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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24764

Chapter 24764 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Moiseenko, F.P., 1958:
Growth of oak plantations from seeds in Byelorussian SSR

Eitingen, Gr, 1926:
Growth of oaks in relation to weight of acorns

Mccomb, A.L.; Thomson, G.W., 1957:
Growth of oaks in southeastern Iowa in relation to stand density and grazing

Long, S.K.; Williams, O.B., 1959:
Growth of obligate thermophiles at 37 C as a function of the cultural conditions employed

Zussman, W.V.; Ioachim, H.L., 1964:
Growth of Odontoblasts in Vitro. I. Dental Tissue Culture Studies

Enenko, S.O.; Shungskaya, V.E., 1964:
Growth of oligodendroglial cells in tissue cultures

Sorokin, V.N., 1964:
Growth of one-year old tree seedings under the action of mineral fertilizers

Svihla, R.D.; Osterman, E., 1943:
Growth Of Orchid Seeds After Dehydration From The Frozen State

Moon, R.O., 1927:
Growth of our knowledge of heart disease

Loosanoff, V.L.; Nomejko, C.A., 1955:
Growth of oysters with damaged shell-edges

Hosny, A.; Alfy, L.B.; Edward, G.M., 1962:
Growth of para-influenza D on tissue culture of HeLa cells, chicken fibroblasts and chorio- allantoic membrane

Craighead, John, E., 1966:
Growth of parainfluenza type 3 virus and interferon production in infant and adult mice

Soldo, A.T.; Godoy, G.A.; Van Wagtendonk, W.J., 1966:
Growth of particle-bearing and particle-free Paramecium aurelia in axenic culture

Lucanus, Renate, 1962:
Growth of pasture species under controlled environment, III Growth at various levels of constant temperature with 8 and 16 hours of uniform light per day

Mitchell, K.J., 1955:
Growth of pasture species. II. Perennial ryegrass , cocksfoot and paspalum

Mitchell, K.J., 1956:
Growth of pasture species. III. White clover , subterranean clover and Lotus major

Littman, M.L., 1948:
Growth of pathogenic fungi on a new culture medium

Kadisch, E., 1929:
Growth of pathogenic skin fungi outside of the body

Dunegan, J.C.; Wilson, R.A., 1958:
Growth of peach trees in soils treated eleven years previously with DDT

Prevot, P., 1950:
Growth of peanut in France and in Senegal

Allen, W.E.; Mcveigh, I., 1963:
Growth of penicillin-resistant and penicillin-sensitiye strains of Staphylococcus aureus

Sarfatti, Glacomino, 1961:
Growth of pericarp, seed, endosperm, and embryo in Prunus amygdalus Stokes

Leal, J.A.; Lilly, V.G.; Gallegly, M.E., 1968:
Growth of phytophthora heveae on media containing l glutamine and urea

Krawczyszyn, J., 1967:
Growth of pileate fungi

Lewis, I.M., 1930:
Growth of plant pathogenic bacteria in synthetic culture media with special reference to Phytomonas malvaceara

Hildebrandt, A.C.; Riker, A.J., 1950:
Growth of plant tissue in vitro influenced by the concentration of sugars and polysaccharides

Sautin, V.I.; Raiko, P.N., 1959:
Growth of plantations of Larix sibirica in different types of forests in Belorussia

Rudolph, V.J.; Robbins, P.W., 1956:
Growth of planted black walnut on the Michigan State University Campus

Hansen, N.J.; Mccomb, A.L., 1958:
Growth of planted green ash, black walnut, and other species in relation to observable soil-site characteristics in southeastern Iowa

Hoekstra, P.E.; Johansen, R.W., 1957:
Growth of planted slash pine air-layers

Bennett, Frank, A., 1956:
Growth of planted slash pine on cutover lands and old fields

Went, F.W., 1928:
Growth of plants as conditioned by a growth-promoting substance and distribution of water

Heck, W.W.; Pires, E.G.rald, 1962:
Growth of plants fumigated with saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon gases and their derivatives

Stabrowska, J., 1959:
Growth of plants on nitrates or ammonium salts in relationship to the oxygen supply of the substratum

