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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 24816

Chapter 24816 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1929:
II Transmission experiments

Liu, W.-T.; Chung, H.-L., 1939:
II Typhus virus isolated from rats and rat-fleas in typhus houses

Anonymous, 1940:
II Uber die Fettstoffe der Schlangen

Anonymous, 1963:
II Union of Eastern Forestry Region Administration

Anonymous, 1937:
II Unter-suchungen von Wickensamen uber das Vorhandensein von schadlichen Stoffen

Anonymous, 1962:
II Uptake and retention of strontium 90 in strontium -90-induced osteosarcomas

Marmorston, J.; Crowley, L.G.; Myers, S.M.; Stern, E.; Hopkins, C.E., 1965:
Ii. Urinary Excretion Of Estrone, Estradiol, And Estriol By Patients With Breast Cancer And Benign Breast Disease

Anonymous, 1957:
II Vitamin losses after irradiation and cooking Nutritive value of irradiated turkey

Anonymous, 1952:
II Zur Kenntnis der Amphibienfauna von El Salvador

Anonymous, 1961:
II-Non-sympatholytic inhibitors of reserpine hypertension after amphetamine

Mihalyi, E., 1947:
II Lipo-proteide aus Rindleber und Milz

Cheng, L.Y.; McKinley-McKee, J.S.; Greenwood, C.T.; Hourston, D.J., 1968:
II. The dissociation of the alcohol dehydrogenases

Anonymous, 1958:
III All-Union Entomological Conference 4-8 October 1957 in Tiflis

Asociacion D.Pediatras Espanoles, 1964:
III Annual meeting of the Spanish Pediatric Association, Valencia, 12-13 October, 1963

Pandit, C.G.; Rao, D.N.rayana, 1940:
III Experimental production of chronic fluorine intoxication in monkeys

Anonymous, 1966:
III International Pharmacological Congress 24-30 July, 1966 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hunter, George W., 1929:
III New Caryo-phyllaeidae from North America

Nangniot, P.; Martens, P.H., 1961:
III Polarographic determination of small quantities of l-chloro-2,4-dinitronaphthalene from treated leaves or fruits

Anonymous, 1965:
III Spongioblastoma Some remarks on the spongioblastoma of the brain

Loureiro, J.A.M.D.; Cardoso, E.M.rques, 1943:
III-Pesquiza de bacilo tifico nas fezes

Anonymous, 1962:
III A modification of the standard sequential test for the relative effectiveness of two therapies

Anonymous, 1961:
III A semimicro measurement of unit shear stres In Physical characteristics of bone

Anonymous, 1959:
III Aldosterone chemistry and physiology The physiological factors which influence the secretion of aldosterone

Anonymous, 1967:
III Animal experimentation leading to the development of drugs benefiting humans and animals

Daniel, S., 1966:
III Antibacterial action of a marine diatom Asterionella japonica

Anonymous, 1961:
III Application of standard word tests Opening remarks

Anonymous, 1951:
III Ascorbic acid in the adrenal glands following stimulation of the splanchnic nerves

Anonymous, 1929:
III Boll weevil control by airplane dusting

Anonymous, 1965:
III Changing patterns of scientific periodical publication

Anonymous, 1962:
III Chemistry of the drone honey bee reproductive system II Carbohydrates in the reproductive organs and semen

Anonymous, 1966:
III Cognitive, perceptual, and motor competencies The needs of teachers for specialized information on the development of cognitive structures

Anonymous, 1928:
III Contribution to the study of Cicindelidae Two new races of Cicindela from the group purpurea-oregona

Jelliffe, A.M.; Nabarro, J.D.N., 1961:
III Corticosteroids in the treatment of the reticuloses

Anonymous, 1967:
III DNA during the development of the American sea urchin

E.Al, 1934:
III Decomposition of the genin of a cardiac phytotoxin to a bile acid derivative IV Constitution of trianhydrostro-phanthidin

Anonymous, 1926:
III Distribution of hookworm infestation and disease in China as shown by the literature and answers to questionnaires

Anonymous, 1946:
III Effect on Type III pneumococcus in mice

Anonymous, 1962:
III Effects of urinary steroids, pressor amines and gonadotropins

Anonymous, 1967:
III Electro-phoretic differentiation of myeloma and macroglobulinemia M-proteins Effects of D L-penicillamine and ephacridine lactate on M-proteins

