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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24639

Chapter 24639 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Evaluation and differential diagnosis of hiatal hernia
, American Journal Gastroenterol 41(6): 588-593 (1964)

Evaluation and documentation of cardio tocography results
, Gynaecologia 166(5): 410-423 (1968)

Evaluation and error of measurement in occlusion plethysmographic blood flow recording
, Acta Physiol Scand 60(1/2): 120-135 (1964)

Evaluation and execution of leucosis examinations in cattle stocks
, Arch Exp Veterinaermed 18(5): 1225-1245 (1964)

Evaluation and follow-up of state hospital patients who had sanity hearings
, American Journal of Psychiatry 118: 1078-1096 (1962)

Evaluation and in situ assessment of photodegradation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons in semipermeable membrane devices deployed in ocean water
, Environmental Pollution 157(3): 731-736 (2009)

Evaluation and interpretation of educational research results
, Journal of Dental Education 32(2): 179-184 (1968)

Evaluation and interpretation of the extent of the parasitic complex infestation in Brevicoryne-brassicae during winter
, Ann Univ Arers 5(3): 124-126 (1967)

Evaluation and Limitations of the Perchlorate Test in the Study of Thyroid Function
, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 23: 786-791 (1963)

Evaluation and management of irrigation water
, Bol Comp Admn Guano Peru 34(11): 15-24 (1958)

Evaluation and management of sloped lands for the culture of grapes d
, Congres International de la Vigne du Vin 12: 49-61 (1968)

Evaluation and mechanism of action of two hypotensive substituted diamines
, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 54(5): 727-730 (1965)

Evaluation and mechanisms of action of several experimental hypo -tensive agents
, Jour Pharmaceut Sci 51(4): 338-344 (1962)

Evaluation and methods for the measurement of the nutritive value of diets and feeds
, Zhivotnovodstvo 8: 35-40 (1960)

Evaluation and mode of action of anabolic steroids. Differentiation of action of various anabolic steroids
, F Gross, Editor Protein Metabolism An International Symposium p 170-184 (1962)

Evaluation and modification of an enzymatic method for blood sugar determination
, Scripta Medica 41(1): 15-18 (1968)

Evaluation and nature of the near-diploid cells of Chinese hamster in vitro
, Canadian Jour Genet And Ctyol 5(3): 307-317 (1963)

Evaluation and pharmacology of ergot and its pharmaceutical forms
, Pharm Weekbl 100(44): 1261-1282 (1965)

Evaluation And Prediction Of Physical Fitness, Utilizing Modified Apparatus Of The Harvard Step Test
, American Journal of Cardiology 14: 811-827 (1964)

Evaluation And Preparation Of Patients With Disorders Of Bleeding Before Or During Surgery
, American Journal of Cardiology 12: 313-316 (1963)

Evaluation and preparation of the patient with degenerative cardiovascular disease for major surgery
, Bulletin of the new York Academy of Medicine 32(6): 418-435 (1956)

Evaluation and production costs of the soybean crop in the Cauca Valley
, Agr Trop 23(2): 109-118 (1967)

Evaluation and provision of soil moisture in agriculture
, Probleme Agricole (12): 32-44 (1966)

Evaluation and reconsideration of endoscopic method under direct vision in diagnosing early gastric cancer with special reference to fiberscopic washing cytology
, Annual Report of the Center for Adult Diseases 8(1): 9-18 (1968)

Evaluation and reduction of risks panel discussion child radiation environment
, Pediatrics 41(1 PT 2): 368-370 (1968)

Evaluation and regulation of clinical laboratories
, Public Health Lab 15(6): 168-174 (1957)

Evaluation and relative resistance of 16 species of fish as test animals in toxiclty bioassays of petroleum refinery effluents
, Diss Abstr 25(2): 1420 (1964)

Evaluation and selection of yeasts isolated from dry-cured Iberian ham by their volatile compound production
, Food Chemistry 113(2): 457-463 (2009)