Heck, W.W.; Darling, D.R., 1962:
Growth of plants treated with several potential environmental pollutants

Ramaley, F., 1931:
Growth of Plants Under Continuous Light

Baker, J.A.; Ferguson, M.S., 1942:
Growth of platyfish free from bacteria and other microorganisms

Miller, C.A., 1953:
Growth of poliomyelitis viruses in large stationary cultures

Mosley, J.W.; Enders, J.F., 1962:
Growth of poliovirus in cotton-plugged monkey kidney cell cultures

Crocker, T.T., 1964 :
Growth of poliovirus in non-nucleate cytoplasm

Rosen, Walter, G., 1963:
Growth of pollen

Poliakov, I.M.; Mikhailova, P.V., 1951:
Growth of pollen tubes in different parts of the pistil and selective fertilization

Cordray, D.R.; Rogers, H.C.; Mogabgab, W.J., 1962:
Growth of polyoma virus in lungs of C3H mice and susceptibility of other host systems to infection

Kaufman, C.M.; White, J.B.; Monroe, R.J., 1954:
Growth of pond pine in a pocosin area

Briegleb, Philip, A., 1950:
Growth of ponderosa pine

Miles, Clark, 1945:
Growth of ponderosa pine by Keen tree classes

Gore, N.Y., 1968:
Growth of population of kerala 1901 1961

Hall, R.P.; Cosgrove, W.B., 1942:
Growth of populations in relation to size of the inoculum in cultures of Glaucoma piriformis

Mayr, A.; Bibrack, B.; Bachmann, P., 1967:
Growth of porcine adenovirus in calf kidney cell cultures

Woolley, P.V.; Valdecanas, L.Q., 1960:
Growth of premature infants. Circumferential growth of the skull, increase in body length, and the relation between these measurements during the first year

Kagan, B.M.; Felix, Natalia; Molander, Charles; Hill, J., 1961:
Growth of premature infants: Studies of body water distribution

Southam, C.M.; Tanzi, A.F.; Ross, S.L., 1966:
Growth of primary explants of human cancer in newborn rats

Growth of primate and nonprimate tissue culture cell lines in x-irradiated and cortisonetreated rats

Yasuda, H., 1950:
Growth of principal Japanese fish, III Taius tumifrons

Freeman, R.G.; Raymond, S., 1929:
Growth of private day school boys

Park, H.S.; Reinbold, G.W.; Hammond, E.G.; Clark, W.S., 1967:
Growth of propionl-bacteria at low temperatures

Austin Phelps, 1936:
Growth of protozoa in pure culture II Effect upon the growth curve of different concentrations of nutrient materials

Hawking, F., 1946:
Growth of protozoa in tissue culture II. Plasmodium relictum, exoerythrocytic forms

Downs, Albert, A., 1944:
Growth of pruned eastern white pine

Dahms, Walter, G., 1954:
Growth of pruned ponderosa pine

Morgan, H.R.; Wiseman, R.W., 1946:
Growth of psittacosis virus in roller tube tissue culture; use in a vaccine

Officer, J.E.; Brown, A., 1960:
Growth of psittacosis virus in tissue culture

Janota Bassalik, Ludmila, 1963:
Growth of psvchrophilic and mesophilic strains of peat bacteria

Fran, E.W.Lls, S.Anle, E.H.Rtsell, W.Llia, J.S.Adelm, N., 1963:
Growth of psychrophiles I Lipid changes in relation to growth-temperature reductions

Wells, F.E.; Stadelman, W.J.; Hartsell, S.E., 1963:
Growth of psychrophiles. n. Growth of poultry meat spoilage bacteria and some effects of chlortetracycline

Larkin, J.M.; Stokes, J.L., 1968:
Growth of psychropilic microorganisms at subzero temperatures

Shimkin, M.B.; Polissar, M.J., 1958:
Growth of pulmonary tumors in mice of strains A and C3H

Ermachenko, V.A.; Lozinov, A.B.; Ulezlo, I.V.; Petrova, G.V.; Kolesnik, L.V., 1966:
Growth of pure cultures of Nitrosomonas europaea

Ukeles, R., 1962:
Growth of pure cultures of marine phytoplankton in the presence of toxicants