Anonymous, 1964:
III Electrophoretic and ultracentrifugal investigation of the 3S gamma1-globulin of normal human plasma

Anonymous, 1966:
III Emetic and antiemetic drugs

Anonymous, 1965:
III Excretion by protozoa Secretion and excretion

Anonymous, 1961:
III Existence of a pattern in the matri In Halo volume

Anonymous, 1962:
III Experiments with pasture and oaktree planting

Anonymous, 1955:
III Factors influencing numbers, distribution, and fat of leukocytes Depressive influences on leukocytic numbers

Halbert, Franz, 1955:
III Factors influencing numbers, distribution, and fate of leukocytes Daily rhythms in numbers of circulating eosinophils and some related phenomena

Richter, Kenneth M., 1955:
III Factors influencing numbers, distribution, and fate of leukocytes Studies on leukocytic secretory activity

Anonymous, 1955:
III Factors influencing numbers, distribution, and fate of leukocytes The sequestration and visceral circulation of leukocytes in man

Schwartz, S.; Sborov, V.; Watson, C.J., 1942:
III Formation of d-urobilin from mesobilirubinogen in human bile

Mccay, C.M., 1941:
III Further studies of the influence of different levels of fat intake upon milk secretion

Anonymous, 1960:
III Gynecological problems Their effect on the working woman

Kushlan, S.D., 1953:
III Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia Occurrence in the Negro Relation to blood group Effects of Rutin and dicumarol therapy

Anonymous, 1952:
III Histo-pathological studies on cutaneous reactions to the bites of various arthropods

Anonymous, 1966:
III History and development of the American Type Culture Collection

?????????? ?.?., ???????? ?.?., ?????? ?.?., 2007:
Iii Iv

Anonymous, 1963:
III Industrialization of state forestry resources

Persike, E.C., 1950:
III Influence of renal tissue in inhibition of protein catabolism

Anonymous, 1949:
III Initial fillet contamination is traced to cutting tables

Ikehara, M.O.Tsuka, E.U.O.H.I.Amura, K.T.Nomura, Y., 1965:
III Interaction between synthetic adenosine triphosphate analogues and actomyosin systems

Anonymous, 1966:
III Kinetics of the change in the free radical content during the development of ascites sarcoma 37

Anonymous, 1963:
III Land improvement organizations and services Land improvement organizations Enhancing the utilization of agricultural land

Anonymous, 1964:
III Life histories Some observations on the genus Tectocepheus

Anonymous, 1963:
III Malignant bone tumors Primary and metastatic

Anonymous, 1967:
III Metabolic shifts during infection Some metabolic consequences of infection by obligate parasites

Anonymous, 1955:
III Methods of modifying the host response Acquired tolerance of skin homografts

Anonymous, 1955:
III Methods of modifying the host response Effect of skin extracts on the viability of homologous skin grafts in mice

Anonymous, 1955:
III Methods of modifying the host response The possible role of cortisone in overcoming resistance to the growth of human tissues in heterologous hosts

Miller, Benjamin F., 1955:
III Methods of modifying the host response Transexplantation of rat kidneys in parabiotic and pseudoparabiotic animals

Anonymous, 1959:
III Microbiological characteristics in aqueous extracts of orange pulp

Anonymous, 1928:
III Mitteilung Uber das Verhalten der Hexosephosphorsaure des Blutes im normalen Organismus gegenuber Insulin

Taha, E.E.M., 1952 :
III Mlttell Zur Kenntnis der Altenaria-Uricase

Anonymous, 1962:
III Myxovirusesr Parainfluenza Acute respiratory diseases of viral etiology, Eighty-Ninth Annual Meeting, Detroit, Michigan, November, 1961

Anonymous, 1952:
III Newer nutritive and physiological observations on different yeasts and on trub

Anonymous, 1964:
III Numerical taxonomy An investigation of the Euzerconidae based on the procedures of numerical taxonomy

Anonymous, 1964:
III Numerical taxonomy Curating collections

Anonymous, 1964:
III Numerical taxonomy The principles of numerical taxonomy and their application to the systematics of Acari

Anonymous, 1959:
III On some biomorphological factors in geriatrics

Anonymous, 1957:
III On the relationship between the frequency of the spike discharge from the bulbus olfactorius and the grade of the color of the olfactory mucous membrane

Anonymous, 1950:
III Ontogenetic study of the physiologic alignment of the permanent incisors

