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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24745

Chapter 24745 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Abplanalp, H.; Kosin, I.L., 1953:
Genetic variation of fertility and hatch-ability in the Broad Breasted Bronze turkey

Boyd, L., 1968:
Genetic variation of packing density within a selected population of loblolly pine g pinus taeda g thesis abstract

Misra, R.K.; Reeve, E.C.R., 1964:
Genetic variation of relative growth rates in Notonecta undulata. 1. The relation of femur length to body length

Lepore, P.D.; Marks, H.L., 1965:
Genetic Variation Of Some Chemical Components Of Coturnix Quail Egg Yolk

Yulian Li; Chengyan Huang; Xinxia Sui; Qingqi Fan; Genying Li; Xiusheng Chu, 2009:
Genetic variation of wheat glutenin subunits between landraces and varieties and their contributions to wheat quality improvement in China

Steffenrem, A.; Kvaalen, H.; H?ib?, O.A.bert; Edvardsen, Øyvind M.; Skr?ppa, T., 2009:
Genetic variation of wood quality traits and relationships with growth in Picea abies

Athwal, D.S.; Gill, G.S., 1964:
Genetic variation, herita-bility and correlations of various yield components in crosses of gram, Cicer arietinum L

Mohammad Mahdi Majidi; Aghafakhr Mirlohi; Fatemeh Amini, 2009:
Genetic variation, heritability and correlations of agro-morphological traits in tall fescue Festuca arundinacea Schreb

Manosevitz, Martin, 1965:
Genetic variation, tearfulness and hoarding in the mouse

Goodman, M.; Poulik, M.D., 1968:
Genetic variations and phylogenetic properties of protein macromolecules of chimpanzees

Jarvik, Lissy Feingold, 1962:
Genetic variations in disease resistance and survival potential

Crockett, J.R.; Roger, M.; Burns, W.C.; Hammond, M.E., 1962:
Genetic variations in hemoglobulin of beef cattle

Steinberg, A.G., 1967:
Genetic variations in human immuno-globulins: The Gm and Inv types

Childs, B.; Young, W.J., 1963:
Genetic variations in man

Marchand, J.F., 1966:
Genetic variations in muscular enzyme systems: review of research and its clinical application

Nesheim, M.C., 1966:
Genetic variations in nutrient requirements

Yamamoto, R.S.; Crittenden, L.B.; Sokoloff, L.; Jay, G.E., 1963:
Genetic Variations In Plasma Lipid Content In Mice

Polunin, Ivan, 1960:
Genetic variations in small human populations

Davidson, R.G.; Childs, B.; Siniscalco, M., 1964 :
Genetic Variations In The Quantitative Control Of Erythrocyte Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Activity

Bearn, A.G.; Cleve, H., 1966:
Genetic variations in the serum proteins

Bearn, A.G., 1961:
Genetic variations in the serum proteins of man. Bull

Isaburo, N.; Suzushlno, G.; Tsuboki, Y., 1962:
Genetic variations of anthocyanins in Oryza sativa

Arfors, K.E.; Beckman, L.; Lundin, L.G., 1963:
Genetic Variations Of Human Serum Phosphatases

Beckman, L.; Johnson, F.M., 1964:
Genetic Variations of Phosphatases in Larvae of Drosophila Melanogaster

Arfors, K.E.; Beckman, L., 1963:
Genetic variations of the human serum post-albumins

Galzy, P., 1964:
Genetic variations of yeast during the growth on non-glucudic substrates

Valleau, W.D., 1958:
Genetic veinbanding A white flowered tobacco mutant

Winters, Natalio, 1929:
Genetic work of the cotton plant division and production of cotton seed

Dollahon, James, C., 1958:
Genetic, anatomical and physiological aspects of dwarfism in cattle

Vvood, J.E.win; Esterly, J.R.; Mckusick, V.A., 1960:
Genetic, clinical, and physiologic observations in Milroy s disease

Gingold, N.; Nicolae, D.; Micou, D.; Mihail Esco, E.; Maximilian, S.; Teitel, P.; Bratu, V.; Marcou, I.; Xenachis, A., 1965:
Genetic, cytochemical, cytoenzymatic investigations and molecular biochemistry in Pelger-Huet anomaly

