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Chapter 24,573

Effects of acetylcholine and sodium fluoride on the potassium concentration gradient and potassium transport of human erythrocytes

Antaloczy, Z.; Horvath, M.

Acta Med Acad Sci Hung 21(3): 289-296


Accession: 024572742

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After outlining the advantages of the radioactive methods, an in vitro procedure is described. As compared with the controls, significant changes have been observed in plasma activity under the effect of 10-3 m/1 of acetylcholine (ACh) and 10-3 M/l of NaF, while in the plasma K level under the effect of 10-3 m/1 of NaF, and in the specific activity of plasma under the effect of 10-3 M/1 of ACh. After blocking cholinesterase with eserine, the blood's own ACh, a 10-5 M/1 excess of ACh, and NaF at the same concentration induced no appreciable changes. The changes took place at significantly higher levels than the biological ones and were based in the case of ACh on an inhibition of exchange diffusion, and in that of NaF on a blocking of glycolysis in the membrane, and thereby on enhancing membrane permeability. Certain common features in the K transport of red cells and heart muscle cells have been discussed.

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