Nomura, Yoshitoshi; Takehara, K.; Nakamura, J., 1959:
Growth of rabies virus and development of antigen in a culture of chick embryo fragments. I. A comparison of the behaviour of viruses in tissue culture

Nagareda, C.S., 1954 :
Growth of radiation-induced lymphoid tumor grafts in hypophysectomized C57BL mice

Wolfe, D.A.; Petteway, E.N., 1968:
Growth of rangia cuneata commercial species ecology

Hawking, F., 1958:
Growth of rat leprosy bacillus in tissue culture

Devoto, F.C.; Arias, N.H.; Perrotto, B.M., 1966:
Growth of rats' lower incisor teeth after unilateral section of alveolar nerve

Roubicek, C.B.; Pahnbh, O.F.; Taylor, R.L., 1964:
Growth of rate at two temperatures

Allison, J.B.; Wannemacher, R.W.; Parmer, L.P.; Gomez, R., 1961:
Growth of rats correlated with ribonuclease activity and ribonucleic acid

Salmon, W.D., 1962:
Growth of rats fed amino acid diets

Borchers, Raymond, 1951:
Growth of rats fed heated or raw soybean oil meal supplemented with commercial trypsin

Sauberlich, H.E., 1961:
Growth of rats fed protein-free diets supplemented with purified amino acid mixtures

Griffith, Wendell, H., 1929:
Growth of rats on diets containing sodium benzoate

Mcamis, A.J.sephine; Anderson, W.E.; Mendel, L., 1929:
Growth of rats on fat-free diets

Wu, H.; Wu, D.Y.n, 1928:
Growth of rats on vegetarian diets

Feary, D.A. {a}; 1 ; McCormick, M.I.; Jones, G.P.; 1 Email: dfeary@inweh.unu.edu, 2009:
Growth of reef fishes in response to live coral cover

Clewell, Andre, F., 1965:
Growth of relic hemlock in northeastern Ohlix

Wells, J.M., 1968:
Growth of rhizopus stolonifer pathogen of fragaria chiloensis variety ananassa d in low oxygen atmospheres and production of pectic and cellulolytic enzymes

Vaskivnyuk, V.T.; Kvasnikov, E.I., 1968:
Growth of rhodotorula on media containing n alkanes vitamin b carotenoids pigments growth substances protein

Ciferri, Raffaele, 1952:
Growth of rice and wheat seedlings under microaergobic culture

Ohwakl, Yoriko, 1967:
Growth of rice coleoptiles in relation to oxygen concentrations

Hirano, T.; Shimada, H.; Onodera, S., 1956:
Growth of rice plants in late-transplanting culture with special reference to the chemical constituents of the plant

Kozlowski, T.T.; Scholtes, W.L., 1948:
Growth of roots and root hairs of pine and hardwood seedlings in the Piedmont

Bodo, Fritz, 1926:
Growth of roots in apple and plum trees

Leerhoy, J., 1968:
Growth of rubella virus in a rabbit cornea cell line SIRC

Leerhoy, J., 1965:
Growth of rubella virus in a rabbit kidney cell line RK 13

Best, J.M.; Banatvala, J.E.; Moore, B.M., 1968:
Growth of rubella virus in human embryonic organ cultures

Belcourt, R.J.; Wong, F.C.; Walcroft, M.J., 1965:
Growth Of Rubella Virus In Rabbit Foetal Tissues And Cell Cultures

R.J.P.B.lcourt; F.C.W.ng, 1965:
Growth of rubella virus on rabbit kidney monolayer cultures

Yanagawa, R.; Hiramune, T.; Akaike, Y., 1963:
Growth of Saprophytic and Pathogenic Leptospirae on Solid Medium in Carbon Dioxide-Free Air

Loefer, J.B., 1952:
Growth of sarcoma in hypophysectomized rats

Dos, S.ntos, E.P.; Fratzen, F.M., 1965:
Growth of sardines: Quantitative aspects In: Simposio sobre a oceanografia do Atlantico Sul Occidental, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 14-18 setembro, 1964

Harada, T., 1968:
Growth of schistosoma japonicum eggs innoculated orally into the snail oncomelania nosophora

