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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 24685

Chapter 24685 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Christakis, G.; Severinghaus, E.L.; Maldonado, Z.; Kafatos, F.; Hasegawa, K.; Hashim, S.A., 1963:
Fatty acid patterns of subcutaneous fat in male inhabitants of Crete

Baker, N.; Bloom, A.; Blahd, W.H., 1959:
Fatty acid peroxide formation in tissue homogenates from mice with a hereditary myopathy

Aoyama, S.; Ota, H.; Fujishiro, N.; Kawashima, S.; Iwahashi, H., 1967:
Fatty acid peroxides and antioxidants in rabbit tissue

Borick, P.M.; Sarra, J.F., 1961:
Fatty acid production by flora of the axillae and inhibition by deodorants

Silbert, D.F.; Ruch, F.; Vagelos, P.R.y, 1968:
Fatty acid replacements in a fatty acid auxotrophy of Escherichia coli

Kato, M., 1967:
Fatty acid requirements of Drosophila

Razin, S.; Rottem, S., 1963:
Fatty Acid Requirements Of Mycoplasma Laidlawii

Sugano, M.; Portman, O.W., 1964:
Fatty Acid Specificities And Rates Of Cholesterol Esterification In Vivo And In Vitro

Sugano, M.; Chinen, I.; Wada, M., 1966 :
Fatty acid specificity of cholesterol esterifications in classes of serum lipoproteins of the chickens

Meinertz, H., 1964:
Fatty acid specificity of epinephrine-induced lipolysis in adipose tissue

Stein, Robert A., 1961:
Fatty acid structure determination by chemical means

Bortz, W.M.; Larsen, N.P.; Civin, W.H., 1958:
Fatty acid supplements to the cholesterolfed rabbit; effect on serum lipids and atherosclerosis

Shigeta, Y.; Oji, N.; Hoshi, M.; Kang, M., 1966:
Fatty acid synthesis and gluconeogenesis in rats fed a high caloric diet

Reeves, H.C.; Rabin, R.; Wegener, W.S.; Ajl, S.J., 1967:
Fatty acid synthesis and metabolism in microorganisms

Anonymous, 1949:
Fatty acid synthesis bv enzyme preparations of Clostridium kluyveri IV The phosphoroclastic decomposition of acetoacetate to acetyl phosphate and acetate

Anonymous, 1949:
Fatty acid synthesis by Clostridium kluyveri V A consideration of postulated 4-carbon intermediates in butyrate synthesis

Jacob, M.I., 1962:
Fatty acid synthesis by adipose tissue of humans

Quagliariello E.; Landriscina C.; Coratelli P., 1968:
Fatty acid synthesis by chain elongation in rat liver mitochondria acetyl coenzyme a

Anonymous, 1949 :
Fatty acid synthesis by enzyme preparations of Clostridium kluyveri III The activation of molecular hydrogen and the conversion of acetyl phosphate and acetate to butyrate

Stadtman, E.R.; Barker, H.A., 1950:
Fatty acid synthesis by enzyme preparations of Clostridium kluyveri. VI. Reactions of acyl phosphates

Cheniae, G.M.; Kerr, P.C., 1965:
Fatty Acid Synthesis By Extracts Of Euglena

Yamada, Mitsuhiro, 1966:
Fatty acid synthesis by particulate fraction from germinating castor bean seeds

Nasr, K.; Heinemann, H.O., 1962:
Fatty acid synthesis by rabbit lung tissue

Hele, P.; Popjak, G., 1955:
Fatty acid synthesis by soluble enzyme preparations from rabbit mammary gland

Tombropoulos, Elias G., 1964:
Fatty acid synthesis by subcellular fraction of lung tissue

Howard C.F.Jr, 1968:
Fatty acid synthesis from 2 carbon 14 glucose and carbon 14 acetate in athero sclerotic and normal aorta abstract rabbit

Bortz, W.; Abraham, S.; Chaikoff, I.L.; Dozier, W.E., 1962:
Fatty acid synthesis from acetate by human liver homogenate fractions

Chaikoff, L.L., 1960:
Fatty acid synthesis from acetate by normal and diabetic rat liver homogenate fractions H Effect of microsomes and oxidation of substrates

Abraham, S.; Matthes, K.J.; Chaikoff, I.L., 1960:
Fatty acid synthesis from acetate by normal and diabetic rat liver homogenate fractions. I. A comparison of cofactor requirements

Shigeta, Yukio; Shreeve, Walton W., 1964:
Fatty Acid Synthesis From Glucose-I-H3 And Glucose-I-C14 In Obese-Hyperglycemic Mice

Lynen, F., 1962:
Fatty acid synthesis from malonyl CoA

Hubbard, D.D.; Allmann, D.W.; Mclain, G.S.; Gibson, D.M., 1961:
Fatty acid synthesis from malonyl CoA in liver from starved rats refed a fat-free diet

Allman, D.W.; Gibson, D.M., 1962:
Fatty acid synthesis from malonyl in linoleate deficiency

Knivett, V.A.; Cullen, J., 1967:
Fatty acid synthesis in Escherichia coli

Pierard, A.; Goldman, D.S., 1962:
Fatty acid synthesis in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Martin, D.B.; Vagelos, P.R.y, 1965:
Fatty acid synthesis in adipose tissue

Horning, M.G.; Martin, D.B.; Karmen, A.; Vagelos, P.R., 1961:
Fatty acid synthesis in adipose tissue. II. Enzymatic synthesis of branched chain and odd-numbered fatty acids

Coniglio, J.G.; Windler, F.J.; Mccalla, M.A., 1964:
Fatty acid synthesis in cell-free preparations of lactating mammary glands of fed and starved rats

Iliffe, J.; Myant, N.B., 1964 :
Fatty acid synthesis in cell-free preparations of rat liver containing phosphorylating mitochondria

Hulsmann, W.C., 1960:
Fatty acid synthesis in heart sarcosomes

Miras, C.J.; Mantzos, J.D.; Levis, G.M., 1965:
Fatty acid synthesis in human leucocytes

Blomstrand, R., 1966:
Fatty acid synthesis in human lymphocytes

Tame, M.J.; Kils, R., 1967:
Fatty acid synthesis in intestinal mucosa of guinea pig

Christ, E.J., 1968:
Fatty acid synthesis in mitochondria. Elongation of short-chain fatty acids and formation of unsaturated long-chain fatty acids

Grozdova, M.D., 1967:
Fatty acid synthesis in rabbit myocardial tissue

Duncombe, W.G., 1968:
Fatty acid synthesis in rat adipose tissue. Tracer concentration effects in vitro

Bernhard, K.; Pedersen, W., 1963:
Fatty acid synthesis in rat brain

Landriscina C.; Coratelli P.; Gnoni G.V.; Quagliariello E., 1968:
Fatty acid synthesis in rat liver mitochondria part 6 enzymatic sub mitochondrial localization and the effect of citrate

Landriscina C.; Gnoni G.V.; Coratelli P.; Quagliariello E., 1968:
Fatty acid synthesis in rat liver mitochondria part 7 the sole presence of synthetic chain lengthening in this system

Quagliariello E.; Landriscina C.; Coratelli P.; Gnoni G.V., 1968:
Fatty acid synthesis in rat liver mitochondria part 8 evidence against malonate participation in this system

Doering, C.H.; Tarver, H., 1965:
Fatty Acid Synthesis In Vitro In A System From Rat Liver

Norris, A.T.; Matsumura, S.; Bloch, K., 1964:
Fatty acid synthetase and -hydroxydecanoyl coenzyme A dehydrase from Escherichia coli

Klein, H.P.; Volkmann, C.M.; Chao, F.C., 1967:
Fatty acid synthetase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Rosenfeld, William D., 1948:
Fatty acid transformations by anaerobic bac-eria

