Terroine, T., 1961:
Effect of pyridoxine deficiency on testicular and seminal vesicle weight in the rat Abstract

Wooten, E.; Nelson, M.M.; Simpson, M.E.; Evans, H.M., 1955:
Effect of pyridoxine deficiency on the gonadotrophic content of the anterior pituitary in the rat

Axelrod, A.E.; Trakatellis, A.C.; Bloch, H.; Stinebring, W.R., 1963:
Effect of pyridoxine deficiency upon delayed hypersensitivity in guinea pigs

Brin, M.; Olson, R.E., 1951:
Effect of pyridoxine deficiency upon respiration and transaminase activity of cardiac muscle in ducklings

Beaton, J.R.; Ballantyne, R.M.; Lau, R.E.; Steckley, A.; Mchenry, E.W., 1950:
Effect of pyridoxine deprivation on amino acid metabolism in rats

Levy, D.; Haapanen, J.; Russell, W.F.; Middlebrook, G., 1960:
Effect of pyridoxine on concentrations of active isoniazid in serum

Algeus, Sven, 1951:
Effect of pyridoxine on growth of Scenedesmus obliquus

Nelson, M.M.; Evans, H.M., 1951:
Effect of pyridoxine on reproduction in the rat

Sudakova, S.A.; Odina, K.M., 1964:
Effect of pyridoxine on the clinical and morphological picture in experimental hepatitis

Fedorovich, T.I.; Red'ko, N.I.; Kononenko, V.Y., 1966:
Effect of pyridoxine on the course of experimentally induced thyrotoxicosis in dogs

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