'In vivo' and 'in vitro' studies on biology of tumours

Abhyankar, L.S.; Mashelkar, B.N.; Shirodkar, A.S.; Coutinho, W.G.; Randive, K.J.

Indian Journal of Cancer 4(2): 232-236


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-509X
PMID: 6079007
Accession: 024834502

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Of the several mouse clones derived from MFSg, Clg and Scl20 produced palpable tumors on back inoculation into the same strain host . The percentage of giant cells was higher in tumors as compared to that of the cell population inoculated. The progression studies revealed that these tumors were difficult to maintain 'in-vivo.' The marker chromosome combination was the same in the case of CI3, SCI20 and the tumors obtained by inoculating these cells.