Anonymous, 1965:
III Patho-anatomical survey on myocardial infarction in Japan

Anonymous, 1965:
III Pathological anatomy of barotrauma 28th Congress of the Italian Society of Industrial Medicine, Naples, 6-9 October, 1965

Anonymous, 1964:
III Photomorphogenesis and carbohydrate changes in etiolated leaf tissue

Anonymous, 1952:
III Physiologi cal aspects of variations in proteolytic inhibition The concurrence of changes in fibrinogen concentration with changes in trypsin inhibition

Anonymous, 1966:
III Problem of dilutor for fowl semen I Significance of dilutor fowl semen

Anonymous, 1962:
III Re-cent developments in photosynthesis In Symposium on autotrophy

Anonymous, 1967:
III Review of the genus Desumenopon with descriptions of three new forms

Anonymous, 1955:
III Some factors influencing numbers, distribution, and fate of leukocytes Some aspects of hormonal influences upon the leukocytes

Anonymous, 1951:
III Statistical method of analysis and its critical evaluation

Anonymous, 1967:
III TBV and THb in relation to physical working capacity estimated on a treadmill in horses

Bernhard, K., 1956:
III The biochemistry of oxalic acid Oxalic acid excretion and retention in rats after administration of considerable doses of ascorbic acid

Anonymous, 1966:
III The calculation of evapotranspiration from groundwater depth observations

Myburgh, S.J., 1941:
III The carotene content of some South African feeds

Waltz, Daniel, 1962:
III The conditions of distribution in the Gaspe region of T farfara L

Anonymous, 1959:
III The cryoextraction of endobacillary tetanus toxin

Anonymous, 1955:
III The different effects observed due to the time the hormone was iniected

Querido, A., 1959:
III The disappearance rate of thyrotrophic hormone from the bloodstream of normal and nephrectomized rabbits

Anonymous, 1956:
III The effect of SMP-1 and other drugs on swine dysentery

Anonymous, 1961:
III The effect of cortisone on lamellar osteoblastic activit In Human osteoblastic activity

Wexler, I.B.; Pincus, J.B.; Natelson, S.; Lugovoy, J.K., 1949:
Iii. The Fate Of Citrate In Erythroblastotic Infants Treated With Exchange Transfusion

Anonymous, 1961:
III The final step in the preliminary survey of kala-azar in Guatemala, as of 1960

Anonymous, 1962:
III The mechanism of destruction of red cells of the Rhesus monkey aftir whole-body irradiation by X-rays

Anonymous, 1962:
III The metabolism of nuclear ribonucleic acid in salivary glands of Drosophila repleta

Anonymous, 1951:
III The production of parthenocarpic pomaceous fruits by chemical treatment

Scarrow, G. D., 1964:
III The radiology of chronic bronchitis

Anonymous, 1962:
III The role of arthropod vectors

Anonymous, 1966:
III The role of surveillance in a malaria eradication program

Anonymous, 1961:
III The role of the time factor in the dosimetry of ionizing radiation in space

Egozcue, M.Vilarasau De, 1968:
III The somatic chromosomes

Ronnholm, E., 1962:
III. The structure of the organic stroma of human enamel during amelogenesis

Anonymous, 1963:
III The summer aspect of the lotic environment in the tributary of Lake Trasimeno

Anonymous, 1961:
III Thin-layer chromatography of lipids

J.M.Barnes, 1964:
III Toxic hazards and the use of insect chemosterilants

Anonymous, 1966:
III Utilization of hospital services

Anonymous, 1960:
III Ventilation of operating rooms - Bacteriological investigations In Environmental aspects of staphylococcal infections acquired in hospitals

Anonymous, 1933:
III Ver-gleichende Untersuchungen zur Aziditatsbestimmung in Waldboden

Shuman, R.D., 1953:
III. Weaning age vaccination

Anonymous, 1960:
III Whole egg and beef muscle Biologic availability of essential amino acids to human subjects

Anonymous, 1928:
IIIA note on the influence of sodium phenobarbital upon the peristaltic and antiperistaltic activity of the ureter

Anonymous, 1926:
IIIMuscle hemoglobin as a source of bile pigment

Anonymous, 1967:
III Changes in blood volume and plasma proteins after bleeding and immediate substitution with Macrodex, Rheomacrodex and Physiogel in the splenectomized dog