Michaelis, P., 1965:
Genetic, developmental and cytologic investigations on cytoplasmic heredity. IV. Accelerated plastid re-combination following incomplete mixing of plastids before cell division

Michaels, P., 1965:
Genetic, developmental and cytological investigations of plasmatic heredity. III. Unilateral distribution of plastids and the absence of heteroplastomatic mixed cells

Witschi, E.; Nelson, W.O.; Segal, S.J., 1957:
Genetic, developmental and hormonal aspects of gonadal dysgenesis and sex inversion in man

Graber, Hans, 1949:
Genetic, developmental physiological, and morphogenetic studies of the mutant spermatheca in Drosophila melanogaster

C.D.Baca, Robert Luciano, 1960:
Genetic, environmental and residual maternal influences on cow productivity and growth of calves

Andervont, H.B., 1957:
Genetic, hormonal and age factors in susceptibility and resistance to tumor-inducing viruses

Biegel, E.; Schmidt, S.; Müller, V., 2009:
Genetic, immunological and biochemical evidence for a Rnf complex in the acetogen Acetobacterium woodii

Nilsson, S.C.; Trouw, L.A.; Renault, N.; Miteva, M.A.; Genel, F.; Zelazko, M.; Marquart, H.; Muller, K.; Sjöholm, A.G.; Truedsson, L.; Villoutreix, B.O.; Blom, A.M., 2008:
Genetic, molecular and functional analyses of complement factor I deficiency

Garn, S.M.; Lewis, A.B.; Kerewsky, R.S., 1965:
Genetic, Nutritional, And Maturational Correlates Of Dental Development

Sherman Ross, Victor, H.Denenberg, G.P.Frommer and P.B.Sawin, 1959:
Genetic, physiological and behavioral background of reproduction in the rabbit V Nonretrieving of neonates

Tamsitt, James Ray, 1958:
Genetic, social and ecological isolating mechanisms in the Peromyscus truei species group of mice

Shukla, T.R.; Singh, S.; Bhaskaran, K., 1966:
Genetic, somatic and socio-cultural factors in the etiology of psycho-neuroses

Mayer, J., 1953:
Genetic, traumatic and environmental factors in the etiology of obesity

G.K.ishnaswamy; C.W.T.M.ller; D.S.C.i, 2009:
Genetic-Molecular Defects in MBL-MASP Pathway and Association with Selective Immunoglobulin Deficiencies Implications for Host Defense

Bohme, H.; Schutte, H.R., 1956:
Genetic-biochemical investigations of flower pigments in mutants of Antirrhinum majus

Abe, K.; Shimakawa, M., 1966:
Genetic-constitutional factor and childhood insomnia

Strain, John Henry, 1961:
Genetic-economic factors in broiler meat production

Keller, Edward Clarence, 1962:
Genetic-environment interaction in inbred and hybrid strains of Drosophila melanogaster

George, Jaap, R., 1963:
Genetic-environment interaction on early growth in populations of chickens

Boes, E.; Coassin, S.; Kollerits, B.; Heid, I.M.; Kronenberg, F., 2008:
Genetic-epidemiological evidence on genes associated with HDL cholesterol levels: a systematic in-depth review

Larson, Carl, A., 1956:
Genetic-hygienic impairment through incestuous matings

Broeker, Werner, 1963:
Genetic-physiologic investigations on the zinc tolerance of Silene inflata Sm

Sjgren, Torsten, 1948:
Genetic-statistical and psychiatric investigations of a West Swedish population

[sinskaia, E.; E., 1927:
Genetic-systematic studies on cultivated Brassica

Graner, E.A., 1943:
Genetica da cor amarela da laranja

Nieves, Raimundo, 1936:
Genetica de la resis-tencia a la carie , en la cruza Barletta Florence

Lasser, T., 1944:
Genetica de los grupos sanquineos y su aplicacion en medicina legal y antropologia

W.Hayes, 1966:
Genetical Society Mendel lecture Sex factors and viruses

Cherian, M.C.; Mahadevan, V., 1941:
Genetical Studies of Eri silkworms

Tikhomirova, M.M.; Dzhimelli, A.A.; Belyatskaya, O.Y., 1967:
Genetical after-effects of X-rays depending on the temperature regime