Concha Marcavillaca, M.; Montaldl, E.R., 1962:
Growth of scion roots in the tissues of the stock

Reid, Mary, E., 1926:
Growth of seedling in relation to composition of seed

Nestsyarovich, N.D.; Panamarova, A.V., 1957:
Growth of seedlings and young transplants of tree species raised from seeds treated with 2,4-D solutions

Zagaja, S.W.; Wisniewska, J.; Zagaja, W., 1963:
Growth of seedlings from immature sweet cherry embryos

Reid, Mary, E., 1929:
Growth of seedlings in light and in darkness in relation to available nitrogen and carbon

Rakhtsyeyenka, L.I., 1965:
Growth of seedlings of some woody species and effects of presowing treatment of seed with trace elements

Philippe, E.; Le Gal, Y., 1968:
Growth of seventy-eight recurrent mammary cancers. Quantitative study

Kissling, R.E., 1957:
Growth of several arthropod-borne viruses in tissue culture

Southam, C.M.; Babcock, V.I.; Demasi, M., 1964:
Growth Of Several Human Cell Lines In Newborn Rats

Gerber, D.F.; Watkins, H.M., 1961:
Growth of shigellae in monolayer tissue cultures

Boggess, W.R., 1959:
Growth of shortleaf pine thinned by crown and row methods

Schmalhausen, I.; Stepanowa, J., 1926:
Growth of skeletal extremities in chick embryo

Shoulders, Eugene, 1967:
Growth of slash and longleaf pines after cultivation, fertilization, and thinning

Arlen, William, H., 1959:
Growth of slash pine plantation on flatwoods in West-Central Florida

Ringertz, N.; Klein, E.; Revesz, L., 1959:
Growth of small compatible tumor implants in presence of admixed radiation-killed or incompatible tumor cells

Chang, S.L., 1960:
Growth of small free-living amoebae in various bacterial and in bacteria-free cultures

Evan, B.; Hanks, J.H., 1939:
Growth of small numbers of acid-fast bacteria in blood and in serum

Keiffer, H., 1929:
Growth of smooth muscle fibers of uterus during pregnancy

Klevenskaya, I.L., 1960:
Growth of soil actinomycetes in media of varying osmotic pressure

Jones, L.E.; Hildebrandt, A.C.; Riker, A.J.; Wu, J.H., 1960:
Growth of somatic tobacco cells in microculture

Trione, E.J.; Jones, L.E.; Metzger, R.J., 1962:
Growth of somatic wheat tissue in sterile culture

Diachun, S.; Valleau, W.D., 1944:
Growth of some animal pathogens on wheat roots

Gundersen, K.; Carlucci, A.F.; Bostrom, K., 1966:
Growth of some chemoautotropic bacteria at different oxygen tensions

Erickson, L.C.; Dewolfe, T.A.; Brannaman, B.L., 1958:
Growth of some citrus-fruit pathogens as affected by 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T

Applegate, Vernon, C., 1947:
Growth of some lake trout, Cristivomer n namaycush, of known age in inland Michigan lakes

West, R.A.; Lewis, K.H.; Militzer, W.E., 1940:
Growth of some non-sporulating anaerobic bacteria in synthetic media and extracts from corn silk

Entz, Geza, 1931:
Growth of some protista and of a protista population

Zhdanova, N.M., 1964:
Growth of some soil Hyphomycetes from the Dematiaceae group at different temperatures

Perminova, G.N., 1964:
Growth of some soil blue-green algae on media that do not contain nitrogen

D.A.undo, E., 1926:
Growth of some species of bacteria on nerve tissues. Contribution to the question of localization of infectious diseases

Cary, L.R., 1933:
Growth of some tissues of Ptychodera bahamensis in vitro

Mukhamed Khusein, A.S., 1968:
Growth of southern and canadian poplars populus balsamifera d and populus canadensis d in forest belts

Ware, L.M.; Stahelin, R., 1948:
Growth of southern pines planted at various spacings

Burt, Agnes Sanxay, 1943:
Growth of spinal ganglia in plasma from vitamin B1 deficient chickens

Stifler, R.B., 1961:
Growth of Sporangiophores of Phycomyces Immersed in Water

Iyer, V.; Bhat, J.V., 1954:
Growth of spore-forming Bacilli in relation to common salt and sugar