Hamosh, M.; Atia, R.; Shapiro, B., 1966:
Fatty acid uptake and esterification by fish muscle

Sauer, F., 1960:
Fatty acid, cholesterol, and acetoacetate biosynthesis in liver homogenates from normal and starved guinea pigs

Moskowitz, M.S., 1967:
Fatty acid-induced steatosis in monolayer cell cultures

Christie W.W.; Gunstone F.D.; Ismail I.A.; Wade L., 1968:
Fatty acids 17 the synthesis and inst chromatographic and inst spectroscopic properties of the cyclo propane esters derived from all the methyl octa decenoates delta 2 delta 17 inst nuclear magnetic resonance

Tamaki T.; Kazawi S., 1967:
Fatty acids alcohols and hydro carbons in the body lipid of ceroplastes pseudoceriferus ceroplastes japonicus and ceroplastes rubens homoptera coccidae

Tamaki Y.; Kawai S., 1968:
Fatty acids alcohols and hydro carbons in the waxy covering of ceroplastes pseudoceriferus ceroplastes japonicus and ceroplastes rubens homoptera coccidae

W.H.Storey, 1960:
Fatty acids analysis by high resolution nuclear spin resonance A preliminary evaluation

Altrock K.; Debuch H., 1968:
Fatty acids and aldehydes of brain phospho lipids during fetal and infant development in man inst gas chromatography

Lecerf, J-Michel., 2009:
Fatty acids and cardiovascular disease

Shugam, N.A.; Shnaidman, L.O., 1967:
Fatty acids and phospholipids in sea buckthorn oil

Scholefield, P.G., 1963:
Fatty acids and their analogues

Carlson, W.W.; Whiteside Carlson, V.; Kospetos, K., 1950:
Fatty acids as biotin substitutes for Leuconostoc

Johnson, G.T., 1957:
Fatty acids as carbon sources for the growth of Spicaria violacea

Gainey, P.L., 1928:
Fatty acids as sources of energy for Azotobacter

Cho, K.Y.; Salton, M.R.J., 1966:
Fatty acids composition of bacterial membrane and wall lipids

Tsuchiya, Y.; Kayama, M., 1955:
Fatty acids composition of saury oil by spectrophotometric method

Williams, P.M., 1965:
Fatty acids derived from lipids of marine origin

Lange, Gordon Lloyd, 1963:
Fatty acids found as minor constituents in naturally occurring lipids

Brian, B.L.; Gardner, E.W., 1968:
Fatty acids from Vibrio cholerae lipids

Cole, B.T.; Anderson, N.G., 1961:
Fatty acids from lipids of rat liver microsomes

Cason, J.; Allen, C.F.; Deacetis, W.; Fonken, G.J., 1956:
Fatty acids from the lipides of non-virulent strains of the tubercle bacillus

Chandrasekhar, S.; Demonte, A.J.; Subramanian, T.A., 1958:
Fatty acids from the lipids of streptomycin resistant tubercle bacilli

Horche, T.; Rodriguez, E.; Jimenez, J.; Linaza, J.L.; D.R.fols, W., 1955:
Fatty acids from the root of Taraxacum Kok-saghyz

Ching, T.M., 1961:
Fatty acids in Douglas fir seeds

Kato, M., 1965:
Fatty Acids In Drosophila Melanogaster. I. The Qualitative Analysis Of Unsaturated Fatty Acids In Drosophila Melanogaster

Kato, Mikio, 1967:
Fatty acids in Drosophila melanogaster III Characterization of component fatty acids by paper chromatography

Hollis, J.P.; Rodriguez-Kabana, R., 1967:
Fatty acids in Louisiana rice fields

Holton, R.W.; Blecker, H.H.; Stevens, T.S., 1968:
Fatty acids in blue-green algae: possible relation to phylogenetic position

Parker, P.L.; Leo, R.F., 1965:
Fatty Acids in Blue-Green Algal Mat Communities

Oyama, K.; Imaichi, K., 1963:
Fatty Acids In Commercially Available Margarine

Standifer, L.N., 1966:
Fatty acids in dandelion pollen gathered by honey bees, Apis mellifera

Parker, P.L.; Van Baalen, C.; Maurer, L., 1967:
Fatty acids in eleven species of blue-green algae: geochemical significance

Foote, J.L.ndsley; Allen, R.J.; A.R.noff, B.W., 1965:
Fatty acids in esters and cerebrosides of human brain phenylketonuria

Asp, Nils-Georg, 2006:
Fatty acids in focus - the good and the bad ones

K.A.vidsson; A.-M.G.stavsson; K.M.rtinsson, 2009:
Fatty acids in forages A comparison of different pre-treatments prior to analysis

Ciagett, C.O., 1961:
Fatty acids in germinating tobacco seed, effects of respiration

Lisowska E., 1968:
Fatty acids in m and n blood group substances human horse erythrocyte mucoid inst gas liquid chromatography

Katz, M.A.; Dugan, L.R.; Dawson, L.E., 1966:
Fatty acids in neutral lipids and phospholopids from chicken tissues

Baraud J., 1968:
Fatty acids in parinarium holstii d seeds

Williams, J.H.; Kuchmak, M.; Witter, R.F., 1966:
Fatty acids in phospholipids isolated from human red cells

Ito, T.; Johnson, R.M., 1964:
Fatty acids in phospholipids of liver mitochondria from unsaturated fatty acid deficient rats

Parker, Patrick L., 1967:
Fatty acids in recent sediment

Maurer, L.G.; Parker, P.L., 1967:
Fatty acids in sea grasses and marsh plants

Tuna, N.; Logothetis, J.; Kammereck, R., 1963:
Fatty acids in spinal fluid and serum of patients with demyelinating disorders

Salvioli, G.F.; Spanio, L., 1965:
Fatty acids in the normal or cirrhotic human liver analyzed by means of gas-chromatography

L.B.eton E.; Lemarchal P., 1967:
Fatty acids in the trans form in animal physiology new acquisitions rat

Chisholm, M.J.; Hopkins, C.Y., 1965:
Fatty acids of Doxantha seed oil

Hofheinz, W.; Grisebach, H., 1965:
Fatty acids of Streptomyces erythreus and Streptomyces halstedii

Brian, B.L.; Gardner, E.W., 1966:
Fatty acids of Vibrio cholerae

Tejada, Carlos, 1961:
Fatty acids of adipose tissue and plasma lipids of Guatemalan and North American nondiabetics and diabetics

Yao M.G., 1968:
Fatty acids of bacillus polymyxa and bacillus stearothermophilus as influenced by temperature

Greenberg, L.D., 1964:
Fatty acids of blood phospholipids in monkeys fed a diet deficient in essential fatty acids

Misra, U.K., 1966:
Fatty acids of brain in hyper-vitaminosis A in rats

Newman, D.W., 1962:
Fatty acids of bush bean leaf chloroplasts and proplastids

Massaro, E.J.; Arai, K.; Ormsby, A.A., 1962:
Fatty acids of chromatographically pure phospholipids from mitochondria of normal human leukocytes

Ackman, R.G., 1967:
Fatty acids of coho salmon fingerlings

Turchetto, E.; Proja, M.; Gandolfl, M.G., 1963:
Fatty acids of different tissue lipids in rats fed on diets qualitatively different in llpid composition

Goryaev M.I., 1968:
Fatty acids of drawn butter stabilized by anti oxidants after prolonged storage inst gas liquid chromatography

Park, C.E.; Berger, L.R., 1967:
Fatty acids of extractable and bound lipids of Rhodomtcrobium vannielli

Chisholm, M.J.; Hopkins, C.Y., 1953:
Fatty acids of filbert oil and nasturtium seed oil

Miyamoto, K.; Stephanides, L.M.; Bernsohn, J., 1966:
Fatty acids of glycerophosphatides in developing chick embryonic brain and liver

