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Fungi causing plant diseases at Jabalpur - V

Agarwal, G.P.; Hasija, S.K.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences India, Section B, Biological Sciences 31(1): 99-108


ISSN/ISBN: 0369-8211
Accession: 024724417

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The present paper describes 12 deutero-mycetes causing leaf spots on different hosts at Jabalpur. Pyrenochaeta tandonii Agarwal and Hasija on Tephrosia purpurea, Monochaetia jabalpurensis Agarwal and Hasija on Anogeissus latifolia, Pestalotiopsis terminaliae Agarwal and Hasija on Terminalia bellerica and P. woog-fordiae Agarwal and Hasija on Woodfordia fructicosa, are the 4 new spp. described. Pestalotiopsis japonica (Syd.) Steyaert on Ficus glomerata is a new fungus record for the country. Cassia tora for Periconia byssoides Pers. ex Schw. and Erythrina indica for Helminthosporium ervthrinae Thirum. and Naras. are new host records. Phyllosticta ipomoeae Ell. and Kellerm on Ipomoea sp., P. sesbaniae Syd. on Sesbania grandiflora Phleospora cassiae Thirum. and Naras. on Cassia fistula Alternaria citri Pierce on Citrus limonia and Cercoseptoria balsaminae Syd. on Impatiens balsamina are new records for the state.

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