Evaluation and significance of chlumskys works concerning rheumatology
, Folia Facultatis Medicae Universitatis Comenianae Bratislaviensis 6(Suppl.): 111-114 (1968)

Evaluation and stuttering. III. Identification of stuttering and the use of a label
, Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders 27: 368-377 (1962)

Evaluation And Training In Clinical Diagnostic Skills
, Medical and Biological Illustration 13: 186-191 (1963)

Evaluation and treatment of wounds
, Medizinische Klinik 63(22): 887 (1968)

Evaluation and use of a large plastic scintillator for gamma counting
, Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 61: 317-323 (1963)

Evaluation and use of fungicides in barley commercial cultures in Colombia
, Agr Trop 23(7): 455-464 (1967)

Evaluation and use of fungicides in barley m in commercial plantations
, Anon Reunion Latinoamericana De Fitotecnia Resumenes De Los Trabajos Cientificos Vii (7th Latin America Plant Technique Meeting ) Maracay, Venezuela, September 17-23, 125-126 (1967)

Evaluation and use of mosquito repellents
, JAMA 196(3): 253-255 (1966)

Evaluation and use of various cultural substrates for research of Clostridium perfringens in food products
, Nuovi Ann Ig Microbiol 17(3): 178-182 (1966)

Evaluation and values in psychopathology and therapy
, Activitas Nerv Super 2(3): 260-265 (1960)

Evaluation andclinical interest of phenolsteroids
, Presse Med: 659-662 (1952)

Evaluation by continuously recording hypotonic hemolysis of various normal and pathological erythrocytes
, American Journal of the Medical Sciences 251(6): 656-663 (1966)

Evaluation By Dye Dilution Of The Pressure-Slope Method For Peripheral Run-Off
, Journal of Applied Physiology 19: 353-356 (1964)

Evaluation by electro-physiological methods of neurotoxic action of trichorethylene and some related substances
, BIOCHEM PHARMACOL 12(Suppl ): 157 (1963)

Evaluation by environmental problems by lay groups
, American Journal of Publ Health 45(2): 133-139 (1955)

Evaluation by the direct method of palumbo di martino of the quantitative variations of isolated thrombocytes and of platelet adhesiveness and agglutinability in some thrombocytopenic patients during cortico steroid therapy and after splenectomy
, Rassegna di Medicina Sperimentale 14(5): 205-224 (1967)

Evaluation criteria for deep trickling filters
, Jour Water Pollution Control Fed 33(8): 787-799 (1961)

Evaluation data on the shapes of udders in cows
, Zhivotnovodstvo 6: 43-46 (1959)

Evaluation de l'excitabilite neuromusculaire. Discussion theorique
, Compt Rend Acad Science paris 185(26): 1611-1613 (1927)

Evaluation de la surface du corps de l'homme Utilite et signification de la surface specifique
, Presse Med 37(37): 602-603 (1929)

Evaluation de la taille relative des bacteriophages par leur radiosensibilite
, Compt Rend Soc Biol 131(21): 959-961 (1939)

Evaluation during the development of a public health program in chronic disease; the Albany Cardiovascular Health Center
, American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 45(2): 140-150 (1955)

Evaluation for clinical purposes of a new method of optical registration of the serum protein fractions
, Ann Univ Mariae Curie Sklodowska Sect D Med 15(14): 129-134 (1960)

Evaluation for emergency planning of hazards from accidents involving stocks of radioactive material
, Health Phys 10(11): 823-832 (1964)

Evaluation for new rice lines by using the sign test
, Japan Jour Breeding 13(3): 196 (1963)

Evaluation for use efficiency of agricultural resources in grain production A case study of Changshu, Taihe and Ansai in China
, Chinese Geographical Science 19(1): 46-54 (2009)

Evaluation guides in developing new vegetable varieties
, Quick Frozen Foods 15(2): 59-61, 129-130 (1952)

Evaluation In Man Of The Effects Of An Anticholinergic Agent On Gastric Emptying By A Quantitative X-Ray Method
, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 145: 393-398 (1964)

