Section 25
Chapter 24,815

II. Fievre recurrente a tiques de Madagascar. Sensibilite des animaux de laboratoire

Neel, R.; Payet, M.

Bull Soc Path Exot 43(3/4): 186-195


Accession: 024814861

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The adult white mouse is easily infected with the spirochete of Madagascar tick-borne relapsing fever, but is not killed. The adult white rat is less susceptible, but can be infected. Two of three spirochete strains caused death in new-born mice and rats. Adult guinea pigs could not be infected, but a transitory infection was produced in some new-born ones. The spirochete could be found in the brain of mice as long as 157 days after infection. The spirochete is considered to belong to the Borrelia duttoni group.

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