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Enhanced ethanol production by fermentation of rice straw hydrolysate without detoxification using a newly adapted strain of Pichia stipitis

Huang, C.-F.; Lin, T.-H.; Guo, G.-L.; Hwang, W.-S.

Bioresource Technology 100(17): 3914-3920


ISSN/ISBN: 1873-2976
PMID: 19349164
DOI: 10.1016/j.biortech.2009.02.064
Accession: 024613150

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An enhanced inhibitor-tolerant strain of Pichia stipitis was successfully developed through adaptation to acid-treated rice straw hydrolysate. The ethanol production obtained by fermentation of NaOH-neutralized hydrolysate without detoxification using the adapted P. stipitis was comparable to fermentation of overliming-detoxified hydrolysate. The ethanol yield using the adapted P. stipitis with both types of hydrolysate at pH 5.0 achieved 0.45 g(p) g(s)(-1), which is equivalent to 87% of the maximum possible ethanol conversion. Furthermore, the newly adapted P. stipitis demonstrated significantly enhanced tolerance to sulfate and furfural despite the fact that both inhibitors had not been removed from the hydrolysate by NaOH neutralization. Finally, the ethanol conversion could be maintained at 60% and above when the neutralized hydrolysate contained 3.0% sulfate and 1.3gL(-1) furfural.

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