Fractional blood lipids in dogs subjected to prolonged feeding of various diets

Glomset, D.A.; Bollman, J.L.

Gastro Enterol 1(8): 776-783


Accession: 024714689

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Prolonged adm. (11/2-6 mos.) to normal dogs of diets rich in protein, carbohydrate, lard or egg yolk, rarely produces much change of plasma lipid conc. A temporary elevation (2 or more wks.) of plasma cholesterol, choline phospholipid and total phospholipid results with adm. of high egg yolk diets. This elevation is greater when the quantity of food fed is increased. A moderate sustained depression of plasma lipid fractions usually results with diets high in lard. This depression is greater when the quantity of food fed is diminished. Diets high in protein or in carbohydrate cause little change of plasma lipids. Total phospholipids, choline phospholipids, and cholesterol are the most reliable indexes of variability of plasma lipids.