Section 25
Chapter 24,604

Electrophoresis of glucoproteins in serum and urine in certain renal diseases

Bryla, R.

Pol Tyg Lek 22(32): 1213-1216


Accession: 024603679

Electrophoresis of glucoproteins in the urine and serum was performed in 50 patients with pyelonephritis, acute and chronic glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndromes and in one case of Kimmelstiel-Wilson's syndrome. The mean values of albumin glucoproteins in the urine were always twice as high as in the serum. In pyelonephritis the pattern of glucoprotein changes in the urine resembled that in the serum with the [alpha]2 fraction prevailing in the serum as well as in urine. In glomerulonephritis and in the nephrotic syndromes the urinary glucoproteins differed greatly in the urine and in the serum. In the urine the [alpha]2 fraction was 1.5 to 2 times as high while the [alpha]2 fraction was 3 times lower than in the serum, the [alpha]l: [alpha]2 ratio was 5 times higher in the urine than in the serum. In chronic glomerulonephritis the level of [beta]-glucoproteins in the urine was raised.

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