Smith, Q.T.; Fusaro, R.M.; Grande, D., 1965:
Fatty Acids Of Hair Lipids Of Germ Free And Germ Exposed Rats

Patil, V.S.; Magar, N.G., 1960:
Fatty acids of human blood

Radin, N.S.; Akahori, Y., 1961:
Fatty acids of human brain and spleen cerebrosides

Radin, N.S.; Akahori, Y., 1961:
Fatty acids of human brain cerebrosides

Marcus, A.J.; Ullman, H.L.; Ballard, H.S., 1961:
Fatty acids of human platelet phosphatides

Paul Magidman; S.F.H.rb; F.E.L.ddy; R.W.R.emenschneider, 1963:
Fatty acids of lard B Quantitative estimation by silicic acid and gas-liquid chromatography

Snyder, F.; Stephens, N.; Kyker, G.C., 1961:
Fatty acids of liver and adipose lipids during cerium-induced fatty liver infiltration

Packer, J.T.; Stewart, W.B., 1963:
Fatty acids of liver and adipose tissue in choline deficient and flectol H

Tischer, K.; Opalka, E.; Glenn, J.L., 1963:
Fatty acids of liver phosphatides from rats on a fat-free diet

Cole, B.Theodore, 1963:
Fatty acids of moccasin venom, ovary and egg fat

Rao, C.J.D.; Seshadri, T.R., 1942:
Fatty acids of neem oil

Klenk, E.; Ditt, F., 1934:
Fatty acids of phosphatide and the fluid triglycerides of the bovine myocardium

Marion, J.E.; Dempsey, A.H., 1964:
Fatty acids of pimiento pepper seed oil

Chaffee R.R.J.; Platner W.S.; Patton J.; Jenny C., 1968:
Fatty acids of red blood cell ghosts liver mitochondria and microsomes of cold acclimated hamsters inst gas chromatography mesocricetus auratus

Emerson, G.A.; Walker, J.B.; Shimada, H.; Snipes, J.W., 1963:
Fatty acids of red cells, liver and testes as influenced by diet and radiation

Scott, R.F.; Lee, K.T.; Kim, D.N.; Morrison, E.S.; Goodale, F., 1964:
Fatty acids of serum and adipose tissue in 6 groups eating natural diets containing 7 to 40 per cent fat

Bjoerntorp, P., 1964:
Fatty Acids Of Serum, Depot Fat And Arterial Vessel Wall In Patients On Different Diets

Wolf, F.T.; Coniglio, J.G.; Davis, J.T., 1962:
Fatty Acids of Spinach Chloroplasts

S.A.R.dkina;; V.B.K.asokhin, 2008:
Fatty acids of sponges from the Sea of Okhotsk

Wilkinson, D.I.; Farber, E.M., 1967:
Fatty acids of surface lipids from uninvolved skin in psoriasis

Foote, J.L.; Agranoff, B.W., 1964:
Fatty Acids Of The Brain In Phenylketonuria

Cannavo, L., 1926:
Fatty acids of the spleen after castration and their quantitative variation in aseptic autolysis

Cannavo, L.O., 1927:
Fatty acids of the testicle after splenectomy

Geyer, R.P.; Bennett, A.; Rohr, A., 1962:
Fatty acids of the triglycerides and phospholipids of HeLa cells and strain L fibro-blasts

Thaler Dao, H.; D.P.ulet, A.C.astes, 1967:
Fatty acids of the wall and membrane of Pseudomonas testosteroni

Haahti, E.; Nikkari, T.; Salmi, A.M.; Laaksonen, A.L., 1961:
Fatty acids of vernix caseosa

Bowman, R.H., 1963:
Fatty acids on glucose uptake in the isolated perfused rat heart

Longenecker, H.E.; Gavin, G.; Mchenry, E.W., 1940:
Fatty acids synthesized by the action of thiamine

Romero, E.M.; Brenner, R.R., 1966:
Fatty acids synthesized from hexadecane by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Petersen, O.H.; Tepikin, A.V.; Gerasimenko, J.V.; Gerasimenko, O.V.; Sutton, R.; Criddle, D.N., 2009:
Fatty acids, alcohol and fatty acid ethyl esters: toxic Ca2+ signal generation and pancreatitis

Miwa, T.K.; Wolff, I.A., 1962:
Fatty acids, fatty alcohols, and wax esters from Limnanthes douglasii seed oil

Miwa, T.K.; Wolff, I.A., 1963:
Fatty acids, fatty alcohols, wax esters, and methyl esters from Crambe abyssinica and Lunaria annua seed oils

Siristova, L.; Melzoch, K.; Rezanka, T., 2008:
Fatty acids, unusual glycophospholipids and DNA analyses of thermophilic bacteria isolated from hot springs

Anonymous, 1952:
Fatty acids I 9-Hydroxyoctadec-12-enoic acid, a new hydroxy-acid occurring in Strophantus sarmentosus seed oil

Anonymous, 1963:
Fatty acyl thio esters of coenzyme A Inhibition of fatty acid synthesis in vitro and determination of levels in liver in normal, fasted, and fat- or sugar-fed rats

Wagner, Alfred, 1962:
Fatty aldehydes in citrus essences Portrait

Wagner, Alfred, 1962:
Fatty aldehydes in citrus oils

Muzyczko T.M.; Shore S.; Loboda J.A., 1968:
Fatty amido amine derivatives n n di methyl n 3 alkylamidopropyl amines and their salts inst nuclear magnetic resonance spectra inst ir spectra

Muzycko T.; Shore S.; Loboda J., 1967:
Fatty amido amine derivatives title

Blotner, Harry, 1938:
Fatty atrophy following insulin injection in nondiabetic malnutrition

Rosenbloom S.J.; Ferguson F.C.Jr, 1968:
Fatty change in organs of the rat treated with colchicine chlorisondamine antidote sodium nicotinate antidote reserpine dibenamine triton

Sinapius, D.; Gunkel, R.D., 1964:
Fatty change in partial thrombi of the aorta and its importance in atherosclerosis

Scott, J.M., 1961:
Fatty change in the myocardium of the newborn

Valdivia, E.; Sonnad, J.; D'Amato, J., 1966:
Fatty change of the granular pneumocyte

Clabaugh, G.F.; Jennings, R.B.; Wartman, W.B.; Yokoyama, H.O., 1956:
Fatty change of the myocardium in early experimental infarction

Lawrence, J.S.; Huffman, M.M., 1929:
Fatty changes in the Kupffer cells in the liver of the guinea pig in phosphorus poisoning

Simmons, H.T.; Whitehead, R., 1937:
Fatty changes in the adrenal cortex of guinea-pigs after unilateral adrenalectomy

Simonds, J.P.; Lange, J.D., 1941:
Fatty changes in the glomeruli of the kidneys

Anonymous, 1942:
Fatty changes in the liver from different causes Comparative studies of the lipid partition

Anonymous, 1964:
Fatty cirrhosis in the rat Influence of dietary fat

Anonymous, 1962:
Fatty cirrhosis in the rat Influence of dietary fat In 46th Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, New Jersey, April 1962

Hoffbauer, F.W.; Zaki, F.G., 1965:
Fatty Cirrhosis In The Rat. Vii. Influence Of Different Levels Of Dietary Fat On Early Deposition Of Fat In Liver

Ohta, Y.; Zaki, F.G.; Hoffbauer, F.W., 1966:
Fatty cirrhosis in the rat. XI. A histochemical study of the nodules

Anonymous, 1966:
Fatty cirrhosis in the rat XII The cirrhotic nodules

Zaki, F.G.; Hoffbauer, F.W., 1966:
Fatty cirrhosis in the rat. X. Effect of sex

Proks, C.; Valvoda, V., 1966:
Fatty crystals in sclerema neonatorum

Anonymous, 1951:
Fatty cysts of liver I Discharge of intracystic lipid into bile canaliculi and sinusoids in choline-deficient rats the etiological role of ruptured cysts in cirrhosis