Anonymous, 1949:
IIIe Congres Forestier Mondial

Rathova, V., 1962:
IIIrd Congress of the Hungarian Microbiological Society

Anonymous, 1962 :
IIa Terminology of simple symmetrical plane shapes Addendum

Beyerle, Richard, 1932:
IJntersuchungen tiber die Regeneration von Farnprimarblattern

Kitajima, S.; Matusima, R.; H., 1942:

Shanthi Nagarajan; Munikumar reddy Doddareddy; Hyunah Choo; Yong Seo Cho; Kwang-Seok Oh; Byung H.L.e; A.N.m Pae, 2009:
IKK inhibitors identification part I Homology model assisted structure based virtual screening

Persson, Sune, 1967:
IL Studies of physiological variations in PV, TBV, and THb in horses

Borlaug, Norman E., 1958:
IL The impact of agricultural research on Mexican wheat production

Jura, Vincenzo, 1928:
IL virus filtrabile osteo-mielitico

Anonymous, 1959:
ILINA Antigenic characteristics of tissues of irradiated animal organism

A.V., 1960:
ILYANOK Changes in bioelectric currents of the human brain during the action of complex rhythmic light stimuli

Anonymous, 2009:
IL-1 induces urokinse-plasminogen activator expression and cell migration through PKC , JNK1/2, and NF- B in A549 cells

Alice Schwarznau; Matthew S.H.nson; Jamie M.S.erger; Brian R.S.hram; Juan S.D.nobeitia; Krista K.G.eenwood; Ashwanth Vijayan; Luis A.F.rnandez, 2009:
IL-1 receptor blockade protects islets against pro-inflammatory cytokine induced necrosis and apoptosis

Perrier, Séphane.; Caldefie-Chézet, F.; Vasson, M-Paule., 2009:
IL-1 family in breast cancer: potential interplay with leptin and other adipocytokines

Humphreys, N.E.; Grencis, R.K., 2009:
IL-1-dependent, IL-1R1-independent resistance to gastrointestinal nematodes

Kobbe, P.; Stoffels, B.; Schmidt, J.; Tsukamoto, T.; Gutkin, D.W.; Bauer, A.J.; Pape, H-Christoph., 2008:
IL-10 deficiency augments acute lung but not liver injury in hemorrhagic shock

Sandra Naundorf; Martina Schröder; Conny Höflich; Nimisha Suman; Hans-Dieter Volk; Gerald Grütz, 2009:
IL-10 interferes directly with TCR-induced IFN- but not IL-17 production in memory T cells

R.D.M.ller;; B.K.hl; A.O.erholzer;; A.H.stmann; M.H.llmuth; D.L.Face; B.H.tchins; G.L.ube; R.W.V.h; S.K.T.choeke;; G.S.hulze-Tanzil, 2008:
IL-10 overexpression differentially affects cartilage matrix gene expression in response to TNF- in human articular chondrocytes in vitro

Jana, M.; Pahan, K., 2009:
IL-12 p40 homodimer, but not IL-12 p70, induces the expression of IL-16 in microglia and macrophages

Shanmugarajan, S.; Kawanabe, N.; Koide, M.; Tsuruga, E.; Arroyo, J.E.; Key, L.L.; Reddy, S.V., 2009:
IL-12 stimulates the osteoclast inhibitory peptide-1 (OIP-1/hSca) gene expression in CD4+ T cells

Kumiko Goto; Yoshihiko Chiba; Miwa Misawa, 2009:
IL-13 induces translocation of NF-ºB in cultured human bronchial smooth muscle cells

Long Shen; Lakshmanan Suresh; Hong Li; Chongjie Zhang; Vijay Kumar; Oleh Pankewycz; Julian L. Ambrus Jr., 2009 :
IL-14 alpha, the nexus for primary Sj¶grens disease in mice and humans

Zuo, J.; Stohlman, S.A.; Parra, G.I.; Bergmann, C.C., 2009:
IL-15 independent maintenance of virus-specific CD8(+) T cells in the CNS during chronic infection

Miossec, P., 2009:
IL-17 and Th17 cells in human inflammatory diseases

Eyerich, K.; Pennino, D.; Scarponi, C.; Foerster, S.; Nasorri, F.; Behrendt, H.; Ring, J.; Traidl-Hoffmann, C.; Albanesi, C.; Cavani, A., 2008:
IL-17 in atopic eczema: linking allergen-specific adaptive and microbial-triggered innate immune response

