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Further research on the thermic method of disinfection of tobacco seeds

Jankowski, F.; Florczak, K.

Rocz Nauk Rolniczych Ser A Roslinna 86(2): 221-238


Accession: 024729922

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Thermal disinfection (dry air heated to 115[degree]C) killed mycelium and spores of the following pathogens in pure culture: Alternaria tenuis, Botrytis cinerea, Schlero-tinia sclerotiorum, Fusarium sp., Pythium de baryanum, Verticillium. sp., Rhizoctonia sp. Inoculations of Nicotiana glutinosa with lyophilized vegetable juice heated up to 115[degree]C and containing tobacco mosaic virus did not yield infection symptoms, while inoculations with the same lyophilized but unheated juice produced characteristic necrotic spots on the plants tested. For disinfecting larger quantities of seeds (1kg and more) an apparatus with good ventilation and a rotating drum or shovel for mixing seeds should be constructed. The heating of smaller quantities of tobacco seed (about 50g) up to 115[degree]C both in linen bags or in open vessels does not affect germination provided it is carefully done and the apparatus working precisely. A thermo-apparatus has been designed which may be useful in experimental and growing establishments for disinfecting small quantities (1[long dash]50 g) of seed. In the planned apparatus 75[long dash]100 fifty g parcels of seeds of the same or of different varieties of tobacco can be heated at the same time.

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