Anonymous, 1951:
Fatty cysts of liver II Reabsorption of intracystic lipid in choline-deficient rats restored to normal diets

Anonymous, 1926:
Fatty degeneration and necrosis of liver and kidney due to T brucei

Niwayama, Gen, 1954:
Fatty degeneration of so-called stellate cell

Soudakoff, P., 1931:
Fatty degeneration of the anterior segment of the eyeball

Maxwell J.G.; Richards R.C.; Albo D.Jr, 1968:
Fatty degeneration of the liver after intestinal bypass for obesity human

Sebrell, W.H., 1929:
Fatty degeneration of the liver and kidneys in the dog apparently associated with diet

Chiodi, H.; Sammartino, R., 1952:
Fatty degeneration of the liver caused by high altitude hypoxia in young albino rats

Anonymous, 1942:
Fatty degeneration of the liver in pregnancy Report of a case with recovery Chemical and histologic studies

Anonymous, 1952:
Fatty degeneration of the liver in the young Negro child The place of this condition in nutritional cirrhosis Its relations to the cirrhoses of the adult and to primary cancer of the liver

Gerebtzoff, M.A.; Dallemagne, M.J.; Philippot, E., 1950:
Fatty degeneration of the muscular tissues in intoxication of the dog by gamma-hexachlorocyclo-hoxane

Probatova, N.E., 1965:
Fatty degeneration of the myocardium

Rasmussen, P., 1963:
Fatty degeneration of the myocardium after coarctation of the aorta

Nigrelli, R.F.; Jakowska, S., 1961:
Fatty degeneration, regenerative hyperplasia and neoplasia in the livers of rainbow trout, Salmo gairdnerl

Mislowitzer, E.; Loewe, E.L., 1929:
Fatty degeneretion of the liver in phosphorus poisoning

Dixon, K.C., 1958:
Fatty deposition: a disorder of the cell

Kouwenaar, W., 1936:
Fatty diarrhea of vegetative origin

Kivman, G.I.; Kharitonova, A.M., 1957:
Fatty dystrophy of the liver of white mice caused by the oral and intravenous administration of tetracyclines

Brech, R.J., 1961:
Fatty foods and the pattern of their consumption in the United Kingdom

Williams, P.N.; Maclennan, K., 1929:
Fatty foods in relation to public health

Connor, C.L., 1938:
Fatty infiltration of the liver and the development of cirrhosis in diabetes and chronic alcoholism

Roosen-Runge, E.C., 1947:
Fatty Infiltration of the Liver in Patients with Mongolism and in Children with Hydrocephaly and Microcephaly

Anonymous, 1965:
Fatty infiltration of the liver Etiology and clinical forms Swiss Societyof Gastroenterology, Bern, 13-14 November, 1964

Dallemagne, M.J.; Gerebtzoff, M.A.; Philippot, E., 1950:
Fatty liver and biliary ducts in chronic intoxication of the dog by gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane

Schiffer, M.A., 1966:
Fatty liver associated with administration of tetracycline in pregnant and nonpregnant women

Osumi, Y.; Amano, Y.; Shimamoto, K., 1967:
Fatty liver caused by the repetitive administration of relatively small doses of carbon tetrachloride in rats

Lorenz, D.; Creutzfeldt, W., 1966:
Fatty liver cell degeneration, glucose tolerance and tolbutamide test after the deduction of the venous blood of the pancreas and the portal blood from the liver

Hoffbauer, F.W.; Zaki, F.G., 1962:
Fatty liver due to choline-deficiency in the primate

Sborov, V.M.; Sutherland, D.A., 1951:
Fatty liver following aureomycin and terramycin therapy in chronic hepatic disease

Bhakoo, O.N.; Walia, B.N., 1963:
Fatty Liver In Prednisolone Treated Nephrotic Children

Hayano, K.; Ito, F.; Yamamura, Y., 1965:
Fatty liver induced by 2-ethylthioisonicotinamide

Rees, K.R., 1964:
Fatty liver induction by toxic agents

Anonymous, 1962:
Fatty liver of portal type Pattern of lipid accumulation

Kunelis, C.T.; Peters, J.L.; Edmondson, H.A., 1965:
Fatty Liver Of Pregnancy And Its Relationship To Tetracycline Therapy

Ballard, H.; Bernstein, M.; Farrar, J.T., 1961:
Fatty liver presenting as obstructive jaundice

Berg, G., 1968:
Fattly liver, pathogenesis and clinical significance

Anonymous, 1964:
Fatty liver A clinico-pathological analysis of 100 cases

Chew B.K.; Alexander N.M.; Scheig R.; Klatskin G., 1968:
Fatty livers atp and asparagine metab rat

Howes J.R.; Fitzgerald T.C., 1967:
Fatty livers in coturnix fed high dietary levels of fat abstract

Morris, L.; Arata, D.; Cederque3t, D., 1965 :
Fatty livers in weanling rats fed a low protein, threonine-deficient diet

Sueyoshi, Y.; Tokuda, R., 1964:
Fatty Livers Induced By Amino Acids And Influence Of Other Amino Acids On Them

Roux, Jeanne, 1960:
Fatty livers resulting from toxic agents

Burdon, Kenneth L., 1944:
Fatty material in bacteria and fungi revealed by a new staining procedure

Anonymous, 1962:
Fatty materials from the nut seed Juglans Regia L in the process of germination

Viswanathan, C.V.; Bai, B.M.era; Pillal, S.C., 1962:
Fatty matter in aerobic and anaerobic sewage sludges

Viswanathan, C.V.; Pilla, S.C., 1959:
Fatty matter in sewage effluents

Houssay, B.A.; Rietti, C.T.; Ashkar, E.; Del Castillo, E.J.; Galli, M.E.; Roldán, A.; Urgoiti, E.J., 1967:
Fatty metabolism and ketogenesis after liver denervation or bilateral thoracolumbar sympathectomy in pancreatectomized dogs

Ginzburg, A.S., 1956:
Fatty metabolism in the ovocytes and eggs of the starred sturgeon

Takaizumi, Seiun, 1927:
Fatty metamorphosis in the lung, with reference to morphology of fat substances in sputum

Loeper; Ollivier, J., 1926:
Fatty metamorphosis of both suprarenals with melanoderma

Whalley, P.J.; Adams, R.H.; Combes, B., 1964:
Fatty metamorphosis of the liver and jaundice precipitated by acute pyelonephritis in pregnancy

Lanza, F.L.; Nelson, R.S., 1968:
Fatty metamorphosis of the liver in malignant neoplasia

Igarashi, H.; Zama, K.; Takama, K., 1961:
Fatty oil from shellfish Chlamys hipponensis and Pecten yessoensis

Kelkar, G.M.; Phalnikar, N.L.; Bhide, B.V., 1947:
Fatty oil from the seeds of Argyria speciosa, Swee

Puntambekar, S.V.; Krishna, S., 1941:
Fatty oil from the seeds of Solanum indicum Linn

Sullivan F., 1967:
Fatty oil processing conventional versus miscella title

Mhaskar, V.V.; Bhide, B.V.; Phalnikar, N.L., 1951:
Fatty oils from the seeds of Caesalpinia sepiaria

Evans, D.M.; Horton, E.H., 1964:
Fatty Polypoid Tumour Of The Bronchus

Leitner, Z.A., 1944:
Fatty stools after dysentery

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Fauna of ixodid ticks ixodidae in the tyumen region ussr ixodes persulcatus ixodes apronophorus ixodes trianguliceps dermacentor pictus dermacentor marginatus arvicola terrestris mammal

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Fauna of lakes, ponds, and marshes

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Fauna of larval tendipedids and heleids in marshes of the environs of Zaluchia

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Fauna of mites as soil science problem In First International Acarological symposium, 1962

