Section 25
Chapter 24,600

Electromyographic findings in post-phlebitic syndrome

Tuvo, F.; Zar, E.

Angiologica 3(3): 193-203


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-3189
PMID: 5936217
Accession: 024599212

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Postphlebitic syndrome (P. P. S.) affects the electromyogram. There are: frequent spontaneous low frequency discharges of motor units; occasional appearance of typical "biplets", suggesting a tendency to tetany presumably connected with the anoxic condition of the muscle; abnormal tendency to a temporal summation in slight volitional movement; frequent and clear reduction of voltage in maximal volitional movement; abnormally long lasting potentials; mostly simplified potential contours with few polyphasic motor units; and these alterations uniformly distributed in the leg and foot muscles.

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