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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 24769

Chapter 24769 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cutting, J.A., 1942:
Hallucinations: Their Mechanism and Significance

Schein, M.W., 1961:
Hallucinatory behavior in chickens evoked by brain stimulation

Pfeiffer, C.C.; Murphree, H.B.; Jenney, E.H.; Robertson, M.G.; Randall, A.H.; Bryan, L., 1959:
Hallucinatory effect in man of acetylcholine inhibitors

Mulder, D.W.; Bickford, R.G.; Dodge, H.W., 1957:
Hallucinatory epilepsy Complex hallucinations as focal seizures

Nakajima, H.; Grandjean, J.L.; L'huillier, J.; Thuillier, J., 1965:
Hallucinogenic and non hallucinogenic neuro-stimulants: Experimental confrontation of their effects on central and peripheral temperatures

Uyeno, E.T., 1968:
Hallucinogenic compounds and swimming response

Solursh, L.P.; Clement, W.R., 1968:
Hallucinogenic drug abuse: manifestations and management

Orzechowski, G., 1968:
Hallucinogenic drugs

Van Praag, H.M., 1968:
Hallucinogenic drugs a trojan horse human

Szara, Stephen, 1961:
Hallucinogenic effects and metabolism of tryptamine derivatives in man Effects of hallucinogenic drugs in man

Singer, Rolf, 1959:
Hallucinogenic fungi

Gaumann, E., 1959:
Hallucinogenic mushroom genera

Cohen, Leonard, A., 1965:
Hallucinogenic spatial disorientatlon

Cohen, L.A., 1963:
Hallucinogens and body-environment orientation: Research report

Mishkinsky, Ashovam, 1964:
Hallucinogens and metabolic disorders

Anonymous, 1966:
Hallucinogens in morning glory

Paykel, E.S., 1966:
Hallucinosis on combined methyldopa and pargyline

Mandelson, L.F., 1932:
Halo blight a bacterial disease of beans

Davies, D.L.G.; Noble, M.; Norman, T., 1955:
Halo blight of oats

Anonymous, 1937:
Halo blight of the glasshouse runner bean

Wayte, D.M.; Helwig, E.B., 1968:
Halo nevi

Knorr, L.C.; Malaguti, G., 1960:
Halo scab result of an association of Elsinoe fawceti and Brevipalpus phoenicis destructive to sour-orange seedlings

Frost, H.M.; Villaneuva, A.R.; Roth, H., 1960:
Halo volume

Frost, H.M., 1961:
Halo volume: introduction to qualitative studies

Falkson, G., 1965:
Halo-genated pyrimidines as radiopotentiators in the treatment of stomach cancer

Chen, Y-Guang.; Liu, Z-Xiong.; Zhang, Y-Qin.; Zhang, Y-Xiang.; Tang, S-Kun.; Borrathybay, E.; Li, W-Jun.; Cui, X-Long., 2009:
Halobacillus naozhouensis sp. nov., a moderately halophilic bacterium isolated from a sea anemone

Raymond, J.C.; S1strom, W.R., 1967:
Halobacterium cutirubrum, electron microscopy

Kobayashi, Teiichi, 1963:
Halobia and some fossils

Millet, D.B.; Atlas, E.L.; Blake, D.R.; Blake, N.J.; Diskin, G.S.; Holloway, J.S.; Hudman, R.C.; Meinardi, S.; Ryerson, T.B.; Sachse, G.W., 2009:
Halocarbon emissions from the United States and Mexico and their global warming potential

Duboff, G.S.; Behrman, S.J.; Hawver, D., 1961:
Halochromogens in human urine associated with pregnancy and ovulation

Sato, S.; Kawamura, H.; Takemoto, M.; Maezawa, Y.; Fujimoto, M.; Shimoyama, T.; Koshizaka, M.; Tsurutani, Y.; Watanabe, A.; Ueda, S.; Halevi, K.; Saito, Y.; Yokote, K., 2009:
Halofuginone prevents extracellular matrix deposition in diabetic nephropathy

Klotzer, W.; Herberz, M., 1968:
Halogen 5 substituted n hydroxy pyrimidines 5 fluoro 1 hydroxy uracil and 5 fluoro 3 hydroxy cytosine