Borzedowska, Bozena, 1966:
Genetical analysis of an experimentally caused and genetically fixed extra crossvein on the wing of Drosophila melanogaster

Fujiki, Keiko, 1964:
Genetical analysis of bronchial asthma

Bol, C.J.A.C., 1926:
Genetical analysis of colors, feather-patterns, intensity, and white-mottling in carrier pigeons

Kiriyama, T.; Fukuoka, H.; Turu, M., 1963:
Genetical analysis of heading by diallel cross in wheat

Goto, G., 1958:
Genetical analysis of hypertension

Zemanek, J., 1948:
Genetical analysis of milk fat percentage in cows

Weglenski, P., 1966:
Genetical analysis of proline mutants and their suppressors in Aspergillus nidulans

Levit, S.G., 1937:
Genetical analysis of selected human data bearing on the genetics of hermaphroditism

Berg, R.L., 1944:
Genetical analysis of the D. melanogaster population of Delizhan, Armenia

Yasumuro, Y.; Syakudo, K.; Suzuki, T.; Tanabe, K.; Nishioka, M., 1966:
Genetical analysis of the rice-blast

Ratnayake, W.; Strachan, C.; Auerbach, C., 1967:
Genetical analysis of the storage effect of triethylene melamine on chromosome breakage in Drosophila

Case, Mary, E., 1960:
Genetical and biochemical studies of histidine -requiring mutants of Neurospora crassa I Classification of mutants and characterization of mutant groups

Webber, B.B., 1965:
Genetical and biochemical studies of histidine- requiring mutants of Neurospora crassa. III. Correspondence between biochemical characteristics and complementation map position of hist-3 mutants

Webber, B.B., 1960:
Genetical and Biochemical Studies of Histidine-Requiring Mutants of Neurospora Crassa. II. Evidence concerning Heterogeneity among Hist-3 Mutants

Tsujita, M.; Sakurai, S., 1968:
Genetical and biochemical studies of lethal albino silkworm larvae

Sakurai, S.; Tsujita, M., 1968:
Genetical and biochemical studies of pteridine granules in hypodermal cells of silkworm larvae significance of poly peptides inside the granules

Tsujita, M.; Nawa, S.; Sakaguchi, B.; Taira, T., 1963:
Genetical and biochemical studies of pteridine metabolism in insects

Sakaguchi, Bungo, 1955:
Genetical and biochemical studies of yellow lethal larvae in the silkworm On the nature of pterin obtained from the yellow lethal strain

Searashi, Tetsuo, 1962:
Genetical and biochemical studies on amylase in Aspergillus oryzae

Abe, Kiyoshi, 1958:
Genetical and biochemical studies on amylase in Drosophila melanogaster

Ciferri, O.; Tiboni, O., 1968:
Genetical and biochemical studies on saccharomyces cerevisiae enz tryptophan synthetase abstract

Taira, Toshifumi, 1961:
Genetical and biochemical studies on the red and yellow eye pigments of Drosophila melanogaster

Ekblom, T., 1927:
Genetical and biological studies of Hemiptera-Heteroptera. G. asper

Mitsuda, H.; Kubo, H., 1949:
Genetical and clinical researches in genuine epilepsy

Dobzhansky, Th, 1929:
Genetical and cyto-logical proof of translocations involving the third and the fourth chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster

Masing, R.A., 1938:
Genetical and cytological analysis of lethals in Drosophila arising in nature

Crane, M.B.; Lawrence, W.J.C., 1929:
Genetical and cytological aspects of incompatibility and sterility in cultivated fruits

J.Clausen, 1926:
Genetical and cytological investigations ,on Viola tricolor L and V arvensis Murr

Krishamurthy, Nikam Balaji, 1959:
Genetical and cytological investigations of the Drosophila dunni species subgroup

Yamaura, A., 1953:
Genetical and cytological studies in Allium.l. Spontaneous and induced variations of chromosome no. in the pollen grains of tetraploid Allium odorum L

Nakajima, G., 1953:
Genetical and cytological studies in the breeding of amphidiploid types between Triticum and Secale.V. External characters and meiosis of the F1 T. pyramidale x S. cereale