Greer, Frank, E., 1926:
Growth of spore-forming anaerobes at 50 C

Birch, T.C., 1941:
Growth of spruce at Conical Hill a mycorrhizal explanation

Lorkiewicz, Z., 1957:
Growth of stabilized L forms of Proteus vulgaris without the addition of serum and penicillin

Molander, C.W.; Weinberger, H.J.; Kagan, B.M., 1965:
Growth of Staphylococcal L Forms on and Through Membrane Discs of Various Pore Sizes

Kiyohara, K., 1926:
Growth of starch grains and the bimodal curve of variation with reference to the size of starch grains in cotyledons of N. nucifera

Ploegmakers, J.F., 1968:
Growth of stellate neurons in cerebral cortex of cavia porcellus a golgi study abstract long intra uterine stay

Aaron, I., 1948:
Growth of Stumps

Tiemeier, O.W.; Elder, J.B., 1960:
Growth of stunted channel catfish

Kumar, S.; Hecht, A., 1965:
Growth of styles and pollen tubes of Oenothera organensis following emasculation

Koski, K.; Ronning, O.V., 1968:
Growth of sub cutaneously transplanted cranial base synchondroses in the rat abstract brain tissue histology

Bregula, U.; Slowikowska, G.; Dux, K., 1966:
Growth of subcutaneous grafts of some clones of Ehrlich ascites tumor in mice of different strains

Southam, C.M.; Babcock, V.I., 1961:
Growth of subcutaneous transplants of human cancer in rats inoculated intravenously with cancer cells when newborn

Robinson, F.E.; Worker, G.F., 1965:
Growth of sugar cane in areas irrigated with Colorado River water

Misra, P.M.; Saila, S.B., 1968:
Growth of teleost eggs in deuterium salvelinus fontinalis

Colgrove, M.S.; Roberts, A.N., 1956:
Growth of the Azalea as influenced by ammonium and nitrate nitrogen

Homack, P., 1960:
Growth of the Berkeley Heights sanitary sewer system

Quayle, D.B., 1956:
Growth of the British Columbia shipworm

Belyi, N.D., 1964:
Growth of the Dneper zander

Clugston, James Paul, 1964:
Growth of the Florida largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides floridanus , and the northern largemouth bass, M s salmoides , in subtropical Florida

Sujansingani, K.H., 1958:
Growth of the Indian shad, Hilsa ilisha , in the tidal stretch of the Hooghly

Kondo, Keiichi; Kuroda, K., 1966:
Growth of the Japanese mackerel: I Comparison of resting zones on different organs

Nakai, Zinzdro; Hayashi, S., 1962:
Growth of the Japanese sarding. I. A note on the growth rate, 1949 through 1951

Baugh, C.L.; Fitzgerald, J.M.; Tytell, A.A., 1967:
Growth of the L-cell in galactose medium

Fraser, A.S., 1952:
Growth of the N-types fleece

Mchugh, J.L., 1942:
Growth of the Rocky Mountain whitefish

Elias, Hans, 1941:
Growth of the adepidermal melanophore network of Discoglossus pictus, studied in living tadpoles

Elias, Hans, 1948:
Growth of the adrenal cortex in domesticated Ungulata

Litwin, J., 1962:
Growth of the agent of trachoma in the embryonated egg

Ruiz Torres, A., 1963:
Growth of the ascites tumor of the mouse by Amino-acetonitril-Lathyrismus

Kopteva, N.P., 1964:
Growth of the asp in the Kuibyshev Reservoir

Umeya, K.; Imai, E., 1965:
Growth of the azuki bean d weevil callosobruchus chinensis and the mexican bean d weevil zabrotes subfasciatus on beans d of grafted phaseolus d plants

Sterkin, V.E., 1965:
Growth of the bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens in flow-culture conditions

Dudinskii, Y.A.; Sytnik, K.M., 1966:
Growth of the basal parenchyma in the internodes of corn

Balcells, E., 1965:
Growth of the blackbird in the nest

Sanchez, G.; Dusanic, D.G., 1968:
Growth of the blood stream form of Trypanosoma lewisi in vitro