Chiavarelli, S., 1955:
Halogen analogs of natural alkaloids. I. 3.4.5-Trichlorophenylethylainine

Popelak, A.; Lettenbauer, G.; Haack, E., 1963:
Halogen and pseudohalogen compounds of 18-desoxy-reserpate

Notkin, J.; Garcia, T.; Killian, J.A., 1933:
Halogen balance of blood, spinal fluid and urine in patients with convulsive states on bromide-chloride therapy

Nishimura, Kikugoro, 1929:
Halogen benzene in animal bodies

Harper, N.J.; Simmonds, A.B., 1964:
Halogen Compounds Related To The Reversed Esters Of Pethidine

Ashirov, D.; Nosov, A.K., 1966:
Halogen content in cotton

Wain, R.L.; Taylor, H.F.; Intarakosit, P.; Shannon, T.G.D., 1968:
Halogen derivatives of 4 hydroxy benzoic acid as root growth stimulants and the importance of light in this response cress d

Eckstein, M.; Zejc, A., 1961:
Halogen derivatives of N-phenyl-2,4-diaminol-l,3,5-triazine

Friedmann, E.; Marrian, D.H.; Simon, R.Uss, I., 1952:
Halogen derivatives of the 1:4-naphthoquinone group and the maleic acid series in their action on the mitosis of chick fibroblasts

Bernice, M.Wheeler, 1950:
Halogen metabolism of Drosophila gibberosa I Iodine metabolism studied by means of I131

Anonymous, 2009:
Halogenated Benzenes Bound within a Non-polar Cavity in T4 Lysozyme Provide Examples of Ia‹¯S and Ia‹¯Se Halogen-bonding

Anonymous, 2009:
Halogenated Bipyrroles and Methoxylated Tetrabromodiphenyl Ethers ina‰Tigera‰Sharka‰Galeocerdoa‰cuvier from the Southern Coast of Japan

van Leeuwen, S.P.J.; van Velzen, M.J.M.; Swart, C.P.; van der Veen, I.; Traag, W.A.; de Boer, J., 2009:
Halogenated contaminants in farmed salmon, trout, tilapia, pangasius, and shrimp

Bettini, S.; Boccacci, M., 1952:
Halogenated alkylating substances as contact insecticides against resistant flies

Healton, D.C.; Davidson, A.W., 1966:
Halogenated hydro-carbons in drugs: Chlorobutanol

Eichler, W.; Wasserburger, H., 1953:
Halogenated hydrocarbons as causative of contact insecticide poisoning in warmblooded animals

Lipschutz, A.; Figueroa, S., 1957:
Halogenated progesterone derivatives as anti-luteinizers

Falkson, G., 1965:
Halogenated pyrimidines as radiosensiti-zers in the treatment of stomach cancer

Nai-Yun Ji; Xiao-Ming Li; K.L.; James, B.G.oer; Bin-Gui Wang, 2008:
Halogenated sesquiterpenes and non-halogenated linear C15-acetogenins from the marine red alga Laurencia composita and their chemotaxonomic significance

Naudet, M.; Ucciani, E., 1959:
Halogenation in the allylic position of monounsaturated fatty acid chains. 1. Action of N-bromosuccinimide on methyl oleate

Duval, J.; Ebel, J.P., 1964:
Halogenation of nucleic acids. I. Action of bromine on the bases and nucleosides in dimethylformamide medium

Duval, J.; Ebel, J.P., 1965:
Halogenation of nucleic acids. IL Bromination of ribonucleic acids from yeast in a dimethylformamide medium

Londos, D.P.; Duval, Jacques; Aubel, S.dron, Genevieve; Ebel, J.Pierre, 1967:
Halogenation of nucleic acids: III. Bromination of deoxyribcnucleic acid in a dimethylformamide environment

Grawert, Eichman, 1930:
Halogenised hydrocarbons as remedy against flukes in cattle

Schmidt, Robert Wayne, 1961:
Halogens, taurobetaine and waxes in gorgonians

Bruner, A.D.; Robertson, J.H., 1963:
Halogeton - concern to cattlemen

Bellue, Margaret, K., 1949:
Halogeton invades California

Tisdale, E.W.; Zappettini, G., 1953 :
Halogeton studies on Idaho ranges

Troitskii, S.A.; Volkova, I.D., 1965:
Halometric method of determining the average diameter of erythrocytes