Nakajima, G., 1954:
Genetical and cytological studies in the breeding of amphidiploid types between Tritieum and Secale. VII. External characters, fertility and somatic chromosomes of T. pyramidale x S. cereale F2 plants

Anonymous, 2009:
Genetical and cytological studies of Musa

Dodds, K.S.; Simmonds, N.W., 1948:
Genetical and cytological studies of Musa. IX. The origin of an edible diploid and the significance of interspecific hybridization in the banana complex. With an addendum on the nomenclature of edible bananas by E. E. Cheesman

Futch, David Gardner, 1964:
Genetical and cytological studies of evolution in island populations of Drosophila

Huskins, C.Leonard, 1928:
Genetical and cytological studies of fatuoid oats and speltoid wheats

Galindo Alonso, Jorge, 1965 :
Genetical and cytological studies on Phytophthora capsici in relation to variability

Kagawa, F.; Nakajima, G., 1933:
Genetical and cytological studies on species hybrids in Quamoclit

Pellew, Caroline; Sansome, E.Richardson, 1931:
Genetical and cytological studies on the relations between Asiatic and European varieties of Pisum sativum. I. Partial sterility in hybrids of a Tibetan and a European variety, by CAROLINE PEL-LEW. II. Chromosome association in Pisum, by EVA RICHARDSON SANSOME

Gerhard, K., 1929:
Genetical and cytological study of O. grandiflora Ait

Bali, Pran Nath, 1963:
Genetical and embryological studies of Oenothera rhombipetala

Tsujita, Mitsuo; Sakaguchi, B., 1956:
Genetical and embryological studies on the E-allelic series in the silkworm. The action of the two new genes, EMS and EMc

Itikawa, Nobukazu, 1952:
Genetical and embryological studies on the E-multiple alleles in the silkworm, Bombyx mori L

Harn, C.Y.; Kim, D.S.; Lee, M.S., 1965:
Genetical and embryological studies on the female sterile rice m plant

Umeya, Y.; Tsujita, M., 1951:
Genetical and histo-cytological studies of Lethal Yellow larva of the silkworm

Mitsuchi, M.; Oyama, M.; Kawai, K.; Otowa, M.; Tamura, E., 1965:
Genetical and morphological studies of soil of Asama pastureland, developed on the recent volcani ejecta

Hopwood, D.A., 1968:
Genetical and morphological studies of streptomyces coelicolor

Nutman, P.S., 1966:
Genetical and physiological factors affecting clover d nodulation and nitrogen fixation

Axelrod, D.E., 1968:
Genetical and physiological investigations of x ray resistant strains of the bacterium escherichia coli

Wassenich, W.K.; Walter, H., 1968:
Genetical and population genetical investigations on beta lipo protein polymorphism negroes caucasians american indians

Gulkanyan, V.O.; Oganesyan, S.G.; Akopyan, T.A., 1966:
Genetical and selection significance of hybrid wheat seeds obtained in the year of crossing

Afifi, Y.A., 1968:
Genetical and some environmental influences affecting the level of leukocyte counts in the milk of cows mastitis

Takasaki, Tsuneo; Aratake, Y., 1951:
Genetical and thremmatological studies on the sex chromosome in silkworm I. On the racial difference in biological effects of W-chromosome

Kalmus, H., 1946:
Genetical antigenic incompatibility as a possible cause of the toxaemias occurring late in pregnancy

Sunahara, S.; Urano, M.; Ogawa, M.; Yoshida, S.; Mukoyama, H.; Kawai, K., 1963:
Genetical Aspect Of Isoniazid Metabolism

Kerr, C.B., 1966:
Genetical aspects of carrier detection in hemophilia

Carter, C.O., 1967:
Genetical aspects of cystic fibrosis of the pancreas

Taneja, G.C., 1958:
Genetical aspects of fertility

Zani, G., 1966:
Genetical aspects of flocculence in Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. ellipsoideus