Evaluation in continuing medical education
, JAMA 206(3): 625-628 (1968)

Evaluation in medical education: discussion
, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 133: 126-129 (1961)

Evaluation in public health practice
, American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 52: 1145-1154 (1962)

Evaluation in small angle strabismus or microtropia
, International Strabismus Symposium: An evaluation of the present status of orthoptics, pleoptics and related dlganostlc and treatment regimes 9-12 August, 1966 Glessen, West Ger XXth International Congress of Ophthalmology 14-19 August, 1966 Munich, West Ger 219-222 (1968)

Evaluation in the school health instruction program
, American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 47(5): 582-586 (1957)

Evaluation in the teaching of morphology
, Revista del Colegio Medico de Guatemala 18(4): 219-224 (1967)

Evaluation in twins of the efficacy of orotic acid as a growth factor
, Acta Vitaminol 16(5): 193-198 (1962)

Evaluation in vitro of the sensitivity of human tumors to chemo therapeutic agents
, Laval Medical 39(8): 703 (1968)

Evaluation methodology of monthly highest and lowest air temperatures in heat island phenomenon survey
, Atmospheric Science Letters 9(4): 222-225 (2008)

Evaluation methods for vibration effect iv measurement of vibration greatness for whole body and hand in vertical and horizontal vibrations
, Industrial Health 6(1/2): 1-10 (1968)

Evaluation methods for vibration effect part 6 measurements of unpleasant and tolerance limit levels for sinusoidal vibrations
, Industrial Health 6(1-2): 18-27 (1968)

Evaluation methods for vibration effect the vibration greatness of the pulses human
, Industrial Health 6(4): 143-164 (1968)

Evaluation methods for vibration effect v calculation method of vibration greatness level on compound vibrations industrial workers
, Industrial Health 6(1/2): 11-17 (1968)

Evaluation methods for vibration effect: 3 Measurements of threshold and sequal sensation contours on hand for vertical and horizontal sinusoidal vibrations
, Ind Health 5(3/4): 213-220 (1967)

Evaluation methods for vibration effect: I Measurements of threshold and equal sensation contours of whole body for vertical and horizontal vibrations
, Ind Health 5(3/4): 183-205 (1967)

Evaluation methods for vibration effects: 2 Measurement of equal sensation level for whole body between vertical and horizontal sinusoidal vibration
, Ind Health 5(3/4): 206-212 (1967)

Evaluation methods of fats used for frying
, Vyziva Lidu 23(2): 37-38 (1968)

Evaluation needs for waste control
, Jour Water Pollution Control Fed 34(1): 36-39 (1962)

Evaluation non-allergic milk for osteoporotics
, Fed Proc: 79 (1962)

Evaluation of -galactosidase activity by paper chromatography
, Enzymologia 25(3): 157-166 (1963)

Evaluation of 1 -hydrazinophthalazine as the sole antipressor in the treatment of hypertensive disease
, Jour Lab And Clin Med 40(6): 954 (1952)

Evaluation of 1-threitol, 1, 4-dimethanesulfonate in human malignancies
, Proceedings American Assoc Cancer Res 4(1): 39 (1963)

Evaluation of 102 cases of prostatic carcinoma and 6 cases of prostatic sarcoma with experimental results Abstract
, Wiss Zeit Karl Marx Univ Leipzig 11(2): 370 (1962 )

Evaluation of 13,797 routine cervical smears in a cytology center
, Obstetrics and Gynecology 6(5): 487-492 (1955)

Evaluation of 14 nonlinear deformation algorithms applied to human brain MRI registration
, Neuroimage 46(3): 786-802 (2009)

Evaluation of 16 anti motion sickness drugs under controlled laboratory conditions human dextroamphetamine sulfate autonomic 1 scopolamine hydro bromide cent depress
, U S Naval Aerospace Medical Institute (Pensacola) NAMI (983): 1-10 (1968)