A.A.S.apovalova; T.V.K.ijniak; T.P.T.urova; D.Y. Sorokin, 2009:
Halomonas chromatireducens sp nov, a new denitrifying facultatively haloalkaliphilic bacterium from solonchak soil capable of aerobic chromate reduction

Baker, J.W.; Schumacher, I.; Bachman, G.L.; Roman, D.P.; Tharp, A.L., 1966:
Halonitroanilides and their bacteriostatic activity

Janssen, P.A.J.; Niemegeers, C., 1961:
Haloperidide , a highly potent and selective anti-emetic agent in dogs

Oakley, D.P.; Lautch, H., 1963:
Haloperidol And Anticoagulant Treatment

Lagache, G.; Modaine, L.; Combemale, B., 1967:
Haloperidol and phenoperidine in combination: Concerning 50 cases of neuroleptanalgesia in general surgery

Prasad, L.; Townley, M.C., 1966:
Haloperidol and thioridazine in treatment of chronic schizophrenics

Yeh, B.K.; Mcnay, J.L.; Goldberg, L.I., 1968:
Haloperidol cardio vasc blockade of dopamine induced renal vaso dilation in the dog abstract isoproterenol cardio vasc norepinephrine cardio vasc brady kinin cardio vasc

Oranje, B.; Gispen-de Wied, C.C.; Westenberg, H.G.M.; Kemner, C.; Verbaten, M.N.; Kahn, Ré.S., 2009:
Haloperidol counteracts the ketamine-induced disruption of processing negativity, but not that of the P300 amplitude

Anon, 1968:
Haloperidol. Haloperidolum

Burk, H.W.; Menolascino, F.J., 1968:
Haloperidol in emotionally disturbed mentally retarded individuals

Anon, 1968:
Haloperidol in low dosage in anxiety

Ferrero, A., 1965:
Haloperidol in neuroleptoanalgesia of labor pains

Guilbert, P.; Feron, A.; Monceaux, J.P.ul, 1961:
Haloperidol in states of manic excitement Abstract only

Dyrberg, V., 1962:
Haloperidol in the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting

Danik, J.J.; Goverdham, M., 1963:
Haloperidol In The Treatment Of 120 Psychotic Patients

Cunningham, M.A.; Pillai, V.; Rogers, W.J., 1968:
Haloperidol in the treatment of children with severe behaviour disorders

Haberlandt, Walter, F., 1963:
Haloperidol therapy in pediatric psychiatry

Merland, A.; Aubin, B., 1961:
Haloperldol in adult and child psychotherapy Abstract only

Henderson, M.R., 1931:
Halophila spinulosa Aschers

Schoop, G., 1934:
Halophile Mikroben in Nahrungs-mitteln

Schoop, G., 1929:
Halophile Mikrokokken in bom-bierten Appetitsildbiichsen

Labbe, A., 1926:
Halophile harpacticoids. The genus Ferronniera Labbe

Lindberg, Hakan, 1936:
Halophile und halobi-onte Hemiptera

Maeno, H., 1965:
Halophilic aldose dehydrogenase

Katagiri, Masayuki; Maeno, Hiroo; Hori, K., 1958:
Halophilic aldose dehydrogenase. I. Substrate specificity and some properties of the enzyme

Kawabata, T.; Sakaguchi, G., 1963:
Halophilic bacteria as a cause of food poisoning

Solari, A.A.; Herrero, M.; D.R.id, M.I.arra, 1960:
Halophilic bacteriunnisolated from the air

Holmes, P.K.; Dundas, I.E.; Halvorson, H.O., 1965:
Halophilic enzymes in cell-free extracts of Halobacterium salinarium

Ribeiro, A.M., 1964:
Halophilic vibrio strains from the brine of ham

Kasy, Friedrich, 1959:
Halophilous Lepidoptera of the region of Lake Neusiedler

Soriano, Alberto, 1946:
Halophytaceae, Nueva familia del orden Centrospermae

Binet, P., 1968:
Halophyte dormancies and ability to germinate in a saline medium