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Fauna of mosquitoes of the genus Aedes in the Chernovitsky Region

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Fauna of moss from Krakatau

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Fauna of nematodes of cotton fields in the Golodnava steppe, and its dynamics

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Fauna of northeast argentina i the birds of guayapa la rioja

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Fauna of northern and eastern Spain

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Fauna of paraguay part 2 nematodes from the gallery rain forests of the river acaray

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Fauna of pasture flies diptera connected with camels in southern tuva ussr

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Fauna of phyto- and free-living nematodes in the Voronezh oblast Preservation of nature in the Central Black Earth region

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Fauna of rajasthan india part 4 a checklist of rajasthan termites insecta isoptera

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Fauna of rocky shores, with an environment variable in salt content

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Fauna of salt water

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Fauna of shell-bearing mollusks in Mutsa Bay Lamellibranchia

Anonymous, 1962:
Fauna of shell-bearing mollusks in Mutsu Bay Scaphopoda and Gastropoda

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Fauna of some shore-caves on the Miura-peninsula

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Fauna of terrestrial mollusks in the southern Altai Mountains

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Fauna of tetranychoid mites in southern Kazakhstan

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Fauna of the Accraian Series including a revision of the gastropod Plectonotus

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Fauna of the Angara River, Siberia

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Fauna of the Aransas pass inlet, Texas I Emigration as shown by tide trap collection

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Fauna of the Aransas pass inlet, Texas II Penaeid shrimp postlarvae

Anonymous, 1954:
Fauna of the Balangir District , Orissa I Fishes

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Fauna of the Batu caves, Selangor

Anonymous, 1957:
Fauna of the Belgian Congo and of Ruanda-Urundi IV Passeriformes I

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Fauna of the Belgian Congo; scale insects noxious to coffee and cocoa

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Fauna of the Bundenbach shale in its relation to sediment

Anonymous, 1927:
Fauna of the Euloma beds of the ferruginous deposit near Holoubkov Part 2

Anonymous, 1956:
Fauna of the Federal Dist XXV The genus Pygidicrana

Anonymous, 1955:
Fauna of the Federal District Brazil XVII Description of the female allotype of Cariocamyia Snyder and notes on the male

Anonymous, 1953:
Fauna of the Federal District DC A new species of Eucinetops Stimpson

Anonymous, 1954:
Fauna of the Federal District XI Genitalia of E imperialis

Albuquerque, D.O., 1954:
Fauna of the Federal District XV Description of two new genera and four new species of the Coenosiinae

Anonymous, 1954:
Fauna of the Federal District XXI One genus and three new species of Coenosiinae

Anonymous, 1954:
Fauna of the Federal District, Brazil XIV On a species of the genus Cresera

Anonymous, 1956:
Fauna of the Federal District, Brazil XLI Redescription of H angustipennis and description of four new species

Anonymous, 1955:
Fauna of the Federal District Brazil VI On some little-known Phaoninae

Anonymous, 1953:
Fauna of the Federal District IV A new species based on Philornis pici nec Macquart

Anonymous, 1958:
Fauna of the Federal District V Contribution to the knowledge of Phaonia, with descritpion of new species

Anonymous, 1956:
Fauna of the Federal District XII On the genus Morellia

Anonymous, 1956:
Fauna of the Federal District XIII On the genus Polietina with descriptions of new species

Anonymous, 1957:
Fauna of the Federal District XLI Notes on some Muscidae, with description of two allo-types-1

Anonymous, 1956:
Fauna of the Federal District XLI Redescription of H angustipennis and description of four new species

Anonymous, 1957:
Fauna of the Federal District XLV On a new species of the genus Cresera C tinguaensis, Brazil

Anonymous, 1958:
Fauna of the Federal District XLVIII Contribution towards the study of the longicorn beetles of Rio de Janeiro

Anonymous, 1954:
Fauna of the Federal District XVI Two new species of Anaplecta

Anonymous, 1958:
Fauna of the Federal District XXIII Contribution to the knowledge of the genus Demogorgon

Anonymous, 1956:
Fauna of the Federal District XXIV On the genitalia of E nobilis

Anonymous, 1956:
Fauna of the Federal District XXX Three new species of Coenosiinae

Anonymous, 1956:
Fauna of the Federal District XXXIV A new genus for H leucanina

Anonymous, 1957:
Fauna of the Federal District XXXVI New species of Bigotomyia

Albuquerque, Dalcy D.O., 1957:
Fauna of the Federal District XXXVII Redescription of C consanguinea and description of two new species

Anonymous, 1955:
Fauna of the Federal District the genus Doru

Anonymous, 1957 :
Fauna of the Federal DistrictXLII A new genus and a new species of Anthomyinae

Tsuda, Matsunae, 1944:
Fauna of the Kamogawa water system in relation to its contamination

Strelnikov, I.D., 1929:
Fauna of the Kara Sea and its ecologic conditions

Meffert, B.F., 1931:
Fauna of the Kharkov stage in certain regions of the South Russian Paleogene

Bradley, John H., 1930:
Fauna of the Kimms-wick limestone of Missouri and Illinois

Fredericks, G.; Anonymous, 1929:
Fauna of the Kyn limestone in the Urals

Bodylevskii, V.I.; B.H., 1929:
Fauna of the Lower Dogger at Mohn Bay, eastern coast of Spitsbergen

Moiseev, A.S., 1926:
Fauna of the Lower Jurassic lime-stones of Crimea

Pchelintsev, V.F.; If1ejihhijeb, B.D., 1928:
Fauna of the Lusitanian in the Caucasus

Mccammon, Helen Mary, 1959:
Fauna of the Manitoba group, from Manitoba, Canada

Dollfus, G.F., 1928:
Fauna of the Miocene Molasse of Ugijar, Almeria, Spain

Anonymous, 1926:
Fauna of the N Salzburger Alps, Austria

Wright, George M., 1933:
Fauna of the National Parks of the United States A preliminary survey of faunal relations in national parks

Viets, K.; Grimpe, G.; Wagler, E., 1927:
Fauna of the North and Baltic seas

Mincher, A.R., 1941:
Fauna of the Pascagoula formation of Southeast Mississippi

Schedl, Karl E., 1961:
Fauna of the Philippines IX

Gurvich, G.S.; Anonymous, 1931:
Fauna of the Porchnikha Bay, Murmansk

Escomel, Edmundo, 1941:
Fauna of the Salinas lagoon

Petkovich, K.V.; Anonymous, 1928:
Fauna of the Sarmatian stage from the village of Brachevats near Negotin, Serbia

Anonymous, 1958:
Fauna of the Sea of Azov

Stewart, Grace Anne, 1927:
Fauna of the Silica shale of Lucas County

Heller, Theodor, 1925:
Fauna of the Silurian Orthoceras limestone at Elbersreuth

Dahmer, G., 1925:
Fauna of the Sphaerosiderite beds of Lahnmulde, with a contribution to knowledge of the Lower Devonian Gastropoda

Anonymous, 1968:
Fauna of the State of Guanabara 63 Phasmoneura ciganae n sp and notes on other species

Anonymous, 1968:
Fauna of the State of Guanabara 64 Description of the nymph of Argia serdida Selys, 1865

Anonymous, 1962:
Fauna of the State of Guanabara L Description of Leptagrion perlongum Calvert, 1909, female, and notes on other species of the genus

Anonymous, 1962:
Fauna of the State of Guanabara LI Redescription of Idioneura ancilla Selys, 1860

Anonymous, 1959:
Fauna of the Tadzhik SSR Volume 18 Reptiles

Chao, Yatseng T., 1927:
Fauna of the Tai-yuan formation of North China, Pelecypoda