Evaluation of 160 varieties of gladiolus for resistance to Fusarium yellows, 1958
, Plant Dis Reporter 42(12): 1405-1407 (1958)

Evaluation of 17 ketosteroids in the normal rat An ex-periment with ACTH and cortisone
, Rev Soc Argentina Biol 5: 97-100 (1954)

Evaluation of 17 strawberry varieties on the Carpathian foothills
, Prace Inst Sadown W Skiern 4: 69-82 (1959)

Evaluation of 1954 field trial of poliomyelitis vaccine: synopsis of summary report
, American Journal of the Medical Sciences 229(6): 603-612 (1955)

Evaluation of 2 azido 4 isopropylamino 6 methylthio s triazine c 7019 for weed control in vegetable crops
, Bawden, Sir Fredrick (President) Proceedings Of The 9th British Weed Control Conference Held Nov 18-21, at Brighton, England Symposium Xv+532 (Vol 1); Xxii+533-1045p (Vol 2); Vi+1053-1368p (Vol 3) Illus 361-366 (1968)

Evaluation of 2 monoamine oxidase inhibitors in the therapy of arterial hypertension
, American Journal of Medicine Science 238(3): 336-343 (1959)

Evaluation of 2 suggested factors determining the specificity of penta chloronitro benzene fungic rhizotonia solani pythium fusarium uptake reduction of penta chloronitro benzene to penta chloro aniline
, Phytopathology 58(12): 1715-1716 (1968)

Evaluation of 2,3,5-triphenyl tetrazolium chloride for obtaining pathogenic types from stock cultures of halo blight and common blight organisms
, Plant Pis Reporter 40(7): 628 (1956)

Evaluation of 250 post mortem blood cultures coliform bacteria enterococcus sp clostridium perfringins proteus vulgaris staphylococcus aureus diplococcus pneumoniae
, Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Medicas Universidad Nacional de Cordoba 26(2): 183-193 (1968)

Evaluation of 3 surgical techniques in surgery of oto sclerosis
, Boletin del Hospital Oftalmologico de Nuestra Senora de la Luz 20(67): 119-121 (1967)

Evaluation of 3,4-methyl-enedioxyamphetamine as an adjunct to psychotherapy
, Med Pharmacol Exp 17(4): 359-364 (1967)

Evaluation of 4 cereal grain and 3 protein level combinations for layer performance barley m oats m wheat m corn m
, Poultry Science 47(3): 1000-1004 (1968)

Evaluation of 4 compounds for the prevention of blackhead lesions and mortality in growing turkeys
, Poultry Sci 43(5): 1367-1368 (1964)

Evaluation of 4-androstene-3B, 17B-diol diacetate in the treatment of advanced breast cancer
, Pincus and Vollmer, Eds Biological activities of steroids in relation to cancer p 385-388 (1960)

Evaluation of 5 hours and 24 hours duration of urine collection for assessing diuretic activity in rats
, Arch Internatl Pharmacodyn Et Ther 142(3/4): 539-549 (1963)

Evaluation of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in some hematological disorders including thrombocythemias human
, Boletin del Instituto de Estudios Medicos y Biologicos Universidad Nacional de Mexico 24(1/2/3): 159-166 (1966)

Evaluation of 5-fluorouracil in the treatment of cancer
, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 25: 133-140 (1960)

Evaluation of 52 cases who have had complete repair of anom tetralogy of fallot abstract
, Circulation 38(4 Suppl. 6): VI-82 (1968)

Evaluation of 6-mercaptopurine in the treatment of leukemia; a preliminary report
, Stanford Medical Bulletin 11(4): 237-240 (1953)

Evaluation of 60Co as substitute for radium in the treatment of carcinoma of the cervix uteri
, Vopr Onkol Transl 6(9): 1340-1349 (1960)

Evaluation of (64)Cu(DO3A-xy-TPEP) as a potential PET radiotracer for monitoring tumor multidrug resistance
, Bioconjugate Chemistry 20(4): 790-798 (2009)