Giudice, John, J., 1966:
Growth of the blue X channel catfish hybrid as compared to its parent species

Satija, R.C.; Kaur, R.P., 1967:
Growth of the body and the brain during post embryonic life in callosobruchus maculatus

Sato, Yuji; Ishito, Y., 1962 :
Growth of the bottom-fish in the rearing condition. 1. The relation between growth and food consumption of babagarei, Microstomus achne

Sko?epa, Vlastislav, 1966:
Growth of the bream

Frey, D.G.; Pedracine, H., 1938:
Growth of the buffalo in Wisconsin lakes and streams

Glick, Bruce, 1960:
Growth of the bursa of Fabricius and its relationship to the adrenal gland in the White Pekin duck, White Leghorn, outbred and inbred New Hampshire

Joshl, P.C.; Ball, E.A., 1964:
Growth of the callus of Brassica rapa on glass surfaces in shake cultures

Moss, M.L., 1954:
Growth of the calvaria in the rat; the determination of osseous morphology

Hoyt, H.H.; Pomeroy, B.S., 1950:
Growth of the causative agent of sinusitis of the turkey in the chick embryo

Gezelius, Kerstin, 1962:
Growth of the cellular slime mold Dictyostelium discoideum on dead bacteria in liquid media

Sussman, M., 1963:
Growth of the cellular slime mold Polysphondylium pallidum in a simple nutrient medium

Kim, C.M.; Chang, N.K., 1967:
Growth of the chestnut tree, Castanea crenata, in relation to soil nutrients in Korea

Sempe, M.; Tutin, C.; Masse, N.P., 1964:
Growth of the child from 0 to 7 years. measurements of children in the region of Paris, 1953-1962

Nisio, Giuseppe, 1929:
Growth of the colon bacillus on the kidney as fostered by disturbances in renal circulation

Jensen, K.A., 1928:
Growth of the colon bacillus studied by direct microscopic observation. Periodicity of the bacteriophage effect as thus determined

Benoit, J., 1927:
Growth of the comb of Leghorn fowls at different times of the year

Clugston, J.P.; Cooper, E.L., 1960:
Growth of the common eastern madtom, Noturus insignis in central Pennsylvania

Davson, H., 1962:
Growth of the concept of the paucimolecular membrane

Neal, D.C.; Wester, R.E.; Gunn, K.C., 1933:
Growth of the cotton root-rot fungus in synthetic media, and the toxic effect of ammonia on the fungus

Valle, J.R.; Valle, A.R., 1942:
Growth of the crop-sacs of the pigeon Columbigallina talpacoti under the action of prolactin

Chao, M.D., 1947:
Growth of the Dandelion Scape

Gibbs, F.A.; Knott, J.R., 1949:
Growth of the electrical activity of the cortex

Ball, Ernest, 1956:
Growth of the embryo of Ginkgo biloba under experimental conditions, II Effects of a longitudinal split in the tip of the hypocotyl

Ernest Ball, 1956:
Growth of the embryo of Ginkgo biloba under experimental conditions I Origin of the first root of the seedling in vitro

Ball, Ernest, 1959:
Growth of the embryo of Ginkgo biloba under experimental conditions III Growth rates of root and shoot upon media absorbed through the cotyledons

Tukey, H.B., 1934:
Growth of the embryo, seed, and pericarp of the sour cherry in relation to season of fruit ripening

Cairns, J.M.; Allenspach, A., 1962:
Growth of the embryonic chick wing bud

Ranzi, S., 1930:
Growth of the embryos of Cephalopoda.

Siegling, J.A., 1941:
Growth of the epiphyses

Larsen, E.H.almar; Nordentoff, E.L.ss, 1962:
Growth of the epiphyses and vertebrae

Sarnat, B.G.; Wexler, M.R., 1966:
Growth of the face and jaws after resection of the septal cartilage in the rabbit

Silverman, F.N., 1965:
Growth of the Face in Developmental Defects

Inge, F.D.; Loomis, W.E., 1937:
Growth of the first internode of the epicotyl in Maize seedlings

Puckett, Charles, A., 1958:
Growth of the fishes in the salt River Missouri

Johnson, B.F., 1967:
Growth of the fission yeast, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, with late, eccentric, lytic fission in an unbalanced medium