Misonne, Xavier, 1958:
Fauna of the Tertiary and Lower Pleistocene of Belgium

Rammelmeier, E.S., 1931:
Fauna of the Tertiary terraces of the Baikal

Anonymous, 1931:
Fauna of the Thysanoptera in Japan, pt 1-6

Orts, 1929:
Fauna of the Thysville Cave, Belgian Congo

Anonymous, 1964:
Fauna of the USSR Caddis flies Volume 2 Issue 1 Larvae and coccoons of the suborder Annulipalpia

Anonymous, 1966:
Fauna of the USSR Caddis-flies Volume 2 Issue 2 Larvae and pupae of the suborder Integripalpia

Anonymous, 1964:
Fauna of the USSR Diptera Volume 2 Issue 4 Crane flies Subfamily Tipulinae genus Tipula L

Anonymous, 1964:
Fauna of the USSR Hebridae Volume 10 Issue 5 Lamellicornia Subfamilies Cetoniinae, Valginae

Anonymous, 1966:
Fauna of the USSR Insecta Diptera Vol 3 No 2 Sandflies

Anonymous, 1964:
Fauna of the USSR Lepidoptera Volume 4 Issue 2 True moths Part 2 Subfamily Nemapogoninae

Anonymous, 1963:
Fauna of the USSR Mollusca Vol5 NoI Gastropoda of the genus Neptunea Bolten

Anonymous, 1960:
Fauna of the USSR Pogonophora

Anonymous, 1963:
Fauna of the Ulyanovsk ob-last Nature in the Ulyanovsk oblast

A.M.; A.M., 1927:
Fauna of the Upper Jurassic and the Lower Cretaceous of Spitzbergen

Russell, Loris S., 1935:
Fauna of the Upper Milk River beds, Southern Alberta

Anonymous, 1956:
Fauna of the Vale and Choza 13 Diadectes, Xenacanthus, and specimens of uncertain affinities

Anonymous, 1955:
Fauna of the Vale and Choza 10 Trimerorhachis including a revision of pre-Vale species

Anonymous, 1956:
Fauna of the Vale and Choza 11 Lysorophus Vale and Choza

Olson, Everett Claire, 1956:
Fauna of the Vale and Choza 12 A new trematopsid amphibian from the Vale formation

Olson, Everett Claire, 1954:
Fauna of the Vale and Choza 7 Pelycosauria Family Caseidae

Anonymous, 1954:
Fauna of the Vale and Choza 8 Pelycosauria Dimetrodon

Anonymous, 1954:
Fauna of the Vale and Choza 9 Captorhinomorpha

Anonymous, 1926:
Fauna of the Wetterstein limestone Part 3 Gastropods, pelecypods, brachiopods, etc

Hoese H.D.; Copeland B.J.; Moseley F.N.; Lane E.D., 1968:
Fauna of the aransas pass inlet texas iii diel and seasonal variations in trawlable organisms of the adjacent area

Fredericks, Georgi, 1926 :
Fauna of the areno-argillaceous strata of the Kezhim-Terovey River, USSR

Gall J C.; Grauvogel L., 1967:
Fauna of the buntsandstein ii species of halicyne halicyna new subclass halicynae new family vosges france

Grauvogel L., 1967:
Fauna of the buntsandstein iii some annelids from the voltzia sandstone of the vosges france fossil homaphrodite speciosa new genus new species eunicites triasicus new species spirorbis cf pusillus triadonereis sp

Turov, S.S.; Krasovskii, I.D.B., 1933:
Fauna of the deer preserve on the Sulak River, Daghestan

Anonymous, 1949:
Fauna of the higher formations of the Middle and lower Upper Carboniferous of the Zhirnov uplift Stalingrad region

Anonymous, 1926:
Fauna of the iron-bearing Euloma beds near Holoubkov 1st part

Sokolova, N.Yu, 1957:
Fauna of the littoral of the islands of the Kandalakshskiy State Preserve

Mazeres, R., 1930:
Fauna of the marls of Quiou, of Saint-Gregoire and of La Chaussairie

Czapik, Anna, 1961:
Fauna of the model of a sewage farm in Krakow

Stammer, H.J., 1928:
Fauna of the mouth of the Ryck River; a brackish water study

[miloslavskaia, N.M., 1927:
Fauna of the mouth of the river Kalmius

Anonymous, 1929:
Fauna of the national forests Studies in July and August, 1925, in Leiria Forest, Portugal

Kirshenblat, Y.D., 1936:
Fauna of the nests of mammals and birds

Anonymous, 1946:
Fauna of the pre-Columbian deposit of Anse-Belleville Reptiles

Korcz A., 1967:
Fauna of the predatory bugs hemiptera heteroptera occurring on apple d trees in the district of poznan poland mites insect pests

Anonymous, 1927:
Fauna of the scolytiids of Russia The scolytiids of the Black Sea littoral

Korshunov, Y.P., 1961:
Fauna of the shore zone of the Novosibirsk water reservoir

Baumberger, E., 1927:
Fauna of the silvana strata in the Jura Plateau of the Cantons Baselland and Solothurn

Gruev B., 1968:
Fauna of the subfamily hispinae coleoptera chrysomelidae in bulgaria

Jaro, Zdenk, 1929:
Fauna of the summit of the Devonian at Hady Hill near Brno, Czechoslovakia

Carter, G.S.; Beadle, L.C., 1930:
Fauna of the swamps of the Paraguayan Chaco in relation to the physico-chemical conditions of its environment

Anonymous, 1965:
Fauna of the swampy forest soils In the Ob-Tom Interfluvtal area Specific features of swamp formation In some forest and piedmont areas of Siberia and the Far East

Likharev, B.K., 1931:
Fauna of the upper Permian of North Russia

Filippova N.A., 1966:
Fauna of the ussr arachnida volume 4 issue 3 argasidae

Zagulyaev A.K., 1968:
Fauna of the ussr lepidoptera vol 4 no 2 tineidae part 2 nemapogoninae book predators parasites longiductus defrisiensis new genus new species longiductus caucasicus new species archinemapogon schromicus new species triaxomasia new genus nemaxera new genus nemapogonini bachmarensis new species paranemapogon new genus nemapogonini borshomi new species

Vinogradov B.S.; Argiropulo A.I., 1968:
Fauna of the ussr mammals key to rodents book systematics human

Reznichenko, O.G., 1957:
Fauna of the weeds of the Cystoseira in the Black Sea

Warzecha, Jan, 1927:
Fauna of traps and their usefulness

Mahunka S., 1968:
Fauna paraguayensis acari pyemotidae and scutacaridae 14 new species

Anonymous, 1946:
Fauna parasitologica paranaense III Raillietina bonini em pombos domesticos

Schedl, Karl E., 1935:
Fauna philippinensis , III

Schedl, Karl E., 1952:
Fauna philippinensis, VIII 123Contribution to the Morphology and taxonomy of the Scolytoidea

Fuggles Couchman N.R., 1968:
Fauna preservation society tour to kenya birds

Anonymous, 1965:
Fauna pryamokrylykh Chuvashskoi ASSR

Ushakov, P.V., 1958:
Fauna research of the Zoological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the Far Eastern seas

Anonymous, 1926:
Fauna samarensis Coleoptera, Buprestidae

Reimoser, Eduard, 1927:
Fauna simalur-ensis

D.L.Torre Bueno, J.R., 1927:
Fauna sumatrana aquatic Heteroptera

Anonymous, 1928:
Fauna sumatren-sis Psyllidae

Anonymous, 1928:
Fauna sumatrensis Beitrag Nr 57 Hispinae 11 Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Hispinen

Anonymous, 1934:
Fauna sumatrensis Bijdr 75, Ceratopogonidae

Fisher, W.S., 1926:
Fauna sumatrensis Buprestidae

Schwarzer, B., 1926:
Fauna sumatrensis Cerambycidae

Moser, J., 1926:
Fauna sumatrensis Cetonini

Kleine, R., 1926:
Fauna sumatrensis Lycidae

Moser, J., 1926:
Fauna sumatrensis Melolonthini

Anonymous, 1934:
Fauna sumatrensis Bijdrage 74, Chloropidae

Anonymous, 1926:
Fauna sumatrensis Cicadidae

Anonymous, 1928:
Fauna sumatrensis Nachtrag zu Nr 57 Hispinae 12 Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Hispinen