Edgerton, C.; Crispín, Jé.C.; Moratz, C.M.; Bettelli, E.; Oukka, M.; Simovic, M.; Zacharia, A.; Egan, R.; Chen, J.; Dalle Lucca, J.J.; Juang, Y-Taung.; Tsokos, G.C., 2008:
IL-17 producing CD4+ T cells mediate accelerated ischemia/reperfusion-induced injury in autoimmunity-prone mice

Chang, S.Hee.; Dong, C., 2009:
IL-17F: regulation, signaling and function in inflammation

Kilic, S.; Moraloglu, O.; Yuksel, B.; Ozaksit, G.; Tasdemir, N.; Dogan, M., 2009:
IL-18 and IL-18 binding protein concentrations in serum and ovarian follicular fluid do not affect in vitro fertilization outcomes in obese, overweight, and non-obese patients

Wittmann, M.; Macdonald, A.; Renne, J., 2010:
IL-18 and skin inflammation

Li, T.; Koshy, S.; Folkesson, H.G., 2009:
IL-1beta-induced cortisol stimulates lung fluid absorption in fetal guinea pigs via SGK-mediated Nedd4-2 inhibition

Florence Deknuydt; Gilles Bioley; Danila Valmori; Maha Ayyoub, 2009:
IL-1 and IL-2 convert human Treg into TH17 cells; H.Z.ang;; H.F.i, 2009:
IL-1 caused pancreatic -cells apoptosis is mediated in part by endoplasmic reticulum stress via the induction of endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release through the c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathway

Brown, D.M.; Kamperschroer, C.; Dilzer, A.M.; Roberts, D.M.; Swain, S.L., 2009:
IL-2 and antigen dose differentially regulate perforin- and FasL-mediated cytolytic activity in antigen specific CD4+ T cells

Hammer, T.; Tritsaris, K.; Hübschmann, M.V.; Gibson, J.; Nisato, R.E.; Pepper, M.S.; Dissing, S., 2009:
IL-20 activates human lymphatic endothelial cells causing cell signalling and tube formation

Rodrigues, L.; Nandakumar, S.; Bonorino, C.; Rouse, B.T.; Kumaraguru, U., 2009:
IL-21 and IL-15 cytokine DNA augments HSV specific effector and memory CD8+ T cell response

Zenewicz, L.A.; Flavell, R.A., 2008:
IL-22 and inflammation: leukin' through a glass onion

Kreis, S.; Philippidou, D.; Margue, C.; Behrmann, I., 2008:
IL-24: a classic cytokine and/or a potential cure for cancer?

Barlow, J.L.; McKenzie, A.N.J., 2009:
IL-25: a key requirement for the regulation of type-2 immunity

Wood, I.Stuart.; Wang, B.; Trayhurn, P., 2009:
IL-33, a recently identified interleukin-1 gene family member, is expressed in human adipocytes

Arpa, L.; Valledor, A.F.; Lloberas, J.; Celada, A., 2009:
IL-4 blocks M-CSF-dependent macrophage proliferation by inducing p21Waf1 in a STAT6-dependent way

Malizia, A.P.; Egan, J.J.; Doran, P.P., 2009:
IL-4 increases CD21-dependent infection of pulmonary alveolar epithelial type II cells by EBV

Cardoso, C.R.; Provinciatto, P.R.; Godoi, D.F.; Ferreira, B.R.; Teixeira, G.; Rossi, M.A.; Cunha, F.Q.; Silva, Jão.S., 2009:
IL-4 regulates susceptibility to intestinal inflammation in murine food allergy

Miyoshi-Higashino, M.; Hirano, M.; Ogita-Nakanishi, H.; Yamamoto-Kimoto, Y.; Sakurai, K.; Tashiro-Yamaji, J.; Nomi, H.; Takahashi, T.; Miura-Takeda, S.; Takenaka, H.; Kubota, T.; Yoshida, R., 2009:
IL-4-dependent induction of IgE basophils in peripheral blood and IgE B cells in spleen as respective indicators of allergen sensitization and a precursor of cells secreting allergen-specific IgE antibody

M.M.czygemba; J.T.L.i, 2009:
IL-5 Receptor Trafficking Is Regulated By Tyrosine Phosphorylation

Grivennikov, S.; Karin, E.; Terzic, J.; Mucida, D.; Yu, G-Yi.; Vallabhapurapu, S.; Scheller, Jürgen.; Rose-John, S.; Cheroutre, H.; Eckmann, L.; Karin, M., 2009:
IL-6 and Stat3 are required for survival of intestinal epithelial cells and development of colitis-associated cancer

