Section 25
Chapter 24,688

Fermentation of wood hydrolysates

Zubkova, S.R.; Kochukova, N.B.; Zats, M.R.

Biokhimiia 1(1): 49-62


Accession: 024687896

The effect of various factors on fermentation of hydrolysates obtained by treating sawdust with 0.5% H2SO4 at 175[degree] was studied. 7 spp. of yeast were used. The amt. of sugar fermented and alc. produced depends upon the yeast used. Species XII gave the best yield and caused the most rapid fermentation. The speed of fermentation, also, depends upon the quantity of yeast; by increasing the quantity, its growth is retarded and the yield of alc. increased. The fermentative ability of yeasts depends upon the conditions of their cultivation and decreases with increased amt. of reducing substances in the hydrolysate used for their cultivation.

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