Evaluation of 8 different methods for the detection of incomplete Rh-antibodies on 50 anti-D sera
, Internatl Congress Microbiol Proceedings Sixth 2: 300-302 (1955)

Evaluation of 8 pastures by animal production grass m legume d sheep
, Proceedings of the Australian Society of Animal Production 8: 92-98 (1968)

Evaluation of 8 species of fish for aquatic weed control ctenopharyngodon idella cyprinus carpio tilapia
, FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Fisheries Reports 44(5): 109-122 (1968)

Evaluation of 99mTc(CO)5I as a potential lung perfusion agent
, Nuclear Medicine and Biology 36(1): 73-79 (2009)

Evaluation of A Unified Regional Air-quality Modeling System AURAMS using PrAIRie2005 field study data the effects of emissions data accuracy on particle sulphate predictions
, Atmospheric Environment 43(11): 1864-1877 (2009)

Evaluation of ACTH stress method and insulin test in estimating the spread of gastric carcinoma
, Acta Medica et Biologica 9: 233-243 (1961)

Evaluation of Activated Carbon Adsorbents for CO2 Capture in Gasification
, Energy and Fuels 23(5): 2790-2796 (2009)

Evaluation of Aegilops tauschii for Heading Date and Its Gene Location in a Re-synthesized Hexaploid Wheat
, Agricultural Sciences in China 8(1): 1-7 (2009)

Evaluation of Alternative Protein Sources to Replace Fish Meal in Practical Diets for Juvenile Tilapia, Oreochromis spp
, Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 40(1): 113-121 (2009)

Evaluation of alternatives to methyl bromide in melon crops in Guatemala
, Microbial Ecology 57(2): 379-383 (2009)

Evaluation of Amberlite IRC-718 Chelating Ion Exchange Resin in Loading-Elution-Regeneration Cycles for the Separation and Recovery of Strontium from Alkaline Radioactive Waste
, Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 26(6): 687-698 (2008)

Evaluation of antiproliferative activities and action mechanisms of extracts from two species of Ganoderma on tumor cell lines
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 57(8): 3087-3093 (2009)

Evaluation of archival time on shotgun proteomics of formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissues
, Journal of Proteome Research 8(2): 917-925 (2009)

Evaluation of arsenic and other physico-chemical parameters of surface and ground water of Jamshoro, Pakistan
, Journal of Hazardous Materials 166(2-3): 662-669 (2009)

Evaluation of Artemisia annua infusion efficacy for the treatment of malaria in Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi infected mice
, Experimental Parasitology 122(4): 344-348 (2009)

Evaluation of Automotive Varnish as a Coating for Density Measurements of Soil Clods
, Soil Science Society of America Journal 73(2): 449 (2009)

Evaluation of Bacterial Community Structure and Its Influence on Sulfide Oxidation in a Bio-Leaching Environment
, Geomicrobiology Journal 26(1): 44-54 (2009)

Evaluation of bone growth using artificial bone substitute (osteoset) and platelet gel mixtures: a preliminarily study in dogs
, Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes, and Immobilization Biotechnology 37(2): 78-84 (2009)

Evaluation of butyl rubber as sorbent material for the removal of oil and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from seawater
, Environmental Science and Technology 43(10): 3846-3852 (2009)

Evaluation of CI-564, a x:l mixture of cycloguanil pamoate and 4,4'-diacetylamino-diphenylsulfone , against multiresistant falciparum malarias
, American Journal Trop Medicine Hygiene 16(5): 580-584 (1967)

Evaluation of Canadian poliomyelitis vaccination program, 1955
, Canadian Journal of Public Health 47(3): 104-110 (1956)

Evaluation of Candidate Reference Genes for Real-Time Quantitative PCR of Plant Samples Using Purified cDNA as Template
, Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 27: 407-416 (2009)

Evaluation of Catamine A as a disinfectant
, Tr Tsentr Nauch Issled Dezinfekts Inst 17: 97-101 (1965)

Evaluation of Chlorofusin, its Seven Chromophore Diastereomers, and Key Analogues
, Tetrahedron Letters 50(26): 3151-3153 (2009)