Penrose, L.S., 1963:
Genetical Aspects Of Human Infertility

Milani, R., 1963:
Genetical aspects of insecticide resistance

Crew, F.A.E., 1928:
Genetical aspects of natural immunity and disease resistance

Bateman, A.J., 1967:
Genetical aspects of radiosensitivity Mechanisms of repair

Bateman, A.J., 1946:
Genetical aspects of seed growing

Fraser, G.R.; Froggatt, P.; Murphy, T., 1964:
Genetical aspects of the cardio-audltory syndrome of Jervell and Lange-Nielsen

Black, W., 1952:
Genetical basis for the classification of strains of Phytophthora infestans

Berry, A.C.roline; Berry, R.J.; Ucko, P.J., 1967:
Genetical change in ancient Egypt

Mather, K., 1963:
Genetical Demography

Faludi, B., 1964:
Genetical differences in the sensitivity to 2,4-D herbicide

M.S.D.ol; H.G.üneberg; A.G.S.arle; G.M.T.uslove, 1957:
Genetical differentiation involving morphological characters in an inbred strain of mice I A British branch of the C57BL strain

J.R.C.rpenter; H.G.üneberg; E.S.R.ssell, 1957:
Genetical differentiation involving morphological characters in an inbred strain of mice II American branches of the C57BL and C57BR strains

Auerbach, C., 1957:
Genetical effects of radiation and chemicals

Book, J.A., 1960:
Genetical etiology in mental illness

Haldane, J.B.S., 1932:
Genetical evidence for a cytological abnormality in man

Seppälä, M.; Ruoslahti, E.; Tallberg, T., 1966:
Genetical evidence for maternal origin of amniotic fluid proteins

Berhorn, C., 1948:
Genetical examinations in the wing-veins of E. kuhniella

Newton, W.C.F., 1931:
Genetical experiments with Silene otites and related species

Hackbarth, J., 1943 :
Genetical experiments with tomatoes

Thompson, M., 1956:
Genetical factors in susceptibility to paralysis in poliomylelitis

Von Rathlef, H., 1926:
Genetical help for vegetable seed breeding

Burnett, J.H.; Evans, E.J., 1966:
Genetical homogeneity and the stability of the mating-type factors of fairy rings of Marasmius oreades

Penrose, L.S., 1950:
Genetical influences on the intelligence level of the population

Asvany, A.; Zsolt, J., 1960:
Genetical investigation of wine yeasts

Honda, Yasuto, 1966:
Genetical investigation on Quamoclit A gene analysis of the color off lowers and stems of Quamoclit pennata

Book, J.A., 1957:
Genetical investigations in a north Swedish population The offspring of first-cousin marriages. A note on the prevalence of genes for deleterious recessive traits in man. L. S. PENROSE

Book, J.A., 1956:
Genetical investigations in a north-Swedish population; population structure, spastic oligophrenia, deaf mutism

Schoenichen, G., 1950:
Genetical investigations on C pepo

Bell, J.D., 1968:
Genetical investigations on a strain of house flies resistant to organo phosphates insectic and carbamates insectic musca domestica

Renwick, J.H.; Lawler, S.D., 1955:
Genetical linkage between the ABO and nail-patella loci

Porter, I.H.; Schulze, J.; Mckusick, V.A., 1962:
Genetical linkage between the loci for glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and colour-blindness in American Negroes

Keurentjes, J.J.B., 2009:
Genetical metabolomics: closing in on phenotypes

Lindegren, G.; Hwang, Y.L.; Oshima, Y.; Lindegren, C.C., 1965:
Genetical mutants induced by ethyl methanesulfonate in Saccharomyces

Mensah, K.O.A.; Kadambi, K., 1965:
Genetical problems in ghana forestry

Maistrenko, O.I.; Troshina, A.V., 1966:
Genetical problems of gluten quality in wheat I. Variation of gluten quality depending on the selection of parental varieties in wheat

Conger, Alan, D., 1960:
Genetical protection

Schade, H., 1956:
Genetical questions as to a family with essential hereditary tremor

Narda, R.Dutt, 1965:
Genetical relationship and isolating mechanisms in the Ananassae species subgroup n. Reproductive isolating mechanisms and relationship among D. ananassae, D. bipectinata and P. malerkotliana

Tsujita, Mitsuo, 1956:
Genetical relationship between lethal lemon and lethal albino in silkworm