Micevski, Kiril, 1965:
Halophyte vegetation of Ovce Polje

Krist, V., 1940:
Halophyte vegetation of s.-w. Slovakia and the northern part of the little Hungarian lowland

Bily, Jul, 1927:
Halophytes new to Moravia

Andersen, Svend, 1930:
Halophytic vegetation in new localities around the Stone Belt, between Funen and Zealand

Paganelli, E.M.C., 1968:
Halophytism and its seasonal variations in some coastal species

North, W.C.; Price, T.B., 1963:
Halopropane and barbiturates on epinephrine induced arrhythmias. In: 47th Annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1963

Gonzalez Murrilo, G.; D.L.E.priella, A.P.checo, 1962:
Halopyridol in psychiatry

Fosberg, F.R., 1941:
Haloragaceae of Nevada

Forde, Margot, B., 1964 :
Haloragis erecta A species complex in evolution

David, Lore, R., 1948:
Halosauridae from the tertiary of the Pacific Coast of North America

Anonymous, 1966:
Halothane In obstetrics: 5-Year experience

Murphy, M.; Prior, F.N.; Joseph, S., 1964:
Halothane And Blood Transfusion For Phaeochromocytoma: A Case Report

Mcdowall, D.G.; Harper, A.M., 1964:
Halothane and Cerebral Circulation

Clementsen, H.J., 1964:
Halothane And Halothane-Ether Azeotrope As Alternating Anaesthetics

Gattiker, R.I.; Sessler, A.D.; Lundborc, R.O.; Swan, H.J.C., 1965:
Halothane and hepatic venous oxygen saturation

Perrotti, E.; Cesarini, G., 1967:
Halothane and liver damage abstract from minerva anest 32 12 760 765 december 1966 human

Mushin, W.W.; Rosen, M.; Bowen, D.J.; Campbell, H., 1964:
Halothane and Liver Dysfunction: a Retrospective Study

Heller, F.N.; Sadove, M.S.; Rosenberg, R., 1965:
Halothane and shoc

Etsten, B.E.; Shimosato, S., 1965:
Halothane Anesthesia and Catecholamine Levels in a Patient with Pheochromocytoma

Murfitt, C.G., 1968:
Halothane anesthesia in a kiwi

Drinker, A.S.; Helrich, M., 1963:
Halothane anesthesia in the paraplegic patient

Rehder, K.; Forbes, J.; Alter, H.; Hessler, O.; Stier, A., 1967:
Halothane biotransformation in man: a quantitative study

Van Den Driessche, J.; Trebaul, L.; Mai Van Dau, C.; Guesnier, L.; Eben Moussi, E.; Allain, P., 1968:
Halothane cent depress anesthesia and reactions to certain vasopressor amines in dogs effect of propanolol cardio vasc epinephrine cardio vasc norepinephrine cardio vasc neosynephrine cardio vasc metaraminol cardio vasc

Pietruski, J.; Szczygiel, R., 1967:
Halothane cent depress anesthesia during inst bronchoscopy in children abstract from wiad lek 19 22 1785 1788 november 15 1966

Bercovich, J.P., 1967:
Halothane cent depress clinical experience with 1700 cases in private practice human

Lebis, J., 1968:
Halothane cent depress in the child and the infant

Dzuik, P.J.; Phillips, T.N.; Graber, J.W., 1964:
Halothane Closed-Circuit Anesthesia In The Pig

Tygstrup, Niels, 1963:
Halothane hepatitis

Heidenberg, W.J.; Torio, I.S.; Cebula, J., 1963:
Halothane hepatitis. An American disease?

