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Effect of temperature on PCO2 and PO2 of blood in vitro

Bradley, A.F.; Severinghaus, J.W.; Stupfel, M.

Journal of Applied Physiology 9(2): 201-204


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8987
PMID: 13376428
Accession: 024563571

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Calculations based on the known temperature factors for blood gases suggest that a 1[degree]C fall in the temperature of blood sealed in an anaerobic environment will lower the CO2 tension 4.4% and the O2 tension 6%. This tension change is approximately exponential, and is computed from the formula Pb/Pm = 10f(b-m) to correct values from temperature of measurement (m) to that of the body (b). In the normal range, 'V is 0.0247 for oxygen and 0.0185 for carbon dioxide. Line charts give P (cool)/P(warm) for temperature differences up to 12[degree]C. Experimental determinations by the Riley direct tension method gave 'f' values of 0.013 [plus or minus] .007 for CO2 and 0.024 [plus or minus] .006 for O2.

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