Hybrids between Solanum nigrum and its allied species

Nisimura, Y.

Jap Jour Genetics 15: 145-147


DOI: 10.1266/jjg.15.145
Accession: 024806052

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The following spp. were used for making species hybrids: S. nigrum (n = 36), S. macrocarpa (n = 36), S. miniatus (n = 12), S. m. var. villosissimum (n = 24), S. dillenii (n= 12), and S. alatum (n= 12). Hybridization between the spp. with the same chromosome number is easily accomplished, and the hybrids are fertile. The hybridization n = 24 X n = 12 is not difficult, but when the former is taken as the female, the hybrid seeds germinate poorly; the hybridization n = 36 X n = 12 is difficult to accomplish. In several cases of these species hybrids the bivalents and no polyvalents are observed in 1st metaphase; in other cases in addition to the bivalents some univalents are present, which go to the poles as such. The presence of polyvalents in the latter cases is not certain. On the basis of his expts. as well as cytological observations the author concludes that the spp. of Solanum taken in his expts. contain the genomes which are identical or at least very similar to each other.