Evaluation of Choumoellier as a rabi forage crop for Bihar
, Proceedings Bihar Acad Agric Science 2/3: 31-37 (1954)

Evaluation of clorpactin WCS-50 as a bactericidal wash for crab and oyster meats
, Applied Microbiology 5(3): 137-140 (1957)

Evaluation of combined direct-push methods used for aquifer model generation
, Ground Water 47(4): 536-546 (2009)

Evaluation of Congo red test for the function of the reticuloendothelial system
, Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 79: 62-76 (1963)

Evaluation of consortia of microorganisms for efficient removal of hexavalent chromium from industrial wastewater
, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 82(5): 597-600 (2009)

Evaluation of continuous mesophilic anaerobic sludge digestion after high temperature microwave pretreatment
, Water Research 43(5): 1273-1284 (2009)

Evaluation of coupled perturbed and density functional methods of computing the parity-violating energy difference between enantiomers
, Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere 39(5): 439-457 (2009)

Evaluation of Cuban High Test syrup in chick rations
, Poultry Sci 35(3): 558-562 (1956)

Evaluation of cytokine production from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of type 1 diabetic patients
, Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 1150: 290-296 (2008)

Evaluation of DNA synthesis by autoradiography: n. Observations on G2 period and mitotic time of human lipogenic sarcoma cell line
, Indian J Exp Biol 3(1): 20-24 (1965)

Evaluation of Darwins' hypothesis about two modes of speciation
, Vestnik Leningrad Univ Ser Biol 21(3): 5-15 (1966)

Evaluation of Different Methods of Calculating of Skull Capacity from Lineal Measurements
, Ceskoslov Morfol 10(2): 220-233 (1962)

Evaluation of different procedures for the optimized detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in mussels and environmental samples
, International Journal of Food Microbiology 129(3): 229-236 (2009)

Evaluation of Different Soil Carbon Determination Methods
, Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences 28(3): 164-178 (2009)

Evaluation of Digestible Energy and Protein for Growth and Nitrogen Retention in Juvenile Florida Pompano, Trachinotus carolinus
, Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 40(1): 45-57 (2009)

Evaluation of digital optical method to determine plume opacity during nighttime
, Environmental Science and Technology 43(3): 783-789 (2009)

Evaluation of Digitalis leaves by chemical and biologic methods. 2. Comparative investigations with different Digitalis species
, Sci Pharmaceut 19: 73-87 (1951)

Evaluation of Digitalis purpurea leaves. Ann. Pharmaceut
, Francaises 18: 324-328 (1960)

Evaluation of Direct-Oxidative DNA Damage on Human Lung Epithelial Cells Exposed to Urban Airborne Particulate Matter
, Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus 9(1-2): 69-77 (2009)

Evaluation of Dr. Szirmai's method of treating thrombosis with neomyograms resp. neomyographs
, Acta Medicinae Okayama 15: 329-334 (1961)

Evaluation of Dubos' solid medium containing penicillin in the isolation of tubercle bacilli
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 70(4): 589-591 (1949)

Evaluation of E. C. G. changes of the psychovegetative syndrome in internist practice
, Wien Med Wochenschr 117(7): 167-169 (1967)

Evaluation of EEG in some problems related to labor
, Med Segur Trab Madrid 13(53): 53-58 (1965)

Evaluation of EEG patterns of newborn babies
, American Journal of Psychiatry 118: 1125-1131 (1962)

Evaluation of EGNOS Tropospheric Delay Model in South-Eastern Europe
, Journal of Navigation 62(2): 341 (2009)

Evaluation of endocrine disrupting effects of nitrate after in utero exposure in rats and of nitrate and nitrite in the H295R and T-screen assay
, Toxicological Sciences 108(2): 437-444 (2009)

Evaluation of environmental sampling methods and rapid detection assays for recovery and identification of Listeria spp. from meat processing facilities
, Journal of Food Protection 72(4): 696-701 (2009)

