Genetics studies on isozymes of the integument esterase in the silkworm, Bombyx mori L

Eguchi, M.; Yoshitake, N.

Jap J Genet 41(4): 267-273


Accession: 024745108

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The study was designed to detect the difference of main esterase isozymes in Bombyx mori L. and to reveal the mode of inheritance of these isozymes, using the integument of the larval bodies at the 5th larval stage. Electrophoretic variations were found in the integument esterase of the silkworm. The esterase was classified into the 6 fundamental isozyme types, O, A, B, C, AB and AC. The mode of inheritance of these isozmes was confirmed that they are controlled by codominant alles, Ies O Ies A Ies B les C Ies AB and Ies AC respectively. The esterase activities in individuals with compound types, AB or AC, were approximately twice as high as those in the single band type. These individuals seemed to be homozygotes for the genes Ies AB or Ies AC, and it was assumed that they occur by the duplication of primitive genes, Ies A and Ies B and Ies C.