Albin, M.S.; Horrocks, L.A.; Kretchmer, H.E., 1964:
Halothane Impurities And The Copper Kettle

Burckard, Suzanne, 1964:
Halothane in 580 cases of tonsillectomy

Miller, J.R.; Stoelting, V.K., 1965:
Halothane in obstetric anesthesia

Meyer, R.A.; Allen, G.D., 1967:
Halothane in outpatient dental anesthesia

Simon, E.; Meunier, M.; Roux, C., 1964:
Halothane in tonsillectomy and adenoldectomy in children

Modrakowski, A., 1966:
Halothane intra tracheal anesthesia in horses and cattle

Bienenstock, J.; Shaldon, S., 1963:
Halothane Jaundice

Eger, E.I.; Guadagni, N.P., 1963:
Halothane uptake in man at constant alveolar concentration

Steinberg, B., 1964:
Halothane vs hepatotoxieity. A review

Markello, R.; King, B.D., 1964:
Halothane-Ether-Air Anesthesia

Stephanova, E.; Topouzova-Hristova, T.; Hazarosova, R.; Moskova, V., 2008:
Halothane-induced alterations in cellular structure and proliferation of A549 cells

D.B.nis, B.; Toscani, T.; Castriota, L.; Leoni, L.; Guarneri, G., 1963:
Halothane: Critical analysis after 390 anesthetized subjects

Breakey, E.P., 1934:
Halowax as a contact insecticide

Crabb, D., 1940:
Halowax-Paraffine for Infiltrating Histologic Tissues

Ivanow, S., 1927:
Halphen's reaction for cottonseed oil as a general reaction for oils of the Malvaceae, Tiliaceae and Bombacaceae

Readett, M.D., 1965:
Halquinol in dermatology

Maassen, R.; Buettner, H.E., 1940:
Halsmarkde-generation mit sekundarer spinaler Muskelatrophie durch Arbeit am Presslufthammer

Reichelt, K.; Weber, F., 1939:
Haltbarkeits-prufung von Weisskohl

Pyl, G.; Klenk, L., 1933:
Haltbarkeitsversuche mit dem Virus der Maul- und Elauenseuche

Karny, M., 1963:
Haltica carduorum Guer., , attacking Cirsium axvense

Israelson, G., 1956:
Haltica cirsii n sp.

Steinhausen, W.R., 1968:
Haltica impressicollis new records for german fauna coleoptera chrysomelidae

Hamlyn Harris, R., 1930:
Halticinae as possible factors in natural control of mosquitoes in Queensland

Shapiro, D.S., 1952:
Halticinae of the Mikhailov steppe of the Sumsk Prov

Bannister, R.T., 1968:
Halticus macrocephalus hemiptera miridae in cornwall

Anonymous, 1963:
Halting the desert's march. Reclamation and conservation

Mohr, Erna, 1932:
Haltung und Aufzucht des Abendseglers

Graupner, Heinz, 1928:
Haltung und Aufzucht von Meeresbryozoen

Arndt, Walther, 1930:
Haltung und Aufzucht von Meeresschwammen

Schrooder, Kurt, 1930:
Haltung und Aufzucht von Siisswasserschwammen

Rosati, P., 1950:
Halved nasal bones and suturai bones in Bos taurus

Jensen, H.arup, A.; Lind, B.rg, H., 1931:
Halwingar-Hemiptera, Homoptera. 8. In: In-sektfaunan inom Abisko Nationalpark. III. Studies under the leadership of Yngve Sjostedt

Frost, S.W., 1958 :
Halysidota tessellaris S and A and pollenia

Surdacki, Zygmunt, 1962:
Ham quality of dogs of Pulawy breed

Wakkramatileke, R., 1957:
Ham-begamuwa: An example of rural settlement in Ceylon's dry zone

Tipton, V.C.; Smiley, D.F., 1943:
Ham-borne Staphylococcal food poisoning

Bogert, C.M., 1945:
Hamadryas preoccupied for the king cobra

Kleinschmidt, Albrecht, 1949:
Hamagglutinationen in normalem und pathologischem Liquor

Vink, W., 1957:

Krastin, Lucija, 1928:
Hamapophysis beim Menschen

Moolten, S.E., 1942:
Hamartial nature of the tuberous sclerosis complex and its bearing on the tumor problem. Report of a case with tumor anomaly of the kidney and adenoma sebaceum

Mazzarella Farao, O.; Benedetti Valentini, S.; Massini, R., 1966:
Hamarto chondroma of the lungs

Braco Forte, M.C., 1961:
Hamartoma in the spleen of a bitch

Beeman, E.A., 1965 :
Hamartoma of the Duodenum: a Tumor Composed of Brunner's Glands and Fat

Kelkar, S.S.; Chitale, G.K.; Bhende, Y.M., 1963:
Hamartoma Of The Liver: A Case Report

