Section 25
Chapter 24,712

Formation of different types of penicillin by active strains of Penicillium chrysogenum

Lur'e, L.M.; Levitov, M.M.

Mikrobiologiya 32(2): 308-315


Accession: 024711042

Highly active penicillin producers, Penicillium chrysogenum, (strain-194, -369 and -136) differ with regard to the quantitative ratio of the types of penicillins formed. Strain-136 produces 4 times as much biologically active penicillins than strains-194 and -369 in a medium with no precursor mainly represented by amylpenicillin and heptylpenicillin. Strains-194 and -369 synthesize 2 other hydrophilic types apart from the routine penicillin types. Penicillin "K" which is synthesized by strains -194, -369 and -136 consists of 4 substances (KI, K, KII and KIII). The strains studied differ in the incorporation rate of the precursor into the penicillin molecule. Most effective is FUK incorporation by strain-369 which is followed by strain-194 and -136 (65, 56 and 21% respectively). The strains differ not only in the efficiency of FUK incorporation into the penicillin molecule but also in the rate of its utilization. The utilization rate of FUK is greatest in strain-136 and -194 while strain-369 consumes the precursor very slowly. Maximum formation of benzylpenicillin by strain-194 requires a higher content of the precursor in the medium (0.25%) as compared with strain-369.

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