Immunologic relation of Streptococcal and Tissue Antigens. Ii. Cross-Reaction of Antisera to Mammalian Heart Tissue with a cell Wall Constituent of certain Strains of Group a Streptococci

Kaplan, M.H.; Suchy, M.L.

Journal of Experimental Medicine 119: 643-650


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1007
PMID: 14151104
DOI: 10.1084/jem.119.4.643
Accession: 024824850

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Further evidence of a cross-reactive relationship between a cell wall antigen of certain Group A streptococcal strains and mammalian heart tissue is provided by the demonstration that goat antisera to washed human or rabbit heart tissue homogenates exhibit precipitation with cell wall extract preparations. A single line of precipitation was observed in agar gel diffusion tests. Precipitating activity of goat antiheart sera was related to the gamma-globulin fraction in zone electrophoresis. The cell wall antigen was demonstrated in cell wall extracts of a Type 5 and Type 19 but not of a Type 12 strain. Antigenic activity was concentrated in the same neutral salt and chromatographic fractions of acid extracts of cell wall previously reported to exhibit this activity by immunofluorescent inhibition of the cross-reaction of antistreptococcal serum with heart tissue.