Evaluation of equol function on anti- or prooxidant status in vivo
, Journal of Food Science 74(2): H65-H71 (2009)

Evaluation of FABP2 as candidate gene for a fatty acid composition QTL in porcine chromosome 8
, Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 126(1): 52-58 (2009)

Evaluation of Frei antigen prepared from infected yolk-sac of developing chick embryo
, Jour Bact 41(6): 785 (1941)

Evaluation of fuadin therapy in schistosomiasis japonica
, Journal of the Philippine Medical Association 27(4): 234-241 (1951)

Evaluation of Galton's macroscopic slide test for the serodiagnosis of leptospirosis in human serum samples
, Annales des Societes Belges de Medecine Tropicale de Parasitologie et de Mycologie 46(1): 123-133 (1966)

Evaluation of genetic variation in the clown Knifefish, Chitala chitala, using allozymes, RAPD, and microsatellites
, Biochemical Genetics 47(3-4): 216-234 (2009)

Evaluation of Genotoxic Effects of Xenobiotics in Fishes Using Comet AssayaA Review
, Unknown (2009)

Evaluation of Gram staining
, Jour Bact 40(1): 143 (1940)

Evaluation of Granulysin and Perforin as Candidate Biomarkers for Protection Following Vaccination with Mycobacterium bovis BCG or M bovis RD1
, Unknown (2009)

Evaluation of Greenwaste Mulch to Control Runoff Quality from Landfill Sites During Frequent Storms
, Water, Air and Soil Pollution 201(1-4): 75-85 (2009)

Evaluation of H and 0 antigens in agglutination tests for typhoid fever
, Jour Of Lab And Clin Med 24(6): 567-573 (1939)

Evaluation of Harvard step test with respect to factors of height and weight
, Internatl Zeitschr Angew Physiol 17: 115-119 (1958)

Evaluation of hetrazan as an anthelmintic in children
, Public Health Reports 69(11): 1087-1090 (1954)

Evaluation of high-resolution X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy for the chemical speciation of binary titanium compounds
, Analytical Chemistry 81(5): 1770-1776 (2009)

Evaluation of human relevance and mode of action for tunica vaginalis mesotheliomas resulting from oral exposure to acrylamide
, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 53(2): 134-149 (2009)

Evaluation of Hunter citrus colorimeter for measuring the color of orange juices
, Food Technol 20(5): 109-111 (1966)

Evaluation of I131 fixation test for diagnosis of thyroid diseases
, Vojnosanitetski Pregl 21(9): 533-539 (1964)

Evaluation of I131 labelled diodrast renograms with suggestions on improving the technique
, Med Ann Dist Columbia 28(6): 324-329 (1958)

Evaluation of IRES-mediated, cell-type-specific cytotoxicity of poliovirus using a colorimetric cell proliferation assay
, Journal of Virological Methods 155(1): 44-54 (2009)

Evaluation of ISO enrichment real-time PCR methods with internal amplification control for detection of Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella enterica in fresh fruit and vegetables
, Letters in Applied Microbiology 49(1): 105-111 (2009)

Evaluation of intra-abdominal disease of obscure cause
, JAMA 200(12): 1124-1124 (1967)

Evaluation of isuprelfranol in the treatment of the asthmatic attack
, Annals of Allergy 14(2): 194-196 (1956)

Evaluation of Japanese B encephalitis vaccine. I. General background and methods
, American Journal of Hygiene 63(3): 217-227 (1956)

Evaluation of Japanese B encephalitis vaccine. II. Serologic response following subcutaneous and intradermal administration
, American Journal of Hygiene 63(3): 228-229 (1956)

Evaluation of Japanese B encephalitis vaccine. III. Okayama field trial, 1946-1949
, American Journal of Hygiene 63(3): 230-237 (1956)

Evaluation of Japanese B encephalitis vaccine. IV. Pattern of serological response to vaccination over a five-year period in an endemic area
, American Journal of Hygiene 63(3): 238-249 (1956)

