Section 25
Chapter 24,853

Influence of depth of planting furrow on emergence, harvester efficiency and other related factors in cotton production on the high plains

Hudspeth, E.B.; Jones, D.L.

Prog Rept Texas Agric Expt Sta 1484: 1-3


Accession: 024852843

In sandy loam soils of the High Plains a 4 to 5-inch planting furrow is sufficiently deep to place cotton seed in moist firm soil when planting after a pre-planting irrigation or when planting on dryland after a rain. The shallow furrow increases the chances of obtaining a stand without replanting should a washing rain occur. Less tractor power is required in planting, the crop can be cultivated at 1/3 greater speed during the first cultivation, and increased harvester efficiency is obtained by raising the height of the lowest fruiting branches.

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