Faller, E.; Kakal, J.; Kumar, R.; Macpherson, P., 2009:
IL-7 and the HIV Tat protein act synergistically to down-regulate CD127 expression on CD8 T cells

Barberis, L., 1964:
IL Drumstick in the leukocytes of primates

Hadjur, S.; Bruno, L.; Hertweck, A.; Cobb, B.S.; Taylor, B.; Fisher, A.G.; Merkenschlager, M., 2008:
IL4 blockade of inducible regulatory T cell differentiation: the role of Th2 cells, Gata3 and PU.1

Repass, J.F.; Laurent, M.N.; Carter, C.; Reizis, B.; Bedford, M.T.; Cardenas, K.; Narang, P.; Coles, M.; Richie, E.R., 2009:
IL7-hCD25 and IL7-Cre BAC transgenic mouse lines: new tools for analysis of IL-7 expressing cells

Anonymous, 1962:
ILYUKHIN Degelmintizatsiya krolikov pri passaluroze

Hanna Maoh; Pavlos Kanaroglou; Darren Scott; Antonio Paez; Bruce Newbold, 2009:
IMPACT An integrated GIS-based model for simulating the consequences of demographic changes and population ageing on transportation

Kovalevskii, G.V., 1965:
IMmunomor-phological changes in white rats that received a mycobacterial adjuvant

Anonymous, 1948:
IN SSAr Mutation Aristapedia heterozygote dominante, homozygote lethale chez Drosophila melanogaster

Yoko Kawamura; Shu Hase; Shigehito Takenaka; Yoshinori Kanayama; Hirofumi Yoshioka; Sophien Kamoun; Hideki Takahashi, 2009:
INF1 Elicitin Activates Jasmonic Acid- and Ethylene-mediated Signalling Pathways and Induces Resistance to Bacterial Wilt Disease in Tomato

Shah, S.; Smith, H.; Feng, X.; Rancourt, D.E.; Riabowol, K., 2009:
ING function in apoptosis in diverse model systems

Hung, T.; Binda, O.; Champagne, K.S.; Kuo, A.J.; Johnson, K.; Chang, H.Y.; Simon, M.D.; Kutateladze, T.G.; Gozani, O., 2009:
ING4 mediates crosstalk between histone H3 K4 trimethylation and H3 acetylation to attenuate cellular transformation

Anonymous, 1964:
INGEBORG M JOHNSON Epithelial inclusion cysts of the heart A case report and review of the literature

Szelezynski, K.; Kalinowska, L., 1965:
INH metabolism in tuberculous patients investigated by urine examinations

Giesecke, K.; Hamann, H.; Sieme, H.; Distl, O., 2011:
INHBA-associated markers as candidates for stallion fertility

Tsukuda, T.; Lo, Y-Chen.; Krishna, S.; Sterk, R.; Osley, M.Ann.; Nickoloff, J.A., 2009:
INO80-dependent chromatin remodeling regulates early and late stages of mitotic homologous recombination

Pepe, A.; Ferlin, A.; Gianesello, L.; Facciolli, A.; Agoulnik, A.I.; Foresta, C., 2009:
INSL3 plays a role in the balance between bone formation and resorption

Feng, S.; Ferlin, A.; Truong, A.; Bathgate, R.; Wade, J.D.; Corbett, S.; Han, S.; Tannour-Louet, M.; Lamb, D.J.; Foresta, C.; Agoulnik, A.I., 2009:
INSL3/RXFP2 signaling in testicular descent

Moura, A.; Soares, Mário.; Pereira, C.; Leitão, N.; Henriques, I.; Correia, Aónio., 2009:
INTEGRALL: a database and search engine for integrons, integrases and gene cassettes

Love, A.; Solbrig, O.T., 1965:
IOPB chromosome number reports

Askell Löve and Otto T.Solbrig, 1964:
IOPB chromosome number reports I

Askell Löve and O.T.Solbrig, 1965:
IOPB chromosome number reports IV

Askell Löve, 1965:
IOPB chromosome number reports V

Áskell Löve, 1966:
IOPB chromosome number reports VI

Askell Löve, 1966:
IOPB chromosome number reports VIII

Askell Löve, 1968:
IOPB chromosome number reports XV

Njoku, D.B.; Li, Z.; Mellerson, J.L.; Sharma, R.; Talor, M.V.; Barat, N.; Rose, N.R., 2009:
IP-10 protects while MIP-2 promotes experimental anesthetic hapten - induced hepatitis