Evaluation of Kato's thick smear technic with a cellophane cover for helminth I hookworm. Ascaris eggs in feces
, Jap J Med Sci Biol 19(1): 59-64 (1966)

Evaluation of Kheifets's medium for rapid detection of Escherichia coli in washings
, Lab Delo 6: 364-366 (1964)

Evaluation of Kolin type electromagnetic flowmeter and the pressure gradient technique
, Journal of Applied Physiology 17: 372-374 (1962)

Evaluation of l-glutamine for cryopreservation of boar spermatozoa
, Animal Reproduction Science 115(1-4): 149-157 (2009)

Evaluation of levels of defect sites present in highly ordered pyrolytic graphite electrodes using capacitive and faradaic current components derived simultaneously from large-amplitude Fourier transformed ac voltammetric experiments
, Analytical Chemistry 81(2): 584-594 (2009)

Evaluation of local ecological knowledge as a method for collecting extensive data on animal abundance
, Conservation Biology 23(3): 617-625 (2012)

Evaluation of Macaca mulatta as a model for genotoxicity studies
, Mutation Research 673(1): 21-28 (2009)

Evaluation of Macruz' index based on postmortal atrial measurements
, Acta Pathologica et Microbiologica Scandinavica 54: 203-208 (1962)

Evaluation of Merion Kentucky bluegrass florets
, Proceedings Assoc Offic Seed Anal 48: 51-52 (1958)

Evaluation of Metarhizium anisopliae strains as potential biocontrol agents of the tick Rhipicephalus Boophilus microplus and the cotton stainer Dysdercus peruvianus
, Fungal Ecology 1(2-3): 78-88 (2008)

Evaluation of Microbial Community Activity, Abundance and Structure in a Semiarid Soil Under Cadmium Pollution at Laboratory Level
, Water, Air and Soil Pollution 203(1-4): 229-242 (2009)

Evaluation of Mn concentration provided by soil in citrus-growing regions
, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 67(1-2): 27-34 (2009)

Evaluation of Model Simulated Atmospheric Constituents with Observations in the Factor Projected Space CMAQ Simulations of SEARCH Measurements
, Atmospheric Environment 43(11): 1839-1849 (2009)

Evaluation of N-haloacyl analogs of , -diphenyl-4-piperidinemethanol against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in mice
, J Pharm Sci 55(5): 529 (1966)

Evaluation of NSF research participation program for high school teachers
, American Biol Teachers 24(5): 344-345 (1962)

Evaluation of Nanogen MGB Alert Detection Reagents in a multiplex real-time PCR for influenza virus types A and B and respiratory syncytial virus
, Journal of Virological Methods 156(1-2): 124-128 (2009)

Evaluation of Neoseiulus cucumeris and Amblyseius swirskii Acari Phytoseiidae as biological control agents of chilli thrips, Scirtothrips dorsalis Thysanoptera Thripidae on pepper
, Biological Control 49.1 (2009)

Evaluation of O, O-dialkyl O-cyanophenyl phosphates and phosphorothioates as insecticides
, Agric And Biol Chem 25(10): 773-777 (1961)

Evaluation of Ochrobactrum anthropi TRS-2 and its talc based formulation for enhancement of growth of tea plants and management of brown root rot disease
, Journal of Applied Microbiology 107(2): 625-634 (2010)

Evaluation of oxidative stress, antioxidant status and serum vitamin C levels in cancer patients
, Biological Trace Element Research 130(1): 1-6 (2009)

Evaluation of PCR-DGGE methodology to monitor fungal communities on grapes
, Journal of Applied Microbiology 107(4): 1208-1218 (2010)

Evaluation of PCR-based assay in human serum samples for diagnosis of fatal cases of spotted fever group rickettsiosis
, Clinical Microbiology and Infection 15(Suppl. 2): 232-234 (2010)

Evaluation of Paris green for plant protection
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Evaluation of Pb and Ni Mobility to Groundwater in Calcareous Urban Soils of Ancona, Italy
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