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Influence of an Aureomycin feed supplement on growth and thrift of dairy calves and on ration digestibility

Logan, V.S.; Miles, V.J.; Brisson, G.J.

Canadian Jour Agric Sci 36(4): 302-308


Accession: 024851067

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Holstein and Ayrshire calves (40) of both sexes were used in this study: 2 replicates of 16 calves in a feeding trial and 2 replicates of 4 calves in a digestibility trial. Management practices were followed to ensure a high standard of sanitation. The control ration (Treatment I) consisted of whole milk, calf starter, and hay. In Treatment II an antibiotic feed supplement (Aurofac A) was added to the milk to provide approximately 12 mg Aureomycin/100 lb. of body weight daily during the 12-week experimental period and in Treatment HI the supplement was added for the first 6 weeks only. In Treatment IV the antibiotic supplement was added to the calf starter to provide a daily intake of 12 mg Aureomycin/100 lb. of body weight daily. The antibiotic supplement had no influence on the growth, thrift, and feed consumption of the calves. Also antibiotic supplement did not affect digestibility of the total ration. Results support the belief that under certain good management and feeding practices Aureomycin may not influence growth of dairy calves.

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