Anonymous, 1926:
Fauna sumatrensis Neuroptera II

Anonymous, 1926:
Fauna sumatrensis Neuroptera and Megaloptera

Degos, R.; Lepine, J.; Garnier, G.; Lessard, R., 1964:
Fauna tail with spina bifida Meetings of the French Society of Dermatology and Syphilography, February, March, and May, 1964

Anonymous, 1932:
Fauna utesov Dibrara

Boschma, H. , Editor, 1927:
Fauna van Neder-land

Anonymous, 1940:
Fauna van Nederland IX Zoetwaterrhizopoden en -Helio-zoen

Anonymous, 1932:
Fauna verkhne-kimeridzhskikh otlozheni Timana

Rivera, Victoriano, 1929:
Fauna y flora de aguas espanolas

Jirovec, Otto, 1930:
Fauna za ivaciho traktu termita Calotermes lucifugus z ecka

Viksne, V.A., 1959:
Fauna, distribution and seasonal dynamics of oribatid ticks in the Latvian SSR

Buyanova, O.F., 1966:
Fauna, phenology and seasonal prevalence of mass species of midges of the genus Culicoides in the zone of the Krasnoyarsk hydropower station construction

Cherepanov, A.I., 1963:
Fauna, systematics and ecology of insects and mites

G.T.ipathi; S.R.m; B.M.S.arma; G.S.ngh, 2009:
Fauna-associated changes in soil biochemical properties beneath isolated trees in a desert pastureland of India and their importance in soil restoration

Musial, Lucja, 1967:
Fauna-bearing horizons in the Upper Poreba beds in the north-eastern part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin

Anonymous, 1960 :
Fauna of the Naryn River Basin Naryn River Basin

Jellison, W.L.; Philip, C.B., 1933:
Faunae of nests of the magpie and crow in western Montana

Kaye E.Reed, 2009:
Faunal Evidence for East African Pliocene Paleoecology

Ives, J.D., 1951:
Faunal abundance cycles in a small crepuscular cave

Sanderson, Milton W., 1958:
Faunal affinities of the Arizona Phyllophaga, with notes and descriptions of new species

Holland, G.P., 1961:
Faunal affinities of the fleas of Alaska, with an annotated list of species

Anonymous, 1967:
Faunal and ecological review of mammals occurring in the environs of Jalal-Abad, with notes on further discoveries of mammals in Afghanistan I Insectivora, Rodentia

Gaisler J.; Povolny D.; Sebek Z.; Tenori F., 1968:
Faunal and ecological review of mammals occurring in the environs of jalal abad afghanistan with notes on further discoveries of mammals in afghanistan ii chiroptera pipistrellus coromandra taphozous nudiventris hipposideros fulvus eptesicus nasutus emballonuridae 1st records

Gaisler J.; Povolny D.; Sebek Z.; Tenora F., 1968:
Faunal and ecological review of mammals occurring in the environs of jalalabad afghanistan with notes on further discoveries of mammals in afghanistan iii carnivora lagomorpha rev

Hurka K.; Povolny D., 1968:
Faunal and ecological study on the families nycteribiidae and streblidae diptera pupipara of the nangarhar province eastern afghanistan bat host stylidia biloba orientalis new subspecies

Simizu, Tuneo, 1960:
Faunal and ecological survey of the black flies in Ueda-Chiisagata district, Nagano Prefecture

Yehara, Shingo, 1927:
Faunal and strati-graphical study of the Sakawa Basin, Shikoku

Horn, Walther, 1926:
Faunal and synonymi-cal notes on the Cicindelidae

Van Rossem, A.J., 1928:
Faunal associations of Salvador

Reibisch, J., 1926:
Faunal changes in Kiel Bay, Germany

Peus, F., 1928:
Faunal characteristics of high moors of Northwest Germany

Anonymous, 1928:
Faunal characteristics of the So African Mischgebietes

Alfaro, A.C. {a}; 1 ; Zemke-White, W.L.ndsey; Nainoca, W.; 1 Email:, 2009:
Faunal composition within algal mats and adjacent habitats on Likuri Island, Fiji Islands

Resser, Charles E., 1942:
Faunal content of the Maryville Formation

Denis C., 1967:
Faunal data on the trichoptera of brittany

Hessler, R.R.; Sanders, H.L., 1967:
Faunal diversity in the deep-sea

Anonymous, 1965:
Faunal map of macrofossils corresponding to Cenozoic formations on the Araya Peninsula Sucre State

Elias, Maxim K., 1950:
Faunal migrations and Mississippian-Pennsylvanian problems

Davies, A.Morley, 1929:
Faunal migrations since the Cretaceous Period

Zschokke, Friedrich, 1927:
Faunal mixing at the southern border of the Alps

Walters, R.D.; Roth, V.D., 1950:
Faunal nest study of the wood-rat, Neotoma fuscipes monochroura Rhoads

Janiec, Joseph, 1940:
Faunal records from eastern New York Stat

Anonymous, 1963:
Faunal region-alization in Moldavia based on the distribution of birds and mammals Zoogeography of the land From REFERAT ZHUR BIOL, 1964, No 7 1277

Blair, W.Frank, 1939:
Faunal relationships and geographic distribution of mammals in Oklahoma

Burt, William Henry, 1937:
Faunal relationships and geographic distribution of mammals in Sonora, Mexico

Williamson, F.S.L.; Peyton, L.J., 1962:
Faunal relationships of birds in the Iliamna Lake area, Alaska

Lever, R.A., 1953:
Faunal speciation in New Georgia, Solomon Islands

Anonymous, 1964:
Faunal zonatlon and stratigraphy of the Mississippian Madison Group Wyoming and Montana

Oswald, Mary Louise, 1945:
Faunal zones of the Pierre formation in the foothills of northern Colorado

Mohrig, W., 1964:
Faunal-ecological studies on the Culicidae in the environs of Greifswald

Anonymous, 1962:
Faunas and correlation of the Late Paleozoic rocks of Northeast Greenland IV Bryozoa

Anonymous, 1962:
Faunas and correlation of the Late Paleozoic rocks of northeast Greenland III Brachiopoda

Anonymous, 1962:
Faunas and correlation of the late Paleozoic rocks of northeast Greenland II Fusulinidae

Anonymous, 1962:
Faunas and correlation of the late paleozoic rocks of Northeast Greenland 1 General discussion and summary

King, Robert E., 1929:
Faunas and correlations of the Permian of Trans-Pecos, Texas

Maldonado Koerdell, Manuel, 1950:
Faunas del Alto Cretacico superior, del Paleoceno y del Eoceno inferior y medio de Chiapas Mexico

Anonymous, 1963:
Faunas of the Conacian and of the Santonian of Provence I The ammonites of the Beausset basin

Howell D.E.; Goodhue L.D., 1968:
Faunatrol pestic a new chemical livestock repellent toxicology cattle

Monod, Th, 1927:
Faune Colonies Franc

Anonymous, 1953:
Faune Francaise des Collemboles IV Un nouveau genre de SminthuridinaeStenognathellus n g

Anonymous, 1958:
Faune Francaise des collemboles VII Un nouveau genre dIsotomidae de haute-montagne

Astre, Gaston, 1951:
Faune Magdelenienne et Azilienne de Rochereil

Anonymous, 1931:
Faune aquatique du Sahara central recoltes de M L G Seurat au Hoggar en 1928

Anonymous, 1927:
Faune de Belgique Observations faites du l-er mai 1926 au 30 avril 1927 et recueillies par le Chevalier G van Havre a Wyneghem