Narda, R.D., 1968:
Genetical relationships and isolating mechanisms in the species subgroup ananassae sophophora drosophila part 6 interspecific cytological divergence in the 3 species of the ananassae species subgroup

Def Bauer, Donald, 1941:
Genetical research and the physician

Enriques, Paolo, 1932:
Genetical research on silk worm culture

Berge, S., 1948:
Genetical researches on the number of vertebrae in the pig

Pease, M.S., 1926:
Genetical studies in Brassica oleracea

Pathak, G.N.; Singh, B., 1950:
Genetical studies in Lagenaria leucantha Rusby:

Toxopeus, H.J., 1928:
Genetical studies in Nigella damascena L

Maletskii, S.I., 1966:
Genetical studies in selective fertilization in maize

Boczkowski, K., 1968:
Genetical studies in testicular feminization syndrome

Jann, 1941:
Genetical studies in trees. 2. A. platanoides var. integrilobum

Hofmeyr, J.D.J., 1939:
Genetical studies of Carica papaya

Nno, Tetsuo, 1964:
Genetical studies of Salmonella flagella

Ikemoto, S.; Teramoto, T.; Mukoyama, H.; Furuhata, T., 1968:
Genetical studies of bm blood type on the twins part 1 heredity of bm blood groups

Ikemoto, S.; Matsumoto, H.; Konpa, R.; Furuhata, T., 1968:
Genetical studies of bm blood type on the twins part 2 heredity of gc gm and hapto globin types

Matsui, Y., 1930:
Genetical studies of fresh-water fish. 1. On the new mutants in carp

Shibata, K., 1961:
Genetical studies of incompatibilities in polyploids of Brassica pekinensis Rupr

Iino, T.; Enomoto, M., 1966:
Genetical studies of non-flagellate mutants of Salmonella

Hoshino, Y., 1940:
Genetical studies of the lady-bird beetle, Harmonia axyridis Pallas. IV

Hosino, Y., 1939:
Genetical studies of the ladybird Beetle, Harmonia axyridis Pallas. III

Swamy, R.L.N., 1940:
Genetical studies on Coffea arabica L

Nohara, Sigeroku, 1930:
Genetical studies on Quamoclit

Nohara, Sigeroku, 1933 :
Genetical studies on Sesamum indicum, L

Okada, T., 1956:
Genetical studies on T3 phage I Studies on a strain of T3 phage-sensitive Aerobacter aerogenes

Okada, T., 1956:
Genetical studies on T3 phage. II. Host-differentiated mutants of T3 phage

Harris, H.; Hopkinson, D.A.; Robson, E.B.; Whittaker, M., 1963:
Genetical studies on a new variant of serum cholinesterase detected by electrophoresis

Davidson, R.G.; Fildes, R.A.; Glenn Bott, A.M.ry; Harris, H.; Robson, E.B.; Cleghorn, T.E., 1965:
Genetical studies on a variant of human lactate dehydrogenase

Singh, D.N.; Sahni, S.L., 1965:
Genetical Studies on Color Pattern of Chrysocoris Stollii Wolff

Ohno, R., 1965:
Genetical studies on grafting in some plants of solanaceae I. The grafting experiments between Capsicum annuum and Capsicum annuum var. grossum

Matsuo, T.; Nakajima, T., 1960:
Genetical studies on heading in rice plants. I. Characteristics of some mutant strains on heading time induced by X-ray or -ray

Matsuo, T.; Nakajima, T.; Hirata, A., 1960:
Genetical studies on heading in rice plants. II. Gene-analysis on heading of some early heading mutants induced by X-ray

Matsuo, Takane; Onozawa, Y., 1965:
Genetical studies on heading time in rice PI. Gene-analysis on heading time of some late mutants induced by radiation

Hopkinson, D.A.; Spencer, N.; Harris, H., 1964:
Genetical Studies On Human Red Cell Acid Phosphatase

Nakagawa, M.O.i; Soga, Y.; Watanabe, S.; Gocho, H.; Nishio, K.; Kurata, H., 1959:
Genetical studies on kernel texture of wheat and barley