Davidjan, G.G., 1958:
Growth of the flax root system as affected by day length

Nelson, J.B., 1939:
Growth of the Fowl Coryza Bodies in Tissue Culture and in Blood Agar

Briggs, R.; Grant, R., 1942:
Growth of the frog kidney carcinoma when transplanted to the tails of normal and permanent tadpoles

Sengbusch, R.V.; Luhr, B.; Meske, C.; Szablewski, W., 1967:
Growth of the fry of carp in inst aquaria

Matlak, Olga, 1966:
Growth of the fry of two carp families reared at Golysz

Gubanov, G.Y.; Bredikhina, A.I., 1964:
Growth of the fungi Fusarium vasinfectum and Vertcillium dahliae when there are different phenolic substances and glucosides in the nutritive medium

Zinov'ev, E.A., 1966:
Growth of the golden orfe and methods of calculating it in reverse

Boling, J.L.; Blandau, R.J.; Soderwall, A.L.; Young, W.C., 1941:
Growth of the graafian follicle and the time of ovulation in the albino rat

Schockaert, E., 1968:
Growth of the gray shrimp crangon crangon off the belgian coast

Hrdlicka, Ales, 1938:
Growth of the head during adult life

[nikolaev, L.P., 1926:
Growth of the head in children of school age

Maresh, M.M., 1948:
Growth of the heart related to bodily growth during childhood and adolescence

Gabris, J., 1967:
Growth of the height of the sub cutaneous fat layer with the white thoroughbred pigs

Burdi, Alphonse Rocco, 1963:
Growth of the human cranio-facial complex during the second trimester of prenatal development

Straus, William, 1927:
Growth of the human foot and its evolutionary significance

Moss, M.L.; Simon, M.R., 1968:
Growth of the human mandibular angular process: a functional cranial analysis

Francis, C.C., 1948:
Growth of the human pituitary fossa

Anson, B.J.; Cauldwell, E.W., 1941:
Growth of the human stapes

Swinyard, C.A., 1943:
Growth of the human suprarenal glands

Francis, Carl, C., 1939:
Growth of the human tibia

Weber, Douglas, D., 1967:
Growth of the immature king crab Paralithodes camtschatica

Wellband, W.A.; Domm, L.V., 1963:
Growth of the incisor and tibia in response to thyroid and adrenal hormones

Zana, J.; Vukov, K., 1958:
Growth of the industrial sugar beet in Hungary between 1951 and 19551

Schoffman, Robert, J., 1953:
Growth of the largemouth black bass in Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee

Rowlands, R.P., 1929:
Growth of the left testicle with precocious sexual and bodily development

Kolenosky, G.B.n; Miller, R.S., 1962:
Growth of the lens of the pronghorn antelops

Williamson, M.B., 1948:
Growth of the liver in fetal rats

Figueras, A., 1965:
Growth of the lobster in northwest Spain

Terao, Arata, 1928:
Growth of the lobster, Homarus americanus

Mixner, J.P.; Turner, C.W., 1941:
Growth of the lobule-alveolar system of the mammary gland with pregneninolone

Johnston, F.E., 1962:
Growth of the long bones of infants and young children at Indian Knoll

Dokladal, M., 1959:
Growth of the main head dimensions from birth up to twenty years of age in Czechs

Lewis, A.A.; Turner, C.W., 1942:
Growth of the male guinea pig mammary gland with di-ethylstilbestrol

Blackwood, H.J., 1966:
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Growth of Tobacco Seedlings with Nitrate and its Reduction Products

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Growth promotion of the tubercle bacillus by serum albumen

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Growth rate and development of tumors induced with ultraviolet radiation

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Growth rate and fecundity of the Samarkand khramulya Varicorhinus capoeta heratensis steihdachneri in the Zarafshan River basin

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Growth rate and feed conversion of young pigs fed diets containing poultry litter

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Growth rate and position of wood in tree as factors influencing kraft and sulphite pulps from jack pine

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Growth rate dependency of protein and nucleic acid composition of tetrahymena pyriformis and the control of synthesis of ribosomal and transfer rna abstract