Anonymous, 1943:
Faune de Belgique Observations ornithologiques faites en Belgique de lete 1942 a 1ete 1943

Dupond, Ch, 1942:
Faune de Belgique Observations ornithologiques faites en Belgique de mai 1941 au printemps 1942 Observations generates et locales

Anonymous, 1941:
Faune de France, N 39 Coleop-teres carabiques I

Anonymous, 1942:
Faune de France, N 40 Coleop-teres carabiques II

Anonymous, 1954:
Faune de Tenarea tortuosa O Temara Comparaison avec les trottoirs mediterraneens

Anonymous, 1946:
Faune de lEmpire francais

Anonymous, 1945:
Faune de lEmpire francais III Coleopteres Scarabeides de llndo-Chine Premiere partie

Villiers, A., 1946:
Faune de lEmpire francais V Coleopteres Cerambycides de lAfrique du Nord

Anonymous, 1946:
Faune de lEmpire francais VI Coleopteres Carabiques de la region malgache Premiere partie

Anonymous, 1926:
Faune de la region de Hal

Sokolowski, Jan, 1926:
Faune des Orthop-teres de la province de Grande Pologne

Paulian, R., 1951:
Faune des eaux douces de Madagascar. Plecopteres et Megalopteres

Anonymous, 1926:
Faune du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg 3 part 2 cl Oiseaux

D'orchymont, A., 1943:
Faune du Nord-est Bresilien

Ricour, Jean, 1952:
Faune du Trias de la couwerture des massifs cristallins externes des Alpes

Anonymous, 1948:
Faune et Morphologie des Alluvions anciennes de LOrnain et de lAnte

Anonymous, 1927:
Faune et flore de la Medi-terranee Commission Internationale pour lExplora-tion Scientiflque de la Mer Mediterranee

Anonymous, 1953:
Faune francaise des Collemboles II Anurophoriens de haute montagne

Anonymous, 1926:
Faune malacologique de la Belgique Note concernant lapparition dans notre pays du Lithoglyphus naticoides Ferussac

Anonymous, 1959:
Faune malacologique du Hervien 3eme note

Anonymous, 1945:
Faune malacologique du Miocene de la Belgique I Pelecypodes

Balsac, Henri Heim De, 1940:
Faune mammalienne des iles littorales atlantiques

Grauvogel, Louis, 1966:
Faune of the Bunt sandstone I Invertebrate egg-laying from the Upper Bunt sandstone

Marchand, H., 1932:
Faune prehistorique de la grotte du Chenoua

Anonymous, 1949:
Faune rhizopodo-logique des marecages de MBaouar

Rasetti, Franco, 1945:
Faunes Cambriennes des conglomerats de la Formation de Sillery

Brooks, C.Joslin, 1933:
Faunis Revisional list

Lepsi, I., 1927:
Faunis-tic, morphologic and physiologic studies on the Infusoria of Roumania

Leporati, Lamberto, 1951:
Faunistic -hunting conditions of the Venetian Lagoon

Anonymous, 1962:
Faunistic and Biogeo-graphic survey of the Cladocera of the Rumanian Peoples Rupublic

Adam, J.P., 1956:
Faunistic and biologic note on the Anopheles of the Yaounde region and the transmission of malaria in the forest zone of south Cameroun

Ussing, Hj, 1925:
Faunistic and biological contributions to the natural history of the Danish Simuliidae

Anonymous, 1956:
Faunistic and biological notes on marine invertebrates III The reproduction and larval development of some polychaetes from the Isefjord, with some faunistic notes

Dantsig Y.M., 1968:
Faunistic and biological notes on the scale insects and whiteflies homoptera coccoidea and aleyrodoidea of northern karelia ussr

Stirnimann, Fritz, 1926:
Faunistic and biological studies of lakes and ponds of Grimsel Pass

Slais, J., 1946:
Faunistic and bionomic remarks on our wingless snow-loving Diptera

Anonymous, 1967:
Faunistic and ecologic documents Concerning some Gregarinida of Blaps in Greece

Klein, J.M., 1963:
Faunistic and ecologic on the fleas of the merions in a natural focus of plague in Iranian Kurdistan

Soos, Lajos, 1927:
Faunistic and ecological notes

Anonymous, 1966:
Faunistic and ecological notes On the geographical distribution of Stylocephalus filiformis Theod 1959

Tinkham, Ernest R., 1948:
Faunistic and ecological studies on the Orthoptera of the Big Bend Region of Trans-Pecos Texas with especial reference to the orthopteran zones and faunae of midwestern North America

Ehrenroth B.; Ulrik L., 1967:
Faunistic and floristic observations in the central part of west spitsbergen norway during the summer of 1966 eumicrotremus spinosus fossil insects

Somme, Jacob D., 1927:
Faunistic and quantitative study of the Polychaeta of Lenefjord and Gronsfjord, southern Norway

Novikov, P.A., 1961:
Faunistic and zoogeographic studies in Russia during the first half of the 19th century

Colosi, Giuseppe, 1928:
Faunistic characteristics of Sardinia

Shen, Hsiao Chou, 1963:
Faunistic characterization of the mammals of Tibet and the history of their formation

Colosi, G., 1928:
Faunistic characters of Sardinia

Afanas'ev, A.V., 1962:
Faunistic complex of mammals in Kazakhstan and their relationship to the fauna of the far north

Govberg, L.I., 1965:
Faunistic complexes in the coastal deposits of the northwestern Black Sea

Anonymous, 1929:
Faunistic contributions on Macrolepidoptera appearing in Ent Zeitschr from Vol 1 to 40

Wendt H., 1968:
Faunistic ecological investigations on haulm flies from the environs of berlin diptera chloropidae

Killias, R., 1964:
Faunistic ecological observations on Hungarian fresh-water gastropods

Petrova B.K., 1968:
Faunistic ecological review of synanthropic diptera in the south of the maritime territory ussr

Novak B., 1965:
Faunistic ecological study on sexton beetles coleoptera silphidae from field biotopes of the hana plain

Majocchi, Domenico, 1927 :
Faunistic impressions of the Italian Aegean Islands

Ghigi, A., 1927:
Faunistic individ-uality in some Italian islands of the Aegean

Beck D.E.; Allred D.M., 1968:
Faunistic inventory brigham young university provo utah usa ecological studies at the nevada usa test site invertebrates vertebrates

Mathiasson S., 1968:
Faunistic news from the museum of natural history in gothenburg sweden 1967

Mathiasson S., 1967:
Faunistic news from the natural history museum in gothenburg sweden 1966

Smith, W.C., 1929:
Faunistic note

Callot, J.; Kremer, M.; Basset, M., 1967:
Faunistic note on Culicoides in Senegal

Anonymous, 1928:
Faunistic note Occurrence of Argentina sphyraena

Berland, Lucien, 1954:
Faunistic notes concerning the French Antilles

Anonymous, 1931:
Faunistic notes from Kristineberg Zool Stat during summer 1931

Mauersberger, G., 1960:
Faunistic notes from Northwest Bulgaria

Anonymous, 1930:
Faunistic notes from Sjaunja Notes on 60 spp of birds

Anonymous, 1965:
Faunistic notes from the Eastern Harz mountains II

Groessler K., 1965:
Faunistic notes from the black sea coast of bulgaria birds

Anonymous, 1935:
Faunistic notes from the coast of Co Cork, Irish Free State

Jazdzewski K., 1967:
Faunistic notes from the neighborhood of gorki wschodnie

Gravestein, W.H., 1953:
Faunistic notes on Cicadas I

Graaf Bentinck, G.A., 1951:
Faunistic notes on Dutch Lepidoptera

Nordgard, O., 1932:
Faunistic notes on Marine evertebrates VIII On the distribution of Bicellariella and Kinetoskias

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