Nakayama, Rinsaburo, 1957:
Genetical studies on kidney beans 1 On the inheritance of abnormal dwarfness

Yamaguchi, Yasuke, 1929:
Genetical studies on rice

Man Emon, Takahashi, 1952:
Genetical studies on rice plant The order and distance of some genes belong to Pl-linkage group

Nagao, Seijin; Takahashi, M.Emon, 1951:
Genetical studies on rice plant. XIII. Further studies on the gene Pl responsible for the development of anthocyanin coloration in leaf of rice

Takahashi, Man Emon, 1955:
Genetical studies on rice plant XVII Seed development in tetraploid rice

Heiken, A.; Rasmuson, M., 1966:
Genetical studies on the Rh blood group system

Hasimoto, H.; Momose, A.; Kubomura, Y., 1959:
Genetical studies on the abnormal oviposition in some practical races of mulberry silkworm

Yoshitake, N.; Akiyama, M., 1964:
Genetical studies on the acid-phosphatase in the blood of the silkworm, Bombyx mori L

Virk, K.Singh, 1960:
Genetical studies on the effect of X-rays in the silkworm . III. On the difference in the X-ray induced deficiencies at pe and re loci in various strains

VIRK.Diljit Singh, 1960:
Genetical studies on the effects of X-rays in the silkworm, Bombyx mori L II Relationship between growth stage and X-ray-induced chromosomal fragmentation

Pellew, C., 1940:
Genetical studies on the first reciprocal translocation found in Pisum sativum

Okuno, Shun, 1951:
Genetical studies on the frost resistance and maturity of potato

Matsui, Y., 1934:
Genetical studies on the gold-fish of Japan. I. On the varieties of gold-fish and the variations in their external characteristics. II. On the Mendelian inheritance of the telescope eyes of gold-fish. III. On the inheritance of the scale transparency of gold-fish. IV. On the inheritance of caudal and anal fins of gold-fish

Ikeda, N., 1952:
Genetical studies on the length of the rice-grain and the gene's effects to the panicle-length

Ferwerda, F.P., 1928:
Genetical studies on the mealworm, T. molitor L

Kuang, H.H.; Tu, D.S.; Chang, Y.H., 1943:
Genetical studies on the polyhusks in cultivated rice

Zambonelli, C., 1964:
Genetical studies on the production of hydrogen sulfide in Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. ellipsoideus

Gruneberg, H., 1950:
Genetical studies on the skeleton of the mouse. I. Minor variations of the vertebral column

Gruneberg, Hans, 1961:
Genetical studies on the skeleton of the mouse. XXVII. The development of oligosyndactylism

Hara, Shiroku, 1942:
Genetical studies on the wild rice in Formosa

Honing, J.A., 1927:
Genetical studies on tobacco

Mikolajczyk, J., 1962:
Genetical studies on yellow lupine . I. Spontaneous mutations in Polish yellow lupines

Mikolajczyk, J., 1962:
Genetical studies on yellow lupine. II. Origin and genotypes of Polish varieties and strains of yellow lupine

Anonymous, 2009:
Genetical studies with aVestigial Taila mice II The position of vestigial in the seventh linkage group

Anonymous, 2009:
Genetical studies with aVestigial Taila mice III New independence data

Perramon, A.; Merat, P., 1968:
Genetical study of blood groups in 2 populations of fowls part 1 heredity of antigenic factors

Kobozieff, N.; Pomriaskinsky, K.bozieff, Nathalie; Gemahling, E.; Reynes, F., 1966:
Genetical study of longitudinal hemimelia in mice: Penetranee

Fuke, Yutaka, 1955:
Genetical study of the photoperiodic reaction in the rice plant

Narbut, S.I., 1967:
Genetical tumor in radishes obtained by inbreeding

Lehmann, H.; Liddell, J., 1964:
Genetical Variants of Human Serum Pseudocholinesterase

Nsowah, G.F., 1968:
Genetical variation in local and exotic varieties of garden eggplants d variation in morphological and physiological characters

Michaelis, P., 1961:
Genetical, embryological and cytological studies about plasm inheritance. L The incidental and unilateral distribution of plasmatic inheritance carries during cell division, together with a contribution to the analysis of the intraindividual dappled patterns

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