Osipov, B.K., 1956:
Hamartoma of the lung

Gluck, M.C.; Moser, K.M., 1968:
Hamartoma of the lung presenting as a mediastinal mass

Bergh, N.P.; Hafström, L.O.; Scherstén, T., 1967:
Hamartoma of the lung: with special reference to the endobronchial localization

Fossemale, J.R.; Tarallo, N.H.; D.L.sta, S.Piovano, 1966:
Hamartoma of the lung: On 15 cases 125 References

Ober, W.B.; Kaiser, G.A., 1958:
Hamartoma of the parathyroid

Coe, J.I.; Von Drashek, S.C., 1952:
Hamartoma of the spleen: a report of four cases

Mckeithen, W.S.; Shinner, J.J.; Michelsen, J., 1964:
Hamartoma of the Uterus: Report of a Case

Kadry, S.; Zaki, S.A.; Higazi, A.M., 1962:
Hamartomas of lung with presentation of two cases of the adenomatoid type

Steele, J.D., 1963:
Hamartomas of the lung: Current concepts

Fuller, Ralph, H., 1950:
Hamartomatous adiposity with superimposed amvloidosis of thyroid gland

Allen, M.S., 1966:
Hamartomatous inverted polyps of the rectum

Sherwin, R.P.; Grassi, J.E.; Sommers, S.C., 1962:
Hamartomatous malformation of the posterolateral hypothalamus

Vilanova, X.; Aguade, J.P.nol; Castells, A., 1963:
Hamartome angiomateux sudoripare secretant.

Marshall, W.Taylor, 1944:

Heidt, Karl, 1934:
Hamatochromwanderung bei Euglena sanguinea Ehrbg

Ltfdin, H., 1950:
Hamatologie und Biopsie bei Leberkrankheiten

Herman, Wladyslaw, 1939:
Hamatologische Studien an den polnischen Griinfiiszler

Mosczytz, Norb, 1927:
Hamatologische und kritische Studien zum Monozytenproblem

Nabholz, H., 1942:
Hamatologische und path.-anatomische Befunde in einem Fall von akuter erythra-mischer Myelose

Schapiro, A., 1932:
Hamatologische und serologische Beobachtungen bei Abdominaltyphus im Zusammenhang mit den Blutgruppen

Baro, C.; Butt, C.G., 1968:
Hamazaki wesenberger bodies in the pathogenesis of sarcoidosis abstract human lymph nodes

Drake, C.J.; J.E., 1946:
Hambleton. New species and new genera of American Tingidae

Malinin, A.I., 1941:
Hamburger's phenomenon in sensi-bilized erythrocytes

Anonymous, 1929:
Hameau, precursor of Pasteur, discovers pellagra

Havemann, R., 1943:

Chrisman, Pattie, H., 1954:
Hamilton McSparrin Gamble

Wilkie, C., 1944:
Hamilton Sulphathiazole insufflations for gonococcal vaginitis

Stratton, L.W., 1968:
Hamilton ernest quick 1882 1967 conchologist succimeidae authority

Schwab, J.J.; Bialow, M.R.; Clemmons, R.S.; Holzer, C.E., 1967:
Hamilton rating scale for depression with medical in-patients

Fischer, Hans, 1930:
Hamin, Bilirubin und Por-phyrine

Haurowitz, F.; Schwerin, P., 1941:
Hamin-Katalysen im Grenzflachen-Film zwischen Wasser und olphase

Paul, K.G.; Thofern, E., 1960:
Hamine verschiedener Strukturen als Bakterienwuchsstoffe. Hem ins of various structures as bacterial growth factors

Feinstein, H.M.; Shakespeare, W., 1967:
Hamlet's Horatio and the therapeutic mode

Faber, M.D., 1968:
Hamlet, sarcasm and psychoanalysis

Chaptal, J.; E.A., 1960:
Hamman Rich syndrome in childhood. A clinical, physio-pathologic, and therapeutic study in a 6-year-old girl

Gikovate, F.; Nogueira, D.P.po; D.P.ospero, J.D.nato, 1961:
Hamman-Rich syndrome

Dahl, M.; Peltonen, T., 1965:
Hamman-Rich syndrome

Hooft, C.; Van Den Brande, J.L.; Delbeke, M.J.; Roels, H., 1964:
Hamman-Rich syndrome in infancy

