Section 25
Chapter 24,581

Effects of kanamycin on the p32-phosphate and S35-sulfate incorporation into the kanamycin-sensitive and kanamycin-resistant cells of Mycobacterium avium

Tsukamura, M.

Jour Biochem Tokyo 48(3): 425-431


Accession: 024580606

Kanamycin inhibited p32 incorporation to nucleic acid and protein, and S35 incorporation to CCl3COOH-Sol. and -insoluble (protein) fractions by the kanamycin-sensitive cells. No inhibition was observed with kanamycin-resistant cells, which rather showed higher rates of P32 and S35 incorporations in absence of kanamycin than the sensitive cells. The resistant cells were also characterized by having a higher ratio of ribonucleic acid/deoxyribonucleic acid.

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