Hydrological conditions in the Norwegian Sea during the summer feeding period of herring between 1958 and 1963

Penin, V.V.

Tr Polyar Nauch Issled Proekt Inst Morsk Ryb Khoz Okeanogr 17: 55-67


Accession: 024807702

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Data are presented on heat transfer by oceanic currents, on water temperature 02 content and salinity in herring habitats. In recent years, owing to a decline in abundance, the lengths of summer migrations of herring decreased, and the relationship between the migrations and the hydrological regime underwent a change. The herring started to remain within a narrower temperature range. In summer they occurred within a range of 8 to 10V; in fall, within a range of 6 to 8°. Herring respond sharply to isotherm shifts caused by winds.