Peinelt, C.; Beck, A.; Monteilh-Zoller, M.K.; Penner, R.; Fleig, A., 2009:
IP(3) receptor subtype-dependent activation of store-operated calcium entry through I(CRAC)

Rodrigo J.B.mbardi; Leila M.V.C.rvalho, 2009:
IPCC global coupled model simulations of the South America monsoon system

Hammill, D.; Irwin, O.C., 1966:
IQ differences of right and left spastic hemiplegic children

Batty, G.David.; Gale, C.R.; Tynelius, P.; Deary, I.J.; Rasmussen, F., 2009:
IQ in early adulthood, socioeconomic position, and unintentional injury mortality by middle age: a cohort study of more than 1 million Swedish men

Johnson, M.; Sharma, M.; Henderson, B.R., 2009:
IQGAP1 regulation and roles in cancer

Bhatnagar, V.M., 1967:
IR -spectra of fluorapatite and fluorchlorapatite

Sylvia-Monique Thomas; Monika Koch-Müller; Patrick Reichart; Dieter Rhede; Rainer Thomas; Richard Wirth; Stanislav Matsyuk, 2009:
IR calibrations for water determination in olivine, r-GeO2, and SiO2 polymorphs

Ivanov, K.K.; Uvarova, R.N., 1967:
IR spectrophoto-metric studies on paratyphoid B antigens

Neuwald, F.; Overlach, K., 1960:
IR-spectrography and photometry of aescin

Isnardi, I.; Ng, Y-Shing.; Srdanovic, I.; Motaghedi, R.; Rudchenko, S.; von Bernuth, H.; Zhang, S-Ying.; Puel, A.; Jouanguy, E.; Picard, C.; Garty, B-Zion.; Camcioglu, Y.; Doffinger, R.; Kumararatne, D.; Davies, G.; Gallin, J.I.; Haraguchi, S.; Day, N.K.; Casanova, J-Laurent.; Meffre, E., 2008:
IRAK-4- and MyD88-dependent pathways are essential for the removal of developing autoreactive B cells in humans

Chen, Q.; Yang, W.; Gupta, S.; Biswas, P.; Smith, P.; Bhagat, G.; Pernis, A.B., 2008:
IRF-4-binding protein inhibits interleukin-17 and interleukin-21 production by controlling the activity of IRF-4 transcription factor

Weiss, S.M.; Ladwein, M.; Schmidt, D.; Ehinger, J.; Lommel, S.; Städing, K.; Beutling, U.; Disanza, A.; Frank, R.; Jänsch, L.; Scita, G.; Gunzer, F.; Rottner, K.; Stradal, T.E.B., 2009:
IRSp53 links the enterohemorrhagic E. coli effectors Tir and EspFU for actin pedestal formation

Anonymous, 2009:
ISEM 2009 Annnouncement

Liu, C.; Chang, R.; Yao, X.; Qiao, W.T.; Geng, Y.Q., 2010:
ISG15 expression in response to double-stranded RNA or LPS in cultured Fetal bovine lung (FBL) cells

Anonymous, 2009:
Island biogeography of gal Pagos lava lizards Tropiduridae Microlophus species diversity and colonization of the archipelago

Joaquín Cañón-de-Francia; Concepción Garcés-Ayerbe, 2009:
ISO 14001 Environmental Certification A Sign Valued by the Market?

Anonymous, 2009:
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing a Theme Issue aoImage Analysis and Image Engineering in Close Range Photogrammetrya

Chao-he Huangfu; Xiao-ling Song; Sheng Qiang, 2009:
ISSR variation within and among wild Brassica juncea populations implication for herbicide resistance evolution

Ud-Daula, A.; Pfister, G.; Schramm, K-Werner., 2008:
ISTA13-catecholamine toxicity and metabolism in the ciliated protozoan, Tetrahymena pyriformis

Anonymous, 1932:
IT crassus m ater and its economic significance Trav Inst Zool Acad Sci URSS

Gil-Serna, Jéssica.; González-Salgado, A.; González-Jaén, M.A.Teresa.; Vázquez, C.; Patiño, Bén., 2009:
ITS-based detection and quantification of Aspergillus ochraceus and Aspergillus westerdijkiae in grapes and green coffee beans by real-time quantitative PCR