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Growth rate dependent numbers of SeqA structures organize the multiple replication forks in rapidly growing Escherichia coli

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Growth Rate of Giant Clam Tridacna gigas at Bikini Atoll as Revealed by Radioautography

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England, D.C., 1963:
Growth rate of pigs with lower front teeth removed

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Growth rate of populations and body size of some nematode mycohelminths during their cultivation on different fungi aphelenchus avenae aphelenchoides besseyi aphelenchoides subtenuis fusarium oxysporum alternaria tenuis helminthosporium sativum curvullaria geniculata

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Growth rate of rats in the immediate period following the action of catecholamines on their metabolism reserpine metab

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Growth rates of fishes of Lake Hiwassee, Oklahoma, after two years of attempted population control

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Growth rates of host and pathogen as factors determining the severity of pre-emergence damping-off

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Growth Rates Of Phytopathogenic Bacteria

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Growth ration for the child

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Growth reactions in root hairs

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Growth reactions of mesonephros and liver to intravascular injections of embryonic liver and kidney suspensions in the chick embryo

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Growth reactions of the root to change in temperature

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Growth record of Coot

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Growth Recovery After Inhibition By Lead

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Growth regulators produce compact, budded azaleas

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Growth requirements of Paramecium aurelia, variety 4, stock 51.7 sensitive

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Growth Requirements of the Meningococcus

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Growth requirements of the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodospiril-lum rubrum

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Growth research in medicine

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Growth respiration and soluble thiols of 2 strains of carrot d tissues

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Growth response and vitamin B12 tissue levels in vitamin B12-deficient rats and chicks fed riboflavin, 5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole and related compounds

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Growth response of 26 children with short stature given human growth hormone hypo pituitarism

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Growth response of Chlamydomonas and Haematococcus to the volatile fatty acids

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Growth response of Citrus seedling rootstock to gibberellic acid

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Growth response of Phymatotrichum omnivorum to certain inorganic nitrogens

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Growth response of Triticum coleoptiles to non-dialysable milk fractions

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Growth response of chicks fed diets containing solvent extracted broccoli meal and soybean oil meal as protein supplements

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Growth response of excised and attached roots to external sucrose concentration. III. The effect of some modifications in the experimental technique

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Growth response of excised mature embryos of iris and wheat to different culture media

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Growth response of excised ovaries of Reseda odorata in sterile culture

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Growth response of lactose-fermenting yeasts to riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and nicotinic acid

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Growth response of orchardgrass to different light and tempera-ture environments: n. Leaf age and photosynthetic activity

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Growth Response of Plants to Riboflavin and Ascorbic Acid

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Growth response of prodenia litura in relation to the castor d leaves obtained from irradiated plants

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Growth response of redwood seedlings to thermoperiodism

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Growth response of rooted cuttings of pine and spruce

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Growth response of several apple d rootstocks to soil water malus sylvestris d

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Growth response of several isolates of Fusarium in rhizosphere of host and nonhost plants

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Growth response of some soil microorganisms to manganese

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Growth response of soy-bean under various light regimes

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Growth response of stable and primary cell cultures to L-ornithine, L-citrulline, and L-arginine

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Growth response of tree tops relative to soil treatments

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Growth response of turkey poults to procaine penicillin added to the diet at various ages

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Growth response of two sedges inhabiting a radioactive waste disposal area

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Growth response of white pine in the southern Appalachians to green pruning

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Growth response to 60 Co gamma-irradiation of human cell lines cultivates in vitro

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Growth response to 60Co -irradiation of human cell lines cultivated in vitro. II. Stable change in radioresistance of HeLa strain cells manifested through repeated irradiation

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Growth response to anterior hypophyseal extract by the castrated male rat

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Growth responses and anti-rachitic activity of water extracts of soybean meal

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Growth responses and cadmium accumulation of Mirabilis jalapa L. under interaction between cadmium and phosphorus

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Growth responses and nutrient absorption by citrus d as influenced by gibberellins chlorosis inst auto radiography photosynthesis

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Growth responses by Kalanchoes to DDT and other synthetic compounds

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Growth responses in caudally grafted brachial segments of the embryonic spinal cord of Amblystoma

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