Section 25
Chapter 24,561

Effect of sodium fluoride solutions of varying pH on solubility of bovine enamel

Cutress, T.W.

Archives of Oral Biology 11(1): 121-130


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-9969
PMID: 5226729
DOI: 10.1016/0003-9969(66)90123-3
Accession: 024560667

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Neutron-irradiated dental enamel was treated with NaF solutions of varying pH and ionized fluoride concentrations. The pH of one group of fluoride solutions was adjusted by the addition of HC1 acid and another group by the addition of HF acid. Comparison of phosphorus (P32) dissolution in acid buffer before and after treatment with the fluoride solutions showed that a reduction in enamel solubility of 94% could be obtained. The solubility reduction was dependent on both pH and ionized fluoride concentrations. Phosphorus (P32) loss from enamel during NaF treatment was also measured and it was found to increase with a decrease in pH but was influenced by the ionized F concentration and/or enamel solubility.

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