Effect of small infusions of various dextran solutions on normal animals

Semple, R.E.

American Journal of Physiology 176(1): 113-119


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9513
PMID: 13124505
Accession: 024560454

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Some physical properties of 4 clinical dextran solns. were detd. and the effects of these solns. on normal animals reported. Dextran excreted in urine and lost from the circulation during the 1st few hrs. after infusion were both inversely related to mean molecular wt. After the initial loss all dextrans left the circulation at about the same rate. Plasma volumes were increased by the infusions for less than 6 hrs. Red cell volumes were probably not affected. Hemoglobin measurements indicated no change in the character of the red cells. Total protein of plasma was quantitatively diluted by infusions and the major protein fractions not significantly affected. There were no important changes in NPN or electrolytes of plasma. Blood clotting times were slightly increased by all dextrans.