Section 25
Chapter 24,711

Formation and fermentation of volatile fatty acids during thermophilic methane fermentation of alcoholic distillery grains

Sarma, Z.A.

Priklad Naya Biokhim Mikrobiol 2(1): 74-82


Accession: 024710197

Qualitative and quantitative composition of volatile fatty acids was studied during thermophylic methane fermentation of molasses distillery grains (residues). It was observed, that the accumulation and composition of fatty acids changed with the increase of the grajndry matter. When the concentration of fatty acids became higher than the neutralising ability of the fermenting medium, the inhibition of fermentation occured. The culture of thermophylic methane-bacteria was able to ferment the following fatty acids (in increasing order) propionic, capronic, valeric, formic, butyric, acetic. The yield of vitamin B12 was obtained during cultivation of bacteria on solutions of individual fatty acids.

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