D.C.sta, P.Dias; Torres, E.T., 1954:
Hamman-Rich's diffuse interstitial fibrosis of the lung

Fowler, Henry, W., 1930:
Hammer-head shark in the Northeast River, Maryland

Nin, L.Urenne, N.Ko.K.Ratolos, D.Nal, L.J.Q.Icke, 2009:
Hammering homoplasy multiple gains and losses of vibrational sounding in cryptine wasps Insecta Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae

Sanchez, A.S., 1945:
Hammerschmidtiella neyrai n sp. en Periplaneta orientalis L., en Granada

Zimmer, J.T., 1945:
Hammond's flycatcher in Nebraska

Wirth, D., 1944:
Hammorhagische Diathesen bei unseren Haustieren

Schmid, A.; Reubi, F., 1950:
Hamodynamische Eigenschaften zweier neuer Phthalazinderivate

Bayer, O.; Stroder, J., 1949:
Hamodynamische Studien an encephalographierten Kindern

Hesse, H., 1938:
Hamoglobinbestimmung mit unverdunntem Blut

Schubert, Johann, 1933:
Hamolyse, Kolloidzustand und Bestrahlung

Wirth, D., 1944:
Hamolytische Diathesen bei unseren Haustieren

Armentano, L., 1936:
Hamorrhagische Diathese und Vitamin C. Der Nachweis der Hypovitaminosen aus dem Ham

Kunz, H.; Weber, H., 1934:
Hamosiderose der Milz nach Bluttransfusion

Hofer, A.A.; Lautenschlager, E., 1964:
Hampered Vinyl Polymerization by Embedding Biological Objects

Izquierdo-Rico, M.J.; Jimenez-Movilla, M.; Llop, E.; Perez-Oliva, A.B.; Ballesta, J.; Gutierrez-Gallego, R.; Jimenez-Cervantes, C.; Aviles, M., 2009:
Hamster zona pellucida is formed by four glycoproteins: ZP1, ZP2, ZP3, and ZP4

Van Deinse, F.; Senechal, F., 1956:
Hamster and BCG

Gnezdilov, V.G., 1957:
Hamster as the potential final host of the parasitic worm Diphyllobothrium latum

Takemoto, K.K.; Habel, K., 1965:
Hamster ascitic fluids containing complement-fixing antibody against virus-induced tumor antigens

Morris, A.L.; Reiskin, A.B., 1965:
Hamster Cheek Pouch Response To Varying Lengths Of Carcinogen Exposure

Diercks, F.H.; Hammon, W.M., 1959:
Hamster kidney cell cultures in laboratory aspects of epidemiologic studies on Japanese B encephalitis virus

Diercks, F.H.; Hammon, W.M., 1958:
Hamster kidney cell tissue cultures for propagation of Japanese B encephalitis virus

Grossberg, S.E., 1963:
Hamster renal cell culture as a cytodestructive assay for influenza viruses

Collins, T.B.Jr, 1968:
Hamster retrieval and nest building behavior as affected by lesions of neo cortical and limbic structures

Kronman, J.H., 1963:
Hamster salivary gland sexual dimorphism. I. A protein histochemical study

Takemoto, K.K.; Habel, K., 1966:
Hamster tumor cells doubly transformed by SV40 and polyoma viruses

Pidoplichka, I.; Anonymous, 1928:
Hamsters of the species Cricetulus migratorius

Mathias, P.F.; Kuppuswamy, G.; Rao, K.N.A., 1964:
Hamycin in the treatment of a case of pulmonary candidiasis

Shende, G.Y.; Gogate, M.C.; Padhye, A.A.; Thirumalachar, M.J., 1965:
Hamycin in the treatment of pulmonary candidiasis complicating tuberculosis

Gokhalay, B.B.; Padhye, A.A.; Thirumalachar, M.J., 1961:
Hamycin in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp

Williams, T.W.; Emmons, C.W., 1965:
Hamycin treatment of experimental blastomycosis in mice

Menon, S.K.; Lavate, W.V., 1961:
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