Dudgeon, C.L.; Broderick, D.; Ovenden, J.R., 2009:
IUCN classification zones concord with, but underestimate, the population genetic structure of the zebra shark Stegostoma fasciatum in the Indo-West Pacific

P.D.bels; C.S.lafsztein; P.A.dunce; C.N.ri; Y.C.rvajal; M.Q.intero-Angel; A.C.lis; A.B.zanilla; D.M.rtínez, 2009:
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Iatrogentc factors in infectious disease

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Iavlenie neotenii u cestodes

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Ibamarine, the bitter principle of Iberis amara L

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Ibertox as a selective herbicide

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Ice cold milk saves orphan lambs nutrition

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Ice conditions over Hudson Bay and related weather phenomena

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Ice consumption during the chilling of eviscerated poultry as influenced by insulation of chill tanks

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Ice Cream As A Cause Of Epidemics

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Ice cream contaminated by ice cream scoops and scoopwells in retail stores

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Ice cream industry largely gets what it asked for in tentative federal standards

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Ice cream manufacture

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Ice cream manufacturing problems

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Ice cream notes

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Ice cream packaging for self-service merchandising

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Ice cream production what of the future

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Ice Cream Sanitation and Control

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Ice crystal growth during the rapid freezing of tissues

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Ice damage to forest plantations daring flood periods

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Ice damage to slash pine, longleaf pine, and loblolly pine plantations in the Piedmont section of Georgia

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Ice dammed waters of the last glacial age as significant elements in the history of geographic spread of marine glacial relicts of the arctic ocean mysis limnocalanus grimaldii myoxocephalus pallasea quadrispinosa

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Ice therapy in spasticity

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Ice-Cooled Melphalan For Regional Infusion

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Ice-crust glades of the Stanovoi highlands

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Ice-eroded treetrunks on lake-shores

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Iceberg Drift Modelling and Validation of Applied Metocean Hindcast Data

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Iceland gull in Larne Lough

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Iceland moss, Cetraria islandica, in Virginia

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Icelands first Christmas count

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Iceland, a horticultural and fruit growing nation which utilizes thermal springs

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Icelandic Collembola Material from the Westman Islands and from Hornafjordur, southeastern Iceland

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Icelandic Gasteromycetes II Bovista

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Icelandic Gastromycetes I Nidulariaceae

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Icelandic char

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Icelandic fresh water algae

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Ichthyosporidium sp. Schwartz, 1963, parasite of the fish leiostomus xanthurus, is a microsporidian

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Icterus gravis , Oligurie, Lungenodem

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Icterus gravis and cirrhosis of the liver

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Icterus gravis neonatorum associated with a deficiency in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase

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Icterus in the course of pregnancy

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Icterus neonatorum and the relation of blood-groups between mother and child

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ICTERUS NEONATORUM: III. The Oxygen Capacity and Saturation of the Mother and Foetus

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Icterus neonatorum Pathological-anatomical considerations Degeneration of nerve cells in cerebrum and cerebellum in newborn infants and children

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Icthyofauna of Rio Grande do Sul II Alopias vulpinus

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Icthyological fauna in the Waswanipi lake and river

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Icthyotoxic and parasiticidal action of C vellutinum

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Idade e lepra estudo dos factores exposicao e resistencia

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Idaho national forests and the range sheep industry of southern Idaho

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Ideal and mean basal areas of the genus Pinus

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Ideal basal area of Araucaria angustifolia

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Ideal behavior and interaction of adsorbed surfactants at the interface

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Ideal medium for the identification of Candida albicans in a tropical country

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Ideal parameters for direct-current defibrillator and converter waveform

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Ideal principles and some regular changing patterns in the organism

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Ideal spacing for cotton crop in rice fallows

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Ideal systematics

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Ideal treatment for hypertensive encephalopathy

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Ideal types for Colorado standard potato varietie

Anonymous, 1942:
Ideal weights for women

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Idealistic morphology and phylogenetics

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Idealized body contours in rotation dosimetry

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Idealized mesoscale numerical study of Mediterranean heavy precipitating convective systems

Richard O.A.yah; Fredrick Semazzi, 2009:
Idealized simulation of hydrodynamic characteristics of Lake Victoria that potentially modulate regional climate

Schmitz, Henry W., 1950:
Ideals of a professional soil conservationist

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