Section 25
Chapter 24,676

Factors affecting solubilization of the nitrogen constituents of the Mung bean, Phaseolus aureus

Djang, S.S.T.; Lillevik, H.A.; Ball, C.D.

Cereal Chemistry 30(3): 230-235


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-0352
Accession: 024675156

The degree of solubilization of nitrogenous compounds from Phaseolus aureus with 0.4 [image] sodium chloride solns. was enhanced by a decrease in particle size and by employing a high ratio of sample to solvent. With 60 mesh meal, solubilization was essentially complete, using either hand or mechanical shaking. By successive extractions, 60% of the N was removed in the 1st extract, about 10% in the 2d and about 5% in a 3d extraction. The yield of solubilized N from lipide-free meal was greater than with lipide containing meal providing the temp. was below about 45[degree]C, whereas at higher temps. the opposite effect was apparent. The influence of hydrogen ion activity on solubility was reduced by the presence of NaCl.

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